Mom’s Kids Rock


So there I was with a new girlfriend. We had been dating for about 4 months and the sex was great. She especially loved doggy style and I loved to guide my cock into her wanting, wet pussy from behind.

She had two kids, Lucy, her 19 year old daughter and Luke her 18 year old son. Lucy was a lesbian, but I’m sure she checked me out a couple of times. Luke was popular with the girls and often went out with a new honey.

Suzy, my girlfriend, was 40, but she had a great body. Her tits were a nice firm B cup with little sag. And she had a great pussy which she shaved bare. I was 37, and in good shape. I also shave bare and have a nice 7″ cock that stands proud.

One evening Suzy and I went out. The kids were doing their own thing. We had a great time at a club with a few drinks to liven things up. We were teasing each other the whole night with little sexual flirts. I was ready to leave so that I could sink my cock into her wet cunt when we got home. We both thought the house would be empty from kids so as soon as we got in the front door we started kissing and groping each other. I had loosened her top and had a handful of boob. I brought my lips to her nipple and sucked hard. She in turn grabbed my engorged member through my pants.

I started undressing her right there at the front door. Soon her top and her bra were lying on the floor. Then she slid down to her knees and unzipped me. She extracted my hard cock and started stroking. Then she lick around my head. It was divine to say the least. She then proceeded to insert my cockhead into her mouth sucking lightly. I leant back against the wall enjoying the attention. Then Suzy slowly pulled in deeper until my cock was deep in her throat. I could feel her tongue on my shaved balls.

I was getting near orgasm and told her to stop cause I still wanted to fuck her wet pussy.

We moved upstairs still teasing each other as we went. We got to her room and didn’t even bother closing the bedroom door as we were home alone.

She fell down on the bed pulling me with her. We started kissing and feeling each other up. Her nipples were hard and ready. I slid my hand between her legs and felt her wetness.

I pulled rokettube her panties down, making her completely naked on the bed with her legs open and ready for me. I stripped down and crawled between her legs. I opened her wet pussy lips and slowly licked from her opening till I found her clit.

I teased her nubbin with my tongue causing her to moan. Just before she orgasmed I stopped, teasing her. She looked at me and told me to fuck her. She then turned onto her stomach and lifted her ass in the air. I knew what she wanted. My hard cock deep in her pussy from behind. I lined up. Stroking my cock up and down her wet cunt. Then rammed it deep into her. She let out a loud moan and told me to fuck her hard. I grabbed her hips and started driving into her.

She was moaning loudly as I drilled her. Her face was hidden in her pillow. Then I heard a noise at the door. There stood Lucy And Luke. Lucy only had a blue lacy bra and panty set. Her hand was in her panty slowly stroking her clit. Luke had boxers on and his bulge was clearly visible.

I looked at them and motioned them closer. I leant forward and whispered to Suzy. “honey, we have company”. She turned her face and froze when she saw the kids. She was about to jump up when I drove my cock deep into her cunt and pushed her back down into the bed. Lucy came up behind me and pushed her breasts into my back. She kissed my neck and cupped my balls with her hand. I almost shot my load right there.

Luke sat on the bed next to his mom and grabbed her breast. His bulge was inches away from her face. She looked at him and asked what was happening.

Lucy replied from behind me saying they saw us come in the house and got horny. Then they heard our sexual moans in the room and decided to join. “we’re all adults here”, Lucy said.

Suzy said, “but you’re my kids!!”.

Luke said “Mom, I’ve wanted to fuck you for years and Lucy caught a glimpse of Marks cock the other day and can’t stop talking about it.”

Suzy moaned as I rammed her again. She let out a breath and took hold of Luke’s cock. She gasped realizing he was really large and thick.

Lucy continued playing with my balls while I fucked my girlfriend. asyalı porno Then I felt bare breasts against my back. I turned around slightly and caught the first view of Lucy’s 19 year old tits. They were magnificent. Her nipples were divine, hard and poking out with light brown circles. They were very pert and a perfect B Cup almost a C.

Suzy fished Luke’s cock out of his boxers and stroked his cock gently. Luke moved closer and looked at his mom. She looked him in the eye and slowly opened her mouth allowing the tip of his cock in.

Then she started sucking him in earnest all the way down his shaft. It looked divine. I had to do everything possible not to spurt my cum in her pussy.

Lucy put her hand around me and grabbed the base of my cock as I was fucking her mother. She told me she wants my cock in her mouth so that she can taste her mothers sweet pussy. I slowly pulled out of Suzy and turned around. I gasped as I saw Lucy full on. Her pussy was also shaved but she had a little landing strip just above her clit and I could see the wetness on her lips.

She leant down and engulfed my cock. She pulled it out again and told her mom that her pussy tastes divine.

In the meantime Luke took the chance and moved around to his moms rear. He rubbed his cock Along her wet pussy lips teasing her clit. Suzy looked around at her son saying, “Will you fuck me already!!!”

Luke slowly pushed into his mother, splitting her pussy lips open. She gasped as she felt her son’s huge cock enter her. I was watching his cock enter Suzy as Lucy swallowed my hard cock again. It looked so divine, my girlfriends daughter deep throating me and watching her son fuck her cunt.

I wanted Lucy badly. I pulled her off my cock and lay her down next to Suzy. Lucy looked at her mom who was getting rammed by Luke and said to her, “Mom, Mark is going to fuck my tight 19 yr old pussy now with his big cock. Suzy turned around to look at me kneeling between her daughters legs and said to me, “Honey, if Lucy’s pussy is anything like Luke’s cock you’re in for one hell of a ride.”. I smiled at her and while she was still looking at me I opened Lucy’s lips with azeri porno my engorged head and slid all the way to the hilt.

“Oh my word. You have a wonderful cock Mark. No wonder mom loves fucking you. It’s as big as Luke’s cock.”

I looked at her confused and she told us that brother and sister have been fucking each other for over a year.

That spurned me on even more and I started ramming Lucy hard. Her cunt was much tighter than her mother but she was also a lot wetter.

As I fucked her, Lucy’s tits wobbled gently. Showing that they were still firm and lovely. Suzy also noticed this and asked, through pants if she could touch them.

Lucy said please do. Lucy grabbed one boob and started pinching her nipple. Then suzy softly touched the other one. “lovely!!!” Suzy said. Then she surprised me when she moved over and sucked Lucy’s nipple into her mouth. Lucy groaned and I pushed deeper into her.

Mark pulled out of his mom after a few minutes and suggested the ladies get into a 69. Suzy said she’d never been with another woman before. Lucy said she should try, she’d like it.

They moved around a bit. Suzy climbing on top of her daughter, placing her wet pussy over her daughters mouth. Suzy spread Lucy’s cunt lips open slightly and gave a little lick. Lucy moaned and told her mom not to stop, where after she started eating out her mom.

Both Luke and I were watching with extremely hard cocks. We felt a bit left out so I came up with an idea to fuck them again while mother and daughter enjoyed each others pussies. I came between Lucy’s legs and Suzy took my cock and guided it into Lucy. Mark wasted no time and impaled his mom. Lucy sucked both her brothers balls into her mouth.

We fucked like this for 10 min until both ladies had cum and tasted each others juices. Then I looked at Mark and asked if he was ready to spray his cum deep inside his mom. He just smiled and we speeded up. Mark came first, pushing deep into his mother causing her to have another orgasm. I came about ten seconds after him, ramming Lucy hard and fast. Suzy flicked her daughters clit once more and she also came. We all collapsed on the bed, cum everywhere. The room wafted sex in the air.

After that night, I moved in and we would often have sexual parties. We all walked around naked as much as possible. I sometimes spent the night with Lucy, while Luke fucked his mother.

What a wonderful way to get it all.

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