Subject: Secret Desire Chapter 28 Secret Desire Chapter 28 Unfortunately this is a fictional story … any similarities to actual people, places, events, or other entities is purely coincidental. The story involves gay sex between family members and their friends, and is written solely for the reading enjoyment of people who aren’t offended by material of this type! The content is not appropriate for minors of 18 years of age or younger, 16 in the UK, and 21 in some countries; or if this type of material is illegal where you live, please leave now The Author retains rights to and title to these submitted works. Please do not copy or use without the Author’s sole permission. Please be of legal age where ever you are to read this sexual material. If not please leave now. So get naked, drink lots of water and start reading. You may want to get a glass just incase you get thirst for some piss while reading. The Burgerland wasn’t that busy since it was already late in the afternoon, but the 4 of us certainly got the grills burning as we were all famished. But when we got to the table and took a bite of our hamburgers, we all were quite disappointed. They tasted like dry pieces of meat. “This is disgusting, we need to make these into boy burgers like we did in Cali” Ky said. “Boy burgers?” Ian asked. “Don’t worry straight boy, many a man loved our burgers.” Ky said. “So how do we make these famous Cali boy burgers?” Jonathan asked. “Just stroke some of your special sauce onto the top of your burger.” Ky said as he pulled the front of his shorts down and hooks the waist band under his now exposed balls. “you’re fucked!” Ian said but I watched him as he pulled his shorts over his already chubbing cock. Jonathan and I followed along and soon the 4 of us were stroking one out at Burgerland. Ky grabbed his burger first and then Ian, coating the top of their hamburgers with their thick ball juice. Watching them spew there jizz instantly triggered Jonathan and I to shoot nice sized loads all over the top of our own burgers. “Now you pass them across the table!” Ky said passing his burger to Ian. “What! I’m not eating your spunk on my burger.” Ian said looking at the burger in Ky’s outstretched hand. “Oh, so you’re into eating your own, is that it!” Ky said. Ian grabbed Ky’s burger and passed him his, just at Jonathan and I exchanged ours. They actually were really good, moist with a little bit of tang, and every one of us sat quietly for a few minutes enjoying or boy Cali burgers as Burgerland. That was until Ian asked Ky what they put on their fries in Cali! We all laughed hysterically. We were full, and just sat around talking finishing our soda’s that were the size of a liter bottle when a group of Ian’s college buddies bust into the restaurant. They were loud and just joking around with each other. “Hey Ian, what’s up bud. Nice party at the house last night! “one guy said as he and a friend came over to our table. “Fuck dude, it was wild. You should have seen the wreckage this morning, and I don’t mean the furniture.” Ian said. “I bet, there erdemli escort was a lot of willing and wet pussy there last night.” The taller one said. “Yea, I tapped a few of those after the crowed thinned out.” Ian said “Fuck, I got to piss dude.” The taller one said to his bud. “Ian I’ll catch you later.” “Yea, that’s the reason we came into this dump.” The other one said and followed his friend into the men’s room. Ky looked at me, and at the same time, we were out of our seats, following the two hot studs into the bathroom. We walked in just as they were walking up to the two urinals against the wall. They both turned and looked at us walking towards them. “Hey, I think those are broken. The manager asked us to come in and assist you.” Ky said as he got down on his knees and opened his mouth. I quickly followed suit. Both guys turned around with their cocks in their hands and looked at us. “You guys fucking serious!” The taller one said. “Yeah, we’re the urinals. So just piss in our mouths.” Ky said. “Fuck, I don’t care where I piss, I just have to piss now!” The other guy said, as he walked up to Ky and stuck the head of his cock in Ky’s mouth. The tall guy watched as his friend filled Ky’s mouth with piss, so he walked up to me and aimed his cock right at my mouth. The stream was hot and strong as it filled my open mouth. I didn’t dare move in and close my lips around the head, so I just gulped as much of his hot, yellow piss down my throat as I could. I moved my eye’s towards Ky and I could see that he was still gulping the piss spraying into his mouth, he too kept his distance, not wanting to spook the straight boys. And when they were finished they shook there cocks just as they would in a urinal, splattering us with droplets of piss. “Thanks guys.” They said as they walked out the door. I looked over at Ky just as he was leaning into me for a kiss and a high-five. “Fucking pigs!” He said. “Fuck yeah!” I said as we got up and walked back to Ian and Jonathan. The tall guy had stopped at our table again and was talking with Ian when we came back and sat down. Ian looked at us and smiled. “Joe, don’t you remember these guys from the game the other day? They were there under the bleachers in case you need them? ” Ian asked “Oh fuck yeah, I forgot about you two. You really like piss, don’t you?” He asked, not directing the question to either Ky or me. But we both nodded our heads and smiled. We hung around for another 20 minutes or so, but Jonathan had to leave as his girlfriend was due back any minute. And just before we were getting up to leave one of the bathroom boys friends came over with 2 large Burgerland cups and put them in front of us. “Thought you guys would like something for the road. So, we filled up a couple of togo cups for you. ” He said. I could feel the heat of their piss radiate through the cup. I took a big drink from the straw, and the most delicious piss flowed into my mouth. “Dude that’s fuckin great, thank you.” I said and took another long swig of their piss. tarsus escort We had to walk home, since Jonathan left with his car. Ian had to go back to the Frat to help clean up, so we volunteered to help as well. Once we got there a bunch of guys were sitting around the living room in their just underwear, or shorts. Two guys were hanging out completely naked watching the world cup soccer matches and drinking beer. But the most surprising thing was that the house was completely clean. “Grab a beer Ian there’s more than half a keg left.” One of the brothers said. “Who’s playing?” Ian asked enthusiastically as he went over to the keg and poured a beer in a large red Solo cup. “England and Denmark! England’s up by one” Someone called out. After getting beers, Ky and I pulled off our shirts and found a place on the floor to watch the game. It was pretty exciting especially hanging out with 10 or so naked or half naked guys, that were so into the game they didn’t’ notice Ky and I checking out there packages. And when 10 pizza boxes were delivered, it was like a mess hall as well all grabbed a slice or two and filled our beers for the umpteenth time. “I’m going to get take a piss and get a beer, anyone need anything.” One of the guys with just boxers on asked. I handed him my empty cup as he walked by, and he looked at me. “Who the hell are you? You’re not a bro, get your own fucking beer.” He barked. “I don’t want a beer dude. I want you to just fill this.” I said looking straight at the bulge in his boxers as he stood in front of me. “What?” he asked “Dude, he wants you to piss in the cup.” One of his brothers explained. “Why?” he asked totally confused. “Fuck head, don’t you recognize him. He was one of the yellow bands last night. And I think he relieved you once or twice at the game Thursday. “Ian chimed in. “You wanta drink my piss! Who needs a fucking cup.” He said as he pulled his cock through the hole in his boxers, letting it hang out freely. “If you don’t’ mind, I like the whole package.” I said and reached into his boxers and pulled his hairy balls out too. And then I opened my mouth just in front of the head of his cock and waited. Everyone watched as his strong, heavy stream of hot piss gushed into my mouth. I tried to keep up, but his piss stream was so strong it was splattering all over the floor. So I moved slowly forward, not wanting to spook the straight boy, and finally took the head of his cock between my lips and gulped down the rest of his golden nectar until he was done. But not without thinking of my thirsty boyfriend. When I felt the stream begin to wane, I kept the rest in my mouth, and when he pulled his dripping cock from my lips, I reached over and kissed Ky, draining the straight boy’s hot piss into his mouth. “Thanks dude, you want a beer” he asked since I just drained his bladder. “Fuck that looks pretty convenient, having some urinals right in the living room.” One of the naked guys said. And it was, they used us all afternoon, and when Ky or I had to piss, we recycled akdeniz escort into each other. It was almost a continuation of the night before. The game ended, and it was getting late so Ky and I said our goodbyes and headed back to our dorm. But after about 10 minutes my phone rang and it was Ian, asking us to come back to the frat house for a few minutes. When we got back, everyone was sitting around the table in the kitchen. They asked us to sit down, and Tripp introduced himself as the Frat house President. Both Ky and I drained his cock a few times during this afternoon, and during the game last week. “Guys, we happen to have 2 vacancies in the house that just recently became available and would like to offer them to you both.” He said. “Wow, thank you.” Ky said “But why us?” “Well, you guys are great to hang with, you support our soccer team, which more than half of us play on. And you make life easy for us.” He explained. “You know we’re gay right, and that Alex is my boyfriend? We would have to have our own room.” Ky said. “Well right now we have a bed in separate rooms, but…..” Tripp was starting to explain. “Hey, I don’t mind moving into Rick’s room, if he’s cool with that?” one of the naked guys said. Rick nodded his head in agreement. “Okay, that’s settled and as for being gay, we are a very open house. Sex is sex, whoever, wherever, whatever, we don’t judge. We just ask that you clean up your mess in the common areas.” Tripp went on. “We’re fucking pigs.” I said trying to be truthful. “As long as you keep the mess in your room, that’s your business.” Tripp said. “But we would expect you to continue to be our urinal boys if asked and as Ian mentioned maybe a place for some of us to get some relieve every now and then.” “Releive?” Ky asked. “They want to fuck you every so often, okay! Ian told us about what happened this morning, and we thought you guys would be a good fit for the brother’s cocks.” Tripp said. “So, what do you think, you could move in tomorrow. We don’t have a game, so we could all go to the dorm and move you in.” “Alex, what do you think?’ Ky asked me. “One more thing, I don’t think it would be a problem.” I said looking at the two guys hanging out naked. “We don’t wear any clothes when we’re in our dorm room, so I would expect that we wouldn’t have to wear anything here either.” “Guys as you can see, we are a very open-minded house, if you’re comfortable with your cock and balls hanging out, obviously we don’t care.” Tripp said looking over at the two naked guys. “However, we do have chicks in and out of here all the time, but if you don’t care if they see you naked, we certainly don’t.” “Well, what about initiation and hazing?” I Ky asked. “Guys, after the gallons of our piss you drank today, not to mention how you help us out on the field, I think the initiation part is done. Now the hazing will be another story, but we’ll get to that in the next few weeks. So, what do you say, shall we move you guys in tomorrow?” I looked at Ky, and we both smiled at the same time. “Fuck yea!” I get a lot of ideas from my readers, so if you like my story, let me know tell me of your piss play at ail and follow me on Twitter at dudepiss4me. Remember Nifty is a free service which relies on donations. If you enjoy the stories you read here, please donate however much you can. fty/

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