Cammi, Don and Candi Ch. 09-11


CDC009: A few months later – Part 1

We have been living together for a while now, you and my Candi Girl most of the time, just Don when needing to go to class or out.

We are having so much fun with each other.

You will nightly finger and lick me until I cum. Some nights I will cum right away. Those nights you make me happy numerous times. Other nights even though you spend hours trying I just don’t cum, but I enjoy it so much.

When I feel like it, I will make you happy in a similar, but different way.

Sometimes sucking on your big clit or jerking just the tip a little, always saying to you about it being Candi’s clit. And oh, the best nights are when I will finger your special opening, you back vagina, running one or two fingers up and in you.

And our make-out sessions.

I will apply fresh makeup on you, especially more lipstick and then we kiss and suck each other’s lips for hours on end. It was a good thing studying comes easily to you as you don’t get much done when I am near.

Some days I will be gone for hours and you are alone. You wonder where I am and miss me.

Those days you will dress yourself picking out what you hope I would really enjoy. Put on your own makeup with care. I taught you how to do this properly. But then you will sit and wait, and trying to read and work, but your thoughts always go back to me.

Now and then you will find yourself very hard, and so want to jerk yourself to satisfaction. But I have told you that you are not to play with yourself. Candi’s clit was just for me to play with. I warn if I ever caught you doing this I will put a chastity cage on you. So, when you get this way you only suffer and try to calm yourself.

In a small way, you miss back before this all began when you could just masturbate and think of Cammi. But what you have with me now is so much better, even if in such an unusual way.

When you get in such a state as now, you can only wonder where is your Cammi?

You pace the room trying to keep yourself calm.

But you keep thinking about what you, when Don, saw two days ago as you were coming back from class. I had been standing near the library talking to some guy. He and I had been standing really really close together, and my hand kept touching his arm.

That was one of the days when I hadn’t returned until hours after my regular time.

I couldn’t be with anyone else, could I?

You are getting beside yourself thinking all these things.

You decide that perhaps a nice warm bubble bath will calm you some. This is something Don never did. Since Candi’s appearance, a bubble bath is something so nice. Especially the first you had with Cammi, and everyone one after.

You take your clothes off, and with just a silk robe around you, you run the bath. Actually, the robe is one of mine and has my scent on it which you so loves. You throw in the bubble powder and watch as the steam and water rises to fill the tub.

When the tub is filled, you step in and lower yourself into the water. Leaning your head back, oh it feels soo good.

You closed your eyes and soon find yourself nodding off. Just as the water starts to cool, the door to our room slams shut and I call out asking “where is my Candi girl?”

You wake, shaking your head to clear it and call back in what is now your Candi voice that you are in the tub.

I come to the bathroom and stands near the tub. “Can I join you, honey?”

“Well the water is rather cool now, let me drain some and add some warmth,” you reply.

As you do so I just smile at you and undress. Yes, your Cammi is here.

But there is a third scent in the air, coming from me, a much more male scent, and something more.

I step into the tub and sit on your lap and kiss you. Yes, you can really smell it, and though you are enthralled with my kisses, you start to wash me quickly, to wash away the smell, and what you are thinking.

I take a cloth and start to wash you too, just laughing and playing with you.

I wash your face but leave some of the mascara and lipstick still on you. And as I do, you feel my slit sliding up and down your shaft which as much as you don’t want it to is getting bigger and bigger.

I have you lean into my shoulder and I wash your back. Then have you lean back and I tell you I am going to turn around so you can wash my back.

When I do, I lower myself so your cock, your big clit as I call it, is sliding up and down my slit. You are amazed I am doing this but more how wet I am. More than I usually am when we start to bath this way. As I bounce on you as you scrub my back, taksim escort you can’t help yourself but cum quickly.

All that had been building up in you all afternoon just has to be released.

I sigh as you do, and soon after moving off you and climbing from the tub. Taking your hand, I pull you up and out of the tub too. Both wrapped in big towels, we dry each other.

Done, I lead you to our bed and slide you under the covers. I join you leaning my back and ass up close against your stomach and junk.

“Let’s just nap for a little, I feel so tired,” I tell you.

We soon fall asleep.

Nothing is said about where I had been. No, ‘I’m sorry’ from me for not being here for our special afternoon. Not even any recognition that you came from riding up and down my slit.

Your head spinning, you wonder as you start to nod off, did I fuck someone else today?

CDC010: Part 2:

After somewhat of a restless night for struggling with your feelings, both as Candi and Don, you feel me stirring awake.

As I always do now, I press my crotch against your ass and rub up and down and around to arouse myself from sleep. My hand slips over your panties and rub and squeeze you a little. Last night I dressed you in your pink baby doll nightie. Now they are raised to your waist and my hand is in on your rising clit.

Then you remember how we got to this point this morning.

After the nap in the afternoon following our bath, we wake and I say why don’t we go out to the corner pub to eat.

What is this? I was wanting to go out with you as Don?

You agree, remembering what had happened during our bath, but I act as nothing had happened.

I put soft panties on you and dress you in your light green polo shirt and khaki shorts. The sneakers you slip on seem a little girly, just not to the point of being noticeable.

We leave and walk to the Pub. I put my arm around your waist. You, in turn, put yours around mine.

It was so nice to walk so close to me as Don. You are loving your Candi life but deep down you are still Don and you are starting to realize you have to surface from time to time.

Arriving at the pub I find a place at the bar for us. You are somewhat disappointed as you so want to be alone with me. Not yet being allowed to drink, you really don’t want others to see you with a pop.

You somewhat show your disappointment, but I pay you no mind.

I order a drink and a pop for you which you blush about.

I do so like to do things to make you blush, it makes you look so cute, I think.

I order fish tacos for us both – without even asking you what you want.

As I sip on my drink, while I chat aimlessly with you my eyes keep searching around the bar, just looking. I am not really focusing on you that much.

Then some guy comes over and sits on the other side of me. He drapes his arm around the back of my chair possessively and leans close to me and starts to chat. I turn my back to you as I giggle and chat him up.

What is going on? You are not happy at all.

Our food comes, and you tap my shoulder and tell me the food is here. I just nod absently at you and while I turn to the food I still keep chatting with the guy.

Can you believe your eyes? I am feeding him bites of my taco. You are squirming in your seat.

Part of you just wants to leave right then, walk out of the Pub, go back to your room and say enough is enough.

But there is some special silver cord I hold over you and you cannot pull yourself away from me. No matter how much I seem to be trying to embarrass you, you cannot leave.

You realize you are so tied to me now. And it had hardly been that many months.

No, I have you and know what you need so well. Even this right now, as much as you hate what is going on, you are loving it too.

How can Cammi just dismiss you so easily and act like you are a non-person? A little peon who doesn’t need to be acknowledged?

All you can do is just sit and watch as I stroke the man’s arm and laugh too hard at his bad jokes. I don’t even introduce you to him.

The man looks over at you from time to time, right into your eyes. It feels like he knows who you are, what you have become. And how truly in so many ways are not competition for him.

And then he has the nerve to wink at you. When he does that, especially after I have been whispering into his ear, you become flaming red, and much to your chagrin you feel yourself hardening some.

What was going on?

I keep this up for hours, and you watch me drink a few drinks. kadıköy escort You try to sip your pop, much as you would like something stronger. This just makes you look even younger and less significant to everyone. Before the evening is over you have a few pops also.

We are there a good while, until I finally lean into the man, kiss his cheek, with such sensuality, and say, “Goodbye Charlie, catch up with you better sometime soon.”

I take your arm and say I think it is time I get you home and lead you to the door.

Outside, the temperature had lowered a little and it is a bit chilly.

You should have gone to the bathroom, probably a couple of times. But you have been so glued to watching what was happening you couldn’t leave my side.

So, when about halfway home, the chill runs up your shorts, you can’t believe what happens.

You wet yourself some. There is a big stain on the front of your pants. You manage to stop yourself.

Now wet and feeling its chill, and holding in your bladder so much, you are hurting badly. It isn’t just your feelings now, but this too.

I looked down and see what is happening. I put my arm around your shoulder and pull you close.

“My little baby, oh honey, you had an accident.”

We are almost to the light of the dorm and you hesitate now.

I hand you my sweater I am carrying and tell you to hold it in front of you and I will get you to our room and clean you up in a jiffy.

Oh, how I can understand at times, and be so nice and loving to you.

With the sweater in front of you, you turn and hug me hard. I kiss the top of your head. And we walk into the dorm, with my arm still around your shoulder – showing I possess you.

In our room I have you stand as I lower your shorts and panties. Then get a warm soapy cloth and washed you nicely all over your cock and balls, and even ass and crack.

I lead you to the bathroom and stand next to you and hold your cock as you finish peeing you all you have been holding in.

Finished, I have you sit on your bed as I undressing you, put on new fresh warm panties and your nightgown.

“Well my little man, I think you need to get to bed,” as I pulled down the covers to our bed and helped you climb in.

In the soft light, you peek as I undress and get ready for bed too. Then I climb in and pull you close to me, lean and kiss your cheek.

You know you are back where you need to be, where you should be… for now.

Which lead to the next morning, where we started, but that is more of the story.

CDC011: Part 3:

It is Friday morning now, the first feelings of being where you ought to be rush over you.

After somewhat of a restless night for struggling with your feelings, both as Candi and Don, you feel me stirring awake.

As I always do now, I press my crotch against your ass and rub up and down and around to arouse myself from sleep. My hand slips over your panties and rub and squeeze you a little. Last night I dressed you in your pink baby doll nightie. Now they are raised to your waist and my hand is in on your rising clit.

Then you remember how we got to this point this morning.

You love the feel of me against you and touching you there. You ‘big clit’ is getting hard with the normal needing to pee situation in the morning.

But you still remember your fitful dreams of the night, and your waking and worrying.

It has been so nice the last few months. But since we returned from winter break I am being this different person.

Why all the mysterious trips by myself? Why all the flirting with other men? And often while you are right there?

Last night wasn’t the first time I have treated you this way when we are out, and you are upset that it ended the way it did last night.

But as I now pat your fanny and tell you we need to get ready for classes, you are somewhat reassured. I head to the shower asking if you are coming to join me. You hurry out of bed, and to the shower which I have running.

I always undress myself, unless I tell you to do it.

Then you must take your time and make me enjoy the experience. This morning with classes ahead that is not an option.

But I do as always undress you. Lifting your pretty nightie up over your head. Actually, leaning and kissing and a little suck on each nipple now displayed. Then your panties are lowered, and I smile at your erection.

As we step into the warm shower, and you stand close facing me, with the warm water beating on your back, and that full bladder of the night, you begin to pee. The stream halkalı escort bayan is hitting me right on my clit. You hear me sigh deeply, and then you feel my pee running over your shaft and balls.

Ooh, both the release and the sensation of our warm pee running over each other is so wonderful.

When we both are emptied, I pull you to me and kiss you deeply and long. Something I have not done for a while really.

We then wash each other as we do each morning and dry ourselves. Which is really me drying you, and then myself. Occasionally, I will allow you to dry me off all over, which when you do you take such care to make sure I have been dried completely everywhere.

I put a pair of panties on you and dress you in your school clothes, Don’s clothes. Swat your behind again and tell you to get to your class. “Grab a milk and pastry downstairs on your way so you won’t be hungry.”

I watch as you leave, and you turn to drink in the vision of me standing there naked before you. My legs spread just enough to show you my wonderful place. I raise my arms to stretch so it is a full and inviting vision.

You hurry off to class and spend much of the day either in classes or studying a bit at the library. Off and on you wonder if Cammi will be home when you get there tonight.

I used to find you during lunchtime to eat together but lately, I haven’t been, which you miss.

It was well after six o’clock when you finally get back to our room, only to find it empty. You are heartbroken but pull yourself together. You decide, today you are not going to change until I get there, as you want to fully enjoy me dressing you and transforming you into Candi.

So, sitting on our bed, you shuffle through tv show after tv show, and after eleven o’clock I still haven’t returned.

You are tired from not much rest last night. You undress to your panties and slide into our bed.

Turning towards the wall, which is how you usually sleep now. I like to be on the outside of the bed, to protect Candi it seems. Now missing my arms around you holding you, you fall into slumber.

Around one a.m. you are woken by the sound of the door opening and voices. You roll so to see what is going on. Out of the slits of your eyes, so I don’t know you are awake, you watch.

Laughing with someone I open the door and walk in, shushing someone to be quiet.

You can see the outline of me and, is that CHARLIE? We come semi-quietly into the room.

I come over and looks down on you. You have closed your eyes now and trying to breathe evenly, so I will think you are sleeping. I pull the covers up over your shoulders some, and lean and kiss your cheek.

But then immediately turn back to Charlie and fall into his arms and begin kissing him the way we had kissed this morning.


Charlie and I are clinging together and fall on to YOUR bed. How dare this guy?

We start groping and fondling each other first through our clothes. As you watch through your almost closed eyes, as we moan and groan our clothes start to come off.

Before long, I am naked on your bed, my legs raised to my shoulders and Charlie is kneeling in front of me and is pressing his cock into me as I moan and beg for more.

Shit the guy didn’t even touch Cammi’s pussy with his fingers, let alone mouth, though you had watched me going down on him as he moaned and harden just before.

As Charlie enters me and began to ram into me over and over, he did it again.

He turned and looked at you and winked.

You knew what it is for. Charlie is telling you that he didn’t care who you are, HE was the one who has me, and is servicing me how I should be taken care of by a man.

After that, you have to close your eyes tight and just listen as we rock and rock for what seems like forever until Charlie finally cums.

You didn’t know if Charlie knows you are watching when he winks or if it was just his alpha-male “roar.” You don’t care.

And you think, “You idiot, Mr. Charlie, you did not even make Cammi cum.”

You know from the sounds and my movement he hadn’t. Not like you. Cammi would cum over and over when playing with you.

He dressed in a hurry after that. With hardly a kiss to me, he leaves.

But crapping sex that it was, why am I humming low as I put my clothes away and crawled into bed with you?

You rolled on your back, and opened your eyes and say in a whiny voice, “So did you and Good Time Charlie have fun together?”

I look at you, pull you close and laugh. “Oh baby, why don’t you find out” as I push your head gently down under the sheets to my pussy.

And much as you do not want to, but are so drawn, you begin to suck Charlie’s juices from me. After licking and swallowing all of his cum, you take your time bringing me to the climax I really need. Hoping you are showing me what I really should be craving.

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