This is my first try. It is entirely imagination. Your comments are greatly appreciated.



Part 1:- The beginning

Ann looked at me in utter shock as I close the bathroom door. Naked, I stepped into the tub and knell down behind her.

“What are you doing,” she stammers as she tries to stand up.

I place my hands on her shoulder and prevent her from moving. My arms encircle her naked body as the palms of my hands gently cup her breasts, slowly pressing her back against my chest.

As I caress her nipples with my finger and thumb, I felt them stiffen and grow hard.

My sister gasps as I knead the swell of her breasts. Her wet hair fell back against my shoulder. My engorged penis is hot and stiff, as it press against the small of her back.

Her hands reach outwards holding onto the side of the tub. As she moves up slightly, I insert my throbbing penis between the softness of her buttocks.

“Noooo, please don’t,” she cry out softly.

My right hand slowly turns her faced sideways towards mine and my mouth seeks hers. I kiss my sister on her lips for the first time as a man kissing a woman. She tries to turn away but I am stronger. As our lips meet, my tongue enters her mouth. She fights back but gradually Ann submits and I taste her tongue.

I kiss her deeply, our saliva intermingling.

My left hand moves down to caress her stomach. I feel her pubic hair. Ann’s body shudders as I rub her protruding clitoris. She moans against my mouth and I feel her lower body trembling. I hold her tight against me.

My middle finger rubs downwards and I penetrate my sister’s vagina. The velvet softness of her almost made me ejaculate.

As I finger fuck her, Ann gasp and her head fall back onto my shoulder. I see her eyes glaze over and I too am in a tremendous heightening sense of eroticism.

She crosses her legs, imprisoning my hand between them. Then her orgasm takes over and I feel her vagina grasping my finger tightly. As her body begins to shudder, I stop my movements, just holding her tightly and kissing her cheek.

The tension and tightness ebb away slowly as she lean against me in total exhaustion.

However, I am hard and I want her so badly.

There is never the intention of rape. I love her so much and I do not even know how I ever got the courage to be in this situation.

Ann is 43 years old and I am 48. We are more than what siblings are. We are friends, always confining with each other. When she divorced ten years ago, I was the one she leaned on for comfort and solace.

But today, I am in her tub, holding her naked form to mine, making illicit incestuous love to her. I had yearned for her body ever since that day I saw her nude when she was 20. It was on her wedding day. I had walked into her room to enquire about something that I cannot even recall. There she was, getting dressed. She turned around and I saw the vision of loveliness and beauty, a goddess of Venus, it there ever was one. She stood completely naked, except for the pair of silk panty hose. Her beautiful breasts, firm and jutting out and those pink luscious nipples were a sight to make any man cum just looking at them. Down between her thighs, I saw the dark curls of her pubic hair. I tried to tear my eyes away but I stood transfixed. She quickly covers up with her hands and finally I turned to look the other way. I uttered some apology and left the room.

When she saw me later, she just smiled and said, “What did you want just now?”

I said I was sorry for not knocking. She gave me a peck on my cheeks and walked off.

For Ann, it was nothing of concern but for me, no woman will ever hold a candle against her. I have masturbated thinking of her for twenty-three years, even after I got married.

Today, I cannot hold back my need for her intimately. She is alone at home; her only son had left for the university when I drop in to see her as usual. She is taking her bath and I walk in to be with her. I just lost it.

Except for her shocked utterance when I walk in and her subsequent pleading, I had not said a word throughout the time I am in the tub with her.

I lift her in my arms and carry her out of the tub, taking a towel off the hook. Using my hand and foot to open the door, I walk towards her bed and place her on it, so that she sits on the edge. I towel her hair and body. She sat silent as I wipe her dry. I can see tears running down her cheeks and I kiss and lick them off. She keeps her eyes shut. I switch on the bedside lamp and switch off the room lights. In the subdue glow, I wipe my body, taking in the vision sitting in front of me.

At 43, Ann is still the woman I crave. Her breasts are fuller and do not sag, but droops slightly making it more beautiful. The cool air in the room made her nipples stand out like erasers. Her body is still slim and taut, and that makes her breasts look so inviting. I kneel in front of her and place my hands on her lap.

“Ann, don’t hate me, I can never hurt you. I love you more than life itself. I love istanbul escort you as my only sister and I love you as only a man can love a woman. Look at me, please, Ann,” I pleaded with her.

I look up at her but she keeps her eyes shut. Her sobs were shaking her body. I want her much and seeing her sitting naked in front of me, defenseless and submissive made my precum leak.

I stand up and gently push her to lie supine on the bed with her legs hanging down on the floor. I kiss her thighs, down to her legs. I suck on her toes. I kiss her thighs again and slowly kiss her pubic hair. Gently, I spread her legs apart and my mouth closed onto her clitoris.

Ann’s body jerks when my tongue rasps against her tiny protrusion. I suck on her and I feel the protrusion grow bigger, almost like a tiny penis. She emits a low moan as her hands spread out to grasp the bed sheet.

I held her legs and push them up until the centre of her being was fully expose to my eyes.

I am beside myself with wonder as I look at my sister’s vagina. Her pubic hair is bushy. Her opening is already glistening with dewy secretion. I put my lips against her wetness and taste the aroma of her love. My tongue begins to lick at her slippery velvet entrance.

Ann cried out something inaudible. Her buttocks lifted off the bed as she pressed against my lips.

My mouth clamp onto her as I suck for her juice. Her wetness drips into my mouth. I insert my tongue into her body. Suddenly she squirts and my face is wet with her secretion.

Ann takes in gulps of breath as she succumbs to her second orgasm of our forbidden lovemaking.

“Oh God, oh Godddddd…..” she cried out, in throes of her cumming.

I cannot get enough of her sweet surrender even as she stiffen and let out a gasp of fulfillment. I kept sucking her. She moans and pleads for me to stop.

Finally, I lift my wet face off her crotch. In the moment of indescribable ecstasy, I had partly ejaculated onto the floor.

I want more of Ann and I cannot stop myself.

I turn her around so that she was lying on her stomach. I begin to kiss her back moving down to the softness of her buttocks. I need all of her. Kissing the twin hillocks of her flesh, I spread them apart and lick her anus. Her body shook as my tongue touch her tiny opening. Kissing and sucking her there made Ann cry out again. At this moment, I wonder whether anyone had ever had his lips or tongue on her sphincter.

Having satisfied my desire of knowing my sister’s body intimately, I hug her against me in a fetal position. Even though what I do to her is illicit, she had cum twice for me.

I take her hand and place it on my stiff penis. She just let it lie there. I close her fingers around my girth and then she slowly press against it. I want her to feel the sticky precum that has seep out so I take one of her finger and rub it against the tiny opening of my engorge knob.

As we lay quietly, savoring the bliss of taboo acceptance, I whisper in her ear.

“Ann, you don’t have to answer me, just shake or nod your head,” as I tenderly kiss and caress her head.

“Do you hate me?”

She did not respond.

“Please Ann, if you do, I will leave now and you will never see me again,” I said.

Slowly she shakes her head and I feel the tiny pressure as she grasp my penis.

“Ann, I know what I did was wrong and sinful but I am at peace with myself. I have no regrets if I die today. I had wanted you all these years, I kept it bottled up in me and today I……..” I could not complete what I need to tell her.

Then Ann said, “I love you too, so much.”

“Oh my love, this is not only today, I will look after you, love you with all my heart and if I can, I want to marry you, so that you will be the mother of our child,” I cried, exposing the raw yearning I have for her.

Ann said softly, “Don’t ever leave me, God, I love you, Matthew.”

As we confine our deepest thoughts to each other, Ann unconsciously is stroking my hard penis and the palm of her hand is wet with my discharge.

“Darling,” I said, “are you safe? I want to fuck you”.

She flinches when she hears my words.

“Don’t be shy,” I said. “I want to be free of everything with you. In spirit, I am already your husband. Taboo, incest, I don’t care anymore.”

Ann wiggles out of my arms and turn to face me. Her hands reach up and touch my face, my lips. She leans closer and kiss my mouth, a lover’s kiss acknowledging the ties that binds us together, forever.

My heart soars knowing that from today, Ann, my lovely sister accepts me the way I am. Her body and soul belongs to me.

As we part, she looks into my eyes and the words come out with no hesitation. “My love, I have never felt this way before. Do you mean what you said? You have wanted me all these years.”

This time, tears of joy and acceptance wet her eyelids.

She looks down my body and touches my hardness. Her shyness and innocence takes away my breath.

My penis seems to have grown bigger. I know it is only ataköy escort my imagination. Ann gasps at the sight of the throbbing hard flesh.

She said in a whisper, “I have never had anyone since my divorce.”

She put her head against my chest, as though her confession shames her, making her blush in the dim light.

“You cannot……f….f…fu…fuck me without protection. I can be pregnant,” she said haltingly.

There is only raw wanting between us now. We have lifted all inhibitions that was a barrier moments before.

“Sweetheart,” I replied, “I want to fuck you without anything between us. If I have to wait until you are on the pill, I will. There are other ways I can have you. I want you tonight, Ann, please trust me.”

I press her close to my heart and she kisses my chest, her lips seek my nipples, sucking gently. I almost come at the exquisite feeling. She move down and I feel her soft lips kissing my engorged head. I cannot prevent my precum leaking as the liquid coats her lips. Her mouth opens and the sheer bliss of the warmness of her engulfs my turgid head.

Ann sucks me slowly and I surrender myself to my sister. I can only groan in submission as the gates of my pent up need for her give in. My body shakes spasmodically when the first drip of my sperm drips out into her mouth. Clutching at the pillow beneath my head, I cry out her name. The drips become gobs as essence of my thick liquid ejaculates uncontrolled onto her tongue and fill her mouth.

I have never come so much before as Ann holds me tightly as I empty myself completely. The sensation is incredible.

Finally, she releases herself and lies back besides me. I raise myself and see that only a thin streak of my sperm wets her left cheek. There was no wetness on the mattress. At that moment, my love for Ann is unconditional. I know that my very self, my life making sperm is deep inside my sister’s body. She had swallowed all that I have given to her. No woman had shown her love for me the way Ann had.

I bent down to lick the remnants off her lips. I kiss Ann deeply, tasting the musk of my secretion in her mouth. Ann opens her eyes and the love shines through.

Holding her protectively against me, we slip into deep oblivion.

Part 2:– The first carnal mating.

I open my eyes, thinking that I just awoke from a fantastic dream. As I groggily look around, I become aware that this is not my own room. The realization set in and I see that I am alone. I sit up in awe of what had happened earlier.

The smell of sex is evident as I look at my naked form. There is the tell tale signs of dried cum on my lower body. I get off the bed and walk into the bathroom. I look at the tub and flashes of Ann and I sitting inside earlier astound me. Did it really happen?

I wash myself, but my thoughts go back to Ann. I am unsure of myself. Where is she? Has she left the house? Worried thoughts play on my mind. I grasp the towel and tie it around my waist.

I walk out of the bathroom and there is Ann, sitting on the bed in her bathrobe. I breathe a sigh of relief. She looks the same but there is a glow of calm about her. It makes her look so lovely.

Looking at me, her hands reach out. I almost ran to her. I climb back on the bed and we held each other. Our kiss was tender and full of wanting for one another.

“Are you hungry?” she asked me.

“Emm, yes, not for food, but for you,” I replied, kissing her eyelids.

“I made us some sandwiches, they are on the table,” she smiled.

I made my way to the table at the side of the room and had a sandwich. It tastes great and the hot chocolate that Ann had prepared. I went back to the bed and sat on it.

Words failed me as I gaze lovingly at the woman beside me. My yearning for her is insatiable. She looks at me as I kneel in front of her. Her eyes never left mine as my hands unclasp the cotton belt holding her bathrobe together. Gently, I slip it off her shoulders, off her arms and remove it. Ann sat nude in front of me. My eyes took in her body that intoxicates me. I am drunk with her naked flesh. My palms reach out to cup her breasts. She makes a deep sigh as I tenderly knead them, feeling her nipples grow hard and pointy.

“My love,” I said, looking at her upturn face, “one day, when you are pregnant with my child, your breasts are going to be full and heavy and I want to suck them, drink your milk.”

She shudder hearing me say such things, unheard of before in her life.

“Oh Matt,” Ann moaned as I bent down to suck on those incredible nipples.

After kissing, licking and sucking her, I stood up and removed the towel from my waist. My phallus was hard and heavy with renewed strength.

I sat down with my back against the bed head and made Ann lie with her head on my lap. I caress her flesh making her moan softly. My penis was tremendously stiff as it brushes against her cheek. Once again, my precum starts to leak out wetting her cheek.

My hand moves down to cup her crotch. Her wetness is evident avcılar escort as I insert my finger into her opening.

“Oh God, Matt,” she cried out, lifting her buttocks to meet my penetration.

“I need to fuck you, darling,” I said.

“I want you to,” she whimpers, “but not without a condom, please, I beg you.”

I pull my finger out of her and with her slick secretion, I move further down to coat her anus, rubbing her tenderly there.

“Arrggg, God,” she gasp.

More of her love juice seeps out, making its way between her legs and making her wet around the anal region.

Gently, I rub the juices around and slowly I inserted my middle finger into her. At first, her sphincter closes up tight, refusing me entry.

“Shssss, relax, my darling, just let me love you, trust me,” I assured her.

“Ahhh…..ahhhh….I have never……never….” She whimpers.

Her mouth opened with a gasp as the anal opening surrenders to my tender probing. Her eyes look at me and glaze over as my finger enters her.

Slowly I fuck my finger into her rectum.

Ann lifted her legs up giving me access to her forbidden hole. My finger went in deeper and I kept it there, not moving, allowing her to accept and get use to the insertion.

I can feel her acceptance and knowing that the initial discomfort is over, I move in and out, in a fucking motion, but with tenderness.

As she got used to the motion, her anal muscles grew lax and I am able to move in and out of her.

I know that hers is still a virgin anus and my penis was just too big for her to accept. However, I am too far gone to stop myself from fucking her there. Just the thought of taking her for the first time and in that brown tiny hole almost blew my mind. I had to do it in the right way so that she will not hurt as much.

I pull my finger out and placing her head off my lap onto the mattress, I crawl between her thighs and lift her legs up until they are against her chest. My tongue licks her anal region as I made it as wet as possible. I probe the small hole with my tongue and the musky odor fills me with lust. Kissing, licking, and probing with my lips and tongue made Ann writhe with uncontrolled trembling.

Breathing heavily I lifted my face off her and release her legs. She let her legs widespread apart as I crawled off the bed. My only thought is to find something to make it easier for me to penetrate her. Saliva is not enough.

I hurry to the bathroom cabinet but could not find anything for the purpose. I almost ran to the kitchen and look into the cabinet. I see the container written “soft butter”. Grabbing it, I went back to the room. I had seen the film “Last Tango” where Marlon Brando had used butter to butt fuck his girlfriend. The rush of adrenaline pumps into my psyche as I crawl back up the bed.

Ann was still in the supine position that I had left her, legs up and apart. Weird and lustful thoughts play on my mine. I kissed her anus again and taking the lid off the container, I swipe a spread of the butter onto my finger. It feels soft and creamy. I rub it onto the crinkled hole and push my finger in.

A moan escapes Ann’s mouth as I easily penetrate her again. As she relaxes more, I insert a second finger and I smear more butter. I feel that it is time to consummate our bond.

I smear a generous gob onto my very hard penis and more on the engorged knob.

I rub Ann’s clitoris and finger her vagina. She responds by moaning in throes of pleasure.

I place her legs between my thighs and move close against her body. Holding my penis, I rub it against her anus.

Slowly I push. She cried out. I held her legs firmly, pushing the spongy knob against her tiny hole.

“Noooo, Matt, nooooo, please I can’t take it, you are too big,” she pleads with me.

“Sweetheart, just relax, I will never hurt you, please, just relax your body,” I said.

“Arrgggg, pleaseeeeee,” she moaned.

Then the head penetrates her.

I feel her whole body shiver at the initial entry.

With just the head of my penis inside her, I stop to wait for her muscles to accept the foreign mass of hard flesh.

I can feel her anal muscle gripping my knob. She is so very tight. It is almost unimaginable how tight she is. Taking deep breaths, Ann opens her eyes to look at me. I pull her up and holding her by the back of her head, I brought my mouth to hers. I kiss her with unabated passion.

While we were devouring each other’s mouth, I move in ever so slightly as her muscles relax. Half the length of my penis was in her rectum. Her anal muscles grip my girth and I gasp into her mouth as I start to ejaculate inside her.

We held each other tightly as I kept spurting. Gasping and moaning, we did not move as I complete my tremendous release into my sister’s rectum.

Ann cried out as her body stiffened and begins to shake uncontrollably for her third orgasm of the day. I held her close to me. As her body begins to slacken, I release her gently to let her lie down.

I am still inside her. As I soften, my penis slips out of Ann. I look at the gaping hole as it begins to close. It has a life of its own. It is still palpitating and my sperm begins to seep out of her, onto the mattress. The viscous whitish liquid had a tinge of brown as it came out of her.

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