Him…I hear the door slam as I’m washing up, And smile, I’m always home before you- your hours are getting longer and longer. Chucking your keys on the sideboard with a clatter, you make your way to the kitchen whilst calling out for me…’babe?’ I smile, even after all this time your voice still gives me butterflies…’In here baby’ I reply, almost immediately feeling your arms around my waist, that familiar smell, that feeling of safety you give me..’No joy then?’ I ask, but knowing the answer. The house in Neath is going to be a killer sale for you but it seems like everyone was dragging their feet, it had been going on for 3 months and for one reason or another you still hadn’t been able to close the deal. You rest your head on my shoulder and sigh, your job was top on your list, and I didn’t mind- I always knew it was, it was one of the things that attracted me to you..besides, I knew I came a pretty close 2nd. I turned round to face you and put my head against yours..’Babe, it won’t be long now, I promise’ I soothe, gently kissing you. You kiss me back, and linger for a little longer, lowering your hands, and running them softly down my back, coming to a rest on my bum. Breaking our kiss you glance down, I’m still wearing my work clothes, that blouse that shows off my cleavage perfectly, the pencil skirt with the slit thats just that goes just a little bit higher….’No underwear princess?’ You enquire, your face a mixture of bewilderment and arousal…’Not today, I just felt they weren’t needed..you know?’ I smile coyly, I know how you want me, how to tease you, how to relax you at the end of a hard day…You squeeze my butt hard and and I bite my lip..’anyway, I will get you a bite to eat’ I murmur trying to pull away…’anything you want in particular babe?’ Your lips stifle the words before I even have chance to finish my sentence, your hands roaming my figure, your tongue exploring my mouth…stopping again on my bum, you grip both cheeks and steadily lift me on the worktop, never breaking away from our kiss, hands tracing softly up the side of my thighs, lifting my skirt and delicately skimming my pussy. The kitchen is overlooked, our neighbour is always complaining about us, and our noise…neither of us are quiet when making love..and one glance out of his kitchen window and he will get the show of his life..’Baby’ I whisper breathlessly…’he can see us…’ ‘Let him watch, why wouldn’t I want to show my girl off..?’ you look me in the eyes and lower gently to your düzce escort knees, parting my legs, feeling my body trembling at your touch. I open wide, and throw my head back, giving myself to you. You soft lips delicately press against my clit, a flick of a tongue ignites me and you eat me like your starved. Using your fingers to part my lips, you suck and lick ravenously, expertly, making me writhe in abundant pleasure. Your gorgeous eyes don’t leave mine, you don’t want to miss any signals of the first throws of orgasm, you need to control the feeling..I look at you in submission and you know I’m close. You stop abruptly, pull me up to face you, and part my legs further. I don’t say a word, I know my place but my eyes plead with you to make me cum. Bringing one hand to rest on my cheek, and lowering the other to my pussy, you kiss me, making me taste myself on you and letting your thumb wander over my pulsing, sensitive clit. Applying pressure, you rub, and stroke, more and more vigorously catching my moans of pleasure in my mouth. Taking 2 fingers and plunging them deep inside me, you roughly work me, curling them upwards to find my sweet spot. You know my body so well, you know exactly what to do to drive me wild. Your fingers move fast in and out and I feel my body tighten, my silence signifies to you that I’m about to orgasm, and you quicken the pace, the wet sound of pussy echos around our kitchen..I can’t do anything to stop the scream and flood of juices and neither can you. You pull out but you’re too slow, and I soak the sleeves of your favourite work shirt..I’m shuddering and stuggling to keep my balance perched on the worktop and I lose all ability to function, but your eyes are still trained on mine. Without saying a word you bring my legs down to rest on the floor and I slip slightly in the mess I’ve made..I’m now leaning but my legs can’t take my weight just yet. Kissing my forehead you spin me round so I’m facing away and roughly bend me over the counter. Hitching my skirt further over my waist I hear that familiar sound of your belt buckle, a sound that always drives me wild, the click of strong hand loosening the loops, usually followed by the soft buzz of your zip..but not today, no zip..just the sliding of you taking your belt off fully..’arms baby’ you order, that sing song accent making any demand sound like a fairytale..I dutifully bring my arms round and rest my wrists on the small of my back. I know our game, I know escort düzce the rules. As the restraint tightens, you use your feet to spread my legs even further, and lock them in place, incapacitating me, the cold granite worktop the only thing holding me up. Now comes the zip, the drop of your trousers, the lowering of your boxers..the gentle press of your sticky tip against my body. My pussy is still throbbing from my orgasm, my cum is still running down my leg and dripping silently to the floor. You tease me, rubbing the head of your stiff cock over my holes, choosing carefully. You push slightly into my pussy and pull out again, running it over my clit with a beautiful pressure, and bring it a rest upon my tight little arse hole…’no baby’ I scold. Anal has always been the one thing I would never try, It looked painful and unpleasant and it scared me. I was so vanilla when we met and although you had taught me so much, this had always been a bone of contention between us. You took your shaft away and again moved it over my sopping cunt, pushing gently to lubricate your pulsing head. Again you move back over my holes and come to a rest at my pussy, applying pressure and again entering slightly…but again leaving me to gasp as you pull out. Gasping breathlessly I sigh in mock annoyance ‘Don’t tease me…’ you smirk..’you’re in no position to give orders young lady’ you retort, as a smile creeps across my face…young lady.. that means I’m in trouble…and I always get the fuck of my life when I’m in trouble. You move higher to my ass and I scold again as you push hard against my tight hole..”fuck…” I gasp, trying to move but your feet and the restraints have me stuck, just how you wanted me. You push harder and I yelp out in pain as you enter my virgin hole for the first time..’ohhhh fuuuccccckkkk’ I yelp, a mixture of pleasure and pain..you have one hand on the belt, and the other comes to a rest on my hips, caressing me gently, calming my struggles…’shhh princess’ you soothe ‘Daddy won’t hurt you..’ you push deeper and I continue to beg, but in a quiet whisper. ‘Please Daddy..’ I whimper as you force your cock further and further inside..You let out a moan, a growl I haven’t heard before. My ass is tight, fitting perfectly round your thick cock, like it was made just for you, and now it was yours. ..thrusting deeper I wince as your balls come to a rest on my still dripping clit…you can’t go any deeper, you have given me everything düzce escort bayan you have and I have taken every inch…’good girl’ you soothe as you continue to carress my skin..’your daddies favourite…’ tears run down my face as the pain starts to subside, and you withdraw, you’re still so gentle with me and I trust you with my life..but as you slam deep back into me quickly, my body stiffens in shock and I cry out again…’mmm….’ I whisper as you bring your cock in and out of my unexplored hole quickly..’Good girl’ you repeat over and over with every motion and I whimper again…’no daddy…. don’t stop…’ you knew I would end up begging for it, I just needed some gentle persuasion, and you were only too happy to oblige. You feel amazing in my ass and I’ve not felt pleasure like this for a long time, I love to experience these firsts with you and pleasing you is everything to me. You go hard, my high pitched gasps a signal to you that I can take more, lifting my ass up to hold you deeper as you pummel the back out of me…you’re praising me, grateful for my compliance but a little resentful that I didnt fight harder, you like a challenge, and I was certainly that. My virgin hole closes and throbs around your cock and I call out to you, my words mumbled and incoherent ‘Daddy I’m going to cum..’ your hand shoots from my hip and rests around my throat…’No princess, not yet you wait for me’ tightening your grip and making sure I know I’m to do as I’m told. I focus on the techniques you taught me, how to hold back the orgasms..how to calm myself and to wait until I’m told to. I don’t know if I can hold back, the pleasure I feel as you pound my ass is unexplainable and I struggle to contain the heat rising.. ‘please Daddy, please let me cum’ I gasp, I can hardly breathe let alone talk but I’m begging with everything I have ‘Daddy please…please..’ you grunt and growl as my pleading words bring you closer to filling me, I call out again ..but its just a squeak..your cock starts to throb and stiffen inside my tight hole and gasp loudly as you flood me with your seed ‘ohhh fffuuuccckkkk’ you cry, and I can’t wait any longer, its unbearable and with an almighty shudder, I scream your name and a waterfull of cum gushes down my legs and onto your shoes. I’ve lost all use of my limbs and your cock inside me is the only thing thats holding me up. You bend over me, kiss my shoulders, my neck..and slowly pull out. Carefully pulling my cheeks apart as you do, my hole gapes and twitches and your cum drips softly from me and onto to the marble tiles..’I’m very proud of you baby..’ you say ‘you’ve pleased Daddy’ I’m beaming with delight, I love to hear you utter them words, I live for you…’now’ you chirp with a slap of my ass ‘any chance of some dinner, I’m starving!’

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