Another House to Clean


This May be the most important story I have ever written. Breath play is a big deal in this country now. This story I have written is the extreme of it.

The Cast and back ground.

David–Susan’s husband. David knows the Hammonds. And a few days prior he was at their house and told Manly he should hire Susan to clean house for them. He also gave Manly the ides his wife could bath him. And that if he splashed enough water she would do so nude. He was promptly ask if they could then fuck her? David told him he felt that was very likely. David was an EMT on call when The wife was found hanging in the barn. Good timing and EMT care prevented her death.

Susan—David’s wife. Susan was perfect to become Dennis’s lover and play toy. Manly– is very broken. He bought his wife Beth from the pimp she worked for and married her. He then gave her to his son Dennis who loved her and she him. Manly hated her and instigated the breath hanging game. And he pushed Dennis to push her to go longer and longer. Until she finally returned to her pimp in Chicago

Dennis—is his Daddies boy and does anything to please him and believes anything his Dad tells him. He was heart broken when she left.

Manly== Is very sexually broken and excited by his own control of women. He pushed the game between his son and his wife and he may have pushed too far. She loved the game and played it as far as they desired. But it became dangerous and she left.

My wife has been cleaning houses for several years now, and she is good at it. Susan and I married just out of high school and went right into family mode. We had our first daughter six months after we married. Mary is my daughter in every since of the word mine except from the seed that produced her. Her father is an idiot with a huge cock. And my wife was PG with her when we married. Our second daughter was ours and born 18 months later. And over the next three years we had two more girls.

We have been married for seventeen years and Susan is nearing thirty six. Susan’s body has matured with time and age. She is 5’3″ and 135lbs. Her breasts were 34B cups but have gone with the extra 20 lbs to a full 36 c cup. Her hips carry a bit more fullness of a mature woman. I am very proud of my wife and she is very sexy.

We sat around the table after dinner one evening and Susan told me she had a new customer.

“David, a Dennis Hammond called today and left a message He needs a house cleaner. He also ask about some home care for his father. Which will include bathing him. Do you know them?”

“Yes Honey, I know them both. Dennis is a nice guy. A little strange maybe but nice.”

“Strange in what way?”

“I guess not strange, odd is more like it. Lonely maybe? Dennis is maybe about sixty, never married. His Dad is probably nearly 80. Big tall guy. There are rumors about them. I have no idea if any of it is true or not. They moved here years ago from some where over east.. If you go to the Y just south of Norman and go east about 3 miles around the curve south a quarter to the curve back east again the house is right there on the curve.”

“Oh ya, a big old house, yellow and very well kept. I didn’t know they were out in the country.”

“Yep, so are you interested in doing it?”

“I think so but the only thing is bathing his father?”

“No big deal, you have given baths before, even to men.”

“True, but I think I want to know more before I take it on.”

Several days passed and I gave it little thought. But I was sure she had taken the job.

“Whew I have cleaned the Hammond house twice now and what a nice old house.”

“And have you bathed the old man yet?”

“Twice now and got soaking wet both times.”

“Give the old boy a thrill undress and bath him.”

“My bra and panties will still be wet.”

“No undress and then dry off after and put your clothes back on.”

“I can’t do, that can I?”

“I don’t see why not? Let him play with your big tits while you wash him. It will keep him entertained.”

“It really would make things easier. And you’d be alright if I really do that?”

A couple weeks passed before I brought it up to her how, it was going now and what she’d done. I was not sure she really had gotten naked when she gave Manly his bath but it made since. So after dinner I brought it up.

“So did you figure out something when you bath Mr. Hammond?”

I did exactly what you said and it works perfectly. And he loves my bare tits. He can’t keep his hands off them.”

“You are really doing that when you bath him?”

“Yes, and his hands are all over my body. His cock is very large and he gets nearly erect. I am not sure, but he might be able to function?”

“Maybe you should find out?”

“Are you saying what I think you are? To try and let him?”

“Susan think what you’d be giving that old man. Work with him see what he can do.”

“What if he gets it in me? Are you really ok if he fucks me?”

“Sure let him, make his day. It might be fun? He really can’t hurt you can he”

“I need tandoğan escort to be careful, Dennis caught me bathing him yesterday. He walked in on us.”

“So he has seen you nude?”

“He helped me bath his father. His dad got even more aggressive when Dennis was in there.”

“Did Dennis get wet helping you?”

“He undressed too.”

“Really and he was nude too?”

“Yes he was naked too.”

“Did he touch you?”

“Everywhere, He wants to fuck me, David. He kissed me and forced his tong in my mouth. He loves my breasts and my nipples. I have never had someone beg me as he did and I wanted to let him. His cock is huge. He’d have gotten it in me if it wasn’t.”

“I have always felt sorry for Dennis. Susan, you could let him?”

“Are you sure you are willing to share me with him?”

“I think you should let him.”

“David he doesn’t want me just once. He wants us to become lovers. He wants me to come spend nights and weekends. And to go on vacation with him.”

” “You could do that for him? Would you want to?”

“David, before we go any further with this, you need to know I am very attracted to Dennis. I am very attracted. He makes me feel just like you do. I have never been around another man who makes me feel like you do until now.

“I feel the need to mate with him I want his penis inside me. The need I feel for him if it grows and continues will make Dennis a perfect husband for me. I love you with all of my heart, but the feelings I have for him scare me. Where this could go really frightens me. Are you sure we should go down this route?”

“Susan I think you need to explore this and I want you to.”

“I’m going to clean again tomorrow. Dennis is going to be there and I told him if I came tomorrow he could fuck me. He wants me to let his father fuck me too.”

“Can he get erect enough to do it?”

“If I suck him he can yes.”

“So you have been sucking him?”

“Yes, he has a full climax.”

“You swallow for him?”

“I do and have six times now.”

“He loves it too, doesn’t he?”

“He screams a name. Beth, I think?”

“That was her name, his wife. She was more Dennis’ age than his. Rumor has it she was a prostitute in Chicago. She worked the black area. Manly bought her from her Pimp for forty thousand. Married her and they move back here. She used to lay out and sun bath in the yard. Nude.

She had tits like yours I saw her twice before she left. I mean I talked to her for oh maybe an hour one day. She was just as comfortable naked as dressed. She reminded me of you, her body did lots. She ask me if I found her sexually exciting? I told her she looked like you. Her breasts and her build. She spread herself wide and ask if it looked like yours? And you know it did look like yours.”

“She sounds nice and sexy.”

“She told me she was lovers with both her husband and his son and loved them both.”

“Why did she leave?”

“She was found with her hands tied behind her back and stood on a bucket with a rope around her neck and she kicked the bucket out. And she hung herself. She strangled. She did it out in the barn behind the house. She was nude. But we got there in time and saved her life. She left shortly after.”

“Who found her?”

“Dennis found her. And got her down. He was working on her when we got there.”

We made love that night and Susan was very excited with our love making. Susan was busy getting the girls around for school. I was headed out and as I went to leave she turned to me.

“I am to be out to Hammonds by 10am this morning but I will pick the kids up by 4pm.”

“Will six hours be enough time there today?”

“It will only be a taste today. It will take time to figure this out, David.”

I smiled and blew her a kiss as I left.

My day was busy and I looked at my watch at 1pm and knew Susan had enjoyed Dennis’s cock lots by then. I got home at 6pm and Susan was getting the girls ready for bed and studies upstairs. I watched TV until she came back down stairs.

“So how did things go today at Mr. Hammonds?”

“I am very confused David. I never considered I could ever love two men. Fuck some other man, yes. Even other men, yes. But never have I even thought I might have feelings for some one else.”

“So you have feelings for Dennis?”

“Everything about him just feels so right. I have never fucked anyone but you that makes me feel complete. Until now. Dennis does that too. His cock is much larger than yours but I can not get enough of it. I want his hands and mouth on my breasts all the time and him up inside me too.”

“Did you let Manly fuck you too?”

“He ask me to see if we could get him up inside me too. Later this after noon he got it hard and yes he fucked me very nicely for a man of his age. His cock might be slightly bigger than Dennis. I was not sure I wanted to start that because now he will expect it when I bath him.”

“So do you intend to become full time lovers with Dennis?”

“David, Dennis wants me full time. tunalı escort To live with them out there.”

“And you, What do you want?”

“Will you let me have a month? I want to be his wife for a month and see where we are after that.”

“We can do that.”

“It is all so new and wonderful. Let me explore it with him?”

I was out that way on day 8 of her month as his wife and because of work I was going on the road by his house. As I came around the curve his house sets on I could see some one in a lounge chair on the small patio in front of the house. I was moving at maybe 40 miles per hour on the gravel road and the road is treated so the dust is down by his house. The house is no more that 50′ from the road and I could clearly see my wife seated in the lounge chair completely naked. I have no idea if she saw me or not as I drove by.

She calls each night and talks to our girls but had not talked with me since she had been gone. That night our oldest was last to visit with her and when she’d finished she brought me the phone.

“Hi Sweetheart, how are things going for you?”

“This has been very exciting David. Thank you so much. Was that you who went by today?”

“Yes, it was.”

“Susan, it was very hard not to see you out there.”

“How did I look?”

“You looked beautiful my Dear. Why lay out in the front yard?”

“You could see I was nude even from the road?”

“I was not looking for you as I came down the road. I was going to the Martins down the road. But where you were was very on display and yes the fact you were nude was very obvious. Did anyone else go by and see you?”

“Only about a dozen people and two men even stopped and talked to me.”

“What did you do?”

“I just talked to them sitting there.”

“In the nude?”

“There wasn’t much else to do really. I had already been seen.”

“How long did they talk with you?”

“The first guy was only here about 10 minutes, but the second guy was here maybe an hour.”

“Did you know either one of them?”

“Not really they both live out this way.”

“David, I found out what happened to Beth.”

“What do you mean you found out what happen to her?”

“Dennis hung her. And he wants to do it to me. He showed me this afternoon.”

“What do you mean he showed you?”

“We are going to do it in the morning. I want him to do it to me.”

“What are you talking about Susan? What do you mean he hung her?”

“It was an accident and he had to cover it up to make it look like she did it to herself. They were playing a sex game. Breath play where you cut off the air to your partner and it will increase the climax big time. They had done it lots of times. She wanted him to do it longer and longer to her.

She pushed him to do it more and longer. He says she was so sexy and beautiful hanging as she swung and jerked naked on the rope. They timed her and she could easily hold her breath for a minute. He hung a rope from a beam in the barn with a collar on the end.

It would draw tighter as she was hung shutting off her air but it was padded so not to burn her neck like the rope would. He measured and she stood on a block just tall enough so when hung her toes could brush the ground but she could not support herself.

He would tie her hands behind her back and stand her on the block, put the collar on her and fuck her supporting her as he fucked her. Then he would step away moving her block and hanging her nude letting her strangle kicking and reaching for his cock with her pussy wanting to fuck him for support as she strangled.

Her climax got harder and better the more they did it. He loved giving her the huge climax and she was so sexy as she’d hang naked on the rope. She wanted to do it more and more and longer.

“Are you crazy Susan? You want to do it too? The same thing? In the barn?”

“David, it is all still there. Beth and I are the same size and we can do it easily. I want him to do what they did and for him to see me being sexy like she was. He won’t hang me long.”

“You can’t be serious Susan.”

“I shouldn’t have told you about it, but I want you to see me do it when we get it perfect.”

“So you plan to do this more than once?”

“David I want to take it as far as Beth did or further maybe?”

“But Susan, Beth nearly died doing it.”

“Yes, but Dennis learned from her doing it just how long to go and he’ll save me.”

“What are you thinking girl, he let her nearly die.”

“Yes but he saved her 3 times before without help. So he knows just how far to let me go. Dennis says he has never seen anything so sexy as what Beth did the last few times she did it. I want him to see me do it too. Just go to work tomorrow David and by lunch time I will have done it the first time.”

I had a busy morning and I looked at the clock and saw it was nearly noon. He had fucked my wife and hung her by now.

Susan called me that night about 10 pm after she’d talked with the girls.

“So Susan, did you do it with ankara türbanlı escort him?”

“Oh, My God David I have never done anything so exciting ever. He was fucking me so good and just stepped back and hung me. I was just beginning to pass out when he pulled me back to his cock and lifted me. The climax was so intense I could not believe it. He left me hanging for 30 seconds the first time.”

“The first time? You did it again?”

“David I did it for him 4 times today. For 30 sec, then 35 secs, then 40 secs. and tonight for 46 seconds. The last time was almost too long. He says we need to go slower.”

She was so excited I hated to rain on her party. We talked for nearly an hour before she hung up. I could hear him pushing her to hang up so he could fuck her.

I didn’t hear from her then for several days, but she talked with the girls each night. I guess we were on day 24 or 25 of the month she was going to spend with Dennis when she called me again.

“David, I wanted to tell you I am going to remain with Dennis for another 30 days. And we are starting to go into the area Beth was into When she was up too long. My climax is so fantastic and Dennis is so excited at my hanging. He wants me to go longer.”

“How long have you gone Susan?”

“I have hung over 2 minutes now twice. Beth hung for 2 and 23 seconds when he couldn’t revive without help. I passed out both times at 2 minutes. He wants me to go 2 and 15 and 2 and 18 tomorrow. He thinks I can go 2 and 30 and be okay.”

“For gods sake Susan you are going to hang too long. He will kill you.”

“I am going to show him I am better than Beth was. He says I fuck better than Beth and that I am much sexier hanging than she was. He loves seeing my legs relaxing and my breasts quit moving.”

“You mean when you stop breathing?”

“Yes I guess that is what he likes. He has remounted me hanging and added his weight to my neck on the rope. And I pass out while he fucks me but the climax is out of this world.”

” His father is telling him what to do. And he wants us to do it differently tomorrow and I am sure he knows what he is talking about but it does worry me some.

The day they had trouble. He didn’t use the collar. He hooked her onto the bare rope as she stood nude on the block. Then he fucked her from the back side while he was rough with her breasts. He pinched and pulled he nipples. Then he kicked the block away and stepped back and hung her.

He said he had a huge climax as she strangled on the rope. When she got still he fondled her breasts and then went to the house. He said he let her do 3 minutes before he took her down and worked on her, but he knew they needed help and you guys came.

“And he wants to do the same thing with you in the morning?”

“Yes after he and Manly both fuck me good in the morning.”

“What time are you doing it in the morning?”

“He said I would have the biggest climax of my life by 11 am.”

I was up and around the next morning but I got busy and by the time I looked at my watch it was 15 til 11. Susan’s big climax. I drove out there fast as I could and as I pulled up I saw my watch turn 11 am. I walked to the barn. Manly yelled out at me.

“Don’t go out there Dennis is doing something special with Susan this morning. He will be done in another ten minutes. Let him finish with her. Her dance could be done now?”

I sprinted into the barn. Susan was hanging nude by her neck on the end of the rope. Her legs were still thrusting wildly and her pussy was thrusting toward Dennis.

“Look how beautiful she is David, she needs my cock back inside of her. Watch her go still David it is coming. “

He was right she was slowly loosing the fight.

“Come David go back and talk with my Dad. She needs to be alone for the next hour. See her breasts are going still. I love her beasts David.”

“You want her to die Dennis?”

“Oh no, just to rest like Beth did Dad say she won’t die.”

I stepped over and in one swipe cut the rope and she dropped to the floor of the barn. I saw her breasts rise and fall as she took a breath.

Dennis screamed that she needed more time.

I ignored him and carried Susan to my pickup.

It was three months and I had been gone to meetings for three days. I called home the first night and my oldest daughter answered. I ask her where Mom was?

“Daddy she is back out to Dennis house. She left right after you did. He called her.”

I finished my meetings and flew home. As soon as I got there I drove out to the Hammonds house. Manly came out side.

“We fucked her this morning before he took her to the barn.”

“When did he take her out to the barn Manly?”

“He tied her hands behind her and she followed him to the barn. She went willingly. She helped him put the rope up yesterday.

“When did they go out to the barn Manly?”

“Oh I don’t know? I went out there and he had the rope on her with the block gone and he was fucking her real good. She was telling him to do it. But he kept fucking her. And then he stepped back and we watched her struggle to get her pussy back on his big cock and her big tits flopping around.”

“How long was that Manly? Is he still out with her?”

“I don’t know he was fucking her again when I came inside and working on her big tits.”

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