Christmas with My Love Ch. 02


This story is for ADULT amusement only. It contains material of an adult, explicit, SEXUAL nature. If you are insulted by sexually explicit subject matter or language, please DO NOT read this!

This story is a work of fiction! It is not real! All characters and events portrayed in it are imaginary, and any similarity to real people or events is purely coincidental. The author does not condone or endorse incest in any way, shape or form!

This story may not be reproduced in any form without the permission of the author.

Copyright © 2006 L.A.Wicker. All rights reserved.

Ok, this is a long one. If you want something to jerk off to, better look someplace other than this. I already know my spelling and grammar sucks, so don’t bother telling me. I’m still looking for an editor. I’d like a lady that loves incest and romance type stories. Anyone up for helping?

* * * * *

Jon was lying on the couch watching the fire when the electric went off. “Oh shit!” he said knowing it was going to be getting very cold in the massive house with no furnace. He went to the back porch and starting getting as much wood as he could carry, hoping they had enough to last out the big storm. He put two large logs on the fire and went upstairs to check on Mom.

He crept up to her door, gently turned the knob and peeked in. She was lying on her stomach, her wonderful ass was uncovered and it look so good, he felt his cock starting to grow. ‘My Lord! You look so fuckin’ good!’ he moaned to himself, wishing all the crap from the past would have never happened. ‘I wonder if we would have still been together or not?’ he asked himself walking towards her, seeing her tiny ass and the equally small pair of black panties she was wearing.

Jon reached down, running his hand over her right cheek, thinking of all the times that he’d enjoyed touching her this same way. “Hey, you need to come downstairs. The power is out,” he whispered in a soft voice as he gently pulled his hand away from her butt.

“Ok,” she yawned, making sure to stretch, knowing her small shirt would give Jon a great view of her lonely breasts and nipples. “What time is it?” Carla asked sitting up, looking at his crotch, seeing he was nice and hard. ‘Mmm, I hope that’s for me!’ she thought, hoping they’d get to finish what ‘almost’ happened ten years ago. She needed her baby back inside her, not as her son, but as her lover.

“It’s just after 4. Come on! Get that sexy ass downstairs!” he said giving her a good slap on the ass and he ran from the room, laughing at the shocked look on her beautiful face.

“I wish you’d just give in and fuck me,” she moaned as the stinging from her ass flowed over her body and to her aching clit. “I wanta feel that big, hard cock up my pussy!” Carla said getting a little surprise from the closet for him. “You’re going to love these!” she smiled pulling up the very tight, blue spandex pants and made her way down to the living room.

He was sitting next to the fire when she walked in. ‘Oh great! Just what I need to see,’ he thought looking at her wearing the stretchy pants, remembering how much he used to love feeling her up when she wore them. “Fuck! You never give up, do you?” he said feeling his cock trying to rip from his pants.

“Not when I’m trying to get my lover back,” she said easing down on the floor next to him, making sure he saw pants very good. “Remember these?” Carla asked in a soft, lustful voice, running her hands over them as she smiled.

“Oh yes!” he replied trying not to look at her or the damn pants. They had so much fun when she wore them for him.

“Wanta feel them?” she whispered, hoping he would. She missed his big hands grabbing her ass, feeling up her thighs, but most of all, she loved when he’d rub her pussy.

He wanted to scream, but held it in and simply replied, “No!”

“Come on. I know you’re dying too. You used to love it when I’d wear them for you. I loved your hands on me, it was just like I was naked!” she purred like a cat in heat, running her own hands up her inflamed thighs, stopping just before she reached her pussy. She wanted ‘him’ to touch it.

He remembered all to well. His favorite thing to do was, lying behind her, rubbing against her ass when they snuggled together. It lead to some very interesting things. He had to smile at her, she never gave up. “I always liked rubbing on your ass,” he said lighting the joint, hoping he could at least hold out until morning, but she was making it so hard.

She took the joint from him and softly inhaled. “Oh nice!” Carla said with a big smile. “I’m gunna be wasted!” she giggled, hoping he’d give in to her and finish what they started ten years ago. She needed her baby inside her, easing the horrible burning in her pussy.

“Good, then I can drive your ass nuts for awhile!” he winked, knowing she’d be his in just a few minutes. He loved getting her high; she’d do anything he wanted. Well, she always did, but he liked her being under his ‘full’ control.

“I’d like that! Remember the first time I smoked with you?” she asked as visions of the night filled her mind.

They were in his room, enjoying Bycasino a joint very much like the one she was holding right now. He laid her on his bed, massaged every inch of her body and they ended the magnificent evening by doing a sixty-nine together.

“That was nice,” he replied thinking of eating her sweet tasting pussy and how nice it was when she came on his tongue.

She watched him taking a puff from the joint and she wanted to get loaded. She wanted Jon to do anything he wanted. “It sure was. I always loved it when you’d shoot one of your big loads in my mouth. That cock of yours sure held a bunch!”

“It still does.”

“Maybe I’ll get to find out. I miss it.”

He looked at her and figured what the heck. He was here, she was and from the way she was acting, he’d end up fucking her to death. “You will.” Jon said watching her taking a deep drag from the joint and now he couldn’t wait to get her.

“And now,” she said blowing the smoke out her mouth and nose, feeling a warm rush flood her thighs and pussy, thinking of her baby all over her. “You can cum in my…pussy!” Carla said as lust covered her body. They were going to be locked together like lovers and not mother and son.

“I’m going to give it to you nice and hard the first time. After that, I’ll love you and make you cum so hard…you’ll think you’re going to die!” Jon smiled thinking of her tall, slender body under his.

“You can do anything you want to me and I’ll love it all!” Carla moaned thinking of his wonderful long cock up her pussy and finishing what they should have ten years before. “Hand that over and stop hogging it,” she teased taking the joint from him and this time, she took a bigger hit from it, knowing she was going to be so high.

“Suck it, baby!” he laughed, watching her fighting to keep the smoke in.

She slowly blew it out and reached to slap his arm. “You butt-head! I can still spank your ass!”

“That could be kinky as hell! You spank me, then I’ll lay you down and bone the shit out of you!” he laughed, feeling better than he had in so long. It was like he came home and all the bad memories were gone.

She looked at him and knew her loneliness was over. Her baby was home and she wasn’t going to ever let him go. “I wanta say that I’m happy you came,” she said as tears filled her eyes. “You’ll never know how much I missed and wanted you,” she added wiping her eyes.

“I know what you’re saying. I lived in that nasty ass city for eight years and I never had a friend. And as for Joanne, she didn’t mean a thing to me. She was a way to try and get over you, but as I found out, it just made things worse,” he said moving next to her on the floor, gently pulling her between his legs, enjoying her back against his chest and his arms around her body. “That’s much better!” he whispered running his fingers over her smooth stomach, just under her full breasts.

“Mmmm, it sure is,” she whispered back to Jon, resting her head on his shoulder and hugging his arms under her breasts. “I’m so loaded!” Carla giggled, hoping he’d make love to her soon. Her insides felt as if they were on fire and she needed her baby to put it out.

“Just relax and enjoy it,” he whispered giving her ear a small kiss, feeling her pushing back to him with a soft moan and he knew she was his. Well, she always was, but when she’d moan and push back the way she was now, things got really good.

She rested in his arms, remembering the trip they took to Mexico just after he turned 18 and all the fun they had. “Remember that night on the beach in Mexico? It reminds me of this,” she said turning her head to look at him and she was greeted by a soft kiss on the lips. “Very nice!” she softly purred feeling his hands going under her breasts and his thumbs caressing over her already swollen nipples. “Oh my!” she whimpered, hoping this was it. She needed her man to hold her and make passionate love to her very lonely body.

“We had fun that night,” he replied thinking of the same night and how close they’d came to making love on the beach. They sat this same way, watching the sun setting and savory each others’ body, the way they were now.


“Wanta go for a walk with me and watch the sun set?” Carla asked with a big smile, knowing Jon would do anything she asked of him. “Paul’s not feeling very well and he went to lie down,” she added, hoping to get a chance to be alone with Jon. Since they got here, they hadn’t had any time alone to play and Carla was going crazy.

“Sure!” Jon said looking up to her, knowing what she needed. “Is Mommy horny? Does she need to play?” he teased pulling her against him, slipping his hands under her skirt, hoping she’d let him do the most taboo thing to her. Jon needed more than a blowjob or to have her beat him off, he needed to be in her. “Have you thought about what I asked you the other day?” he asked hoping she had. He asked her to let him in her body and love her right, but she was afraid. A blowjob or just fooling around didn’t bother her, but making love did, it scared her.

“A little bit. I’m nervous about that.”

“It’ll be ok. Nobody will ever Bycasino giriş know, just like now.” Jon said, trying his best to convince her to do it. He needed her and bad.

She knew this tall, handsome man wanted her, but she was very leery about it. Sucking him off was a little different than fucking him. She put her finger over his lips and said in a soft voice, “Let me think it over. That’s a very big step baby.”

He was disappointed, but he knew she’d still do all the other things for him, so he wasn’t going to push her into something she wasn’t ready for. “It’s fine. Don’t worry about it,” he smiled caressing under her short skirt, thinking of loving her on one of the beautiful beaches. “We still have time to get a drink or two before the sun sets,” he said holding her close, feeling his cock was loaded and needed ‘Mommy’ to fix it.

“Let’s walk to the little place we went the other day. I liked it,” she whispered to him thinking of the small bar and how nice it was.

“Sounds good to me. I’ll change and then we can go.” Jon replied and he couldn’t wait to get her alone. He needed to cum so bad he hurt.

They sat at a small table looking out to sea. “I could live here so easy!” Carla said wishing they could move here, but Paul’s business was booming and there was no way he’d ever consider moving. He worked so hard to get where he was now. All that slowed him down was his bad heart.

“It would be nice to do this with you every night of the week. We could have a few drinks, take a walk and find a nice place to be alone,” he said reaching under the table and slowly caressed up her long, bare leg. “I really need your help tonight!” Jon added with desperation in his voice. “My poor balls feel like their going to blow up!” he laughed watching her pretty face turn the warm shade of pink.

She loved it when Jon touched her this way. He was so caring and it was what Carla needed. Tonight would be so hard, she knew he wanted her in the most taboo way and would be hard not giving in to him. “You know I’ll take care of it. I can’t have my baby in pain,” she said feeling his hand going higher up her leg until he slid it over her panties. “Someone is trying to kill me!” she giggled enjoying his loving fingers touching her clit, sending wave after wave of excitement flooding every inch of her.

“I wanta make sure you have a good time,” he said teasing her tiny, hard clit, knowing she was going to suck him to death. He loved getting her nice and horny. She would always repay him with a incredible blowjob.

“I know what you want,” she smiled, thinking of his big cock in her mouth, blowing a good load of hot cum in it. “Mommy can’t wait to suck her baby’s big cock!” she moaned feeling her tiny pair of panties being pulled over and Jon’s finger carefully easing in her body. “Oh shit!” she whimpered as he pushed it in nice and deep, while his thumb continued tormenting her swollen clit. “You keep this up and I’m going to cum all over you!” she blushed, hoping she wouldn’t scream when it happened.

He just smiled and figured he better slow down. He wanted her to cum with him on the beach. “I’ll stop, I want us to cum at the same time,” he said looking at her, hoping she’d change her mind about making love with him. He needed her as his lover and knew that no other girl or woman could ever please him, but her.

“That’ll be very nice! I love that so, so much!”

“Let’s go look for a nice place,” he smiled stood up and pulled her up into his arms, holding her tight. “I hope you think about it. I need you so bad,” he moaned, hugging her tighter, knowing she felt just how hard and ready he was for her.

“Mmm, you might kill me tonight!” she moaned in his ear, feeling his rock-hard cock pushing against her body. “Does Mommy’s baby need that fixed?” Carla asked with the same kind of voice that she would have a baby.

“You tease! Wait until I get you alone!” he said knowing she was in for it. He was going to eat and finger her pussy until she fainted in his arms.

“Promises, promises!” Carla giggled as they walked from the bar and down on the beach. She looked out in the ocean. “Looks like we might get a good storm tonight,” she said pointing to some black clouds that looked to be a few hundred miles away.

“I heard that little hurricane might come to shore later, but it’s not going to be that bad.” Jon replied watching her get a worried look. “If Paul and I thought that it was going to be that bad…we would have already left. Don’t worry,” he added pulling her against him as they walked down the beach, hoping to find a sand dune or something to hide behind. The hotel room was too small and Mom did not want Paul to see or hear them together.

“Oh look at that!” Carla moaned seeing the big dune just up the beach from them. It was tall and had a few small bushes growing around on top and it would provide just enough privacy for them. “I’ve been dying to get you alone!” she smiled reaching to give his cock a loving squeeze. It had been a week since they’d been alone and she was so horny she hurt.

Jon looked around and saw they were the only ones out. “Hell Bycasino güncel giriş yes!” he said with joy and couldn’t wait be with her. His balls were so full of cum, his cock dripped day and night. Mom had him spoiled with her loving hands and fantastic mouth.

“Let’s hurry! I need you so bad!” she said with nothing but lust in her soft voice. They made they were behind the dune and she couldn’t get his pants down and off fast enough. She opened her mouth and quickly sucked him in.

“Oh yes!” Jon moaned out, watching his cock vanish in her warm mouth and she didn’t waste any time. She started him hard and as deep as she could take him. “That’s it! Nice and hard!” he groaned, holding the sides of her beautiful face, enjoying the hard sucking and her tongue flicking over his swollen head. “You’re going to kill me!” he laughed pushing and pulling from her, he was fucking her mouth and Mom loved it. She sucked and moved with him.

Carla loved pleasing him this way, but she needed some help too. Her little pussy was on fire and it was taking every ounce of her strength to resist letting him fuck her. She pulled from him and looked up. “I need some help too,” she said with need, hoping he could make her cum. “Lay down with me,” she said watching him drop to his knees. “I’m going to put some oil on my hands and I want you to move over me,” she whispered reaching in her small purse for a bottle of oil and squirted some in her left hand. “Ok, now move over me,” she smiled grabbing his cock with her left hand and her right, slipped between her legs.

“Oh, this should be nice!” Jon said with a big smile as he carefully moved over her. He felt her grabbing his cock and she smiled. “Good idea!” he moaned and started moving back and forth, just as if he was loving the sexy lady under him, but it was her hand. “Oh yes!” he moaned louder, looking down, pretending he was in her. Mom’s hand was great as he moved back and forth, not as nice as being in her, but it was a start. Jon knew she had to be thinking of it just as much as he was.

“It sure is,” she whispered, loving him over her body, wishing she had the nerve to let him in her body, to the very same place that he’d came from 18 years ago, but she wasn’t ready for that. Carla had a few other ideas that she was sure Jon was going to love. “When we get back home,” she moaned when Jon started moving fast, pumping her small hand with long, hard strokes, knowing he’d be covering her with his seeds very soon. “I’m going to let you have my ass!” Carla said, watching a big smile cover his handsome face.

He moved faster, loving her idea, wishing that it was her pussy, but this was good for now. Her words filled his ears and he was ready to cum. “Oh that’ll be so awesome!” he said thinking of being up the ass he loved watching and he knew it wouldn’t be much longer until she gave in to him. “I’m so close Mom!”

“Cum for me! I wanta make my baby boy happy!”

“Oh yes! I’m so close!” he moaned thinking of her sitting on his lap, with his cock up her tiny ass, fucking it as he held her close. “I can’t wait to be in you!” he cried out and started cuming hard. Cum shot from the tip of his cock, spraying in her hand, on her belly and one squirt even landed on her breasts. “Oh Mom, I love you! I love you so much!” he whimpered and pulled from her and rested his cock against her tiny, wet panties. He started rubbing it all over her, watching her eyes looking at him, knowing she was worried he was going to try and do her, but he wasn’t. “Relax, it’s my turn to help you!” he smiled as he moved his stiff cock up and down her wet, swollen pussy, watching her dip one of her fingers in his cum and lick it off.

“Please be careful,” she moaned as his hard, stiff cock slid between her moist lips, sending so many wonderful feelings rushing through her body. Carla knew she’d have to let him fuck her and soon. If he felt this good just rubbing on her, she wanted him back where he came from, her pussy. “Go baby! Fuck me! Fuck me!” she screamed as he laid on her, rubbing her pussy so hard. His full length was against her, smashing her tiny pussy and she loved it. “Holy shit! Yes! Oh my God! Yes! Yes! Yes!” Carla screamed louder, hoping it would find its way under her panties and ram in her.

Jon moved as fast as he could, thinking of just taking her right where they were. She was going nuts and he knew what she needed, a big cock up her dripping, wet pussy. “Come on baby! Cum for me! Cum on your sons’ big, hard cock!” he said and she went wild under him. Her nails dug into his back, her long, silky legs locked around his hips and she screamed.

Carla felt like her body was on fire and when Jon started urging her on, it was all over. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Yes! Yes! Oh my fucking God! I love you! Oh God I love you baby! Yes! Yes!” she screamed as feelings rushed over her so fast and so hard, she thought she was going to die. Her pussy locked up, wishing it had his big cock in it and Carla knew she couldn’t wait any longer. The next time they were alone, she was going to let him fuck her all he wanted. She was going to be his fuck slave and would do anything to make Jon happy. ‘I’m going to let you fuck me anyway you want!” she moaned to herself as he gently lay on her panting body. “I love you so much,” she whimpered, thinking of letting him just go ahead and do it now, but she wanted it special, not on some beach with sand going up her ass.

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