kate 7 continued


kate 7 continuedWe went back down stairs, she sipped the tea which had now gone cold, make me another one please she saidI ran down and made another when I came back she was in the bathroom just taking her bra off, put it on the bath please she said,I watched as the bra straps slipped down her arms , and the cups slipped away exposing her breasts, her dark nipples erect, Her fingers went into the waist band of her knickers and pushed them down over her thighs until they reached her knees then she let them fall to the groundAre you enjoying yourself she asked, I was just staring at her beautiful body, sorry I said, she laughed and took her foot out of the knickers she the kicked the other foot shouting catch, as they flew into the air, I caught them , you can lick them she said,I laughed, and placed them in the washing basketEr excuse me she said , I wasn’t asking you I was telling you do it.I picked the knickers back up, Go on she said, I looked at the white cotton gusset I could see it was damp, I ran my tongue over it tasting and feeling my tongue slipping through the JuicesIs that nice she askedyes I replied she sat in the bath, wash my back she asked I ran the flannelover her shouldersand down her spineSlower she said what’s the hurry ? I washed her back for , she rolled on to her tummy, I washed her lower back she lifted her bum out of the water I continued to wash her looking at her bum hole as I washed her cheeks, lick me she said , I licked her bum cheeks oh yea she said, I placed my tongue on the base of her spine and slowly run my tongue down the crack, she moaned as my tongue rested on the soft flesh of her bum hole, I pushed the tip of my tongue inside her, she pushed her hips canlı bahis back deeper she said , I thrust my tongue inside her she pushed her bum herd against my face her hand appeared between her legs, she started rubbing herself ,I pulled back slightly,don’t you dare stop she she said, I pulled her bum cheeks wider, my lips touching her hole and pushed my tongue in and out of her ,She moaned and almost in a whisper she said deeper , I moved my face a little I could see her fingers rubbing herself,she let out a scream as she made it, Her hips slowly dropped back into the water, she rolled overGod that was amazing she gasped , come here and kiss me , I bent over the bath and kissed her, my shirt was soaking wet, my cock was hard again, wash my hair she said passing me the shampoo,i squirted it on her head and started washing her hair, No she said like in did to you her hand grabbed mine pushing my fingers deep into her scalp , I washed her hair twice then put the conditioner on,while I was doing this she asked me about me dressing up in her clothes, , why I did it, did I like it, and did I want to be a girlI told her that I had seen her pink bra and knickers in the washing basket one day and in was feeling horny, I had picked them up and looked at them then stripped off and tried them onWhat just the knickers? Well it started with them I liked how soft they was against my cock and balls, so thought I would try on your bra, She laughedI’m sorry I said, No carry onWell I looked in the mirror while I wanked, it turned me on so much I came in seconds,What you came in my knickersNo none went inside I promiseshe laughedSo you like dressing up then Yes I said as I finished rinsing her hairPass me bahis siteleri the pink razor she asked and started to soap under her armsPut them on she said pointing at her bra and knickersNo Kate I don’t want to feeling totally embarrassedChris do it! She demanded your mine now you signed the contractI took my clothes off my cock was rock hard again , I pulled her knickers up then put her bra onGive me a twirlI spun roundA www you do look cute she giggled come here she said I moved towards her she reached out and pulled the front of the knickers down took my cock and licked the head, I pushed forward, tryingto get it into her mouth, she pulled back, Oh no not yet she said, how do you feel she askedI want to cum I saidNo how do you feel now wearing my bra and knickersI feel silly I saidOK but are you enjoying it, tell me the truthYes I am I replied She started shaving her arm pits, would you like to dress like that all the timeNo I said I only done this when I’m hornySo you wouldn’t want to play football like that then she giggled, she started shaving her legsNo I snapped ,She laughed I’m only joking she said Sally was so jealous about me seeing you cum , So what do you prefer boys or girls I asked, Both at the moment she laughed So how do you feel about me dressed like this, does it turn you on ?No its not the bra and knickers that I like, its the fact I can make you do it , however you bum looks really sexy in my knickersShe stood up out of the bath and rubbed soap into her pubic hair, then started to shave the top of it.What are you doing I asked,Trimming my bikini lines she said,What I saidShe explained about keeping thing tidy down there, she said sally shaves all of hers off, and güvenilir bahis how nice it was licking a smooth fanny, the razor went between her legs shaving her lips crouching down as she did.She rinsed off the soap then stood up, their all nice and clean, pass me the towel,She wrapped the towel around her head, lick me she said as she stood astrideI got onto my knees looking up at her fanny, she had shaved from her slit right through and followed her legs creating a almost perfect v shapeI parted the lips of her fanny and licked her clit she leant her back against the wall and pushed her hips out then grabbed my head pushing me tight to her fanny rocking back and forth, her breathing getting heavier,she was close to cumming when we heard someone running up the stairsThen hearing her mums voice calling Kate Chris,Kate threw her self against the door and slipped the lock acrossa few seconds later the door rattled, Who’s in here Kate’s mum said? Me said Kate,Where’s Chris.?I don’t know Kate repliedWhat are you doing ?I’m having a pee Kate repliedHurry up I’m bustingWe heard her mum run up stairs to her room Kate unlocked the door quick go and pushed me outI ran to my room and tried to take the bra off but the clasp was stuck, I heard Kate’s mum rushing around upstairs then I heard her door close and her coming down stairs calling my name,I dived under my quilt and pretended to be asleep , my door burst open and Kate’s mum was tapping me calling meWhat I said Why are you in bed she asked are you ill No I was tired Come on get up I need to talk to you and Kateshe was picking up my clothes from the corner Come on hurry up she saidWell when you get out of my room I saidShe laughed you have nothing I haven’t seen before as she left my roomI pulled the knickers off, and pulled my arms out of the straps then twisted the bra round so I could get to the claspI threw the bra on the floor and got dressed and went down stairs

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