Husband Anon Chance


There I was with a cock in my mouth for the first time ever. I was in a stall at Denver International while my wife was likely at our gate waiting for me so we could board the plane. None of that mattered much to me at that moment. I was given this chance. I was given a chance to live out a fantasy. I was given a chance to earn the approval of the owner of this dick. I was going to take it no matter what.

20 minutes ago I was texting with my wife. She was returning from a week-long business trip and had just landed. We were meeting at our gate and taking off for a few days fun in Vegas. I had really been horny from her not being around all week plus the anticipation of being on a stress free adult vacation. I was ready for it.

I told her that our flights looked to be on time and that I needed to hit the restroom and then I’d see her at our gate whenever she got there. We had time, so it was nice to be in the moment of travel without any hassle. The Denver concourses have an additional upper level for foot traffic. Except in the middle, there’s really nothing up there except offices and a few restrooms. So, basically, nobody goes up there—unless you’re me and you like space.

I made my way up to the restroom near our gate and slipped in. It was a smaller restroom, but there were only two guys in there. Each of them were built guys, maybe in their 30s. They knew each other because I could hear they were talking and laughing until I turned the corner and entered. They got quite and we all looked at each other. One of the guys was at the urinal and his friend leaned against the wall next to him. I didn’t think much of it until I got up to the urinal next to him to take a piss myself.

Then a totally unexpected thing happened. The guy next to me wasn’t taking a leak. He had his cock out and it was pointed to the urinal, but it was semi erect and he kept stroking it. He was flicking it up and down. I don’t make a habit out of looking at other guys dicks while in a public restroom, Starzbet but his movements all but made it impossible to not see it. After the first glance or two it was clear that he was showing it off to me. Why not? I’m an average size guy in all regards, but this guy was big. Maybe it was only a couple inches longer, but the girth was amazing. The thickness of his shaft from the base to his mushroom head was like a coke can.

I flashed back in my mind to all the times I had thought of being with a man. All the times I found a friend sexually interesting. All the times I never had the courage to act. I love my wife, but I always regretted not experimenting. I tended to watch MMF porn and when possible with my wife I’d make sure the lesbian porn we watched would have strap on play. When I was alone I’d earmarked shemale porn. I always loved the power of cock.

His friend snickering out loud brought me back to the present. Apparently, my day dreaming and meat gazing went on to an obvious point. More than that, I was done pissing and my cock was hard. I was suddenly aware that my whole body was on fire in a lustful horny state.

His friend looked at me and asked, “You like what you see faggot?”

I was stunned and really didn’t even fully process such a comment. Me? Faggot? Like what? Yes. No. What was going on?

Then the man at the urinal turned to me, cock in hand, and said, “It’s ok. You want to touch it? Feel how big my dick is?” Waiting a moment and without movement from me he said, “It’s ok. It’s just us in here. My friend Tim will keep watch so you and I can have some fun.”

With that, Tim moved toward the entrance of the restroom area while my still nameless friend walked a few steps over toward a stall. Then he commanded me, “Come on dude, we don’t have all day. You come here and I’ll let you have some of this dick you’ve been staring at.”

What could I do? I mean, it was served up to me on a platter. I didn’t know what was next, but I knew Starzbet Giriş I was going to do whatever he wanted me to do. I was going to serve my first cock, and I hoped, earn his load. I was going to check off this bucket list item and then figure things out from there.

Stepping into the stall I reached out for his cock. It was dense and thick. I felt its hardness and began to stroke it as it swelled even more. It was hypnotic.

Then he rearranged us so I was sitting on the commode and he stepped up toward my face. Putting his hand on the back of my head he told me to, “Open up for your cock. Open up that hot mouth and be my cocksucker.”

I opened. I opened wide for him. I felt his ridged dick push into my mouth. It pushed until it hit my tonsils and caused me to choke a little. My once dry mouth started to fill with saliva and as he was slowly face fucking me and tears began to roll down my face.

“That’s it baby. A good cocksucker knows their place. Slow and sloppy to start is how I like it, but I’m a dominate face fucker at the end. You’re going to take it all.” he told me in a low voice. I was taking it. I began to bob my head in rhythm to his hips moving. I was loving the fullness I felt. I loved the feeling like I was sexually worthy. I was giving pleasure to this hard and powerful cocked stranger.

Then, instinctively, I reached up and with one hand cupped his balls to massage them and with the other wrapped my hand around the base of his cock. That’s when everything stopped. He was looking down and when he saw my hand his tone changed to a mocking one. He called out loud enough for his friend to hear, “Well, well, well. Looks like we have a cocksucking husband here. Dude, your married and sitting here with a mouth full of my dick. You are definitely my bitch now.”

I had forgotten my place until he said that. My ring. My marriage. My wife. Still, I wanted to finish what I started. I didn’t need to wait long for his opinion on the subject as Starzbet Güncel Giriş he started that throat fucking just then. It was a more forceful and his grip on my head was with two hands now. He was starting to smash into my nose and his cock head was being rammed down my gullet into my throat. The best part, though, was him starting to tell me about it.

“That’s it cocksucker. Take it. Take my dick. Suck it down faggot husband. I’m going to give you a belly of my cum to take back to your pretty wife. Suck it sissy.” were just some of the verbal lashings I got. I was breaking a sweat and was in a spiral of craving his meat and that dick pumping in my mouth creating a larger craving.

Then I felt his body tense. He pulled my head in and I felt his cock pulse. A warmer slick fluid filled my mouth. Any worry I might have had was erased as I loved the sweet and salty taste. He called out, “Take it you bitch. Take my seed. Tell your wife what a good cocksucker you are.” When he was done shooting cum down my throat he pulled his cock out and rubbed it all over my face. Smearing the trails of spit and goo I had in my mouth he looked down and smiled at me.

With one final smack of his cock against my check as he chuckled and folded his dick back into his pants. “Thanks.” Was his final word as he walked out and left me feeling empty, degraded and sad it was done.

I cleaned up a bit and rushed to my gate where my wife was waiting. She sprung to her feet to greet me with a big kiss. She pulled back after the initial lip lock and with a puzzled look asked, “What did you just eat?”

Thinking quickly I said, “You must have tasted some of the salted caramel from the ice cream I just gobbled down.”

Smiling back she said, “Yum, it tastes good to me.” as she licked her lips to grab each small bit of flavor.

We settled into our chair and I felt relief over the possibility of getting back to normal. That was until Tim and his friend walked up to our seating area just a few minutes later. I didn’t have much time to freak out as the agent announced, “If you’re feeling lucky, we’re now boarding Group 1 to Las Vegas.” My wife and I and my new friends, all stood to get in line. What a week this trip might turn out to be I thought.

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