How I Met The Guy I Wanted To Marry


I am one of those female who was a natural born slut. The same way some people can play piano or paint, with hindsight, my talent was there from the minute I started trying.

I never imagined I would marry. I’d never really been able to settle into relationships because the ones that tried were not capable of fulfilling that part of me and if I’m completely honest, it’s a huge part…I know there are people who will blame my personality on a whole bunch of things. I’ve never given it much thought, I’m the way I am and I like myself so I don’t feel the need anazlise it.

And then I met the guy I would marry. At the time I was having a happy life. I was getting all the cock I needed and the occasional amount of pussy from a variety of places and hurting no-one.

I met him in a bar and wanted him to fuck me. I had worked out the best route was always directness. When he asked if he could buy me a drink, I gave my test response, because if they can’t handle the mildest of my fantasies then there is no point wasting time.

“Thing is” I told him. “A drink will cost you a tenner, I have this little fantasy thing. Let me give you a blow job and you pay me the price of the drink for the service”

For a second he said nothing and I thought I’d misjudged him, then I felt his hand slip under my skirt, two fingers probing inside me, the exploration unhindered by panties – testing me for wetness – he said later…

“Come on then ” he gripped my arm and walked me outside, to a dim, but not exactly private area outside the bar, it didn’t worry me – I already knew an audience excited me.

He unbuckled and I dropped to my knees , sucking his heavy balls, he slapped my face hard with his cock, shoving into my mouth, all the way down into my throat, he used my hair to keep me jammed up against him releasing me a little as I gagged, then forcing back down to make me gag some more… he fucked my face roughly enough that I could feel the motion against Gaziantep Otele Gelen Escort concrete scraping my knees – if he hadn’t been holding my head I’m pretty sure he would have pushed me over.

I worked with him, sucking and gagging , my tongue and lips mashed up against his flesh. I felt his balls tighten and the welcome taste and feeling of his spunk filling my mouth and throat, so much it flowed up into my nose and I thought I’d drown, I was swallowing greedily and it was still pumping. I managed to get it all down and eagerly cleared every last drop from his meat before he let me up. He gave me a twenty. His other hand back under my skirt as I thanked him.

“Dripping ” he said laughing as he withdrew his hand “I bet you’re gagging for me to fuck you” I nodded.

“Maybe later” He took me back inside and he bought me a drink. he spent maybe an hour of teasing me more, pinching my nipples through my top so he could admire the length they reached when hard. He asked if it aroused me that other people were watching him do that. It did.

I’d have happily let him – and the onlookers spread me on the table and form a queue to take whatever hole they wanted…

Eventually – by which time he was amused to see my pussy was so wet the tops of my thighs were glistening with overspill, he took me outside to get a cab.

About halfway to my house, the negotiations for the payment of the fare began between him and the driver. I wasn’t consulted but the conversation was sufficient to keep me excited – the juices were about to soak through the back of my skirt. The driver had wanted to ream my ass – because his wife never let him do hers. I wouldn’t have minded but D wanted to go there first. They settled on a blow job but he wanted me topless. He pulled over in a quiet place, fairly well lit but he left his lights on and I put my already bruised knees on the floor in front of the car and took off my top, my braless tits giving him an immediately visible erection.

“You want me to swallow?” I asked politely before I began.

He clearly hadn’t thought that far ahead, before I’d finished the sentence he grabbed my hair and plunged into my mouth, he wasn’t as big as D but, I’m not going to lie – any cock feels good in my mouth. I was a little disappointed that it didn’t take him long to come, I only got a little swallow, before he pulled out and sprayed my naked tits with jizz. I scooped it up and licked it off my fingers, rubbing the rest into my skin.

We were almost at mine so I didn’t bother getting my top back on, partly because D refused to let me have it back. I think my performance had excited him – because in the back seat he pushed my mouth onto his cock – I managed to get another load out of him before we pulled up. Swallowing every last bit.

If my neighbors had seen me stumbling topless up the entry with another guy in tow, they wouldn’t be surprised – most of them had reaped the benefits at some point – the women as well. I may be a slut but I’m a very nice person to boot…

Inside he made me bend at the waist, my ruined skirt shoved up, holding my ankles while he used his belt on my ass, leaving it tingling and red, the end of the leather catching my cunt when he aimed it right. He considered which hole to take first and in the end he flipped a coin. I was just begging him to fuck one. I admitted my preference would be someone in both before he went in…it landed on tails.

The juices from my cunt lubed my back door and he slid in easily. Just the entry and one deep thrust that made his balls slap my agonized clit was enough to make me come – bucking on his dick like an animal as he yanked my hair to get a better hold on me. I was screaming at him to fuck me harder.I begged some more when he deposited a load into my dirt box and he obliged yanking me back to accommodate his cock more deeply until he filled me with the cum I’d been begging for. He pulled out of my spunk filled ass, laughing as cum trickled out of the gape and went straight to my mouth. It took him a few minutes to recover sufficiently to drill my cunt as mercilessly as he’d taken my ass. It went on for a day – the second day he called me in sick to work because I was physically wrecked.

I told him honestly about myself, how my favourite positions required a minimum of double penetration, and the next day without warning he came in and blindfolded me. I felt whoever it was at my mouth and the familiar feel of him in my ass as I sucked greedily on the unknown cock – the two of them worked me so hard that I passed out – when I came round it was us again and I knew I’d probably found the guy I wanted to marry.

Because with the best will in the world – he can’t be in three holes at once.

So – its not a cuckold thing – he’ll never be the right age to fulfill my desire to be spanked by older men, so he invites older men to participate in spanking me with him before they jointly violate my holes. My favourite is a fairly well to do guy, who has the thickest cock I have ever experienced, I’d like to measure it but I’m not sure if it would be rude to ask, but we go and stay with him a fair bit 🙂

Those weekend fulfil our host’s own kinks as well as mine…his thing is to have me piss my panties then whip my ass with a cane, the pissy underwear shoved in my mouth before removing the panties so my mouth is free for one cock while the other is fucking my striped ass. And his kink led to me getting into the watersports thing. I never thought it would be – but done right, getting a golden shower it is pretty awesome:) I also rarely bother using bathrooms – I have serious habit of relieving myself as publicly as I dare….

I think it might be weird how much I like to get my ass fucked…and it makes me squirt every time…

I have no need to cheat – he makes sure what I have is everything I need- he controls who when where. I’m not always blindfolded – I don’t care who they are, stuntcocks, there are some I like more than others – mainly for girth –

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