Live, Laugh, Locked Ch. 11


I was still daydreaming about letting Sean unlock me when I reached Howard’s front door. Despite how long it had been since I was last unlocked, my thoughts mostly dwelled on soft, romantic images, picturing exactly how I’d look up at him as I place the key in his hand and how I’d look into his eyes as he turns the key inside my lock, freeing me. Although, as I walked closer and closer to where I’d regain my key, my thoughts drifted more to how I’d struggle to hold myself up as he bends me over the kitchen table we’d just shared breakfast at. I still knew I’d never actually follow through on this wild fantasy, I’d drive back home and take care of myself in the privacy of my own apartment, but the idea just wouldn’t leave my mind.

All of the cars from last night’s party were gone and everything was quiet when I rang the doorbell. Once again, I was greeted by the housekeeper who let me in to wait in the entry while she told Howard I was here to see him. Standing there, my excitement slowly turned to apprehension as I remembered how he’d teased me the night before. I crossed my arms in front of me, preparing myself to stand my ground if he tried to make me do anything to get my key back.

Eventually, Howard walked down the stairs, greeting me warmly. I could already see the key in his hand and I relaxed slightly, feeling so close to getting a bit of relief.

“How was your night, Holly?” He asked

“Oh, it was fine. Thank you for inviting me last night.” I replied, eager to get past this small talk and get out of her with my key in hand. After so much time denied, I just blurted out “Can I just get the key and get going?” almost involuntarily. Just a few weeks ago, I never could have imagined being so forward with a subject like this. I’d handed over all of the power to Howard and I waited with baited breath for his response.

“Sure, I have it right here,” He said, handing it to me to my relief. “There’s a guest bedroom with a private bath down the hallway you can use. I’m here all day so feel free to take all the time you need.”

I blushed hard at his suggestion. Although the immediate gratification was tempting, I declined. “Thank you for the offer, but I think I can control myself enough to wait until I get to my own bedroom.”

“Oh. I must not have been clear, Holly. I can’t let you leave with that key. I don’t just keep spares around so that’s the master key for all the locks with your pattern. It will be a few weeks before I can get copies made since the shape is so unique. You can borrow malatya escort it here, but I can’t let you take it with you. You already lost one and if that one went missing, there’d be hundreds of belts with no backup.”

“What!? You weren’t ‘not clear’ you didn’t tell me that at all!”

“I know, that was my fault and I apologized already,” He replied, remaining infuriatingly calm

“Why can’t I just take it and give it back to you some other time? It’s not like I just threw mine away or anything”

“I’m not accusing you of throwing yours away, but I can’t let you risk the only backup for so many other people. I wish I had spares to give you, but there’ve just been so many supply chain delays lately”

I stood there silent, the key still in my hand. I thought about just turning and running to my car with it. Would he run after me to snatch it from my hand? Would he report me as a thief? My mind raced, imagining the burning embarrassment if the story got out about how I was desperate enough to run and steal the key.

Howard broke the silence. “Look, I get it that it’s not ideal but you can either use the guest bedroom here or you can go home and wait until I get copies made. That’s really all there is.”

I glared at him, my pride telling me to throw the key back at him, turn my back, and walk out the door. He already knew that I’d driven all the way up here to try to get myself some relief though. What bit of pride would I still be saving? I stood there for a moment, considering my options. There was no way I could wait possibly weeks without any relief, but I didn’t want to unlock myself in a near stranger’s spare bedroom. Howard stood there, waiting annoyingly calmly for me to make my decision.

A few moments later, the obvious third option dawned on me. I’ll have to just take a break from my belt entirely, just until I can get the replacement keys. This will set me back on my chastity goals, but at this moment, it was a little hard to remember exactly why those goals were so important to me when I ordered my belt those weeks ago. I knew that was still what I wanted, but right now I was overcome with the temptation. Eventually, I’ll have my lust under control, but I’m not there yet.

“Okay, fine. I’ll just use it here. Where’s that guest bedroom? I only need a minute though, I’m just gonna take it off and take a break from, you know, this until those spare keys are made.”

“Sure, if that’s what you want, but are you sure that’s a good idea, Holly?”

“Yes, escort malatya I am.” I replied, annoyed. “I think I can control myself for a couple weeks.”

“Oh, I’m sure you can, that’s not why I’m asking. It just doesn’t seem like a good idea for the famous chastity blogger to not wear her belt. I don’t know about you, but I’d be afraid of people finding out and thinking I’m a hypocrite.”

“Oh, I don’t think anyone will be checking,” I said with a small, nervous laugh.

“I just wouldn’t want to risk word getting around is all I’m saying. I know Mr. Gardner’s really enthusiastic about funding your channel’s new direction. Would he be as supportive if he doesn’t think you’re serious about this? Who knows? Maybe I’m not the best source of advice though; just your first video alone lead to a huge spike in belt orders. You’re basically my best salesperson, so I have my own interests, but it’s just something to think about.” he said, remaining as cool and calm as always

“Are you threatening me?” I fired back

“No, of course not. I’m just saying maybe you should think about what would happen if word got around that you couldn’t handle being locked”

“You are threatening me! How else could word ever get around unless you told people?” I shouted at him. ‘And I can handle being locked. I just don’t want to be without my key”

“Oh really? That sounds like something someone who can’t handle being locked would say. How long was your drive up here again? Hours? I bet being unlocked is all you’ve thought about for days.”

Near tears with anger, I slapped him across his face. He drew back, but quickly regained his usual composure, still looking calm with the power he held over my head. I just glared at him, waiting for whatever cruel thing he’d come up with to say next. Already, I regretted slapping him. He deserved it without doubt, but it was just one more thing he could hold against me.

“I understand you’re frustrated, Holly, but you know your three options. The key’s in your hand so you just have to make your decision. I have all day to wait if you need to think it through.”

I drew in a deep breath, letting it out in a sigh. There was really only one option. He was right, I couldn’t handle being locked so long — not yet at least — and my career would be over if I just left it off too. “Okay. You win. Where’s the guest bedroom?”

He lead me back the hall to the comfortable bedroom and showed me inside. “I’ll find you when I’m finished.” I said curtly, as malatya escort bayan I closed the door on him and locked it behind me. I wasn’t going to be polite and thank him for the hospitality, not after how he’s played with my head the past day.

I sat down on the edge of the bed, still fuming at him for not telling me yesterday that I couldn’t take the key with me, fuming at him for not having copies already made too, fuming at him for tormenting me and making me stay in my belt while I waited for the new keys. A little voice of doubt in the back of my mind wondered if I was wrong and maybe he was just trying to keep me committed to the goals I wanted to reach. I was almost sure he was just a sadistic bastard who enjoyed toying with me but all of my frustration made me doubt if I was thinking entirely straight just a little bit.

Slowly, my anger faded as my current situation sunk in. Despite Howard, I was alone, in private with my key between my fingers. I swallowed, feeling my throat tighten with excitement. After the long trip up here, I was finally on the verge of getting what I wanted. Nervously, I pressed the key into my lock, worried that there was yet another trick waiting for me. Maybe he’d given me the wrong key as just another play in his twisted game. I held my breath as I turned the key. The lock clicked open immediately. I was free. I sighed with relief.

In a hurry, I stripped my clothes off, wanting to feel totally unencumbered while I indulged my temptation. I had to make sure to savor each opportunity since I’d slowly be increasing my time of denial to finally break my addiction. Laying back, I pried the belt away from my body until it yielded enough of its grip around my waist to slide off.

I spread myself out on top of the plush, king sized bed and my thoughts slowly drifted away to fantasy. It was amazing how distant the fight from just minutes ago felt as I drew circles around my clit with my finger and massaged my breasts with my other hand. All of the men who’s fingers and hands I wished would take their place swam through my mind. I pictured their strong hands exploring my body, taking whatever they wanted from me. Even after they took all they wanted, I would give them even more. After so much time denied, I reached my climax quickly. I thought of Sean again as it hit me, vividly picturing him playfully holding my wrists down as he thrust deep inside of me.

In a few minutes, I’ll have to return to my belt. Although it’s not how I wanted it to go, I did want to be more pure, after all. I did start this all myself to break my shameful addiction and I still intend to. Right now though, I could just lay here and savor the feeling for a few more moments. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt my progress too much to get off just one more time before locking back up, right?

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