Subject: Dad Loves Me Part 118 Dad Loves Me Part 118 James hoo) I woke up looking right at my great uncle’s face and clearly aware of Tim behind me as I felt his morning hardon poking me in my ass. I thought to myself how much he looks like my grampa and their other brothers and father from what I’ve seen in pictures. I reached back and gently woke up Tim. I hated to do it but I needed to use the bathroom or my uncle and I and the bed would be wet. When I came out of the bathroom, all of my bed companions were awake and waiting for their turns in the bathroom. When all 4 of us relieved ourselves, we made our way downstairs to the kitchen where I started the coffee. Diego talked with us about school which was to start in about 6 weeks. Daddy and Paddy were the next to arrive and kisses were exchanged all around. Marcus and Max showed up next and more kisses were exchanged, and finally Wally and Nick. We started discussing the party next weekend for just friends. Diego asked if he could stay another couple of nights to get to know the extended family. I could see the way Nick looked at Diego so I was sure Diego would probably be with Nick tonight and then Wally and Max tomorrow. He would like to be with all 3 tonight, but Max had his interview Monday morning and diego would want him to be fully prepared and rested. We all decided to go to the gym today. We told Diego all about it and he said he will sit in the juice bar and look at all the hot men around. As most of the clientele is gay, there is never a shortage of sexy men walking around. We all checked in and I signed Diego in as a guest. We all went into the locker room and Diego’s head was spinning around looking at the men in various stages of dress. We ran into Ben and he was with another man around his age and I was a little shocked that he was white. Ben introduced us to his bf, Arthur. “I can see why Ben was interested in you all.”—“Did Ben tell you we were having a housewarming party next Friday?”—“Yes he talked to me about it.” Ben excused himself for a few moments. We explained a few things including how we were total nudists at home and how the party would be nudist as well. They can wear a jockstrap or underwear if they’d like. We also told him that it would be changing to a sex party later, but they didn’t have to stay for that. Ben came back and they went to do their workout. All us boys decided to swim today. All the men went to the equipment and free weight area. Diego sat in the corner of the juice bar that was adjacent to the pool. Gary and JJ walked into the pool area while Tom sat in the pool lounging area. We went over to Tom and then I signaled Diego over. I introduced them and over the divider they sat and chatted while we 7 boys horses around in the pool and talked about the party next weekend. At one point Atlas came over by the pool to say hi and we introduced him to Diego also. “You remind me of a young man I know in Rio. He is built similarly to you. My lover and I shared him one night and he took my fucking as well as fucked my lover. You also look like you have as much cock and ass as that boy.”—“How old was he?”—“In his mid 30s.” They chatted a little longer until Atlas had to go teach his class. Diego continued to chat with Tom while we splashed around in the pool and the men worked out. About two hours later, the men şişli travesti finished their workout and walked up to the area where Diego and Tom were talking. They sat and talked a short time. Soon they were ready to go and daddy gave me a signal. I let the guys know that it was time to go. We gave Gary and JJ brief hugs, got out of the pool and rinsed off as we were supposed to. We then headed to the locker room. As we were undressing to go to the showers, Dana walked in. His assigned locker was near ours. We introduced him to Diego and when we went to shower, Diego waited by the lockers and chatted with Dana. Dana was hesitant to change but knew he was family and would not judge him. Dana pulled off his shirt revealing a very muscular hairless chest. Diego liked what he saw. Dana sat and took off his shoes and socks. He stood and turned his back to Diego, then pulled down his pants revealing a nice bubble butt in tight underwear. Diego was getting quite turned on when Dana dropped his underwear and turned to face Diego. He was shocked to find an actual pussy instead of a cock. Dana had seen the look on Diego’s face too many times when someone was caught unawares. Dana pulled on some workout shorts and explained things to Diego. He apologized for his reaction and Dana understood completely. They chatted a little before we came beck from the shower. Dana was fully dressed in his workout clothes by the time we came back. He said he was looking forward to the party next weekend. Normally he would work Friday nights, but he explained the circumstances and his manager agreed. He said goodbye to all of us and gave Diego a kiss on the cheek and left us. We all looked at Diego who had an innocent look on his face. We all got dressed and were trying to get him to tell us what they talked about. He just said “It’s private and none of your business.” The way he said it said the subject was closed. We split into two groups. Half went home and half went to get a couple buckets of KFC. Paddy and I went with Marcus, Max, and Tim. We got one bucket of original recipe and one bucket of extra crispy. We also got extra potatoes and gravy, cole slaw, and biscuits. We got home and everyone dug in with gusto. Then the phone rang. Paddy had just wiped his fingers and said he would get the phone. He ran and answered the phone “Schmidt residence. …. One moment.” He hit the hold button. “Dad or Benji, phone.” I went to get the phone as daddy was talking with Wally and Max. Paddy handed me the phone saying “It’s Matt.” I took the phone, kissed Paddy, and the hit the hold button again. “Hi. Matt? … Oh I see. … Oh that would be great. … You know we are basically nudists and the party will be that way too. … I never knew. …That might be arranged.” I giggled. “I’ll let everyone know. … You can drop by anytime. Just be prepared to show everyone what you have. Pat too. … See you Friday.” I hung up and went back to the kitchen. I explained it was Matt and their plans have changed and Matt and Pat would be able to come to the party. Daddy asked “Did you tell them about our dress code?”—“I didn’t have to. He knew. He admitted to peeping at us when we’d be out back smoking ot just talking. He also like what he saw, Pat too.” Everyone laughed. We all finished and Jim and Tim decided to help Nick with the clean up. beylikdüzü travesti I took Paddy’s hand and led him to the home office. We sat next to each other and I held his hand. “I need to ask you something. Matt said he and Pat would maybe like some time with daddy and me. How do you feel about that?”—“I don’t know. The family is one thing, but this is something totally different.”—“In their defense, I have known them since we moved here. They watched me a few times when gramma and grampa weren’t available. If you don’t want me to do it, I won’t. I didn’t promise them anything. I’m leaving it totally up to you. I don’t want to hurt or lose you.”—“You couldn’t lose me if you tried, and as for hurting me, I’ll seriously think it over.” The end of the day came rather quickly. Diego wanted to spend the night with Wally, Max, and Nick, but Max had an interview the next morning and Wally had an early meeting at work so Diego decided he would have a night with the newest member of our family and then take on the last two men of the family. Daddy and Wally would spend the night together Marcus would be with his boys, and Max would spend the night with Paddy and me. When we were in our room, Max said “Beside my love for Marcus and Adam, I feel lucky to be with two young studs like you.” Paddy and I each shared a kiss with Max, then shared a kiss with each other before sharing a three way kiss. Max told me to get on the bed on my hands and knees and I complied. Very quickly I felt Max’s tongue digging into my hole. Paddy dropped to his knees and crawled in front of Max sucking his big cock into his mouth. After about 10 minutes this way, Max pulled back and told Paddy to go up by my head. Max got up behind me and told me that he wanted to watch me rimming Paddy. Of course Paddy and I had no problems with him watching and as soon as my tongue hit Paddy’s hole, Max’s cock sank all the way into my ass stretching it wide. Max was larger than any of the men in our family; however, we all loved the full feeling we got. As he pushed in, I moaned loudly into Paddy’s ass. We were like that for about 15 minutes and Max said “Paddy, make Benji swallow your cock.” After another 20-25 minutes, Paddy said “I’m so close.”—“I’m getting there myself. Hold on until I tell you.” After about 5 minutes more, Max finally said “Let go anytime Paddy and I’ll be right behind you.” Paddy grabbed my head and said “Eat my load baby. Take it all.” As soon as his load hit the back of my throat, Max shoved his cock in as far as he could and cried out “OH FUCK YEAH BENJI!” I was being filled at both ends and if I was a cat, I would gave been purring. After a very short rest, we noticed Max’s cock was still as hard as ever. He said “Switch places for round 2. Paddy if you want to eat Benji’s ass and get my cum fine, or you can just suck his cock.” Paddy did want my ass and just like with me, as soon as Max saw his tongue start probing my hole, he slid his cock deep into Paddy’s ass causing his loud moaning in my ass. Between my rimming and Max’s cum still coating his cock, his cock slid quite easily into Paddy’s ass, but his size was still an issue. Soon Max was pumping in and out of Paddy’s ass using a mix of rabbit thrusts and long strokes which Paddy seemed to like the best. After I turned around and stuck my cock in Paddy istanbul travesti mouth, I really enjoyed seeing Max’s extra large cock slicing into my boyfriend’s ass. Soon I was feeling my orgasm and I asked Max if he was close at all. “Just a little longer Benji. I’ll let you know.” About 10 minutes later Max finally yelled “NOW!” I could tell by his face he was unloading into Paddy’s ass which caused me to cum with a loud grunt. Paddy was just humming around my cock and I know he was feeling pretty much the same way I had when I was in the middle. After we came down, we made our way to the shower and when we returned to our bed, Max got in first then Paddy and I climbed in flanking him. We made sure to set our alarm so Max wouldn’t oversleep. We all fell asleep happy and as far as Paddy’s and my asses were feeling, all we could think was ‘I hope I can walk alright tomorrow.’ NICK I was rather shy being alone with Diego, almost as shy as I was the first time with grampa. It didn’t take him long to soothe me into submission. He took me into his arms and then kissed me with so much passion. I could tell he considered me family as well as the others. Now his hard cock was as big as Wally so I knew I could take him. He layed me on my back and lifted my legs and started rimming my ass. Feeling his mustache and beard all over my ass was really wild. None of the rest if the family had as much facial hair as Diego, so it was a unique feeling, but not unpleasant. After about 20 minutes he asked if I was ready for more and I just nodded stupidly. He got into position behind me and slid his cock easily into my ass. We were both humming lightly “MMMMMMMMMMMM” together. He leaned down and kissed me deeply and after he broke the kiss he said in a really sweet whisper “Your ass feels so good young man.” He started fucking me then nice and slow, then picked up the pace, then slowed down again, and kept going faster, then slower until after what seemed to be about 30 minutes or more he picked up the pace until he was really pounding me and making me grunt with every thrust. About 5-10 minutes later he cried out “GET READY NEPHEW. TAKE MY LOAD. WELCOME TO MY FAMILY!” He started blasting his load into my ass and as soon as I felt it, I started shooting my load, hands free, all over my chest and belly. After we both came down, he layed on top of me smearing my cum between us and started kissing me again. He finally rolled off and layed next to me. I looked at him and said “If you fucked your lover like that, he was one lucky guy.”—“He fucked me like that too baby.”—“You were both lucky then.” We made our way to the shower and then back to bed and he said to me that he was looking forward to being able to call me nephew legally. We said good night and kissed one final time. Daddy and Wally had wonderful sex with Wally fucking daddy just like they did most of the time they had sex together where daddy could really let his bottom side out. Marcus let both of his boys take his ass, but with one twist. They each fucked him, and then he asked his boys to double fuck him. Each time he had his ass filled, Jim and Tim got down and feltched their father. The twins really loved feltching each other and their father, but since they moved in with the rest of the family, the had got into feltching with the rest of them and some of the family had gotten into it also, mostly with family, but with a few of the extended group of friends. 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