PANTYHOSE PRINCESSPANTYHOSE PRINCESSIt was autumn 1978, a Saturday in late October, and I was working at a Chevrolet dealership as a salesman. Our doors opened at 10:00 am. We usually didn’t get much in the way of foot traffic until close to 11:30 a.m. on Saturdays. At 10:30 a.m. those of us working noticed a shiny new 4-door Olds Ninety Eight Regency pull-up out front. “Hmm, someone with a couple of bucks” I thought. A middle-aged man exited from behind the wheel as the front passenger door opened and a pair of nylon and heel clad feet stepped onto the asphalt lot. A stunning young woman stepped out of the car. She was a vision and immediately gained the attention of all five of us men as we looked her over through the showroom windows.She was tall and had a great figure. She was trim and her breasts were small, yet appropriate for her frame. In addition, she had a stunning head of long and curly chestnut hair that shined in the sun like silk. Two other striking features about her were her flawless complexion and mile long legs. She wore a short dress, Candies slip-on heels and oh hell yes, suntan pantyhose that glistened ever so slightly when the sunshine shone upon them. Because it was the 70s, pantyhose were everywhere and instinctively you just knew that this was a gal who always wore pantyhose.Two of us guys rushed to be the one to hold the door open for them. She entered first and then her companion. The man spoke and said “I’m a GM employee and my name is Rob Smith and this is my daughter, Karen, and we are here to buy her first car and of course I’m going to use my employee discount.” The first customer of the day was assigned to Jim so he had the enviable task of working with them. Jim asked Mr. Smith what kind of car she was interested in. Karen said she wanted a Camaro and that she wanted to order a ‘79. Jim told her that at present we only had one ’79 in stock and it was on the showroom floor and could not be sold until more inventory arrived. She began looking over the car as we guys sat around the showroom watching her with our tongues hanging out.Karen motioned to open the driver’s door but before she could slide behind the wheel Jim apologized sincerely and whispered to the Smiths that the Sales Manager did not want any shoes in the car as it was their only ’79. Karen would have to remove her shoes. She slipped her heels off and handed them to her father to hold as she slipped behind the wheel and adjusted the seat, rear view and side mirror and looked from side to side, over her right shoulder and repeated the process a few more times. Before exiting, she popped the hood release. Jim and Mr. Smith walked around to the front of the car. As Karen began to exit we were all treated to the erotic view of her stocking feet slowly exiting followed by more and more of her nylon clad legs. Once she was standing she gently shut the car door and walked around to the front of the car in her stocking feet.That did it for me. I was in full blown boner and I wanted to touch myself so bad. Jim had raised the hood and began pointing out the details of the engine. Karen said “Well, I like it but I have some questions about the pinstripes in the brochure and body colors. There are a couple of colors I want to see on an actual car before I commit on didim escort color. Do you have other cars in these colors I can see so I will know what the color really looks like?” she asked. Karen padded back to the driver’s side of the car and we were all treated again to a lovely view of her standing stocking footed on our showroom floor. She took her shoes from her father and slipped them on as she, her father and Jim walked across the showroom toward the main lot. As Jim, walking behind them, passed by us guys he mouthed “Oh Baby.”After 20 minutes or so outside, the three of them re-entered the showroom. They entered Jim’s cubicle and sat down to complete the ordering process. Karen new exactly what equipment she wanted and told Jim that she wanted to check off her list as he went through the factory order sheet. As they went through the order process Jim asked about financing. Mr. Smith promptly replied “Oh the car won’t be financed. She couldn’t get financing anyway, she’s only a senior in high school.” I think everyone’s jaw went slack when we heard that. Jim took it in stride and answered back “Really? You’re so mature for your age Karen. You certainly know what you want your new car to be.” Jim then queried Mr. Smith “So then Mr. Smith you will be titling the car in your name then Sir?” to which Mr. Smith answered “Yes.”Jim said “Karen a lot of people, and I mean a lot, are going to be envious of you getting a brand new Camaro for your first car.” Karen replied “I know. It is a big deal, price wise and model wise, but it is what I want.” Jim shook his head not knowing what to say when Mr. Smith said “I’m not sure where I stand on it. Her mother has reservations about it and would like to see her in something less attention getting but you are young only once and it is what she wants. She’s never wavered. I must admit, when I was young I wanted a Pontiac GTO in the worst way. I didn’t get one and I regretted it, so I might as well let her get the Camaro than listen to her saying how much she wished she had gotten one for the next 20 years.Somewhat abruptly Karen asked “Is there a restroom I can use?” “Yes, take the hall between the plants and receptionist’s desk straight back and at the end turn right” Jim directed. Karen stood and walked across the showroom as we horny men tried our best to pretend we were actually working and not lusting on her. I was leaning against a column pretending to be looking over a car brochure as Karen walked in my direction. I stole a couple of quick peeks of her over the top of my brochure. We are told to always greet customers so I promptly lowered the brochure and said “hello.” She said “Hi” back. I felt my heart skip a beat as she passed by me. I immediately had the thought “No way is she in high school!” Once she passed I looked her up and down like the 22 year-old horn dog I was. I could not be sure but I thought I saw a run in her pantyhose. Something looked off just below the hem of her dress on the back of her left thigh but by the time I really focused on it she was too far away for me to be sure. “Oh well, poor Princess, I’d have your pantyhose full of runs if I ever got a hold of you” I thought to myself.A few minutes later, as Karen emerged from the restroom didim escort bayan I believe I stopped breathing just as I saw her exit. Her legs were no longer suntan. “What! What’s going on here? No fucking suntan pantyhose!” Karen began walking toward me and as she did so I began checking out her legs. “Damn!” Indeed, she was no longer wearing her suntan pantyhose. As soon as she passed by me, I gave her legs a good hard look. “Whoa! What the…?” Karen was now wearing a different pair of pantyhose. The new pair was nude, so nude and super sheer that they were nearly invisible until the sun hit her legs. “Meh, they’re okay” I thought. “Her legs look great but I like the darker ones better. I like it when a chick’s pantyhose are obvious” I thought to myself.“FUCK ME! Hell yes! Shit!” Quickly I went for the restroom. “Those fucking pantyhose! Where are those fuckers? They are in there I bet!” As the door swung open I could see the wastebasket from the doorway. Lying in the can all by their lonesome was Karen’s discarded pantyhose! “OH FUCK YEAH! FUCKING A! FUCKING A!” I let whisper from my lips. I immediately brought them to my nose and inhaled deeply. My cock jumped so hard I thought I may spontaneously cum then and there in my white briefs. Her precious pantyhose smelled so feminine and well “dainty” for lack of a better word. I stuffed them in my pocket and proceeded to my locker where I stored them until I could retrieve them at the end of my shift.I was still rock hard and could not walk back into the showroom in my present condition. I entered the men’s restroom and ran the cold water. I placed my hard cock over the sink and began splashing cold water over my cock. I continued doing so until my boner was nearly gone.By the time I was back in the showroom, Karen and her father were gone. The other guys were talking about what a fox she was. One guy, Ted, said “Those legs! Whew! Imagine them wrapped around you!” Fortunately he didn’t say anything about her wearing pantyhose nor did anyone mention that the color of her pantyhose had changed. I was happy about that because if anyone had said something then everyone may have come to the same realization that her discarded pantyhose could very well be in the restroom. I could easily imagine the five of us fighting like a bunch of horned up frat guys to get our hands on those pantyhose.Once my shift ended I retrieved Karen’s pantyhose from my locker and went straight home. I got my tie, shirt and undershirt off but still had my slacks and briefs at my knees when I brought Karen’s pantyhose to my face. Mmm! Her smell and the soft scent of her perfume were intoxicating. I held them up by the waistband before me. They still had the silhouette of her feet, legs and ass. I looked the pantyhose up and down as I imagined Karen enrobed in them. My cock stood at full attention as it jumped spontaneously as each lustful thought entered my mind. The thought occurred to me “Why had she changed her pantyhose?” I brought her pantyhose a little closer as I slowly looked them up and down from toes to waist. I did not see any signs of damage. “Nah, she wouldn’t have?” I thought, yet secretly I was hoping she did! “Did Karen suspect she was driving us nuts and escort didim leave her pantyhose behind just to toy with us?” I wondered. I began slipping my right hand into one of the legs and worked my way down to the toe part. “Hmm, sheer toe pantyhose!” I thought to myself. I found no damage to that leg so I began inserting my left hand down the other leg until I reached its toe part. I turned my hand back and forth and discovered a very small hole near the toe seam and a quarter inch wide run along the sole of the foot. “Ha ha! So she got a run when she went stocking footed in the Showroom!” I thought. I brought my pantyhose covered hands to my face and inhaled deeply. No foot odor. Well, she had been wearing slides so it made sense there would be no foot smells.I began slipping the pantyhose from my left arm when I thought I noticed a difference in the appearance of the pantyhose on the underside of my arm. I continued to slide the hose down to my forearm for a better look. “I knew it! I knew it!” I said out loud. Where the sheer nylon of the stocking met the darker panty was a ping pong ball sized hole. A run of about five inches in length had unraveled down the stocking. “How did this happen?” I wondered. “I bet Karen snagged her pantyhose on the chair in the showroom and as soon as she felt them begin to run she made a dash for the restroom?” It made sense to me because if she had snagged them earlier the run would have been much worse by the time she changed them.FUCK! How I would love to suck her toes right through the hole in her pantyhose foot and stick my throbbing cock inside the hole on the top of her thigh! I lustily fantasized.“What to do, what to do?” my mind raced. I didn’t want to just cum on the pantyhose and then throw them out. No, there was no way was I going to do that. I was going to keep them for some time, a long time. I decided to keep my hands inside the feet and stroke my rigid cock. As I stroked I stood over my glass top coffee table. I would dump my load over the glass and keep the pantyhose free of cum. As I stroked I kept thinking about Karen and her sexy hose clad legs and feet, her incredible mane of hair and flawless complexion. “Damn! I have to have her!” I kept telling myself.I could feel my balls tightening and my cock was leaking precum like mad. Quickly I stripped the pantyhose from my hands and hung them around my neck and let the feet dangle in front of me as I continued stroking. “AWE FUCK!” I screeched. “Mmm, hmmm, uh, uh yeah!” I moaned. Rope after rope of cum blasted from my cock onto the table. I continued stroking even when I was spent just to torture myself for the pleasure of it.After washing my hands I headed for the kitchen and deposited Karen’s pantyhose into a small Ziploc bag. “Oh the on-going fun I’m going to have with these!” I said aloud as I placed the bag in the top drawer of my dresser. I headed for the bathroom to take a shower and jerk off again. While letting the water rush over my head I came to realize that I would be able to see Karen again. In a couple of weeks I would check the lists of arriving inventory and keep a lookout for Karen’s car. When she and her father would come in to take delivery of it I would make sure I was there. I let my mind wonder and fantasize that she would again be wearing a dress, heels and always sexy pantyhose. I also promised myself that I was going to be a little daring and try to engage her in conversation. I was going to make sure she knew I was interested in her but try to do so in the least threatening way. Mmm! Baby you’re going to be mine and in pantyhose always!

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