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Subject: Holland Far From Bone – Part 9 This is a fictional story in which sexual activity between consenting adult males is depicted; it is no way based on true events or the sexuality of any of the persons mentioned. If you are underage or it is otherwise illegal to read this story where you live, please stop reading now. The Nifty Archive is a great website and is made possible by donations from its readers. If you would like to help support the site, you can do so at http://donate./donate.html This story is the work of the author and should not be copied or posted elsewhere in any way without the permission of the author. Comments can be emailed to: ail Follow me on Instagram @redcheshire ——————————————————————– Holland Far From Bone – “Bunny on a Boat” Chapter 09 – Fantasy, It Gets the Best of Me ——————————————————————– Author’s Note: This story takes place in June 2018, after the Avengers: Infinity War premiere. Shoutouts to Dan D, Mdawg225, and drillpscyhe for advocating that the boat story come next. breakingthrough for asking for a Tom + Sebastian story. WaltMCheese – quite a bit of Tom in briefs through this entire storyline. Edger_Allen_hoe for inspiring more flirtation between Seb and Tom…curious to see where that might lead. ~ DAY TWO ~ Tom stirred with a happy sigh as he woke up, feeling relaxed on a comfortable mattress with soft sheets and cuddled up with a body pillow. Body pillow…his eyebrows furled for a moment as he tried to figure out where a body pillow had come from, why it was so firm, and why it was gently rising and falling… `Oh god…’ His eyes opened, widening with surprise as he realized his “body pillow” was Chris Evans’ chest. His arm was draped across the two large muscular mounds, covered with a dusting of chest hair, rising and falling with Chris’ breath. Tom’s eyes opened even wider with embarrassment. “Morning.” “Sorry, I…uh…I…” His apology was cut off as Evans ruffled his hair, smiling down at him as the arm stayed wrapped around Tom’s shoulders. Evans used his other hand to continue swiping through his phone, catching up on news. “Don’t worry about it. There’s not much room in the bed…and I’d be trying to get as far away from Sir Talks A Lot over there in my sleep too.” “Whatever, I do not talk in my sleep.” Seb ended the retort with a yawn, stretching his arms and twisting his shoulders as he woke up. “And I don’t snore.” “You do.” “Whatever. Buddy, do I snore?” Tom looked up at the question, distracted by the feel of Chris’ body under his arm and hand. He realized that it was going to be very hard to get out of bed this morning – both because it was a comfortable bed and because his briefs were turning into a tent under the sheets. “I uh…I didn’t hear anything…” “See, I don’t snore.” Chris stuck his tongue out at Seb and winked, getting a grin and an eye roll in return. “…but I also sleep pretty soundly, so…” Tom shrugged his shoulders which he instantly half-regretted since it caused his forearm to rub against Chris’ chest…and left him wanting to keep going, allowing his hands to roam and rub some more. He took in a deep breath, getting the image out of his head. It didn’t help when Chris also yawned deeply, resulting in his chest heaving under Tom’s arm. Tom gave a little “waking up” twist-stretch similar to the one he’d heard Seb do behind him, giving him another excuse to shift against his friend’s beefy body. “I can knock out breakfast since you guys handled dinner last night.” The sheets rustled and the mattress creaked behind Tom as Seb climbed out of bed. Tom rolled over – Evans’ arm didn’t move, which meant it was now cupping Tom’s chest instead of his back, neither man acknowledging the change in position or attempting to untangle themselves just yet. Tom blinked – Seb was stretching as he continued waking up. The thin pajama shorts showed off an ample freeballing package, fluffed up with the last remnants of morning wood, bouncing a little as Seb moved around…and all right at eye level with Tom’s face. He nearly growled out loud with hunger. Closing his eyes, he feigned another yawn…which only stoked the fire since it caused his chest to brush against Evans’ paw. “I can…” Another yawn, real this time. “…I’ll help.” Tom opened his eyes to see Seb already making his way towards the door. A muscular arm was reaching down and scratching at his hip, causing the shorts to pull up and showing off some upper thigh. Tom’s cock throbbed as his mouth watered a little. “Thanks. See you in the kitchen, squirt.” Sebastian disappeared from view. The hand patted his chest – Tom couldn’t tell if it was his imagination or if Chris’ fingertips curled up along the skin near his nipple a little. “Oh, let Seb knock out the coffee – he brews a mean pot.” “Yes sir.” Tom’s faux-sullen tone of voice brought out another chuckle from Chris. Pulling away, Tom climbed out of bed and made his way into the hall as well, following Seb’s path to the kitchen. If he’d turned around, he would have noticed Chris’ eyes locked onto his rear, clad only in a snug pair of briefs…and Chris’ now-free hand sliding under the sheets. Seb and Tom worked together in the kitchen, knocking out breakfast. Tom watched as Seb made coffee, listening attentively to Seb’s cooking advice. The other man took his time – mostly to help ensure that the instructions were received well but also because it gave him an excuse to look down and get an eyeful of Tom’s tightly-muscled body. His morning wood never quite went away, resulting in the front of his shorts sticking out a little…so Tom’s own bulge didn’t go back down to normal either. Occasionally they would have to slide by one another in the kitchen, making no comment as Sebastian’s chubbed up manhood or Tom’s very firm bulge rubbed up against the other man each time. Finished, they took the food up top, where Chris was already waiting – standing at the side, his hands on the rail, looking out over the water. Turning, he grinned at the sight of food and coffee, clapping his hands and rubbing them together as he came their way. Tom tried not to look down – the movement of Chris’ arms was causing his junk to jiggle in the loose-fitting shorts. Mentally, he sighed, wondering how he was going to make it a full week with the two studs and no alone time. Once they were done with breakfast, Seb took the dishes back down to the kitchen to wash, motioning for Tom to stay up top and relax while he took care of it. Tom closed his eyes and enjoyed the warmth of the sun. He opened his mouth to say something about how beautiful the morning looked on the water and stopped, his mouth hanging open at the sight in front of him. Chris was sitting, arms stretched out on the rail to either side, head leaning back against the rail, the very picture of relaxation…including his legs which were spread far apart. The thick muscled thighs pulled at the thin cotton fabric, making it hug every inch of his crotch. Tom stared, nearly drooling, at the thick piece of meat that was clearly visible – the material clung to the length of his large shaft, the ridge of his cockhead prominent. Tom closed his mouth, swallowing, parting again as his tongue darted out to lick his lips hungrily. Panting a little, he leaned his head back and closed his eyes, doing math problems in his head in an effort to prevent getting hard. He was relieved when Seb returned, giving him a welcome distraction from the sensual sight of Evans stretched out as if being served up for Tom’s pleasure. Seb lifted one arm over his head, grabbing it with his other hand and pulling into a stretch. Looking at Chris, he raised one eyebrow. “Ready?” “Yeah, don’t want to get too lazy, even if it’s vacation.” The Romanian actor lifted a bench seat, revealing a storage compartment; pulling out two rolled up mats, he looked over at Tom. “Up for some exercise?” “Yeah, sure. The new movie is coming up – need to stay in shape.” “”Great.” Seb’s smile grew in approval as he pulled out a third mat and then turned towards the open part of the deck. Setting the mats out in a big triangle, he waved Tom over. The three men stood on their mats, stretching and following Evans’ lead through a series of exercises: sit-ups, push-ups, lunges, squats, planks. Tom just about died when they began doing jumping jacks – since the other two men were free-balling in their pajama shorts, their junk flopped around uninhibited. Tom gritted his teeth through the set, only sheer willpower stopping him from popping a boner in his briefs. The last exercise was a headstand type of push-up, which required working in pairs. Seb and Chris demonstrated – Evans flipped himself up into a headstand and Seb gripped his ankles, holding him upright. Evans began pumping his arms up and down, knocking out thirty of the upside-down pushups. Tom swallowed at the sight of the muscles rippling…and the thick thighs on display, as the shorts had slid down to bunch up at Chris’ groin. Flipping back down, Evans breathed heavily, his chest heaving. “Your turn, buddy.” Tom cleared his throat and stepped over towards the other man, following his earlier movement – he was now upside down as well, facing Evans who was standing just inches away with a light hold on Tom’s ankles. Tom glanced up and got an eyeful, able to see right up the leg of Chris’ shorts, a thick meaty cock visible. Sucking in a deep breath, he tried to concentrate, making it to twenty push-ups. His arms were throbbing as he made it to twenty-five. Stopping to catch his breath, he let it out sharply when Chris gently patted his thigh. “C’mon, you’re almost there.” He looked up to see a big encouraging smile…and once again, a big tube of flesh staring back at him as well. Whimpering in both pain and pleasure, Tom gritted his teeth and bore through the last five upside-down push-ups. Chris helped him upright, grinning his approval of Tom finishing the set…as well as his appreciation of an up close view of Tom’s lower body as it pumped up and down. His hand patted Tom’s lower back, right at the waistband of his briefs. “Alright, now you spot Seb.” Seb flipped upside down as Tom wrapped his fingers around his friend’s ankles, feeling the coarse leg hair. He looked down, asking “Ready?” Seb nodded. Tom continued looking down, watching Seb’s upper body work…and also getting a good view of Seb’s crotch. The cotton fabric had shifted slightly, exposing one of his balls to the sea air. It looked really large and full…Tom found himself getting chubbed up more at the thought of what Seb’s juices might taste like, imagining himself lapping his tongue over the orb over and over again. Before he knew it, the thirty push-ups were knocked out and Seb was standing upright again. “You okay?” “Yeah – just still getting my, uh, breath from the push-ups. Those are hard!” The corner of Seb’s mouth pulled up in a slight grin. The push-ups weren’t the only thing that seemed hard at the moment, if Tom’s pouch was a good indication. “Yeah…but like you said, gotta stay in shape for the movies.” He patted Tom’s chest, fingers trailing just slightly against Tom’s skin as his hand pulled away. “Ocean time!” His grin grew into a giant smile as he bounded away down the steps, back below decks. Chris and Tom looked at each other, chuckling at their friend’s enthusiasm as they followed behind. Reaching the cabin, Tom’s steps faltered for a moment. Seb stood near the dresser, his pajama shorts discarded and laying on the bed. As the other two entered the room, he was facing mostly away and slightly bent at the waist, pulling up a pair of speedos. The yellow and blue striped fabric was still wrapped around his thighs, sliding over his bare rear. Reaching into the front to tuck his junk, Seb turned around and placed his hands on his hips. “What do you think?” “Looks good – nice choice.” Chris stepped towards the open drawer, sifting through it before finding a swimsuit to wear for the day. He moved aside so that Tom could pick something out. From the corner of his eye, Tom saw Chris’ shorts slide off and hit the ground, his rear and side visible – he wasn’t sure if he was glad or not that Chris’ front side was just out of view. He swallowed, trying to concentrate on the swim suit options while also trying to take in the sight of Evans’ muscled body. A large hand patted his lower back. “Alright Seb, let’s give the boy some privacy. He’s shy.” Tom looked up to see Chris wink at him, teasing the younger man. The hand withdrew – Tom couldn’t tell if it was just his hopeful imagination or if Chris’ fingertips had traced along the waistband of his briefs. “I’m not shy.” Chris’ grin pulled up at one corner of his mouth before he started laughing. “Okay. You’re not shy.” He pressed his lips together, trying not to laugh. “See you topside.” Another wink and the two men headed out the door, leaving Tom alone with the drawer of swimsuits. “Ugh. I’m not…” He rummaged through the drawer, finding a couple of items that were his size. He slid on a pair of baby blue striped speedos. Turning to look in the mirror, he saw that they were a little bit of a low-rise, the very top of his trimmed pubes peeking at the waist. “…oy. Nooo.” Shaking his head, he slid them off and put them back in the drawer, reaching for the other speedo he’d set aside. Glancing in the mirror, he turned from side to side, then around. The grey speedos looked good, contrasting with his skin and hugging him nicely but not too tightly, a purple strip at each side framing his hips. “Shy, my ass.” Nodding to himself, Tom closed the dresser drawer and headed back up the steps. “Woooooh! The kid grew a pair!” Tom blushed at Seb’s cat call, the pink color deepening to red as he heard Chris exaggerated wolf whistle sounds. He rolled his eyes, unable to help himself from chuckling at the same time. Flipping off Chris didn’t help – he gave his usual response whenever someone gave him the finger on set. “Maybe later.” He laughed harder as Tom wrinkled up his nose at him with another roll of the eyes. “Right now…lend a hand?” He held out the tube of sunscreen to Tom, who squeezed out a good-sized blob into his own palm before handing it over to Seb. Evans picked up a bluetooth speaker, fiddling with it as Tom placed his hands at the broad shoulder blades and worked his way down the muscular back. He suppressed a small moan at the feeling of Seb’s hands kneading the sunscreen lotion into Tom’s back. Tom was applying the lotion to Chris’ lower back when the other man abruptly turned around. “Hey, Sebastian. What name shows up for this damn thing on the phone?” Tom blinked and swallowed, his vision full of nothing but fur-covered abs and an ample bulge snugly held within the confines of a tight white speedo. Seb felt Tom’s body tense up. “It’s..Gembox, I think. Or something like that.” “You sure?” Tom waited with his hands held in the air, still covered in lotion, for Evans to turn back around. He tore his eyes away from the visible ridge line of Chris’ cock head against the bright fabric…but without anywhere `safe’ to look instead. It was either crotch, abs, or chest dead ahead. “Yeah. Gembox. Jellybox…” Seb shrugged, trying to remember the exact name. “Ah, found it. Jambox. Thanks!” Clicking the screen, he turned back around. Tom let out his breath, relieved…until he felt Seb’s thumbs slide under the waistband of his speedo, applying the lotion to the bursa escort first inch or so of skin below so that it wouldn’t burn. As the pair of thumbs reached Tom’s hips…instead of withdrawing, they slid back towards the center and met at the top of his crack before pulling back up. “There, all set.” A hand clapped his back. Tom hurriedly finished Chris’ backside, quickly dipping his fingers below the other man’s waistband for `proper coverage’ as well. “Alright Sebastian, your turn.” Before Seb turned around, he squirted lotion into Chris’ open palm and Tom’s before getting some for himself. As Tom applied the lotion over his own chest and arms, he watched as Seb’s hands roamed over his own body to do the same. Tom turned to the side slightly – between the earlier upclose sight of Chris’ front, the view of Sebastian basically feeling himself up, and the feel of Evans’ hands, he was afraid of chubbing up in front of the other guys. “Last guy in makes lunch!” Slapping Seb on the rear, Evans dashed across the deck and through the open spot in the rail, disappearing out of sight. A splashing sound erupted below as he cannonballed into the ocean water. “You guys coming or what?” “Liar – it’s not his turn for lunch anyway.” Grinning, Seb and Tom dove off into the water. The trio splashed around, enjoying the sun and the waves. Soon, the spirit of competition emerged. First, it was a series of races as the guys swam laps around the boat, with Evans winning most of the them. That was followed by Seb’s idea of a diving competition. Cannonballs, feet-first, regular head-first…fake judging numbers. “7!” “Ooh…4!” “That’s at least a 9!” Tom began putting his gymnastic skills to work, showing off as he did a flip off of the deck before descending head-first to disappear below the water. Chris tried to one up him by spinning while diving, hands straight out at his sides. When it was Seb’s turn, he tried doing a cannonball flip…but didn’t complete the turn in time. A loud smack rang out as his back hit the water. “Daaaaamn. Are you okay?” Tom’s eyes were wide with concern when Seb resurfaced. “I’m…fine.” The wince and small groan gave away the lie. “You sure?” Chris frowned, worried. “Yeah. It’s…” Seb’s head turned, working his shoulders around in circles. “…it’ll be sore later but I’m fine.” Chris watched his friend’s movements, worried. “Okay, if you say so. It’s nearly lunch anyway – go stretch out while we make lunch.” “It’s my turn. Alphabetical order.” Tom piped up, cutting off Seb’s attempt to shrug off the pain. “Yeah alphabetical order – Evans, Holland, Stan. So it’s not your turn yet.” Seb gave Tom a look, both annoyed and amused…and not really feeling up to arguing the point. “Oh okay, so it’s last name now. Convenient. You win.” His grin undermined his attempt to look irritated. Climbing up the ladder, Seb was visibly sore from the effort as he stretched out onto the deck lounger. Making their way into the small kitchen, Chris and Tom quickly knocked out making lunch. Tom avoided looking down – now wet, parts of Chris’ white speedo didn’t leave a lot to the imagination. Squeezing by each other in the tight space didn’t help matters either but he avoided getting hard and they were soon heading back out onto the deck. “Here, m’lord.” Seb shook his head, flipping off Chris with one hand while taking the plate with his other. “Maybe later, m’lord.” Looking over to Tom, Seb didn’t get much sympathy. “He’s *your* friend…” Tom grinned, sitting down to enjoy the sandwich and beer. Tom carried away the empties, dropping them off in the kitchen and returning with another round. Chris trotted off to bring back the sunscreen, covering his front side before stretching out to soak up the sun. Tom was running the lotion down his legs when he looked up to see Seb wincing while working the white fluid onto his shoulder. “You sure you’re okay?” “Yeah, I’m just…ow, a little sore.” “Just a little?” Tom raised an eyebrow, which Seb tried to ignore before letting out a small grunt of pain. “Do you want me to get your back?” “Actually, that…yeah, if you don’t mind.” Tom’s mouth stretched out in a grin. “It’ll be better than watching you grimace over there all afternoon.” His jest resulted in Seb sticking out his tongue, giving in and laying face down on the deck chair. Tom’s hands worked the lotion over Seb’s back, eliciting a groan of pain and appreciation as the fingers worked into the skin of his mid-back. Finishing Seb’s backside, Tom returned his hands to a spot a few inches below Seb’s shoulder blades, kneading the muscle and flesh. “It hurts here?” “Yeah. That…helps a little, thanks.” “Not a problem.” Tom worked quietly to try and work the kink out of the other man’s back. “Actually…mmm, nevemind.” “What?” “Um. Do you think you could, uh, sit on my back?” Tom’s hands paused, confused. “The weight will help.” “Ohh. Are you sure?” “I think it…nevermind, that was weird.” “No, it makes sense. Hang on…” Before Seb could protest, Tom had swung a leg over the lounger and moved down, resting onto the middle of Seb’s back. “…here?” “A little further down?” He felt Tom shift slightly. “There.” Tom’s hands went to work against his shoulder blades, which felt nice. The weight of Tom’s smaller body pressed into his back, helping it feel better. A few moments passed, Tom’s hands working against his back. “Tom?” “Mmhmm?” “Do…uh, do you think you could bounce up and down a little?” “Bounce…?” “Yeah, that’ll hit the muscles there…sorry.” “No, that’s fine. Like…like this?” Tom shifted his weight, slightly rising up and down. “Actually, a little bit harder?” Tom moved his hands down, resting them against Seb’s shoulder blades as he bounced up and down a little. “Yeah, like that.” A small groan rolled out of Seb’s back as the soreness in his back eased a bit. “You don’t have to stop the backrub though.” Tom caught Seb’s grin, smacking him on the shoulder…before obliging his friend, his fingers returning to work. It wasn’t long before his own crotch filled out a little – between the small sounds Seb was making, the sight of the strong back muscles, and the small riding motion, it was causing some extra blood to flow to Tom’s groin. “Aww, look at the cute little bunny rabbit.” “Huh?” Tom looked over at Chris. “What rabbit?” “You.” He laughed as Tom’s eyebrows knitted together, confused. “You look like a little bunny, hopping up and down on Seb’s back.” “Ignore him.” “So cute. Hop, hop, hop.” Evans chuckled before reaching for his beer, taking another swallow. Tucking his head against his arms, he went back to relaxing in the sun. A few minutes later, Seb made a thumbs-up gesture. “That’s good for now. Thanks man.” “You’re welcome.” Tom slid off, making his way back to his lounger. “Hey, if you’re handing out backrubs, Captain Chris’ shoulders are sore from all those laps, whooping your butts around the boat earlier.” He chuckled as both Seb and Tom shook their heads. “Does your back actually hurt?” “Yes, Seb, it does a little. It took a lot to keep winning those races.” Tom stood there for a moment. He wasn’t sure if he completely believed Chris or if the other man was making some sort of joke…but at the same time, he wasn’t going to turn down the chance to feel up those big back and shoulder muscles. “Fine.” Before Chris could respond, Tom was sitting on his back, hands and fingers working into the older man’s flesh. “Oh damn…you’re good at this.” Tom smiled at the honest compliment. “Thank you.” “Like…really good. Ahh… Okay, you can stay on the boat for the whole week. Seb was talking about putting you in the life raft and…ow!” He winced as Tom’s thumb dug under his shoulder blade. “Alright, alright…I’ll behave.” Minutes flew by, Tom kneading Chris’ shoulders and upper back while the other man gave out small moans of appreciation. “Think you can lift up for a second?” Tom lifted up and dropped back down, thinking that Chris was asking for a bounce like Seb had. “Oh…no, not the bunny bounce.” Chris chuckled, still amused at the earlier sight. “Just rise up a couple of inches and hold it.” Tom lifted his hips up, confused…and then even more confused as the big man below him shifted to turn over, facing up. “Okay, back down.” Tom slowly lowered back down, pausing and not knowing what Chris wanted. “Sorry, the front of my shoulders is sore too.” “Oh…” Tom rested his palms against the meaty curves, rotating his wrists to give them a small massage. “You can get harder. You’re not going to break me.” The small pun flew over Tom’s head, distracted as he pressed more firmly into Chris’ upper body. Chris watched, amused, as Tom’s eyes took in the up-close sight of the broad chest and large biceps, unaware that his glances were visible through his sunglasses. Chris let a few minutes go by before speaking again. “Think you can do the bunny thing, like you did for Seb?” “Uh, yeah. Your back?” “Actually, no – you can stay where you are. My chest is sore from all those laps.” “Oh… uh, yeah.” Tom rose up and brought his weight back down, landing on Chris’ front side. A few more hops and he looked down at the other man. “Like that?” “Yeah – hell, Seb’s right, that does feel good.” Feeling not quite so self-conscious, Tom bounced up and down a little harder. His eyes hidden, Chris looked up and down, drinking in the sight of Tom’s form rising and falling on his torso. He resisted the urge to lick his lips, imagining his younger co-star being further down, bouncing up and down on his… “Think you can shift up a little?” “Hmm?” Tom broke out of his own daydream. “A little higher up, right on the chest muscles?” Chris patted an area on his pec just a couple inches away from Tom’s crotch. “Ok.” Tom scooted forward an inch. The movement pulled at the fabric of his speedo, making it taut against his mostly-soft cock…and causing Chris to bite the inside of his lip in order to not show any reaction. “A little more.” Tom looked down. His knees were near Chris’ arms, blocked from moving further up. He had to spread his legs a little bit more so that he was able to move up another inch or so. “There?” “Perfect.” Tom began bouncing again, still kneading Chris’ shoulders as he hopped. A hand came up and patted Tom’s back, right above the waistband of his speedo. “Good little bunny…” The corner of Chris’ mouth pulled up in a small grin, which turned into a laugh when Tom responded by sticking his tongue out. The hand stayed, resting on Tom’s lower back as he rose and fell, sliding down slightly as a result of the smaller man’s movements. “A little harder…like before?” Tom’s up and down movement became more firm. “Like that?” “Yeah, that’s…that feels great.” Tom closed his eyes, willing his cock to behave. With his legs spread out, he felt more…on display, especially being closer to Evans’ face. He could feel the firmness of the big pec muscles when his rear came down against them. And the hand resting right at the top of his butt wasn’t doing any favors in the lust department. Meanwhile, Chris was loving the sight of Tom bouncing on his body, legs spread, wanting more but not wanting to push things…not too much yet. His co-star seemed interested but he wanted to make sure. “Harder.” Tom’s movements slowed as he had to work his legs to push up each time. Chris watched the leg muscles work and enjoyed feeling the firm globes of Tom’s ass grind against his chest right before each thrust up. “That?” Chris looked up and down. Tom’s movements had caused him to slide forward just a little further, making his legs spread just a little bit more and his torso lean back slightly. The outline of Tom’s plumped-up cock was clearly visible against the stretched speedo with no pattern to hide the outline of his shaft as it pushed forward a bit. The more-vigorous bouncing movements also made it harder for Chris to keep his hand flat on the small of Tom’s back, causing it to bump down against the rise of that perky ass. Deciding to push the envelope just a little bit more, Evans allowed his hand to drop down to rest on his abs…which meant it was also resting flat against Tom’s rear. `Fuck, I just want to squeeze…’ He stopped the thought in its tracks, afraid that he might not want to stop. “You’re doing good, little bunny.” “Good? You said it felt `great’ earlier.” Chris glanced up to see a slightly disappointed pouting look on Tom’s features. He couldn’t tell if the kid was being serious or not. Before he could respond, the next bounce down landed about an inch further away. Whatever witty response Evans was planning evaporated as he felt Tom’s rear come down firmly on the bottom half of his hand. Tom’s butt disappeared and came back down again, trapping three fingers and half of his palm between his abs and that perky rear. And again. And again. The urge to squeeze was nearly irresistible. “I’m sorry, you’re doing `wonderful’, little bunny. My chest feels a lot better.” He flashed a big warm smile, which was returned with a smile from Tom. “Thank you, `Captain Chris’.” Chris chuckled as Tom feigned a salute, followed by sticking his hand behind his head with two fingers sticking up, making a pair of bunny ears. Behind his sunglasses, Evans squinted a little bit. He wasn’t sure if Tom’s legs had opened further or not. He stared with confidence inspired by the fact that his sunglasses made it appear as if he was looking further up…and sure enough, Tom’s legs had shifted to open even further. A gap had appeared between the sleek grey fabric and Tom’s toned thighs…a gap that widened a little more…and then a little more. Chris had to stop himself from growling. Instead, he reluctantly placed his other hand on Tom’s hip, prompting the younger man to stop bouncing. “Alright, any more and we’ll have to call it CPR instead of a massage. Thank you though – that hit the spot.” The smile on Tom’s face faltered with Chris’ next words. “Your turn.” “Huh…?” Tom trailed off, the idea of Chris sitting on his chest seeming strange. “Turn around. You did Seb’s back and my back – your turn for a massage.” “Ohh…okay.” Tom still sounded unsure as he bent his knees, rising up. Turning around, the touch of Chris’ fingertips on his thighs, just above the knee, hinted for him to move back down. Strong hands gripped his shoulders and squeezed them, turning in and out as Chris began massaging his upper back. Sitting on Chris’ chest, the man’s abs and beefy legs filled his view…and between those thighs, an ample bulge wrapped in white lycra. Between the speedo’s tight fit and the moisture from sweating, parts of the swimsuit were nearly translucent, captivating Tom’s gaze. Was it just his imagination or was the bulge bigger than before? The hands slowly worked down to his shoulder blades. Chris licked his lips, admiring the plump butt just inches away. Clearing Tom’s shoulder area, he applied gentle pressure against the middle of his back, prompting Tom to lean forward slightly. The movement had the desired effect – Tom’s butt was more on display, the very top peeking out of the speedo, a strip of skin paler than the rest. Chris kneaded Tom’s back until he was halfway down the ribcage, repeating his slight nudge to get Tom to lean over even more. He felt Tom’s grip shift on the sides of the lounger, getting a better hold in the new position. His rear popped a little more – both pushing out because of his leaned-over escort bayan position and the back of the speedo sliding down a little more, the top of his crevice juuuuust visible above the waistband. Chris’ mouth watered at the sight. He wasn’t the only one. Tom’s inclined position had brought him closer down to Chris’ body. His face was just about a foot lower than where he’d started but it put him closer to Evans’ crotch. Responding to the sight and feel of Tom’s backside, it had filled out more – the end of his cockhead was definitely visible now. The little bit of increased pressure had caused parts of the white fabric to become even more see-through. While the head and shaft were outlined perfectly, the tip of the large mushroom shape was clear as day. The sight caused Tom to involuntarily squeeze the muscles of his rear as he quickly imagined some x-rated activities with Chris…and quickly pushed them out of his mind before he got hard. Chris’ hands on his back dug in firmly, pulling a small groan out of the young man. “Feel good?” “Mmmm….yes.” Tom nodded, not sure if he was mumbling or not. The hands slid down a little more, massaging in the area just below his ribs. A press from the meaty part of Chris’ palm prompted him to lean down further, about half a foot. The shift brought pleasure to both men – Tom because his face was now directly over Chris’ crotch…and Chris because the top of Tom’s bubble butt was definitely showing above the top of the speedo. Tom watched, fixated, as the meat between Chris’ legs thickened slightly…and then he nearly swore out loud as a bead of liquid appeared at the end, causing more of the white speedo to become clear, bringing yet more of that meaty head into view. His longing to lean all the way down and lick up Chris’ sweet fluids caused his pulse to strengthen…causing a bit more strain in his speedos, although he was sure it wasn’t obvious to his friend laying down, so he felt a little less cautious. Again, the member seemed to throb just a bit, releasing more of Chris’ fluids…and now about a third of his large thick cock head might as well be out in the open since the speedo was doing a poor job of hiding it. Both men seemed to want to test the waters at the same time. Seb watched, his hard cock pushing against the lounger beneath him, as Chris moved his hands down even lower. The stud’s thick thumbs were right at Tom’s tan line on his waist. They pressed into Tom’s muscles and slid up before returning to that line where `sorta-tan’ broke into `definitely-not-tan’. Instead of pressing up, both thumbs pushed slightly forward…another gentle nudge. Tom leaned forward, another half foot. Curious where this might go, he shifted his body weight subtly as he leaned forward – his hips tilting as he moved, causing his rear end to push out even more. Chris swallowed, drooling. There was a clear two inch stripe of English-white booty that had risen above the top of the grey speedo. Taking Tom’s leaning forward as a hint to keep going, his thumbs slid down across the tan line, digging into the white globes of Tom’s ass as he began pushing them back up, appreciating the firm muscles and wondering what they were capable of. At the other end of the lounger, Tom stared with his mouth hanging slightly open. After leaning forward and feeling Chris’ hands slide down…the bulge below had definitely gotten even bigger. Having gotten just a little longer and a little thicker, the ample piece of man meat was putting more pressure on the white speedo. If Tom thought that parts of it were becoming see-through before, then those parts might as well not even exist any longer. Two throbs had made the fabric even more damp and now it was like a small window had appeared in the pouch, revealing about half of the big plum-shaped head. Tom swallowed, feeling very…hungry. Chris’ thumbs came down again, this time a little closer together and then pushing up yet again. Without thinking, Tom’s rear flexed eagerly. Evans felt the movement under his fingers and fought off the urge to tug the skimpy swimsuit down. Instead, he brought his thumbs closer together on another descent. Their tips were now only about an inch away from Tom’s crack, pulling apart on each slide up and causing Tom’s ass to spread open a little with each rub of the massage. Instead of bringing his thumbs nearer to each other, Evans kept them in place and slowly slid them back down – down over the tan line, down to the speedo…and then just a little further, nudging the waistband down slightly. He felt another flex of Tom’s glutes beneath his digits – and could also feel a hardening lump pressing against the area where Tom’s crotch pressed against his torso. He kept going, transfixed, until he dared not push Tom’s speedo down any further – only the curve of the round butt and a prayer were keeping it from sliding down further, with three inches of ass wer now popping out over the tight grey fabric. Tom exhaled a long silent sigh, wishing that Chris would just begin fingering him. With half-glazed eyes he watched as the hefty cock, just a little over a foot away, continued pumping out precum. Between Chris’ juices and the rod filling out a little more, the entire head was now visible. Tom memorized the sight – large, thick, and shaped like a round plum. He wanted so badly to wrap his mouth on it and see how sweet it might taste. The desire sent a shiver down his spine, causing yet another flex of the rear. Chris didn’t want to sigh – he wanted to growl and chew on this tasty looking ass just inches away. Feeling it flex, he got cocky and moved his thumbs even closer towards the middle, now just at the edge of Tom’s crevice – if he moved them any closer together, he would be fingering the young stud. He pushed up and out slightly, spreading Tom open a little…and earning another little flex. He closed his eyes, seeking control – he knew his cock was plumped up and leaking…it was only through sheer force of will that he was managing not to get any harder. And he was fighting to keep that control. Tom watched, nearly whimpering, as the object of his desire pushed yet a little more against the white speedo. Now that he was even closer, he could see the encased shaft throb slightly with Chris’ pulse…and occasionally the throb would be not-so-slight, resulting in the release of more drops of liquid that seeped out of the fabric, breaking and spreading out against the tight swimsuit material. Not just the head but a good half inch of cock was visible – thick, veiny, and so damn tasty looking. Tom swallowed, watching as Chris’ swimsuit continued getting wetter and wetter. Chris’ thumbs moved out instead of up on their next swipe. The change spread Tom’s rear even more; on the next move he finally pried it all the way open, able to see deep inside where the two cheeks came together. He repeated the movement, this time relaxing his grip slowly, allowing the meaty haunches to slide back together. The third time… he pulled Tom open even more and held him there, slightly digging in with thumb and fingertips in the pretense of a massage. Just as he was about to relax his grip again, he felt Tom’s ass flex and his cock dug against Chris’ abs, telegraphing his hunger. Pushing with his fingertips, Chris rested his thumbs further in and pulled them apart again, spreading Tom’s crack open as far as it would go. He felt Tom shiver and watched as a bead of sweat trickled down Tom’s spine, slowly making its way down between the two luscious buns. Chris watched as it kept going, down…down…down, until it disappeared out of view. Unconsciously, he slid his right thumb up to the top of Tom’s crevice and pressed against the hot damp flesh, tracing the sweatdrop’s path, down, down, down… Tom studied the white-encased rod as it continued throbbing, growing more in the last few seconds than it had in the last several minutes. The meaty head pushed out against the speedo, more of the thick veined shaft on display. His own cock pulsed as he felt Chris’ thumb descend in a straight line down his center, hoping that he’d… Chris’ thumb hit the waistband of the speedo, snapping him back to the present. He felt the blood rushing to his crotch. For reasons he later couldn’t even articulate, he decided to end what had started as a massage and somehow drifted into the territory of foreplay. His thumb pulled up again, this time tugging the hem of Tom’s speedo with it, covering the deliciously round rear. “Alright buddy, you’re good.” Tom blinked, coming back to reality as well…and curious why Chris had suddenly stopped. He finally remembered that Seb was just a few meters away and suddenly felt modesty creeping back into his senses. “Uhh…” He cleared his throat, thick with lust and spit. “…thank you. That was…great.” He looked over his shoulder to see Chris looking back with a strange but warm smile. “You’re welcome…bunny.” Tom returned to his lounger, trying to move as quickly as he could but without seeming obvious about it. Seb didn’t give any sign of seeing anything out of the ordinary, not even a small grin, so his friends wouldn’t feel embarrassed. Well, specifically, Tom – he rolled his eyes with amusement behind his sunglasses, knowing that there wasn’t much that would embarrass Chris. He waited for the throbbing in his own speedos to calm down before standing up. Heading to the small fridge, he grabbed another round of beers and brought them over. Setting one down next to Chris earned a thumbs up. Coming around to Tom’s lounger, he stood and held out the can…knowing that the angle would put his plumped-up bulge right in Tom’s line of vision. “Thirsty?” “Crikes, yes. Thank you.” Tom managed a smile as he took the beer. With a small grin, Seb returned to his chair, laying out face up this time. Without looking over, he could feel Tom’s eyes raking down his body. Tom pulled his eyes away from Seb’s groin. Was it bigger than before? `Damn. A whole week. With these two. Kill me…’ He sighed, taking a long pull from the beer, closing his eyes as he swallowed. After lounging out some more, it was time to make dinner…this time it was Tom and Chris’ turn. Once again, Tom enjoyed the casual rubbing against one another as they had to slide by in the confined space of the small kitchen. To his surprise, Chris was behaved…he was hoping for a little bit of follow-up to the massage action earlier that afternoon. Evans made sure to be on good behavior while making dinner – he didn’t want to get carried away like earlier and definitely didn’t want to burn their food, with the nearest grocery store being a day’s trip back and forth to land. The corner of his mouth turned up in a cheeky grin on the way to the kitchen as he tugged down his speedo…just enough that half of the closely-trimmed hairs around his crotch were on display. It took a lot to resist laughing as he caught Tom sneaking a lot of peeks while they were preparing the meal. Based on the reaction in the pouch of Tom’s own speedos, the torture was working. “Hey buddy, do you mind taking the tray of food up? I’ll get the wine and be up in a minute.” “Not a problem.” Tom gripped both handles tightly and headed out of the kitchen. Chris stood, listening to Tom’s feet treading on the steps. Once he was sure Tom was back on the top deck, Evans slid out of the kitchen and down the hallway. Passing the bedroom cabin, he made it to the end of the hallway and found what he was looking for – the thermostat. With a sly grin, he turned it off…then thought about it for a second and turned it back on, flipping the switch over to the heat setting. Soon he was back up top, a bottle of wine in hand with some plastic glasses. The guys enjoyed their meal and each other’s company, relaxing and cracking jokes at one another’s expense. As Seb began to gather the plates, Chris stopped him, flashing a big friendly grin. “I’ll get it.” Seb’s eyes squinted a little, wondering what prank or game his friend had going on but shrugged – if someone else wanted to do the dishes, so be it. “Alright. I’ll hit the shower then. Tom, you get it first tomorrow.” He made his way down the steps and was on his way to the cabin before hearing Evans make a quiet hissing noise. Turning, he saw the other man jerk his head, silently asking him to come closer. “Hey, the thermostat is on heat.” “Wha-?” He stopped, lowering his voice as Evans shushed him. “Why is the thermostat on heat?” “Because it’s `broken’.” “Since when?” Chris rolled his eyes. “It’s `brooooken’ – I put it on heat. On your way to the shower, just flip it to off – the heat that’s already in the room should be enough.” “For what?” “Oh my god, man. To say that it’s broken.” He bobbed his head, punctuating each small statement. “Because if it’s broken…then it gets hot in the room…and if it’s really really warm in the bedroom when we’re trying to sleep…” He stopped, raising his eyebrows. “Ohhh….Hawaii.” “Exactly – Hawaii.” Both men grinned, memories of that trip coming back. “Off. Got it.” Seb winked and turned to head down the hallway. Chris made quick work of the dishes, returning back to the deck with another bottle of wine. Knocking out half the bottle, the guys corked it and stowed it away before heading back downstairs. Dropping off the glasses, Chris made his way to the cabin. In the light, he noticed a distinct color difference between Tom’s back and his swimsuit. “Damn, kid. You got some sun by the looks of it.” “Hmm?” Tom turned his head, trying to peer over his shoulder. He gave a little grunt of discomfort when Evans’ finger pressed against his shoulder blade, the skin tingling a little to the touch. “Damn.” “Well, just put on some extra sunblock tomorrow, spend a little time in the shade. We’ve still got a few days ahead of us and you’ll want to be able to enjoy them.” “Sunburn?” They looked up to see Seb stepping out of the bathroom, a towel draped low around his waist. “Yeah, squirt here got a little color.” “I’m not a kid.” “That’s my nickname for him – stick to your own.” Chris looked back and forth between the pair, grinning. “Oh…I’m sorry. The twenty-two year-old bunny who whines like a kid got a little colo…ow!” All three men laughed as Tom swatted at Chris, nailing him right in the stomach. “Alright, just for that, I’m not telling you where the aloe gel is. Or a bedtime story.” Chris winked and headed into the bathroom. He was only half out of sight as he began peeling off the speedo. Tom glanced away, thankful that Seb hadn’t caught him looking, busy reaching under the pillow for his pajama shorts. Swallowing, Tom had nowhere to go as the towel hit the floor and Seb pulled on the shorts. “Here, let me take a look.” Tom stepped over and turned around. He felt a finger press gently against various parts of his back. “Well, the good news is that it looks like it’s just a little pink. Should fade by morning. And it’s just your back, not your legs or anywhere else. You’ll be fine.” The winter soldier gave Tom a big reassuring smile. “And I’ll find the aloe gel…but I’m not very good at bedtime stories.” The wink ending the sentence was friendly…but it still sent small butterflies roaming around Tom’s stomach. “Thanks. I’ll, uh…just wait for you to fall asleep and talk in your sleep.” His awkward smile grew into a sheepish grin and then a laugh as Seb turned, making a face. Hearing the sound of the shower turn off, he looked over at the bathroom. “I’ll just, uh…shower bursa escort and then put the gel on.” Seb nodded slowly. “That’s usually a good order of doing it. Otherwise you’d just wash the gel off.” He chuckled, sensing nervousness from his friend. Nodding towards the shower, he tapped Tom on the hip. “Go shower.” Another wink sent a little shiver down Tom’s spine, right down to his toes. Tom got into the shower stall before removing his speedo, dropping it onto the bathroom floor. The water hit his chest as he stood there, shaking his head. “Smooth…real smooth” he muttered to himself. “You okay in there, kid? I’m sorry…the 22 year-old?” Tom’s attention jerked over to the clear shower curtain, noticing that Chris had re-entered the room to brush his teeth. “Er, yeah. Just…uhh…figuring out which book to read next.” “Okay.” The sound of gentle scrubbing could be heard over the shower. Chris’ words came out muffled, his mouth full of toothpaste. “Just make sure that’s the only sounds we hear coming out of that shower stall.” “Oh my god!” Chris spat into the sink, laughing loudly at Tom’s embarrassment. “I’m not…” The shower curtain pulled to the side a few inches, the gap filled with Chris’ face. His blue eyes twinkled with both amusement and kindness. “I’m just giving you a hard time. Besides…there’s not enough hot water to last long enough for…that. Unless you’re a quick shot.” His teeth reappeared as he grinned again, disappearing as he closed the shower curtain. “What? Wait, no, I’m not a…” Tom ended the sentence with an irritated growl, which was drowned out by the sound of Chris’ laughter. Glaring to his left, Tom’s expression softened as he made out Evans’ nude form through the shower curtain. `Oh my god.’ Tom looked away, turning the cold water dial up higher to thwart his manhood from swelling. Soaping up and rinsing, he turned the water off and pulled the towel inside the shower curtain, before realizing there wasn’t much point at modesty since it was see-through. Teeth brushed, he moved back to the cabin and found Chris stretched out in bed reading a book, the thin pajama shorts conforming to every curve of his lower body. Seb was digging through a bag – pulling out a green bottle, he zipped the bag closed and looked over at Tom. “Ready?” Tom looked down at himself, wrapped in just the towel. “Um…hang on.” He grabbed a pair of briefs out of his dresser drawer and ducked back into the bathroom. Tugging them on, he dried off his hair some more, returned the towel to its hook, and popped back into the bedroom. Seb stood, pointing at the bed with an open hand. “I can…” “You can reach the middle of your back?” Seb grinned and rose one eyebrow in a question. “Yeah, guess not.” Giving in, Tom crawled over the foot of the bed, laying face down. He quickly realized the mistake in this position – to his left, Chris’ beefy chest and arms filled half of his view. `Well, at least I’m face down,’ he thought. He heard a squirting sound, followed by a cool sensation on each shoulder blade. Seb’s fingers moved in circles, spreading the gel around until the top third of Tom’ back was covered in a thin layer of gel, all the way up to the base of his neck. “How’s that feel?” “Mmmm….nice.” Tom’s eyes were closed, the skin on his back feeling less tight and itchy. More of the gel splattered onto him, this time into the middle of his back. Seb’s fingers roamed around again, covering Tom’s midsection. He sucked in a small breath of air as he felt the cold liquid hit his lower back – it felt both soothing and sensual. Seb noticed Tom’s toes curl and smiled a little, out of view. “Okay, let’s see how…wow, you definitely got some sun.” He’d gently peeled down the waistband of Tom’s briefs a few inches. What had been a pale white strip now had color – a shade of pink slightly darker than the skin on Tom’s back. “Doesn’t see much daylight, huh?” Whatever response Tom had in mind died in his throat as more aloe gel landed on his upper rear. Seb’s fingertips worked outward in small circles over his lower back, moving from his spine out to his hips. They returned to the center, pressing down right where Tom’s back curved back up and out to form the top of his ass. The thick fingers moved out in long slow strokes, doubling back to ensure that the pink stripe of skin was adequately covered so that it could heal. Tom held back a groan as Seb’s digits slid along the crack of his ass, resisting the urge to push his hips up. He gave a sigh of contented relief when his briefs were pulled back into place and a palm gently patted his hip. “Alright, you’re good. Lay still for a few minutes while the gel dries.” “Mmm…thank you.” Eyes closed, Tom relaxed as he listened to Seb return the gel to his bag, before stepping into the bathroom to brush his teeth. “You’re in my spot.” A fingertip brushed back and forth on the sole of his bare foot, causing Tom to jerk his leg and let out a short giggle. “Someone’s ticklish?” Climbing up onto hands and knees, Tom crawled towards the head of the bed, peeling back the sheets and sliding in. “No.” He looked up with a blank face, trying to maintain the lie. Seb followed, pulling the sheet up to his chest. “Sure.” He held one finger up in the air and wiggled it, watching as Tom’s shoulders shifted away for a moment before realizing that the other man was joking. “What’s up with the temperature?” Seb looked over at Chris, acting out his bearded friend’s charade. “Man, I don’t know. That’s why I’m sitting on top of the sheets instead of under them.” Chris watched as Seb sat there, staring at him, blinking slowly. “What?” “Did you think to check the thermostat?” “I…actually, no, now that you mention it, I didn’t.” Chris grinned, closing his eyes as if scolding himself. “I just figured I was still warm from the sun all day. Or you know, just naturally hot.” His last comment got the eye roll response from Seb that he enjoyed so much. He paused, thinking that there was actually a different situation where Seb rolled his eyes that he enjoyed even more. The thought scampered through his mind, causing him to grin wickedly.. “But yes, Mister One-Arm, I will go check the thermostat.” Seb watched as Chris slid himself down towards the foot of the bed, trapped against the wall by his two friends. “I only have one arm in the movies. Look…” He held both arms out in the air. “Two perfectly good arms.” “You sure about that?” Chris picked up his phone, turning on its flashlight as if he were actually going to check out the air conditioner’s wiring. He saw Seb’s face scrunch up in confusion. “Yes…?” He twisted his arms over and back again, looking at them for flaws. Chris waited until he left the room before finishing his joke. A disembodied voice came through the doorway as he made his way down the hallway. “I dunno – one looked bigger than the other. You left-handed?” Tom and Seb looked at each other and then rolled their eyes at the same time. Tom made a point of looking at one arm and then the other…and then back again. “They’re the same size, squirt. He’s bad enough – don’t need you to start too.” He elbowed Tom, pushing the smaller man over, both of them laughing. Evans returned, his muscular frame filling the doorway. The warm temperature had caused a light sheen of sweat to form on his body, highlighting the grooves and bulges of his muscles…and it made the thin cotton material of his pajama shorts cling to his legs like a mold. Tom fought to keep his eyes up. “Okay, so I can’t see anything wrong with it. It’s just putting out warm air instead of cold even though it’s set low. So I just turned it off.” “Is that going to help?” Chris looked at Seb, cocking his head. “I don’t know – which would you prefer: warm air or no air?” “Cold air.” “How about you go take a look at it then?” “Man, you know that gadgets and me are not friends If you can’t figure it out…” Seb finished with a shrug. “I’ll take another look in the morning. Right now I’m too tired to really work on it and not sure how long it’ll take.” Chris scooted back up the bed, lifting the sheets and sliding under; reaching up, he turned off the overhead light. “Nite guys.” Five minutes later, he flipped the light back on. “You okay, Seb?” “Yeah.” “You sure? You’re huffing and rolling around and making a lot of noise over there.” “I…I just can’t get comfortable.” Tom looked to his left, noting that Seb was covered in a thin layer of sweat as well. Hell, he was too. The cabin was really really warm. “Should we sleep up top?” Both Seb and Chris looked at him like he’d suggested swimming back to shore, responding at the same time. “No.” “Uh uh.” Seb took a deep breath and let it out, pursing out his lips, deep in thought. “I feel gross.” Seb and Tom looked to their right. “And all…confined.” Evans looked up and looked Seb straight in the eyes. “Hawaii.” “Umm….” Seb murmured, as if he was unsure. “I don’t know that it’s *that* bad.” “Dude, my balls are sweating.” “I mean…it’s a free country. Mr. Sweat Sack.” “Shut the fuck up. And it’s Captain Sweat Sack, now that we’re on a boat.” “Okay, `Captain.’ Can’t be that much sweat anyway – it’s a tiny pair.” A heavy arm landed on Tom’s chest as Chris smacked Seb’s chest. “Hey – my balls are nice and normal. Average is better than trying to smuggle a pair of tennis balls in my underwear. Ow!” Another heavy arm came across Tom’s torso, this time smacking the guy on his right. “They’re not the size of tennis balls. You’re so…ugh.” Tom looked back and forth between the two, as if watching a tennis match and afraid of getting squashed. Looking back at Chris, his eyes grew large with surprise as he saw the tall stud put both hands under the sheets and squirm around. When they reappeared, they were holding his pajama shorts up in the air…and they did look a bit damp. “Ugh.” Tossing the shorts to the other side of the room, Evans settled back down into the bed, letting out a contented sigh. Under the sheets, it was apparent that he’d cocked one leg out at an angle, allowing his sweaty balls to air out. “Ahhh… Hawaii.” Tom sat there, blinking, trying to wrap his head around the idea that he was laying in bed with a naked Chris Evans. A situation that he’d jerked off to plenty of times and knew a lot of people would love to be in. Opening his mouth to say something, he stopped and looked over as he heard rustling from his left. Now Seb had both of *his* hands under the sheets and was wriggling around…and just like Chris, came back up with his shorts which joined their brethren on the floor. Settling back down, Seb closed his eyes and let out a long exhale, a satisfied smile on his face. “Okay, you’re right. Hawaii.” Tom looked left and right. Chris Evans to one side, large muscles covered in close-cropped fur matted against his body with a thin layer of sweat…a glistening happy trail disappearing beneath the sheet, which had been pushed down to cool off, all the way down to just a few inches above his groin. Sebastian Stan on the other side, smooth muscles shining in the lamp light, the large and dark perky nipples rising and falling with his breath…the deep v-shaped line extending from his hips and going down, down, under the cover which bumped up over an ample bulge. “Uh…guys…what’s `Hawaii’?” “It’s an island in the Pacific.” Evans responded, eyes still closed. Tom took advantage of that to flick his eyes up and down the stud’s body. “Ugh…it’s too late for bad jokes.” Opening up one eye, Seb looked over at Tom. “Guess you’re getting a bedtime story after all. We were doing the press tour for `Winter Soldier’ and they booked us in this resort for a few nights, the two of us sharing a room. Night one, everything was fine. Second night…air conditioning goes out. On a tropical island. In early summer. You can guess how nice that was.” “Ehhh…not nice?” Tom blinked, making sure to keep his eyes up towards Seb’s face. The other man lifted himself up, bending his right arm at the elbow to prop himself up. The movement caused the sheet to shift; Tom wanted so badly to look down but maintained eye contact. “So…we didn’t realize until like 10pm. It’s humid. It’s warm. It’s sticky and nasty.” He smirked, remembering the evening and how sticky it actually got. “Chris calls the front desk but there weren’t any more rooms. And 10 o’clock is pretty late to move to another hotel or whatever. So we wound up tossing the shorts and sleeping under just the one sheet.” He shrugged. “And it worked.” He tilted his head forward slightly, looking straight into Tom’s eyes, a serious but friendly expression on his face. “Take it from the old guys with experience, squirt. Keep those on…” he nodded downward. “…and you’re just going to feel miserable and gross. You’ll feel a little self-conscious at first but it’ll be better than having them on…and once you’re asleep you won’t care. And maybe bozo over there will be able to fix the thermostat tomorrow morning.” Seb lowered his shoulders back down to the mattress, closing his eyes again. The corner of his mouth curled up in an amused grin. “Plus, if your balls start to smell….we’re kicking you out of the bed.” The trio shared a laugh, which relaxed Tom a little – as much as the idea of sleeping naked between these two hunks *could* be relaxed. “Okay.” Taking a breath, Tom pushed his hands under the sheet and tugged down, bending his knees as he slid the briefs down his legs. Kicking them off, he nudged them up with his foot until he was able to reach them with his fingers, pulling them out and tossing the black cloth over near the other discarded clothing on the floor. Glancing down, he noticed that the sheet had moved as a result, the very top of both men’s pubic hair visible. `Oh my god,’ he thought, realizing there was no way he’d be able to sleep on his back and risk pitching a tent. As Tom turned onto his left side, Seb opened his bright blue eyes, the close proximity causing a little jolt of electricity to shoot down to Tom’s crotch. “Hawaii.” He shrugged with a weak smile. Seb returned the smile, reaching over to ruffle Tom’s hair. “Good choice on turning left. He snores.” “I do not.” Tom chuckled at the deep voice that rumbled over his shoulder. “You do too,” He and Seb responded at the same time, pulling another laugh from the pair. “Whatever. Good night, knuckleheads.” “Good night, bozo.” Seb glanced back at Tom with a grin and a wink. “Good night, squirt.” Tom yawned, realizing how tired he was. “Good night guys.” ~ TO BE CONTINUED ~ Thanks, as always, for reading. This chapter was supposed to be “shorter and come out sooner”. It turned out to be longer…and work got intense, which made writing difficult. Should be on a roll from here on out. This will likely be the longest story arc yet, so really don’t want to have too much of a delay between each chapter. *fingers crossed* If you enjoyed the story, have feedback, or want to share ideas, it would be great to hear from you. ail Find me on Instagram @redcheshire If you’re interested in other stories I’ve written: “Suckered by a Jonas Brother” (sexual adventures of Nick & Joe Jonas) https://www.//gay/celebrity/suckered-by-a-jonas-brother/ “More Than Once Upon A Time” series (series based on the “Once Upon A Time” television series) fty//gay/celebrity/more-than-once-upon-a-time/ “On The Set of Neighbors” (Zac Efron & Dave Franco have fun – based on the 2014 films “Neighbors” and “Neighbors 2”) fty//gay/celebrity/on-the-set-of-neighbors/ “Exploring Kirk’s Frontiers” (based on the 2009 “Star Trek” universe) https://www.//gay/celebrity/exploring-kirks-frontiers “The College Bet” fty//gay/college/the-college-bet

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