Cinderella’s Birthday Ch. 01

Big Ass

Cinderella nervously stood outside her stepmother’s bedroom dressed in her nightgown on the eve of her 18th birthday as she was instructed to do, unsure of what was going to happen. She was startled out of her thoughts by the grandfather clock and she knocked and heard, “Enter,” from inside the room. She opened the door and found not just her stepmother, Lucilla, but also her stepsisters, Rowena and Gleena, were also in the room, and all in their nightgowns as she was. Cinderella closed the door and was motioned inside to her stepmother’s bedside where the other three were sitting and Lucilla explained to her why she was there.

“Cinderella, you’ve been under my care since your father died, and I must say that your work has not truly satisfied me. If you would clean correctly one day, you wouldn’t have to clean the same thing the next day.”

Cinderella tried to object and tell her that it was Rowena and Gleena who dirtied her work after she finished, but Lucilla held up her had for her to be silent. “I don’t want to hear any excuses, so I have a way for you to star making up for your mistakes. Now that you have finally become an adult, it is time for you to be introduced to a special family tradition.”

Cinderella was confused and became more so when all three women stood and dropped their nightgowns, showing her their fully nude bodies. With all of them being mother and daughters, they were practically the same with large breasts atop their classically rubenesque bodies, pale skin, and fully shaved pussies between their legs. And Cinderella was so caught off guard by seeing her family naked in front of her that she could not move as Rowena and Gleena moved towards her and as Lucilla watched, they removed Cinderella’s nightgown as well, revealing a nude body radically different from their own. Whereas the three of them were blonde and rubenesque, Cinderella was a redhead who, after years of hard work of chores, had a body that was fit and toned, with firm breasts that were slightly smaller but firmer, and a thick patch of hair between her legs.

They brought Cinderella over to the bed and laid her out on it and explored every inch of her with their hands, lips, and tongues, and also guided her own hands over their bodies and fed her their own breasts to suck on until Lucilla laid her body on top of Cinderella. She made out with her stepdaughter and then moved downwards and licked her body while her daughters continued their exploration. When Lucilla finally made it to her hair covered patch, she reached under the bed and pulled out her waiting tools that she used when she first brought her daughters into her special tradition. The sisters then pulled away from Cinderella, who watched as Lucilla began by using scissors to trim most of the hair, and then wetted her pussy with warm water, spread cream, and used the razor to shave her stepdaughter to her bare skin first at her pussy, then turned her onto all fours and had Rowena and Gleena pull apart her ass cheeks so that Lucilla had easy access to shaving her bare there as well, as the three women gazed upon the prize that awaited her tongue and taste buds.

Throughout the whole process, Cinderella had been turned into a pleasure craving body being turned on by her stepfamily so much that she didn’t realize what Lucilla was doing, only by the feelings being given by the tongues, lips, and fingers of Rowena and Gleena. But that changed when she felt the intense pleasure that shot through her body from somewhere, and she managed to look and find Lucilla between her legs looking up at her as her pussy was expertly played with by a tongue, lips, and fingers that sucked, licked, and finger fucked her tight little hole. And that, combined with the attention she was getting by her sisters, was enough to propel Cinderella over the edge into her first non-self induced climax. She felt herself return to Earth slowly as Lucilla slid up beside her and gave her a juice filled kiss so she could taste herself, and before she could say anything she felt her pussy being assailed again, this time from Rowena who brought her to a second climax and again shared her taste with Cinderella, who then watched as she also shared it with her mother. Gleena was the last to acquire and share her stepsister’s Bycasino taste with her and her mother and sister, which also gave Cinderella another orgasm and caused her to sink to the bed in exhaustion, wondering if they wanted to eat her pussy anymore.

“I hope you don’t think that we’re done here, daughter,” came Lucilla’s voice, “because we are far from it. Look at what I bought just for you.”

Cinderella opened her eyes and found that Lucilla was now on her knees and sporting an 8″ black strap-on that Rowena and Gleena were finishing strapping on her. “I am going to make you into a woman now, so lie on your back and open yourself to the first fuck of your life.” Cinderella was apprehensive and excited because she had watched others privately fucking and knew it was pleasurable, especially after her lesbian experience with her stepmother and sisters. So Cinderella lay back on the bed and spread her naked body wide as Rowena and Gleena coated their mother’s strap-on with their saliva until Lucilla placed herself over the young virgin and eased the dildo into her pussy and stopped when she reached her hymen. Her daughters each took one of their sister’s breasts and started sucking and nibbling as Lucilla suddenly thrust her hips forward to break through the barrier and causing Cinderella to shriek in pain.

“Oh, fuck! Take it out, it’s killing me,” she cried, but Lucilla had stayed still as Rowena and Gleena held down their sister’s arms to prevent harm to their mother, who waited patiently until Cinderella stopped crying out in pain, but slight pleasure. Lucilla started moving her hips back and forth and built up the pleasure that Cinderella began feeling and wanting more of, so she began thrusting her hips upward to meet her mother.

“Oh, yes, mother, fuck me. Make me cum, please!”

Lucilla was starting to feel her stepdaughter near her climax and wrapped her legs around her back to pull her in and then clutched Lucilla to her body as the newly sexualized Cinderella came from an actual fucking for the first time in her life. But Lucilla hadn’t come yet, but didn’t want to deprive her other daughters the chance of fucking their sister, so as Rowena proceeded to fuck her, she then lowered her pussy to Cinderella’s waiting lips and let her eat her first pussy to orgasm as she turned and watched her daughters take turns fucking the newly de-virginized slut in their bed.

When all three had fucked Cinderella, Lucilla moved onto the next phase of her plan by bringing out a can of oil that she first had Cinderella apply to the cock, and then placed her on all fours and Rowena and Gleena hold open her ass cheeks. She then poured a good amount of oil into her anal passage, and before Cinderella could ask what she was doing, had begun to ease the fake cock into her backside. As with her other virginity Cinderella started screaming in pain, but that disappeared as the oil made the fucking effortless, and soon she was screaming and fucking in ecstasy. After each of them had fucked her ass, they then introduced her to double penetration as she was fucked by two at a time, and the night flew by until they all fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Cinderella was in the middle of a very erotic dream of being fucked by her stepfamily when she was suddenly awoken by a bucket of freezing water from Gleena, who stood with her sister and mother at the end of the bed, still naked as well.

“Wake up, Cinderella. Just because it’s your birthday doesn’t mean you get to slack off on the job. You have chores to do, so get to them. And don’t worry about getting dressed, since you’ll be celebrating buck naked and allow everyone to see just what a naked eighteen year old slut looks like. Now go!”

Cinderella hated the idea but had no choice, and all day she scrubbed the floors, tended the garden, and did all her daily chores naked to the world and was ogled by every man on the grounds, even some of the women. And as the day went on, word started to spread and she had spectators watching her naked body bend, twist, and sit until at sundown, tired, sweaty, and dirty and ready to go to bed, Cinderella is stopped from leaving the barn where her final chores were. She found herself surrounded by all the farmhands Bycasino giriş sporting grins and removing their clothing as the approach her and she is grabbed and forced to her knees. One of them, Zeke, a 45 year old man quite tall and with a grey beard and good size hard cock, tells her, “The ladies in the house told us it’s your birthday and that we should give you a real special present. And each one of us is going to give you one right after another, so miss Cin, prepare for one wild party.”

Cinderella was brought to a table and spread out on her back as the men, all naked by now and rubbing erections, each approached and went to his knees and ate her pussy for a few seconds as the entire line did so. But when it came back to Zeke and the front of the line, he lined up his cock and pushed in and began fucking her until he unloaded his cum into her pussy, which proceeded to gush out after he removed himself. The next guy impaled himself in her pussy and then took her off the table and brought her over to a mattress and lay down with her on top and he instructed her on how to fuck a man cowgirl style. And so it went that man after man fucked her in various ways and instructed her in how to accomplish this in her pussy, ass, and even how to suck cock and swallow. They finished with her and she fell asleep exhausted for an hour and she was awoken by having her hair pulled to find her stepfamily standing there and they pulled her up and showed her reflection in the mirror. She was on her knees and every inch of her body was covered in cum, since the last act of the night was her on her knees and made into a bukkake doll.

“So,” Rowena gloated, “you finally discovered sex and the next day are a cum slut. Put it on hold, because we’ve been invited to the prince’s ball and there’s someone in the house to see you, but not in the condition you are. So clean up and come to mother’s room.”

Cinderella exited the barn and found two dildos and a sponge next to the well, and proceeded to wash her naked body free of the cum and then bent over and brought herself to orgasm. When she entered the house she went to her stepmother’s room, where she and her daughters were getting dressed, while another woman was helping them get dressed. She looked exactly like Lucilla, down to the medium length haircut, and when she looked her way upon hearing the door close, she licked her lips and had lust in her eyes.

Lucilla interrupted their visual fucking and said, “Cinderella, this is my sister Sopia, who is both the town seamstress and your godmother. She made mine and your sisters’ dresses for the ball we’ve been invited to. You will not be coming with us, but will be entertaining her for our payment. You will obey her for as long as she wants, and if I hear you didn’t satisfy her I will punish you.” Lucilla then gave her a deep kiss and turned to her sister and only said, “Enjoy,” and then left.

When the door closed and Cinderella was left alone with her godmother, she kept her hands to her sides and looked at the floor as Sopia circled around her and inspected her body while also running her hands across her soft skin.

“Hello, Cinderella. My, you have grown into a beautiful woman, and while I know my sister told you that I wouldn’t be making you a dress, I think that the prince’s ball would be a very empty place without you. Because the ball is where he is looking for his own sexually competent partner, and I think you would be perfect, and while you can’t go tonight, it is a two day celebration and I can get you there tomorrow. But if I’m going to make your dress on such short notice, I’m going to have to explore your measurements and curves to know exactly what to put you in. And to do that, I’ll be spending all night licking, fucking, and sucking every inch of your beautiful body. But first I want you to help me undress so we can begin.”

Cinderella looked up at her aunt’s face that was looking at her with lust and love and guided her hands to her dress and slowly removed Sopia’s clothes until she stood naked before Cinderella’s eye. She saw before her a mirror body of Lucilla’s, from her pale skin and blond hair to her beautiful breasts and a fully shaved pussy dripping with juices. Sopia extended Bycasino güncel giriş her arms and pulled Cinderella’s naked body to hers as they began to kiss and explore each other’s mouth and tongue while their hands explored each other. Sopia then brought Cinderella to Lucilla’s bed and laid her out on her back with legs spread and stood with her own legs apart, and they watched each other feel their own bodies, from rubbing breasts and pinching nipples, to fingering their pussies. Sopia then sank to her knees and pushed Cinderella’s legs apart and gazed upon her wet, pink pussy that she leaned in and slowly ran her tongue along the pink slit that brought a low moan, while also avoiding her clit. This drove Cinderella crazy, especially as Sopia added finger after finger was added and pumped while Sopia finally clamped down and began sucking and flicking her clit which brought her hips off the bed and a scream from her lips in a crashing orgasm.

Sopia crawled up and licked Cinderella’s sweat soaked skin up her stomach, between and around her breasts, carefully nipping each nipple to bring a moan, and up her neck and into a loving kiss. “My dear girl, I think your pussy is sweeter than either of your stepsisters. If you lived at my house, I wouldn’t let you leave and would feast on your pussy night and day. And while I would love to have more, I have an itch that you need to return the favor of scratching.”

To this request Cinderella acceeded to happily as she pushed herself onto her knees as Sopia lay on her back as her goddaughter crawled between her spread legs and used her fingers to separate the mature woman’s bare lips and expose her clit. Cinderella leaned in and ran her tongue over and around Sopia while inserting her fingers until all five were in her pussy as they suddenly began to thrust in and out, while also opening and closing them. This trick got Sopia very horny and on the verge of a large orgasm, which Cinderella happily sped up by latching lips onto her clit and sucking until Sopia came in a loud scream that squirt juices into the younger girl’s mouth, who found it a slightly sweeter and less tangy taste than Lucilla. And while her lips were busy sucking on the succulent pussy, Cinderella was brought around into a 69 as the two women worked each other until Cinderella collapsed on top as they lay together in a sweating heap.

Cinderella crawled up next to Sopia and lay face to face with her and began making out with her as their tits crushed together and fingers traveled downward and began playing with each other. It was in this position that Lucilla and her daughters found them when they returned, and the next morning Cinderella awoke to find her pussy being stretched by a thick dildo by her godmother who then inserted the other end into her own pussy and the two of them started fucking each other to a large orgasm. And as they lay making out and recovering, the door opened and in came Lucilla, Rowena, and Gleena all nude and stroking their wet pussies, ready to continue the fuck fest with Sopia and Cinderella.

“Are you two ready for some company?,” Lucilla asked with an eager look in her eyes.

Cinderella was ready to say yes, since it was expected of her, even though she didn’t want to share Sopia after their wonderful night together, but she was cut off.

“Lucilla, as much as that would be nice, I’m afraid that I really must get to my shop and start the day. I’m expecting some very important and rich customers today who are preparing for tonight’s second half of the ball.”

“Are you positive you can’t stay, Aunt Sopia?,” Rowena practically wined, eagerly licking her lips.

“I’m sorry dear, but I really must be going. And I’ll also be taking Cinderella along with me, so we can finish what we started last night before we fell asleep.”

“But Cinderella has chores that need to be done here. Why don’t you return tonight while we are at the ball?”

“Because, Lucilla, it seems that after only a couple of days after turning 18 she is an expert at licking pussy, and I am not finished with her skills. So you can find someone else to do her chores, because we are leaving.” And with that she pushed the three horny women out the door, helped Cinderella dress and into the carriage, and as Cinderella snuggled to Sopia, she asked her questions.

“Aunt Sopia?”

“Yes, dear?”

“Was I really an expert last night?”

“Very much, darling. You were spectacular.”

“I’m glad. So how long do you think you will need my services?”

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