married life by Lucy part 3

married life by Lucy part 3
Part three.

Things were fairly quite over the next few months. I was now pregnant with our first c***d. We still went to parties even though I was 8 months pregnant, it was at one of these parties that I notice John showing a lot of interest in a young girl. She [Sue]was married to Dave he was the same age as myself [20] but she was only just 17. I saw John snogging her & they seem to get on really well. Dave asked me to dance but I didn’t fancy him so I made an excuse about being pregnant.
About 2 months later after the birth of our son James, we saw them again at another party. John kept dancing with Sue & I had a couple of dances with Dave but I didn’t let him do anything. As the evening went on I notice two young lads helping themselves to a lot of drink. It turned out they were the son’s of our host, Simon was just 16 & his brother Stu was 17. Stu was taller than myself & quite nice. I went & got myself a drink & started talking to them. Stu was home from college for the summer hols. I asked him to dance the music was fast songs so we danced & chatted with the odd hug or brush up against each other . Later they started playing slower music & Stu asked me to dance, the lights had been dimmed which made it more intimate, I saw John with Sue & he was snogging & feeling her boobs. I think Stu was a bit shy so I caressed his back & felt his bum. I looked up & kissed him, he was shy but new how to kiss & put his tongue in my mouth & he became more sure of himself & was touching my back & the side of my breasts. I was wearing a halter neck short dress that gave access to the side of my breasts. So he was able to feel my boobs. I liked him a lot & thought it would be fun to have sex with him.
Later that night I was talking to John, I asked him about Sue, he told me he fancied her. So I said I don’t mind if you want to meet up with her, you could bring her to our house next week if you want, I will take James out for a few hours so you can be with her. Are you sure you don’t mind he said, ok then I’ll ask her. John met Sue & brought her to our house while I was out, he had sex with twice that week & again the following week.
After each time of having sex with he was very open & told me all about it. I said I was glad he was having fun with her, I then asked him if he would mind if I met Stu for some fun as well. He was a bit surprised & asked if I wanted to have sex with him. Yes I think it will be fun I said. He then thought about it & agreed as long as he wears a condom.

I arrange for Stu to come over & John would take James out in his pram.
Stu arrived just after John had gone out. I took him into the bedroom & we sat on the bed, he said he was a bit nervous so I put my arm around him & kissed him slowly unbuttoning his shirt, sliding over his shoulders. Kissing my way down to his chest, licking & sucking his nipples. I pushed him flat onto the bed & started undoing his jeans sliding his zip down. Pulling the waistband of his pants down to reveal his already erect cock. It was quite thin & not to long maybe 6” I took hold of it & slowly rubbed it up & down, he groaned as I did this. I then pulled his jeans & pants off him, standing in front of him I lifted my dress over my head & took it off. I was now naked, kneeling between his legs I again took hold of his cock, with my tongue I licked around his balls taking them in my mouth & sucking them. With my mouth moving up his cock to I got to his foreskin using my tongue to tease him. I look up at him & told him not to cum, up & down I went on his cock with my mouth, he was pushing up into my mouth as I went down on him, he gripped the back of my head & I felt his hot sperm shoot into my mouth. I lifted my eyes & looked at him as I swallowed his cum. He started saying he was sorry for cumming so soon, I told it was his turn to make me come, kiss me all over I told him. He started kissing my lips working his way down to my breasts, I had to tell him to lick, suck & pull hard on my nipples. I was really frustrated & needed him to eat my pussy so I pushed his head down & told him to eat me. I don’t think he new how to do it but he tried. He was better at fingering & soon brought me to an orgasm.
He moved between my legs, I could see he was hard again I told him to put a condom on which he did them I took hold of his cock & guided it to the entry of my wet pussy. Slowly he slide inside I lifted my legs around his waist pulling him right inside. He started pounding me fast so I turned him over telling to slow down. I was now straddling him [love this position] & was doing hip thrusts which he seamed to like by all the groaning he was making. We rolled over onto our sides, he was thrusting hard into I could feel myself about to come I dug my fingers into his back & felt him coming as well. We lay there for a while then I went to the bathroom. When I got back he was nearly dressed. I asked, are you going. Yes he said, I had a great time & would like to see you again before I go back to college in two weeks time. Well we did see each other again in fact five times although John only new about three of them, each time was better than the last. Then off he went, back to college, till the next hols..

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