Drawn West

By Jim002


Copyright 2017 by ook



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Twelve Pa surprised me by turning around and walking to the door.

“You ain”t goin after the chickens, is ya?” Rafe asked him, as Pa opened the door.


Pa went outside. We all understood when he closed the shutters on the windows. He had to fiddle with the broken one, but he got it closed.

“We got neighbors now,” he said, when he walked back into the house.

We all nodded our heads.

Rafe and Joe were naked. Rafe walked over to me. I fell to my knees and rubbed my face on his stiff pecker.

“Damn!” Rafe said.

Joe knelt next to me. He wrapped his hand around Rafe”s rod and put the head at my lips.

“Nurse on this, boy!” Joe said.

I groaned and swallowed the head. I looked up at Rafe while I sucked on the head.

“I love you, sweetheart,” he said.

I was very happy.

“You”s my sweetheart, too,” Joe said.

“And mine,” Pa said.

Joe began stroking the shaft of Rafe”s weapon. While I sucked, I felt for Joe”s pecker. I found it and took it in my hand. Joe stood up, though. He pressed his pecker against my cheek. Soon, Pa”s was pressing against my other cheek. I backed off Rafe and looked at the three stiff cocks that belonged to me.

“I can”t believe how lucky I am! Three beautiful peckers!” I said. My men laughed at that.

“Don”t forget Brother Tom,” Joe said.

“He”s gonna feed our sweetheart ever day,” Joe said to Rafe.

“Oh, good. Tom”s a good man.”

“Shore is!” Joe said. “With a beauty fer a pecker and tasty cream.”

“Ben will feed you, sweetheart,” Joe said to me.

“I don”t know that we want to risk having other people know what we do here,” Pa said to Joe.

“Ben ain”t gonna tell no one. Ben told me he loves to fuck a good lookin boy. Daryl shore as heck won”t be the first boy to have his meat.”

“Nastiest man I ever met,” Rafe said. Joe nodded his head. “Man loves to fuck ever one and ever thing!” Rafe said.

Joe laughed. “True nuff.”

“I watched him taste donkey cream, once,” Rafe said. “Said it tasted differnt. Differnt from what, I don”t know.”

Pa looked shocked. “Why?”

“He was tryin to get his whore to swallow it. Did it to prove it wouldn”t hurt her none. Hell, she”s been suckin that donkey cock fer years! Been fucked by it, too.”

That was just obscene! I didn”t want to think about a donkey. Instead, I remembered the feel of Ben”s stiff pecker when he rubbed it against me. And Ben was an attractive man.

“I should find that disgusting, but it just makes me want to suck him,” I said. “He rubbed his hard pecker against me, so I know he”s willing. And you said his cream is tasty,” I said to Joe.

Joe nodded.

“Ben”s a good man. Helped me when I needed it,” Joe said.

I looked at Pa. I knew he was afraid of people finding out about us.

“You”ve sucked him?” Pa asked Joe.

“Yeah. He likes the way I do it.”

“Well, you know him best,” Pa said to Joe. “Can we trust him?”

“Never told nobody I like suckin his meat. Yeah.”

Joe knelt next to me. He wrapped his hand around Pa”s pecker and brought it to my lips. I sucked on it until Joe pulled it out of my mouth and he swallowed it. I figured he wanted to suck Pa with me. But Pa had other ideas. Pa pulled me up and kissed me, while Joe sucked him. I ran my hands over my pa”s manly, hairy body. I moaned into Pa”s mouth when Joe began sucking me. Pa pulled away to see what I was moaning about.

“That”s it. Suck my boy,” Pa said.

“He”s our boy,” Rafe said.

Pa grinned at him and nodded.

Pa had sucked me, but Joe was much, much better at it. I never felt anything so wonderful. Joe said that Ben liked the way he sucked. I could well understand that. After only a couple of minutes, I was ready to shoot and I told him so.

“Don”t make him shoot until I”m feeding him my cream,” Pa said to Joe.

Joe looked up at us and grinned. Pa put his hand on the back of my neck and pulled me to his pecker. I swallowed the beautiful thing and began sucking. I heard Rafe walk away. I wondered why, but after he came back, I felt a greased hand at my ass. It had to be Rafe”s hand. He pushed a finger inside me. I hoped I was clean. He pulled the finger out and pushed two inside me. I couldn”t believe the pleasure I was experiencing. Rafe”s finger felt wonderful. Joe”s mouth on my pecker felt unbelievable, and my pa”s tasty, stiff pecker was in my mouth. Rafe”s fingers did something inside me. It pushed me over the edge. I moaned as I shot in Joe”s mouth. When I started to lose my balance, I grabbed hold of Pa”s balls. I guess that made him shoot. He pecker began spurting into my mouth. I have to say, it was the most pleasurable experience of my life. It was even better than the time Pa and I sucked each other at the same time, back in school. It was wonderful to know that we could do this any time we wanted.

Pa”s pecker softened, which disappointed me. I stood upright. Joe still sucked on my pecker. I had shot my bolt, but I had three manly men around me. I hadn”t softened. I turned my head to look at Rafe. Then I looked at his pecker. It bounced a little. I was so happy, I laughed at his big, hard bone.

“Don”t laugh at him,” Rafe said.

I laughed.

“I”m not. I”m just happy. That wonderful piece of meat makes me happy.”

Rafe grinned as he moved to my side, opposite Pa. Then he bent down and kissed me. I wrapped both hands around the stiff beauty between his legs.

Missy made a noise and I pulled away.

“What”s wrong with her?” I asked.

“She probly needs to go outside,” Rafe said. Pa nodded.

“What terrible timing,” I said.

Pa chuckled.

“Why? We can do this all afternoon,” Pa said.

“Ever day,” Joe added.

Pa picked Missy up and carried her to the door. He opened it and put her outside. The house got cold, right away. I moved close to the fire. But Missy came back in by herself a very short time later. She ran over to me. I picked her up and petted her. Joe was looking at me and stroking his manhood while he looked. Pa walked to the kitchen. He found a glass in a cupboard and used the pump to get himself water. Looking at Joe made me think of Tom.

“Should we invite Tom over for Christmas dinner?” I asked.

Joe looked like he liked the idea. Pa didn”t seem to. I couldn”t tell what Rafe thought.

“I would rather it was just us four,” Pa said.

“Why?” Joe asked. He didn”t seem upset, though.

“We are a new family. This is the first day we all been together. I would like to celebrate Christmas with just the four of us. It would be different if we”d been together for a while.”

Rafe nodded.

“We can have Tom over tomorrow,” Rafe said to Joe.

“It”s your house,” Joe said to Pa.

“I don”t think of it that way,” Pa said.

Joe sat down on the couch. Rafe sat next to him.

“It”s like a honeymoon, istanbul travesti Joe,” Rafe said.

I was surprised. Pa nodded his head in agreement.

Joe frowned, but then he seemed to accept it. He nodded his head twice.

“I guess it is. What about next year?”

“He”s welcome any time. I was just talking about today,” Pa said.

Joe smiled. Then he held his erection up and winked at me. I knelt between his legs and ran my hands over his hairy thighs while I looked at his cock.

“Have a suckle, boy,” he said. “Daddy Joe is gonna feed you. You got three daddies, son.”

I grinned at him.

“And we”s all gonna feed you,” Rafe said.

“All the time,” Pa added.

I groaned as my lips closed around Joe”s stiff pecker. He tasted good. I began sucking. I looked up, while keeping him in my mouth. Joe grinned at me. Pa and Rafe were kissing. For the first time, I felt a little jealous. Not about Rafe, about Pa. I wanted my pa much more than I wanted Joe or Rafe. I feared that if he and Rafe were lovers, my relationship with Pa would suffer. I realized my feelings were not sensible. After all, I was sucking Joe”s cock, and Pa and Rafe were just kissing. But I was still upset. So upset that I stopped sucking and stood up.

“Why”d ya stop?” Joe asked.

Pa pulled away from Rafe. He looked at me. He frowned. Then he took my hand and led me to the big bedroom. He closed the door. He took my hand and we sat on the bed.

“I can see you are upset,” Pa said. “It”s Rafe, isn”t it?”

“I…I don”t know.”

“You do know. Be honest.”

“I…I”m afraid…you like Rafe more than me.”

To my surprise, Pa laughed.

“You”re my whole life, son. You are everything to me. If it was just the two of us, I would still be the happiest man in the world. But this…thing is only going to work if nobody feels left out.”

“Rafe feels left out?”

“Yes, a little.”

Then I felt bad.

“If you aren”t going to pay much attention to him, then I have to,” Pa said.

I was very surprised. I felt a little ashamed.

“I didn”t understand,” I said.

Pa grinned. He took my hand and placed it on his pecker.

“That is yours, whenever you want it. You own it, Daryl. The way I see it, it belongs inside your body. And the world is only perfect when it is.”

I grinned at Pa. He stood in front of me and rubbed his pecker on my face, wetting it. He took my head in his two hands and pushed his rod into my mouth.

“Perfect,” he said.

I began sucking.

“I won”t allow anything or anyone to separate us, son.”

I sucked, happily. After a minute, Pa pulled out.

“Why don”t you spend a little time in her with Rafe?” Pa suggested. “Explore his body. He”ll like that.”

I looked up at Pa”s face and nodded.

Pa left the bedroom and told Rafe I wanted to talk to him. Rafe walked into the bedroom. He was frowning.

“What”s wrong?” he asked me. “Are mad cuz I kissed your Pa?”


He continued frowning. I tried to put my feelings into words.

“I”m having trouble adjusting to having three…lovers,” I said, finally. “My feelings…”

Rafe nodded.

“Yeah. Don”t fret none, Daryl. But does you want me livin here?”

I was surprised.

“Of course!”

He looked relieved.

“I think I need to spend time alone with each of you.”

Rafe nodded.

I lay down on the bed and patted the bed next to me.

Rafe lay down. He looked a little nervous. I leaned over and pressed my mouth to his. He moaned and rolled me over onto my back. He stuck his tongue in my mouth and we kissed, while his body covered mine. I wrapped my arms around him. The kiss continued for a long time. When it ended, he lifted his face.

“I love you, sweetheart,” he said. I looked into his handsome face. I pressed my palm against his cheek. Rafe closed his eyes and looked very happy.

“I love you, Rafe.”

He opened his eyes and nodded.

“I cain see it in yer eyes.”

I sighed and smiled.

“Ever thing good?”

“Yup,” I said.

Rafe got off the bed and held his hand out to me. I had planned to spend time alone with him, but I followed him back to the main room.

I smiled Joe.

“I”m hungry!” I said.

The men chuckled.

“I could eat,” Pa said.

“Me, too,” Joe said.

We walked into the kitchen and got plates down. Like most things in the house, they were dusty. Pa rinsed them with water and handed them to me. I placed them on the table. Rafe unpacked the food and put it on the table. It wasn”t a big table. There was more food than there was room for.

All of us were naked and it was a beautiful sight to me: three naked, hairy men.

“What are we going to heat?” Pa asked.

“It”s too early for dinner,” I said. “Why don”t we heat the food for dinner?”

Pa nodded.

“A small meal, then,” Pa said.

Pa cut some bread, while Joe cut some slices off a hambone.

“We should have bought some milk for Daryl,” Pa said.

“Bought it?” Rafe asked. “Where?”

Pa frowned. “Don”t they sell it at Carpenter”s?”

Rafe shook his head.

It was a reminder to me of how different things were. Just about every grocer in Chicago sold fresh milk. But I guessed there weren”t any dairies near us. Then I realized I hadn”t seen a single child since I”d been in town. I”d been told Rosie had a couple, but maybe there weren”t enough children to make selling milk profitable.

“I”ve got me some fresh, hot milk fer our boy,” Joe said, as he clutched his balls.

Pa grinned at him.

“We”ll get us a cow and nanny goat,” Rafe said to Pa, who nodded.

Rafe sat down. I put a chair next to his and sat next to him, leaning on him. Rafe put his arm around me. I smiled at him and he smiled back. Joe and Pa were smiling, too. Everyone was happy, so why had I almost spoiled everything by getting mad when Pa kissed Rafe? I didn”t understand myself. But then I realized I didn”t understand all that much about anything. Fortunately, I had three men who were wiser than I was.

Pa handed me food and I began eating. While I ate, Pa, Rafe, and Joe talked about our new place and farming.

“You sorry we ain”t goin ta live in the hills?” Joe asked Rafe.

“Nah. I picked the spot when I was workin the mine.”

Joe nodded.

“This is better. Closer in,” Joe said.

I wrapped one of my hands around Rafe”s big pecker. As it stiffened, my fingers no longer met each other. It was a big, beautiful thing, and it felt very alive. It throbbed and jumped, like it was trying to get away. But I knew it wasn”t. It wanted to be inside me. I stroked it and Rafe groaned and leaned back in his seat.

“I just love it,” I said to Rafe, talking about his pecker. Rafe giggled like a little kid. That made me laugh.

“You like seein your boy with other men?” Joe asked Pa.

“Don”t need ta ask,” Rafe said to Joe. “Just look at his bone.”

Joe and I did just that. Pa was stiff. I looked at Pa”s pecker while I stroked Rafe.

“Your boy cain”t take his eyes off his daddy”s jewels,” Joe said to Pa.

“That”s just the way I like it,” Pa said, looking at me. I smiled at him.

“Pa told me once that he wanted his pecker to be the most important thing in my life,” I said.

Rafe laughed, but Joe just kadıköy travesti nodded his head.

Pa had been drinking peach brandy at the time. He didn”t remember saying it the next day, and when I told him, he seemed embarrassed.

“Yer real lucky,” Joe said to me. “My pa never talked bout sex. We just did it. Tom “n me talked bout it, though. He liked fer me to talk about his pecker.” I grinned at Joe. “Even made up a song bout it.” We all laughed and Joe grinned at me. “Tom liked me to sing it,” Joe said, wistfully, I thought. Joe looked a little sad.

“You were in love with him,” I said.

Joe nodded.

“Thought we”d always be together,” Joe said.

“Are you still in love with him?” Pa asked.

Joe shrugged. “Don”t hurt much, no more.”

Pa nodded.

“Do want me to write a song about yours?” I asked Pa.

“I”ve heard you sing. I”d rather you write a poem. A long, long poem,” Pa said.

We all laughed.

Rafe”s pecker had gotten wet and slippery from his manly juices. I bent over and licked the head. Rafe groaned.

“Tastes good,” I said. Rafe grinned at me.

“I want you to drink my milk,” Rafe said.

“It”s hot n fresh. Do it,” Joe said to me.

I bent over, again and began sucking.

I heard Pa sigh.

Rafe ran his fingers through my hair while I nursed on his meat. He was harder to suck than Pa, because he was big, but I sucked on a few inches of it. I wrapped a hand around his hairy balls and Rafe sighed.

“Suck, darlin. That meat is yours. My milk is yours.”

I moaned at his words. Pa got up and stood next to me. He rubbed his cock against me while I sucked. He also began pulling on Rafe”s nipples. After a couple of minutes, Rafe stretched out his long legs. I knew he was close. Suddenly, he cried out as a blast of milk shot into my mouth. I felt his nuts twitch in my hand as they pumped his cream into my mouth.

“Ah, yeah! Feed him. Feed our boy,” Joe said.

“I am!” Rafe said. “Damn!”

“Good,” Pa said.

I felt Joe under the table. Suddenly, my pecker was in Joe”s mouth. I shot right away. Not only was I very excited, but Joe was so good at it. I decided I would ask him to teach me to suck the way he did.

When Rafe finished, I sat up and smiled at him.

“Thank you,” I said.

He laughed, breathlessly.

“My turn,” Joe said.

Joe moved next to me.

“Just hold your mouth open,” he told me. Joe stroked himself, while I did what he said.

“Oh, boy!” Pa said. “Joe”s going to let us watch him feed Daryl!”

“Yeah! Damn!” Rafe said.

I held my mouth at the end of his bone. I looked up at Joe”s face while I waited. Joe winked at me. I was very excited and my pecker was as hard as it ever got, even though I”d just shot my bolt.

“You want to be fed, boy?” Joe asked.

“Oh, yes!”

Pa stood next to me. I groaned when he rubbed his pecker against my cheek. I turned my head quickly and kissed it.

“He loves you, too,” Pa said.

Joe and Rafe chuckled. Then Joe grunted and started shooting. I swallowed and a blast hit my lips. I opened my mouth, quickly. I didn”t want to miss any. Joe shot a lot! I lost count of how many squirts there were.

“That there”s a beeyuuutiful sight!” Rafe said.

“It is,” Pa said. “I want to thank you, Joe for being so generous, so good to my son. That”s a lot of milk.”

Joe chuckled.

To my surprise, when Joe was almost done, Pa took Joe”s pecker in his hand. He pulled my head closer and rubbed it on my face. Joe, Rafe, and I all moaned as he did it. My face ended up wet with Joe”s milk.

“Clean his cock with your tongue,” Pa said to me.

“Damn!” Rafe said.

I licked Joe”s stiff pecker until I couldn”t taste his cream, anymore. I looked at Joe. He had a very satisfied look on his face.

I took Pa”s rod in one hand and Rafe”s in the other. Rafe was hard, again. I stroked both of them.

“Damn! This be the best Christmas ever!” Rafe said.

We all agreed with him.

“This is probably the happiest day of my life,” Pa said.

Rafe agreed. Joe looked like he was thinking about it.

“I”m sorry I got upset, a little while ago,” I said to Rafe.

“What got you mad?” Joe asked me.

“I…I got jealous when I saw Pa kiss Rafe. It was wrong. I love both of you.”

Rafe nodded.

“It”s to be expected,” Pa said. “This is new to all of us.” Rafe and Joe nodded their heads. “I wouldn”t be surprised if you aren”t a little afraid you are going to lose me, again. I know how upset you were when you left school. I couldn”t help seeing that you seemed as upset about leaving me as you were about your mother.”

I hadn”t thought of it like that, but Pa was right.

“That”s it, Pa! I can”t lose you.”

“Course ya don”t want ta lose your pappy,” Joe said. “That pecker twixt his legs is yours. You come from his loins. But Rafe ain”t goin ta take it from you.”

Rafe nodded.

“Maybe you let me suck him with you,” Rafe said.

I grinned.

“That sounds like fun!” I said.

Rafe nodded, grinning.

“I won”t never try to take Alan from you, baby boy. I loves you and don”t wanna make you unhappy.”

Rafe pulled my head to him and we kissed.

We were all happy. Joe decided to go cut wood while I finished eating. He took an axe and a rifle with him. Pa and Rafe began working on getting things ready for our Christmas dinner. Pa handed me a plate for Missy that had some bits they”d cut off off the ham and the turkey that the ladies had brought. I laughed while watching her eat. She definitely liked it! I decided to take Missy out and maybe help Joe. I got all bundled up. Just then I heard a gunshot. I took Missy and was about to run outside. Pa stopped me at the door.

“Go in the bedroom,” Pa said to me.

“You can”t go out there! You”re both naked,” I said.

We heard Joe yell.

Pa nodded to me. “Stay close to the house!”

I went outside. I saw Joe off to the right, close to the trees. He was carrying something small.

“It looks like he shot an animal,” I said to Pa, who stood at the door, shivering, next to Rafe.

“Yeah. A small animal,” I said, as Joe got closer.

Pa sighed in relief. He closed the door. I was sure he and Rafe were cold!

“Got a squirrel,” Joe called to me, as he approached.

“Oh. What for?” I asked.

“For Missy to eat.”

“She just had some ham and turkey. She liked it!”

Joe thought that was hilarious. He dropped the squirrel and slapped his thigh as he laughed.

“Course she likes it! Iffin she eats our food, we got ta eat squirrel.”

“Uh…” I didn”t know what to say to that. Joe just grinned.

Missy started smelling the squirrel and pushing it with her nose.

“You ever dress a squirrel or a rabbit?” Joe asked me.

“I could never get the shoes to stay on,” I said, joking.

Joe laughed and took me in his arms. I looked up at him. He bent down and kissed me. While our tongues met, I placed my hand on his crotch. I felt him stiffen quickly. I rubbed his pecker through his pants.

He pulled away from the kiss, sucking on my bottom lip before separating.

“You get me so hard, boy.”

“I want you so bad, Joe.”

Joe grinned.

“I cain see it, boy.” And I could see the love and lust in Joe”s eyes. bakırköy travesti “You near enough make me glad I lost Tom.”

I smiled at him. I was sorry he lost his brother, but glad for me.

“We”ll suck him, again, tomorrow,” I said.

Joe grinned.

“Tom really likes you.”

I smiled.

“I like him.”

“Brother Tom told me those pictures you drawed of him are his prized belongins.”

“I would love to draw a picture of you sucking him,” I said. “I could call the picture “Loving Brothers”.”

Joe groaned. “Damn, boy!” I felt his pecker jump. He liked the idea!

“And I really want you to fuck me, while I suck him sometime.”

“Yeah, darlin. We”ll do just that.” Joe rubbed my bottom lip with his thumb. “But all my cream goes into your sweet mouth.” I groaned and nodded. “Tom”s been a wastin his in females. He should feed you all his.”

I pulled Joe”s face to mine and kissed him, again.

Joe took my hand.

“Come help me get wood.”

I nodded.

Joe walked towards the wooded area between our place and the ladies”. It was easy to pick a tree. One looked like it had been struck by lightning months earlier. Joe began chopping and I stacked the wood, while trying to keep Missy out of Joe”s way. The job went quickly, helped by the fact that several limbs of the tree were already on the ground.

I remembered seeing a wheelbarrow in the barn. I went to get it while Joe chopped. He grinned at me when I returned with it. I began putting the cut wood into it.

Joe stopped chopping. “That be enough,” Joe said.

We took the wood back to the house. There was the remains of a wood pile next to the door. We stacked the wood there.

“Come on, Missy,” I said to her. She tried to pick up the squirrel Joe had shot with her mouth, to bring it with her, but she wasn”t much bigger than the squirrel. She couldn”t lift it off the ground. She backed up and barked at the dead animal.

Joe and I laughed. He bent down and picked her up. We went inside the house.

Pa and Rafe had put on pants and shoes. Pa suggested we get settled in and put our things away. He told us that he and I would use the master bedroom and Joe and Rafe could put their things in the smaller bedroom. I was a little afraid that they wouldn”t like that arrangement.

“Makes sense. Yer money bought the place,” Joe said. Rafe nodded his head.

Pa nodded. “Instead of building an all new home, we can enlarge this one,” he said.

“Huh?” Joe asked, looking puzzled.

“What do you want to add?” Rafe asked.

Pa began telling them. He wanted a bigger bathing room, a room with plenty of windows for him to paint and me to draw. While they discussed it, I petted Missy. After a minute, I yawned.

“Go take a nap,” Pa said. “It will be good for you.”

I thought I was too excited to fall asleep, but I was wrong. I lay down on our bed, and no sooner had I shut my eyes than I was fast asleep.

I woke up to the smell of food. I heard the three men talking and laughing. I was very happy. I compared it to the previous Christmas. It had not been nearly as happy. Mother had been upset about something, but wouldn”t tell me what it was. I had worried she was upset with me, but she denied that. Had she learned she was sick and kept it from me? I would never know. I missed her, but I had always planned to leave her and Chicago. I hoped to find a man just like Dan to live with, and I knew my mother would try to get me married to a girl. That meant I needed to be far away from her. I lost her, and that was sad, but I found my father. I smiled as I remembered thinking my father didn”t care about me or even want to meet me, when in fact, I”d been with him all along. I thought my father didn”t love me, when, as Dan, he often told me he loved me and was proud of me.

I thought about my father”s pecker and got hard. Just then, Pa walked into the bedroom. He was wearing pants, but no shirt. We smiled at each other. He climbed into bed next to me.

“Have a good nap?” he asked me. I was still thinking about his pecker. I put my hand on his crotch. Pa sighed and rolled onto his back. He folded his arms behind his head. I rubbed his stiffening rod with one hand, while I ran my other hand over his hairy chest and belly.

“Yeah, Pa.”

“Do you like this house?” Pa asked me.

“I do. It”s really nice.”

Pa nodded.

“We went out and looked at the outhouse. It looks like it”s built over a fissure in the rock, like a deep, narrow cave.”

“Oh! Is that good?” I asked.

“It means it won”t fill up for a long time, and shouldn”t smell as bad, either. And since we won”t have to move it any time soon, Rafe and Joe are going to build an extension from the house to it.”

“That”s wonderful!” I said. I had stopped rubbing Pa. He took my hand and placed it back on his rod. I grinned at him, before bending over and kissing the lump of his manhood. Pa sighed, contented.

“I remember the first time you kissed it,” Pa said.

I grinned at him, again. “I do, too.”

I had kissed it and when I saw how much “Dan” liked it, I planted several kisses on it, before it suddenly started shooting all over both of us. Then I licked it all off us.

“I realized then, that you love my cock as much as I do.”

“I do. It makes me happy, Pa.”

Pa smiled and nodded.

“It makes both of us happy. That”s how sex should be between two people,” he told me.

I looked up and I saw Rafe and Joe were standing in the doorway, with their stiff peckers hanging out.

“How should it be between four people?” I asked Pa, smiling.

“Exactly the same. All three of our peckers will make you happy. And we want you to be happy all the time.”

Joe chuckled.

“I sure am happy, now!” I said.

The men laughed.

“We all is!” Rafe said.

“I love all three of you,” I said. “I really do.”

Rafe and Joe looked very happy.

“Are you talking to us or our cocks?” Pa asked.

I laughed.

“I love all six of you,” I corrected myself.

Joe and Rafe laughed hard.

“This big thing loves you, boy,” Rafe said, shaking his erection. “And so does me.”

“Ahm plum crazy bout you,” Joe said to me. I smiled at him.

“Why don”t you two fill my boy at both ends with your peckers?” Pa suggested. “I just want to watch.”

“That sounds like a great idea!” I said.

Rafe and Joe seemed to like the idea, too. I got off the bed and pulled off my clothes, while Joe and Rafe took off their shoes and trousers.

Joe walked up to me. He tilted my head up and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around him.

“I”ll get the grease,” I heard Rafe say.

A minute later, I groaned into Joe”s mouth when I felt two of Rafe”s fingers as they were pushed inside me. It burned, but I was eager for Rafe”s big rod. He didn”t make me wait long. I pulled away from Joe when Rafe”s pecker began stretching me. I looked over at Pa. He was on the bed, slowly stroking himself.

“Having fun?” Pa asked me.

I laughed.

Rafe tilted my head back and kissed me, while his pecker slowly slid deeper inside me. I felt very full and very loved. Finally, Rafe was fully buried inside me. I felt I could feel his pecker all the way to my throat! I pulled away from the kiss. Then I took one of Rafe”s hands and kissed it.

“Oh, baby boy! I loves ya so!” Rafe said.

“I love you, Rafe.”

“We all loves ya,” Joe said.

I smiled at him. I knew it was true and I loved them right back.




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