Fun inside the ladies’ room…


Fun inside the ladies’ room…That night I was home alone; so my girlfriends invited me to go out.Some of them recommended me to dress sexy, since we would go to a brand new bar and Laura had found out that we could pick up some handsome black men there…I decided to wear a very short black skirt with garters and stockings. A little tight tank top and red bra showing my nice boobs. Of course I completed my sexy outfit with a pair of stilettos, that made my legs look even longer and sexier.We finally got to the new club and sat down, asking for drinks.That night I felt very aggressive, since I was really horny and fully aroused. My dear hubby had not fucked me in two weeks…I wanted one of my girlfriends would dare to lick my horny cunt in front of everyone; but the girls were enjoying their drinks and I recalled that tonight all of them were married straight bitches…I noticed several black men looking at us, bingöl escort devouring our curvy bodies with their hungry eyes. But also several white ladies were staring at our table.One of them was staring at me directly, so longingly. She finally stood up and moved over me, asking if I wanted to dance. I accepted the invitation and we both moved to the dance floor. I loved all those black hunks around; but tonight I was in the mood for a soft woman’s tongue and red lips onto my burning horny cunt.This lady was a very elegant blonde in her early forties, like me.We both started swaying to the music. The lady was soon rubbing her tight ass against me. I grabbed her nice round butt and then moved my hands up to feel her boobs. Her nipples got hard instantly through the thin material of her top.She let out a moan and smiled at me; I then felt my pussy tingling and getting wet bingöl escort bayan by the second. I was not wearing any panties…I pulled her hair back and started kissing her red lips.My wet tongue soon swirled inside of her mouth, touching hers.Again I began moving my hands up; this time I moved them inside of her tight top and pinched her hard nipples. I heard my girlfriends behind me, cheering up and begging for more…The sensual lady started to rub her delicate hands all over my body and she gave me a look of surprise as he reached down my skirt. She finally found out that I had my bare pussy lips getting wet and ready for her.I grabbed her slutty face and kissed her again passionately.I then unzipped her tight jeans and slid my hand inside. But she suddenly felt ashamed and told me we could not do it there.So I grabbed her wrist and dragged her to the ladies’ room.Once escort bingöl inside, she went inside an empty stall and I followed her in.This time. The lady herself pushed her jeans down to her ankles.She was not wearing any panties and I noticed her cunt was even wetter than mine. I reached down and slid two fingers into her wetness. She moaned loud; but I muffled her cries by kissing her.I fingered her so hard, while we kissed very deeply.She soon came on my naughty fingers. We broke the kiss and she fell to her knees. She then lifted my tight skirt and shoved her face into my crotch.I spread my thighs a bit and felt her tongue invading my hot cunt.One of her long fingers slipped across the crack of my ass and I gasped when it slid into my very tight asshole. She fingered my anus in a wild way as she sucked on my swollen clit.The bitch made me cum even sooner than I had done to her.I felt onto the toilet table, gasping for air.She smiled at me, licking her red lips full of my pussy juices.After tossing our clothes, we both went back to our table.Once there, all my girlfriends cheered up again; but Laura stood up and grabbed the lady’s hand, dragging her to the bathroom, saying now it was her turn…

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