Subject: Harry Potter and the Successive Submission 2 Harry Potter and the Successive Submission — Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and a standalone piece. All references to specific, living individuals are based on fiction and the author has no claim to knowledge of their sexual orientation. Any and all mentions to and references of fictional characters and their properties belong to their respective copyright and trademark owner(s), production company (ies), and/or their publisher (s) and this author does not claim to hold these rights. The author can be contacted at ook — Part 2: Harry Potter and Night Time Awakening A loud slam startled Harry awake – he must have dozed off for a few hours. He was lying in a sticky pool of his sweat and precum, the intense wet dream fading from his mind as quickly as it appeared. His testicles weren’t aching from any brutal assault, but simply churning with desire after his dream of Cormac. Blearily blinking and rolling over in his moistened sheets, Harry looked at the clock: it was late. He swore to himself as his stomach rumbled loudly, disturbing the otherwise silent darkness at Privet Drive. He’d missed dinner and he knew there would be no chance of any food until morning. Harry may have considered sneaking into the kitchen to find some kind of food, but Aunt Petunia had an uncanny knack of knowing how many slices of bread and how much cheese was left at the end of every night. Soft thumping from downstairs drew Harry’s attention. “Dudders, is that you Darling?” Aunt Petunia called from the lounge. “Yea, Mam…” Dudley slurred back from the hallway. He had been out drinking again with his friends at the park, terrorising any poor soul who crossed their paths. Dudley was out often enough for this to be ordinary, but not so often that the Dursley’s had to do anything about it. As usual, Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon would pretend like nothing was the matter, and let `boys be boys’. “Everything okay, m’boy?” Uncle Vernon had apparently intercepted Dudley in the hallway. “Yea, Dad. Just a bit of a long day…” Dudley sounded absolutely sloshed. “Well, little tyke, you should probably head up to bed, and let’s not disturb your mother, eh?” Vernon slapped Dudley’s back, and you could almost hear the knowing wink. “Thanks… Dad. G’nite…” Dudley started to stumble up the stairs, and the television in the lounge room was turned up louder. Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon would have retired for the night hours ago, but they always stayed up to make sure their pride and joy was home safe and sound. Harry kept still: he didn’t want to draw the attention of the drunk lump dragging himself up the stairs. His stomach started to grumble again, but Harry was used to going to bed hungry. He wished desperately the noise would stop though. Harry wanted to avoid Dudley at all costs – when he was in this state he was quite unpredictable. Early that year, after getting blitzed on vodka at a friend’s house, he came home and punched a hole in his bedroom wall just because he hated how small his room was. Uncle Vernon played it off as `just some exercise that got out of hand’ to placate Aunt Petunia, and got to repairing the plaster first thing the next day. Dudley shuffled down the hall, propping himself up on the wall with one hand. Harry could hear the volume on the television in the sitting room increase again, as Dudley’s futile attempts at quiet movement resulted in more of a commotion as he bumped into the hall table. He traced his hand along the wall, steadying himself as he made the slow journey to his room. Dudley soon lost the stability of the wall, and his hand tried to rely instead on Harry’s bedroom door. The bottom of Harry’s stomach fell when he realised in his exhausted state he hadn’t closed it properly. Dudley had knocked the door further ajar, large enough for Dudley to stick his fat head through the crack. “Potter-boy… close your farking door.” As Dudley drawled, Harry hurried rolled onto his side, pretending to be sleeping. If he could just convince Dudley he was asleep, maybe Dudley would get bored and leave him alone. With his eyes squeezed tightly shut, Harry wished that Dudley would continue down the hall, but the sound of the door being pushed further open quickly dashed his hopes. “Maybe Potter-boy is still awake… Ha-rry… Haa-rrry” Dudley began calling, in between hiccups. Harry didn’t react, and he focussed all his attention on appearing peaceful and dull. “Farking hell. Potter-boy doesn’t want any fun, just like that farking bitch Emma.” Dudley’s voice was closer now, it sounded as though he’d shuffled into the middle of Harry’s tiny room, just bursa escort bayan two feet from the bed. Dudley had been going on about Emma from his school a lot recently, and it was more than clear he had a crush on the poor girl. “Bought her farking movie ticket, got her sweet-farking-popcorn, even stole her farking vodka for her and the slut couldn’t even be bothered to touch it.” Harry was getting worried – Dudley was clearly in one of his foul moods, and he did not want the drunk idiot to do something stupid. Dudley was basically always angry at one of what he perceived as life’s injustices, whether it was a friend getting newer sneakers, a teacher rightfully marking him down a grade, or even just missing the bus, Dudley would fume that the world was against him, and inevitably take it out on Harry. All Harry could think of was why he wouldn’t just get out of his room and go to bed. “Farking Emma put out for Piers, and the little shit is has farkin nothin on me. All she did was leave me with a half empty wallet and some blue farkin balls.” It took a feat of restraint for Harry to stifle a laugh as Dudley fumed. Apparently, Emma had truly wormed her way under Dudley’s skin. Harry could forgive her for stringing Dudley on, even though her standards were low enough to put out for Piers. He was a weedy little brat, but Harry couldn’t think of a single person who wouldn’t choose him over piggy Dudley. It took a lot of self-control to not laugh at the thought of Dudley being all worked up and unceremoniously dumped. Harry regulated his breath, and moved as little as possible as he heard Dudley’s drunk shambling. Suddenly, Dudley tripped forwards suddenly and Harry felt wet flesh press against his lips, and his eyes flew open. He was confronted with Dudley’s cockhead, fresh with precum, sliding against his lips. Dudley stood over him grinning wickedly, his tracksuit pants tucked under his hairy testicles and his paunch just hanging over his shaft. Dudley had been grasping his meat at the shaft, and guiding it along Harry’s pink lips, coating them with his salty precum. “What the fuck Dudley!? Get the fuck away from me!” Harry whispered with rage as he pushed Dudley away from him. As Dudley took a step backwards, Harry scrambled to the edge of his bed, grasping the bedside table manically. “Looking for your little twig, Potter-boy?” Dudley laughed as Harry franticly searched for his wand. Harry’s head snapped around, and he saw Dudley holding it in his other hand, taunting Harry. Once again, Harry froze as he felt all the blood drain from his face, terror setting in. Dudley was dangling the wand out of Harry’s reach, as he smirked at Harry’s panic. “G-give it to me Dudley.” Harry tried to sound intimidating, but it came out too squeaky to be menacing. “Hah! Fat bloody chance of that! I know what you can do with this, but I also know that you can’t do shit without it.” How could he have been so stupid to let fat, drunk Dudley steal the one thing that Harry could defend himself with? Desperately, Harry tried to lunge forward, grabbing madly for the wand Dudley precariously held. Harry had severely misjudged, falling half out of bed, right on his face by Dudley’s feet. As his face thudded against the floor, Dudley cruelly laughed, standing tall over Harry’s prone body. “You farkin idiot Potter. I ain’t letting you have this back. And try that shit again and I’ll snap it into so many tiny pieces, it’ll be like hundreds and farkin thousands” Harry groaned dejectedly: smacking his head hurt only slightly less than the feeling of defeat at Dudley so easily stealing his only defence. Harry tried to push himself up, but felt Dudley’s foot press down on the side on his head, pinning him to the floor. “D-Dudley! Let me up!” Harry protested, try to twist his way from under foot. “Alright, Potter-boy but only if you play by my fucking rules” Dudley slurred. Harry slowly pushed up to his knees and looked sadly up at Dudley. His smirk had changed into a victorious, evil grin. “If you want your little toy back, you’re going to have deal with my full nuts” The band of Dudley’s black tracksuit pants pushed his chubby, leaking cock forward, pointing straight at Harry. Of course, the drunk bastard wanted his balls drained – Dudley was a sex starved virgin bragging about a non-existent sexual prowess to his idiot friends. It mustn’t have helped that Emma had teased him all night then sent him packing. “Dud…Dudley. Give it to me…” Harry’s voice sounded even weaker, pleading rather than asserting. “Get your farkin tongue on my farkin knob” Dudley hissed, violently. His anger made his plump cock bounce against the tracksuit görükle escort elastic He couldn’t afford to lose his wand – his strongest connection to the wizarding world as he languished at Privet Drive. Resigned to protect his wand, Harry lent forward, his tongue tentatively sliding out of his mouth. Dudley’s thick cock had deep purple glans, and a wide piss slit where a bead of precum clung. As much as it disgusted him to be even thinking about putting his mouth on Dudley’s plump cock head, Harry couldn’t help but feel his own cock swell with anticipation. “Come on. Taste it – get your tongue on my farkin knob” Dudley impatiently urged. Harry squeezed his eyes shut, and his wet tongue connected with Dudley’s sticky mushroom head. He could just taste Dudley’s salty-sweet precum and feel the velvety glans on my tongue. Harry felt his own cock just begin to leak. How could he be enjoying this? He never thought of Dudley as anything more than a cruel bully, let alone in a sexual way. As Dudley coerced him into a blowjob, Harry’s cock was betraying him, straining against underwear he was wearing. He shuddered at the thought of his rude, fat, and slovenly cousin, but as he was forced to inhale the rank, sweaty musk of Dudley’s crotch only Harry’s cock shuddered. Harry slowly dragged his tongue over the firm cockhead, processing how the taste and thought of Dudley was making his own cock throb. “That’s Potter. You like some proper man cock, huh? I knew you farkin wanted this” Dudley gloated, sliding his dick across Harry’s outstretched tongue. Harry’s swollen member tented the underwear he was sleeping, pushing against the moist patch from his wet dream. “Open your eyes and farkin look at me” Dudley demanded. Dudley had moved his hand from grasping his shaft to instead grasping Harry’s thick black hair. A hard yank at Harry’s hair made his eyes flicker open. Dudley was towering over him, a smirk on his face as Harry continued to press his tongue against the tip Dudley’s cock. “Looks like you’re enjoying yourself down there. You’d better tell me how much you’re liking the this `Arry” whispered Dudley intensely. “I… I like tasting your cock, Dudley” Harry stammered. “You can do better than that — farkin’ beg for it Potter-boy” Tears beaded at the corner of Harry’s eyes — this seemed like the price he had to pay to make sure he didn’t lose his wand. He stared up past Dudley’s gut, right into his piggy eyes. “Your cock tastes so good Dudley. I want to lick it all over. Please give me more of your manly cock” Harry felt another rushed of shame as he debased himself in front of his cousin’s meaty prick. The embarrassment only made his aching penis throb harder. “I need to feel your cock on my tongue. Please Dudley, give me more of it” Dudley was stroking his shaft as Harry knelt before him — it should have been Emma, but Harry seemed like a decent dick pig alternative. “Come here and open wide, Potter-boy” Dudley grunted, pulling Harry by the hair forcing his chubby meat into Harry’s mouth. The sudden invasion caused Harry to cough and splutter as he tried push Dudley back. “You’d better farkin take it” Dudley threatened, yanking Harry’s hair, hard. Harry breathed hard through his nose as the musky taste of Dudley’s cock filled his mouth. His cousin’s fat shaft violated his plump lips, and was forced way towards the back of his throat. “Fark that wet mouth is good. My balls need to be drained so farkin bad” Dudley muttered as he started pistoning in and out of Harry’s mouth. The tears were streaming from Harry’s eyes now, but his penis had never felt harder. Dudley’s thrusting eventually made his balls hit against Harry’s chin, and disappeared his nose into a forest of brown pubes. Harry kept thinking of how he desperately needed his wand back, but thoughts of the taste of cock and the feeling of pleasure from being used crept into his mind. Dudley’s manhandling made Harry hornier than he could have imagined, but also deeply ashamed and disgusted at his perverted pleasure. How could his fat cousin’s cock violating his mouth feel so intensely erotic? Dudley was force fucking Harry’s throat, and grunting like a pig. The salty tastes of sweat and precum coated Harry’s tongue as Dudley’s cock pummelled Harry’s virgin throat. His thrusts became shorter and faster, making Harry gag and splutter when Dudley’s cockhead pushed against Harry’s tonsils. Dudley suddenly yanked Harry’s hair, forcing his chubby shaft as far into Harry as it could reach. Harry’s throat spasmed around the invading meat, and he squirmed as his air supply was replace with his cousin’s acrid penis. Dudley was purring with pleasure bursa escort bayan as Harry’s throat massaged his member, and just as suddenly as Harry was pulled onto Dudley’s cock, he was ripped off. “I’m so close to cumming. I need my nuts drained, now.” Harry was gasping for air, and hardly had time to register that his cousin wanted Harry to work his cock until orgasm. Harry could hardly have imagined something as horrid but deeply arousing as Dudley’s pulsing cock, dripping in precum and throat slime. “Get your farkin’ hand round my knob, and beg me for it” Dudley demanded of Harry, who was still catching his breath after the violent face fucking. “I… ah… want your load?” Harry gasped as he felt a slimy trail of and precum slide drip down his chin. Dudley clearly wasn’t satisfied and roughly yanked Harry’s hair. “I farkin’ said beg for it,” he hissed, “and you’d better show me how much of a desperate faggot you are” Dudley yanked Harry’s hair again, so his slick, throbbing cock was inches from Harry’s face. Each time his hair was roughly pulled, Harry’s testicles churned with intense desire — the pain just added to deep, intense feelings of shame and arousal. Dudley calling Harry a faggot made Harry’s cock leap like never before, and a fresh wave of precum erupted from between his aching glans. Harry hated being called that word — he used to be called it in muggle school, but now, on his knees and forced to worship his cousin’s hairy meat, it described exactly how he felt. “Please Dudley. You’ve used my mouth and I want to drain your fat balls. I’m waiting for that man-cock to spray everywhere” Lust and desperation had taken over all but a small part of Harry’s mind. He could hardly believe the perverted filth coming out of his own mouth, and with every new moment of begging he felt more and more mortified at his behaviour. His hand slipped up and down Dudley’s penis, working the shaft quickly with a firm grip. “Fark yes, Potter-boy. Just like that! Point my knob at your mouth and tell me what you are.” Dudley urged through short breaths, glaring down at Harry. “I’m… I’m a faggot, Dudley” Harry pleaded, staring past the cock he was working, and into his cousin’s eyes. At that moment, a shiver ran through Dudley as white, fresh cum exploded from his piss slit. The seed flung straight at Harry’s face, the first strand splattering his left cheek. Harry hardly let up his assault on Dudley’s cock as rope after rope of semen shot all over his own face. Specks caught his eye, and a decent wad hit his lips, giving Harry his first taste of another’s seed. The explosion of cum began to subside, and Dudley noticeably transformed back into a drunk, bumbling and drowsy bear. He released his grip on Harry’s hair and neatly tucked his spent cock away in his tracksuit pants. “Goodnight, Potter-boy” Dudley said as he shuffled out of Harry’s room, dropping Harry’s wand on the carpet. Harry sat back, his mind spinning and his erection aching. How had he let himself get into such a situation? And did he… like it? He glimpsed at himself in the mirror, his hair was a mess, his lips puffy, and fresh sperm trickling down his face and neck. Harry felt so used and violated, and the echoes of Dudley calling him a faggot bounced around his mind. His skin crawled as he felt Dudley’s cum dribble down his neck and on to his chest. Harry reached into his shorts and grasped his rockhard erection. He slowly stroked his neglected cock, sending waves of shameful pleasure through his body. Harry watched himself in the mirror as his jerking picked up speed. Licking his lips and tasting his cousin’s filthy load, Harry brought himself to the brink of orgasm. He had never been so horny in his life, and whilst his testicles drew up in his sack, he kept imagining Dudley’s musky cock pushing between his lips and violating his throat. He hated how much it turned him on, but the sheer scale of sexual desire overcame the humiliation, for now. Harry had never had such an intense orgasm — his balls pumped their seed intensely and thick white ropes of cum exploded from his solid cock. As his swollen cockhead was erupting, Harry aimed his shaft up at himself. The feeling and sight of his own load spraying up his stomach and chest only made Harry’s nuts pump even more hot cum from his pink knobhead. A warm relaxation spread through his body, emanating from his spent balls. Harry’s orgasm eventually relaxed to a slight dribble of glistening seed, and Harry’s mind snapped out of the deep hold of lust. What had happened to him that night? Why did he do everything Dudley asked? And why did it turn him on so much? Questions flew through Harry’s mind as he stared at himself in mirror, flaccid cock dripping and semen spattered all over his face and body. One word kept flashing through his mind, causing his spent penis to twitch again. Harry stared deep into his own cum drenched reflection and whispered: “Faggot”

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