Girl on the Hot Yellow Harley


He’d seen lots of girls riding big bikes over the years. It wasn’t an uncommon thing these days. The yellow Sportster that flew by got his attention. He was hooking down the road at almost eighty on his full dressed 74, and it passed him like he was standing still! He cracked the throttle and took out in pursuit of the smaller bike.

He caught up with it in the next small town on the California Highway. He almost missed it, sitting behind the gas pumps. He pulled up next to it and watched the rider fill the tank. Helmeted, in a matching yellow set of leathers, the anonymous rider payed him no mind. He shut down his rumbling machine and dismounted. He took the next nozzle, and began to fill his own tanks.

He followed the mystery rider in, and paid for his gas. The rider looked at him from behind dark glasses under the full face helmet, and gave a short nod before walking back out. Still resting next to his bike, the rider watched as he pulled out the kick start lever and applied a full stroke to fire the beast to life. As it settled into the heavy, pounding idle common to large Harley-Davidson bikes, the rider mounted and pushed the start button.

He nodded to the yellow bike and started through town. At the last traffic light, the small rider pulled up next to him. Eyeing the smaller bike, he kicked his into first gear a left the intersection quickly and smoothly. Not racing, but not sitting still, he ran through the gears, winding the big bike tight in each gear. Settled into fourth, his feet on the high pegs, he looked in his mirror and saw the yellow rider just behind him.

He sat up and looked back at the bike, then throttled back to let it come next to him. Still holding each other’s lane, the rode side by side into the hills. The road narrowed, and one lane disappeared, causing the two bikes to share a lane. Yellow kept pace, and rode just a few feet away through the mountain turns and curves. The two bikes harmonized. Because of their similar design, but different size, the engines turned at different speeds and the resulting exhaust “symphony” created a thrumming, hypnotic harmony as they ate up the miles.

Almost an hour of hills and beautiful scenery along the coast, he decided to take a break at the next pullout. His curiosity was getting to him, he had to find out who it was. He caught “Yellow’s” attention and gave the universal `break’ sign with his hands. Yellow nodded, and they both slowed at the next pullout and stopped. Idling the bikes for a few moments, he looked out over the Pacific Ocean, crashing on the shore below. He shut his bike off, and Yellow did the same. They dismounted, and as he lit a cigarette, Yellow took off the helmet.

He almost dropped his smoke when he saw the long sandy hair fall out of the helmet, and the most beautiful girl that shook it back from her face. She wasn’t much taller than five-two. He couldn’t tell with her leathers on, but she looked to be of a medium build. She had sparkling green eyes and a killer smile. She declined his offer of a smoke, but reached into her saddlebag and pulled out two cold drinks she had picked up at the gas station.

He took one and thanked her.

“Name’s Ray.” He introduced himself.

“Lee-Anne here, but you can call me Lee, if you want.” She replied.

Small talk ensued, where from, where to, how long been riding, that sort of road talk. Round about they seemed to be heading for the same rally up north. She was supposed to be with some other riders, but they screwed up and got drunk the night before. She didn’t drink, and definitely wasn’t giving up the fine day of riding to wait for their heads to clear. So here she was. They agreed on the roads to take, and mounted their steeds to resume the ride. Excellent weather and fine roads got them near the rally just before dark. Her friends were supposed to have a place to stay, but they hadn’t given her the exact directions.

They checked escort bayan gaziantep a few motels, and soon discovered there were no rooms within twenty miles. He pulled out a map, and found a state park about five miles away. They left town, and found the park to be relatively full, but not completely. He paid the three dollar overnight camper fee, and they went in search of a site. They found a small trail at the top of a hill, and discovered a little clearing right next to a pond. He looked at Lee, and she nodded. They shut down the bikes, and Lee watched as Ray took a tarp and some pegs from his saddlebags and fashioned a tent between the two bikes.

“Well, I..uh..Guess we’re `roomies’ for the night?” Lee-Anne queried.

“If it’s okay with you, yes.” Ray said quietly.

She went on to tell him that she was married, after all, but if he “behaved” it was good with her. His promise to be “good” accepted, they settled in for the evening. When Lee removed her leather jacket, Ray got a first look at her stature. She wore a halter that contained a firm pair of breasts with thick nipples that showed nicely through the thin cloth. Lee had a good shape to her torso, not skinny and drawn, but soft and full. Curves in the right places, so to speak. Further evidenced when she unzipped the pants legs from ankle to waist to reveal a pair of short-shorts underneath. As she bent to fold her leather, Ray caught a glimpse of her butt cheeks trying to escape the denim. `Nice, round butt.’ He thought to himself. He reminded himself of his promise, and took off his own leather jacket. Lee-Anne looked over her temporary roommate while he put his jacket in the tourpack. He had a trim figure, no potbelly, and lean, strong arms. Her kitty got warm and wet between her legs, and she had to caution herself of the “promise”.

She watched as Ray started removing things from his tourpack, and started a small campfire. A little set of pots and pans, plates and some canned food appeared.

“You came prepared for this, didn’t you?” she asked.

“If you don’t have a motel or a friend nearby, you’ve got to be, at these rallies.”

The small meal shared between them, Ray took the dishes to the water’s edge and cleaned up. After putting them away, he started to remove his T-shirt. Followed by undoing his belt and zipper on the black leather pants he wore.

“AHEM!” she spoke loudly. “And just what are you doing?”

“Well, Lee. I don’t know about you, but I’m a little ragged from the ride, my hair’s dirty, and a nice swim would feel good right now.”

She gave him a blank stare for a second, then snapped to what he said and what he was doing. A little awkwardly, she finally answered.

“It does sound good, but I don’t have a swimsuit, towel or anything. We were supposed to be in a motel, and one of the other people has the luggage in a truck.”

“I don’t have a suit, either.” He stated, matter-of- factly, as he turned away and finished stripping off the leather skin. She looked on as his naked butt came into view. His waist tapered smoothly to the muscular thighs that carried him towards the water. He dove in, cleanly slicing through the surface and barely leaving a ripple. She found herself holding her breath waiting for him to surface. A deep sigh as he finally came up about thirty feet from where he had gone in.

Boldly, she decided that it looked to good to pass up, and shimmied out of her clothes quickly and raced to the water. The shock of the cool water on her nude body woke up every nerve she had. Instantly re-vitalised, she came up far air and searched the surface for Ray. She screamed in surprise when he came up just inches from her face.

“Decided to join me?” he asked calmly.

Lee-Anne splashed water in his face and berated him for scaring her like that.

“Sorry, Lee. Race you to that little island?”

Not waiting for the answer, he dove over sideways and headed for the small landmass. Challenged, Lee-Anne followed closely, and reached it at the same time he did. They walked out on the slim shore, and sat on a fallen tree. He looked at the lovely little body next to him, her breasts were heaving from the exertion, the pale areola barely visible in the soft moon light. `Yes, curves in ALL the right places!’ he thought. He was smiling at her when she looked up.

Lee-Anne had been studying his athletic looking form, especially the equipment between his legs. It hung down, not limp, but not firm either, quite a way down his thigh. She caught herself staring, and looked up to meet his gaze. Looking away quickly, she stammered an apology.

“I. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to stare.”

“That’s cool, I was getting an eyeful, myself.” He replied. “You have a very beautiful body, Lee.”

Brought sharply back to reality, she remembered that she, too, was naked in front of this stranger. She continued to look into his sparkling green eyes, and felt him move closer. Their lips were a fraction of an inch apart. She could feel his warm breath on her face as his mouth touched hers.

Ray felt her lips part as his tongue touched them. He probed her mouth gently, and felt her tongue moving against his. His hand rested on her waist, pulling her to him. Her arm wrapped instinctively around his neck. She began to moan softly as they kissed hot, hand began to roam over each other’s flesh. Her other hand dropped to his waist, and the rigid penis filled her small hand. It was hot to the touch, and throbbing.

Ray’s hand found its way to her mound and slipped a finger between the swollen lips of her vulva. Lee was hot and very wet down there. Her gasp as he entered her vagina with the probing finger snapped her alert. She moved away rapidly, her skin flushed and hot.

“OH. Ray! We can’t!” she exclaimed. “It feels so good, but I have a husband at home. I.. I . I just can’t!” her voice quaked as if she were about to cry. Lee-Anne ran to the water and swam back to the other shore. Ray followed and caught her as she got to the bikes. He took her in his arms and held her.

“Hey, hey! Take it easy, Lee. I’m sorry. I couldn’t help it. You are so pretty, a guy would be nuts if he didn’t try to kiss you! It won’t happen again. Okay?”

She stopped shaking, and Ray handed her the towel he had to dry with. They settled down by the small fire, after dressing, and talked out for a while. It was late, and they wanted to get to the rally shows early. Ray produced two “space blankets” from his tourpack and spread them side by side under the tarp. The thin foil looking blankets were surprisingly warm.

The blankets were open sides together, Lee-Anne crawled into hers and turned toward her bike and didn’t notice that Ray had stripped naked to get in his. They said `good night’ and tried to sleep. She rolled over a few times, and came to rest “spooned” to Ray’s front. Snuggled close, she soon felt his erect penis at the small of her back. Ray’s arm had come over her body, and rested lightly just below her breast.

Her face flushed as she recalled the feel of that massive organ in her hand. It had to be seven or eight inches long, and so thick! Her kitty was so wet! `God, I’m so hot’ she thought. `He’s so nice, too.’ She unsnapped her shorts, and slowly pushed them off her hips, trying not to disturb Ray. She wiggled out of them, and pushed her naked butt back against the warm flesh of her “roommate”. Her butt trapped the hard, hot rod. It felt good, and it pulsed with each beat of his heart. She slid up and put the thick crown near the bottom of her crevice, still unsure if she could go through with it.

Ray stirred, and his hand fell full on her breast. Her nipples were stiff and throbbing, sending signals to her body. Arching her back, she felt the swollen crown spread her outer labia and touch the wet inner leaves of her sex. Abandoning all caution, she rolled her hips and impaled her kitty on the massive flesh pole. She groaned loudly as it split her tiny body opening. It felt bigger than it had looked. She wondered if it would all fit.

Ray’s eyes opened when he felt Lee-Anne moving around. He wasn’t sure what she was doing, until he felt her naked backside touch his belly. He remained still as she wormed around trying to capture his cock with her kitty. When she groaned at the partial penetration, he pulled her torso to his and started to push back. The steady pressure, combined with her wetness allowed him to bury all eight inches in her smoothly.

“AHH..Lee-Anne!” he groaned. “You are soooo tight!”

“Sooo ..BIG!.. SO FULL!” she moaned back. “Please, Ray!. omigod .. Fuck me!…Oh yesss.. fuck me till I cummmmm!”

He moved his hips as they coupled sideways, the blankets crackling beneath them. It wasn’t very comfortable. Ray pulled out, causing Lee-Anne to groan, “OH GOD don’t stop! Put it back innn! PLLEEEESSE!”

He rolled her on her back and got between her spread thighs to re-enter her hot wet channel. She gripped his back and pulled him in. She savored the fullnes for a moment and whispered again. “Fuck me, now. Oh, Ray, fuck my pussy with your hot cock!”

Her hot words and throbbing kitty spurred Ray to do just that. Holding his weight off the small girl, he thrust heavily into her. Lee-Anne thrust back, and met each stroke with her own. Bellies slapping, moans and groans accompanied by heavy breathing filled the night air. The smell of sex was heavy as they neared completion.

Before he could ask, Lee-Anne growled at him through clenched teeth. “Cum inside me!. Fill me up . CUM IN MEE! . sooo close!” she mumbled.

The massive cock swelled and thickened inside her body, his cum was imminent. He grunted and gasped as a final deep thrust preceded the stiffening of his whole body. He pulled Lee-Anne’s waist tight to him while his cock spurted jet after jet of his hot, thick seed deeper into her tiny body than she thought possible. She thought she could feel the pulsing heat all the way to her throat as he filled her belly.

The hot fluid washing her insides triggered her cum and she shrieked when her body cut loose. Writhing and jerking uncontrollably hips pounding up at Ray’s belly. The wave of her orgasm went on and on until she collapsed beneath him. Not saying a word, she pulled his face to hers and kissed him hot, the slipped away from his softening penis. She curled back up and closed her eyes. Ray settled in behind her, covered their bodies, and fell into a deep sleep.

Cool morning air stirred Lee-Anne awake. She looked around in a panic when she saw that Ray wasn’t with her. Had she dreamed last night? When she moved, she had her answer. She was a little sore between her legs, and the small patch of fur near her mound was caked with cum. She smiled to herself as she remembered how good it felt. She heard a noise behind her, and turned to see Ray returning with wood for a morning fire.

Neither one mentioned the night’s activity as they had coffee and broke camp. They rode into town to see the shows and had a wonderful day. Lee-Anne’s friends finally appeared and spent part of the day with them. Ray eventually decided to move on, and told all good-bye.

Lee-Anne walked him to his bike and watched him ride off. She felt the tear run down her cheek as the big Harley’s exhaust faded into the distance.

Ray liked her. She had a sharp way about her. Not a `put on’ like some biker girls who dressed the part, but hadn’t a clue. `Too bad she was married’ he thought. `Oh, well. Her friends showed up, and she’ll have her motel tonight. She’ll be okay’. He cracked the throttle open and felt the heavy bike surge between his thighs.

Lost in the ride, he hadn’t noticed anything around him for a while. Something caught his eye, and he glanced in his right hand mirror. He was startled at first, but backed off the engine and smiled when he saw the little yellow bike coming up behind him.

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