Subject: Gotta Love Milk (m/t)(celebs)(oral) _____________________________________________________________ KILT : Gotta Love Milk (m/t)(celebs)(oral) Author : tReSe _____________________________________________________________ Background on KILT: Kathang Isip Lamang ni Trese (KILT) is a collection of original writings, fiction, or non-fiction depicting gay erotic themes. You may copy KILT Stories for your personal reading pleasures. However, posting and redistributing any of these writings via electronic mail, publishing it in magazines, using it as film scripts, etc., is strictly prohibited. Only individuals, groups, web sites, publishing houses, film outfits, etc., that were given proper authorization reserve the right to post or redistribute these materials. _____________________________________________________________ Disclaimer: The story you are about read contains gay erotic experiences. So, if you are not of legal age or your country, religion, moral universe etc., consider this writings to be perverse, then I suggest that you should find something else to read. And, if you should decide to read this type of literature, neither this site nor the author will be held accountable for your actions. _____________________________________________________________ Author’s Note: This story features Shane Filan of Westlife in gay erotic theme. I wish to clarify that this story is purely fictional and has no bearing on Mr. Filan’s sexual preferences in real life. Futhermore, the management team of Westlife or anyone involved with the said boy band or Mr. Filan, either personally or professionally, has nothing do with the plot of this story. Again, this is PURE FICTION! *** If you want to read more of my stories, kindly visit my web site @ ies/houseoftrese _____________________________________________________________ Headline: Shane of Westlife, an addict? In an interview, almost two years ago the 22 years-old Irish hunk admitted that he is truly addicted to milk. According to the article, he simply can’t get enough of it. Apparently, he likes it so much that he even ensures that he has plentiful fresh supplies delivered to his hotel room whenever his own tour. Apparently, Shane can drink up to 2 liters of milk per day. I came across this article while I was preparing for my interview with the group. I needed to know as much as I can about their lives for our upcoming issue of teen magazine in Sligo. When I arrived at the hotel, I was welcomed by one of their coordinators and was led to suite where I would do my interview. When I entered the room, Shane just came out of the bathroom. He was drying his hair with a towel and he was wearing a white robe. “This is Brandon Scott, from the teen magazine.” The coordinator said. “He’s here to interview you guys before the presscon.” eryaman escort “Yeah, I remember. Jeannie reminded about this last night.” He said. “I brought him to you first, because the other guys were still sleeping. I hope it’s okay?” The coordinator asked. “Sure it is. You know Sandy how those four. They could sleep forever.” Shane laughed. “I know, don’t remind me. I have the dirty job of waking them up every single day.” He laughed. “I guess, I better leave you two alone. I’ll be back after one hour.” “Thanks, Sandy.” Both Shane and I said. “By the way, Shane behave, okay?” Sandy said. “I always do.” Shane making the cutest pout I’ve ever seen. “Hahaha.” Sandy laughed as he closed the door. “Please have a sit.” Shane said. “Thanks Mr. Filan.” “Just call me Shane.” “Okay.” “You seem so young to be a report?” “Actually, mist… I mean Shane. This is my first job. I just graduated last fall.” “Wow, I’m impressed! Less than a month and you already have a paying gig. How old are you, Brandon?” “I’m 20. And please just call me Bran.” “I bet I’m in good hands. Jeannie knows a fine talent when she sees one.” “You know my boss?” “Yup. She used to live just a few blocks from our house. She’s like my big sister. When she called me last week asking for an interview, I immediately said yes even I haven’t confirmed it yet with our managers. While growing up, she helped me in so many ways, I just wanted to return her kindness in anyway I can.” “You’re such a sweetheart!” “Shocks, you’re making me blush.” We both laugh. We instantly hit it off and the interview went on smoothly. He was so open and warm. We talked about all the things that his fans wanted to know about him. He also played my part as a reporter interviewing me about my life and stuff. He was genuinely superb guy. As the hour near to an end, I couldn’t help myself asked him about his milk obsession. I know its kindda trivia. But I was determined to know how it really all began. “So, Bran, do you think you have it all?” Shane said. “More than enough. This would be a great article about you!” I exclaimed. “Be sure that you personally send me a copy of your article, okay?” “Oh, it would definitely be an honor!” “We still have fifteen minutes. Stay here for awhile. Would you like anything else? More coffee perhaps?” “Actually, one coffee is limit. Another cup and I would be jumping around all over the place.” “Hahaha. You’re such a funny guy.” “Thanks.” I paused. “But there one thing I would really like to ask. Actually it’s been on my mind since I came in here.” “Bran, feel free to ask. I’m game.” “Well, it’s about your fetish for milk.” etimesgut escort “What about it? Do you think it’s weird?” “No. Actually, I find it fascinating. I just want to really know how it all started?” “Well, that would have to off record. Can you promise me that.” “Really?! On my life, I do promise!” I said making the sign of the cross in my heart. “Haha. You’re really hilarious!” He said laughing. “Oh, boy.” I just smiled. “You see, I like drinking milk since I was child. But my obsession to it started when I was fourteen. After school, I would head straight to the restaurant and helped out my folks. Usually, I’m in the kitchen cooking or cleaning dishes. When my parents’ wedding anniversary came, I offered to lock up the place so that they could have their time alone. Sort of my gift to them. I was left with Jim, the guy who helped us run the place. Jim was in the kitchen tidying the area and I was dining area putting the chairs up on the table. After some time, Jim told me that he was done in the kitchen and asked if I needed his help. I told him I could manage and he told me that he would be in the stockroom doing some inventory. He also added if I needed anything, all I have to do was bawled. I think, I was done after 5 minutes. I went to the stockroom to informed Jim that everything was neatened and I was ready to leave if he was. The door was slightly ajar and I saw Jim’s back. He had an apron on and I could see that his head was hanging low as if he was reading something. Then I saw his right hand moving back and fro under his apron like he was pulling something.” “Oh, my gosh! You mean… he… he was jacking off?!” I interrupted. “Impatient aren’t we?” “Ops, sorry. I didn’t mean to jump the gun.” “You find this very interesting, don’t you?” Shane asked while flashed a grin at me. “Very much. Please do continue.” “So, I told him that I was ready go. He was startled and faced me. His right hand was still under his apron holding his bat. And boy, what a bat it was! It made a huge tent under his apron. His head was perspiring and his voice was kindda hoarse. Jim was trying to explain what he was doing but can’t seem to find the right words. I interrupted him by telling him I knew what he was doing. I told him that he was masturbating. The whole time I was talking to him my eyes were glued at his cock under his apron. Jim then relaxed and asked me if I’d started doing it. I told him that I have. I informed him that I’ve discovered it three months ago. Jim became bolder and asked me if I wanted to join him or would I just like to watch. Without waiting for my answer, Jim lifted his apron and I saw his fat cock, which was probably 7 inches long. Precum was lavishly sipping out of his ankara escort piss hole. My mouth was dry and my knees felt wobbly. My cock was painfully growing inside my jeans. The next thing I knew I was kneeling in front of his steel rod. I looked up and asked him if I could jack him off. He removed his hand from his cock and unbuttoned his pants. I grabbed his hard shaft and began pulling it up and down. I could smell the muskiness of his weapon and I wasn’t even repulsed. In fact, I was drawn to it that I moved my face closer to it. My nose was filled with the sweetest odor I’ve ever smelled. My lips touched the side of his shaft and I partly opened them. I let my lips slide gently until it was positioned at Jim’s leaky piss hole. Without hesitation, I opened my mouth and engulfed his bulbous cock head. Jim groaned as he encouraged me by putting his hands on my head. He was very quiet except for the occasional grunts and moans that emitted from his lips. It didn’t take Jim long before he warned me that he was cumming. I stayed my lips locked onto his cock and he began spurting heavy globs of sperms inside my mouth. Instinctively, I started swallowing it all. Jim kept saying drink my milk lad, drink it up. I was good boy and drank him dry. From that day onwards, I’ve been hooked on milk, cock’s milk that is.” He gave me this sexually charged grin. Then he paused for awhile before speaking again. “I guess, you have a very fresh load on you?” I looked at my khaki pants and my cock was tenting way up. I just smiled at him and saw he had his legs parted and I could see his huge white hard bar pointing skyward. He grabbed it with his right hand and gingerly stroked it. Then the door opened. “Dammit, Shane! Not the milk story!” Sandy scolded him. “Hey, you know me Sandy. With a cute guy like Bran, I just couldn’t help myself.” Shane said. “Well, you better get ready and stop teasing this poor gorgeous reporter. The guys are already waiting for their turn. Besides, you already had tons of supply last night, from the bellboy, the hotel manager, the photographer, the tour bus driver even the laundry boy earlier this morning?” “Well, you know me, I JUST LOOVE MILK!!!” Shane teased Sandy. “I guess, Bran, I could drink you’re milk later after you’re done interviewing the rest of boys.” Shane said as he winked at me before going to his room. Boy, I just couldn’t wait to finish the interview, so I could hose down Shane’s thirty mouth with my MILK. I walked out of his suite with a huge wet spot on my crotch. the end _____________________________________________________________ *** If you want to read more of my stories, kindly visit my web site @ ies/houseoftrese _____________________________________________________________ I really love to hear what you think of this story. For your comments, suggestions and constructive criticisms, kindly email me. Thanks, tReSe email address: [email protected] web site : ies/houseoftrese icq : 61973464 _____________________________________________________________ PLEASE RESPECT THE WORK OF OTHERS

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