Sun, Sea, Sex, And…

Big Tits

This is the first of a series of stories I want to publish. This one is free! I hope you all enjoy it.



My watch beeped softly under my sleeping bag and I jerked awake and then groaned. My head was thumping, my mouth was dry and tasted disgusting. I felt thirsty and slightly nauseous. It was just another morning on holiday on the Greek island of Paros, and I was hung-over, alone and miserable in my sleeping bag. As always, my friend Andy had managed to get a girl the night before and had not come back to the tent we were sharing. As always, I had returned to the camping site alone, horny, and still a fucking virgin. I cursed myself and stuck my head under my raggedy pillow. I wasn’t ugly, I had a decent body. I lifted weights and did kickboxing. I knew I could be interesting and funny, I had plenty of friends who were girls who’d attest to that. So why was I so unlucky, night after night? Why could I never screw up the courage to simply hit on girls and hope for the best? I was hopeless, paralysed by insecurity. At the critical moment my courage would fade away and I’d be left standing there, stammering, while my target would shake her head in disgust and walk away. There were only three days left of my holiday, and it seemed that my fantasies of finally losing my virginity on the Greek islands were not going to be realised.

My watch beeped again, and I wrestled it out from under me and angrily switched it off. I had to get up, I had set my alarm so I could be out of my tent early enough to see the girls in the tent opposite mine. The three sexy young university students from Germany were the only bright spark in my holiday. Every morning they casually and un-self-consciously undressed and dressed outside their tent, showing off their youthful, beautiful, sun-kissed bodies to all around. I had not missed the show once in the week I had been there, and I wasn’t about to miss it now. I could hear them talking softly amongst themselves and laughing as they stirred in their tent. I unzipped my tent flap and ran out to brush my teeth, wash my face and drink some water so that I would be at least slightly presentable.

When I came back from the communal washrooms, only Annemarie had risen. She was the eldest and the leader of the group. She was tall and strong and athletically built, with muscular, long, slim legs, narrow hips, a flat stomach and small, almost non-existent tits. Her face was striking and handsome, with a wide, confident mouth, an aquiline nose and large, hazel eyes. Her light brown hair was always pulled back severely from her face in a utilitarian pony-tail, and while she showed her body off with as much abandon as her friends did to all the men at the camping, I was sure that she was at least bi, if not lesbian. Still, she had always been friendly towards me; I think she could sense that she was not my type and that I was not interested in her in that way. I still enjoyed watching her cat-like movements though, and her muscles smoothly gliding under her dark-tanned skin.

“Ah, Matthew, good morning!” she said. “You came back so late last night, I was not sure that you would be able to wake up this morning in time to greet us!” She winked at me, making it clear she knew exactly why I dragged myself out of bed each morning so early. “Liese was quite worried that you would not be up in time to say good morning to her,” she continued, “Clara and I had quite a time convincing the poor girl that you could be depended on!”

My heart skipped a beat. Of the three girls, Liese was my favourite. In fact, if I was to be honest with myself, I would have to admit that I had quite a crush on the petite blonde. Could she really be concerned with whether I would wake up early enough to see her? What did she care about an 18 year old gawky virgin just out of high school? I blushed at the thought and looked up to see Annemarie smiling cheekily at me. My heart sank, that explained it. She was just teasing. She turned away from me and bent over at the waist, presenting her firm ass to me as she flipped open her tent flap. My cock stiffened slightly in my shorts as I caught a glimpse of her pussy lips.

“Liese!” she bellowed into the tent, “your boyfriend is up and about and wondering where you are! And he’s blushing! It’s so cute! Quickly, come out and see!”

Liese stuck her head out of the tent and looked over at me and grinned. My heart caught in my throat. She was gorgeous. Not classically beautiful, but so vibrantly, radiantly alive that she glowed. She had smooth, lightly tanned blemish free skin, shining, mischievous blue eyes, sandy-blonde hair curling past her shoulders, a pert little nose and a full mouth that seemed always just about to burst into laughter. She came out of the tent and stood up. Like Annemarie, she was already gloriously naked, and not for the first time an image of the three girls sleeping nude together flashed through my mind and my already semi-erect dick stiffened ankara escort even further. Her body was fantastic. She was small, barely up to my shoulder, but perfectly formed and compact. Her high, perky breasts were much more than handful each and her ass curved up and round with lush feminine promise. Her stomach had the slightest hint of a womanly curve. Her arms and legs were strong and shapely. She looked like an athlete, but without the hard, somewhat masculine lines of her friend Annemarie. Liese was entirely and indisputably female, and I was completely in lust with her.

“Annemarie you are so bad!” she admonished, “Matthew is not my boyfriend! I am sure he has a girlfriend back home and thinks only of her!”

“Well the thought of his girlfriend back home doesn’t stop him from coming out to perv at us every morning!” joked a third voice, as Clara also came out of the tent. She winked at me knowingly. Clara was also beautiful, half German and half Filipina, her exotic looks and slight, almost boyish body had attracted the attention of all the men in the camping site. She was dressed, and holding a bag.

“I’m going to the supermarket before it gets too hot,” she said. “Would you like me to get anything for you Matthew? Maybe some new shorts? You’ll have poked a hole through those before I get back I am sure!” All three girls burst into peals of laughter and I was mortified.

“Hey, don’t be embarrassed!” chuckled Annemarie. “”You should be proud of that monster you keep hidden in there!”

They all laughed again, but even in my embarrassment I could sense that there was no malice in it. I tried to smile, and self consciously adjusted myself though my shorts.

“That’s better, smile a little” said Liese. “Hey, Annemarie and I are going to the cafeteria to have breakfast while Clara is out. Do you want to join us?”

“Of course!” I blurted out, and then blushed again. Mercifully, the girls pretended not to notice.

“Good,” said Liese. “Go and grab us a table while we get dressed and we’ll come and join you”.


When the girls finally arrived at the cafeteria I had already eaten and was reading a newspaper someone had forgotten.

“Sorry girls,” I smiled ruefully, “I was starving, I couldn’t wait”.

“That’s okay Matthew” said Annemarie, “boys your age have healthy appetites that they mustn’t deny. Besides, all those cute muscles need feeding!”

Liese slapped Annemarie on the arm playfully and walked off to the cafeteria line to get food. Annemarie sat down opposite me, holding an iced coffee. She lit up a cigarette and leaned towards me.

“Speaking of healthy appetites, Matthew, we’ve noticed that you haven’t had any girls with you all week. You’re not really staying faithful to a girlfriend back home are you? Liese would be so disappointed.”

“I have no girlfriend,” I replied, “and I know you’re just having fun with me but really, I know that Liese couldn’t care less if I have a girlfriend or not!”.

“Don’t be so sure,” Annemarie responded, glancing around to see where Liese was. “She’d kill me if she knew I was telling you this, but she thinks you’re very cute. Clara and I have been trying to convince her to seduce you, but she thinks she’s too old for you and that you wouldn’t be interested. I think I know better, Matthew. Am I right?”

“No way, this isn’t funny!” I sighed, getting a little irritated now. “Why would a girl as stunning as Liese be interested in a stupid little virg…” and I snapped my mouth shut. Annemarie’s eyes widened in surprise.

“You’re a virgin?!” she gasped, in a whisper. “Well that explains a lot! Wow, when Liese hears this…”

“NO!” I shouted, loudly enough for people at the tables next to us to look around in surprise.

“No what?” asked Liese, who had just come back to our table and was looking at us curiously.

“Matthew here was just telling me that he is a vir…. very interested in going to that beach with the caves you were talking about Liese,” said Annemarie, smirking at my distraught face when I thought she was going to spill my secret.

“Riiight…” responded Liese dubiously.

“You should go together, right now, after breakfast!” stated Annemarie. “No time like the present. No!” she barked as I started to form a protest, “Matthew, young man, I hereby appoint you personal escort and chaperone to my silly young friend Liese to visit the caves. God knows I found the whole idea mind-numbingly boring, and she’ll just get lost in the tunnels and starve to death if she goes alone. Don’t argue, you’re going!”

“I’m afraid when Annemarie gives an order, we must obey,” giggled Liese. “That is, if you don’t mind coming with an old fart like me!”

“No! I mean yes! I mean, of course, I would love to come with you”, I finally managed to choke out. “We can go on my motorbike; I’m ready whenever you are”.

“Great!” chirped Liese, finishing her fruit and springing up. “I’m going to put on a bikini and ankara escort bayan pack a beach bag and I’ll meet you out at the parking! This will be fun!”

As she disappeared around the corner Annemarie suddenly grabbed me by the back of my neck and pulled me close to her. I gasped in shock at her strength.

“Listen to me Matthew,” she growled. “This is a dream come true for a virgin like you. Liese is a free spirit, with a little encouragement from me, she will screw your brains out at that beach. I am going to tell her you’re a virgin, no objections from you!” she snapped. “If you come back and I hear you somehow messed up, I will take your virginity myself, and believe me, that will not be a gentle and fun introduction to sex! Your choice!”

“Why, why do you care?” I mumbled.

“Because Liese needs to have a good time, and because I too was a scared, insecure virgin once, so I know how you feel,” she retorted, and released me, pushing me back hard. “You’re going to become a man today Matthew, so stop whining and start acting like one from now!”


I was leaning against my rented dirt-bike when Liese came skipping down the steps from the entrance into the camping grounds. She was wearing tiny cut-off denim shorts that left half of her ass-cheeks exposed, and a bikini top that barely covered her nipples. She somehow looked more naked wearing those than she did when she was actually nude. Around me guys stared and girls frowned. My cock hardened in my swim trunks, but I did nothing to hide it. I figured that Liese would be pleased anyway. She jogged up to the bike and accepted the helmet I gave her.

“Would you fasten it for me?” she asked, and as I clipped the strap under her chin she took my hands in hers and kissed and then lightly sucked my fingertips. I felt a jolt run down my hands and arms directly to my crotch and I gasped under my breath. “We are going to have so much fun today”, she whispered, looking up at me hungrily. I wordlessly straddled the bike and she climbed up on behind me, wrapping her arms around me and squeezing my chest muscles. I could smell her coconut oil suntan lotion and underneath that what had to be her own scent, slightly spicy and earthy. “Let’s go sexy”, she breathed in my ear, and I started the bike and rode off, trying desperately to concentrate on the road and not on her hands stroking my body. Annmarie had explained to me where the beach was, right at the other end of the island on the uninhabited side, and we had to drive over the mountain of the interior to get there. It took almost an hour on the hairpin turns, but the views were spectacular, and Liese’s wonder at the beauty of the scenery was infectious. We stopped at a mountain village to buy local bread, cheese and fruit to eat at the beach, and while the old man outside the shop showed disapproval of Liese’s attire, the tiny old lady who served us inside smiled at us knowingly and whispered in her thick Greek accent, “You very lucky boy today I think, yes?” when Liese was out of hearing distance, and cackled at my attempt at an innocent expression.

We continued on with our supplies and soon reached the beach, which was a walk down a steep goat path from the dirt track. There were about 10 people on the beach, and as we climbed down the path I realised that they were all naked. When we finally got down to the fine pebble beach I was entranced. Just where the perfectly clear water started, the pebbles turned into blinding white soft sand, like I had seen only in movies or on tourism-posters. Liese turned to me with delight. “It’s incredible, you were so right,” I told her, “but I can’t see any caves”.

“Come with me,” she replied, and walked to the end of the small beach and then out into the water. I followed her around a small outcrop of rocks, the water reaching our waists, and then we cut back into shore to the cave mouth that revealed itself. The white sand went right into the cave mouth, and about 5 metres in formed a tiny beach. We walked up onto it and dropped our bags down onto the sand. Liese slipped out of her clothes and stretched up onto her toes, brought her arms around in a large circle to her sides. I gazed in wonderment at her perfect little body, amazed at my luck. She grinned at me. “Come on Matthew, take off your trunks and let’s swim!” She turned from me and ran into the sea, executing a perfect dive into the crystal clear water. I could see her naked form under the surface as she swam with strong, confident strokes. I quickly pulled off my trunks and ran in after her, clumsy and noisy compared to her graceful entrance. I splashed into the water next to where she was waiting for me and she laughed at my antics. I stood up before her and she stepped into my arms.

“Annemarie told me that you are still a virgin,” she murmured, her full, proud breasts pressing against my chest. “I can’t believe that the girls your age would be so silly, but their loss is my gain!” She pulled my head down to hers and we escort ankara kissed gently, testing each other. Her mouth tasted of the salt sea and slightly of the peaches and plums she had eaten for breakfast. The combination was intoxicating and I crushed her against me and kissed her hard. She squeaked in pleased surprise and took my rock hard cock in her hand. I groaned and jerked away from her.

“No, I am too excited, I will cum straight away,” I warned, but she reach out again and grasped it firmly.

“I know that Matthew, let me take care of you now, or you will not be able to relax and enjoy yourself, and that’s why we’re here today. Let me make you come now, and then we have all day for you to show me what a stud you are,” she teased. She looked up into my eyes as she stroked my cock. This close I noticed that she had a tiny sprinkling of freckles across her nose under her tan, which I found unbearably sexy. He dark blue eyes smiled up at me through her thick sandy-blonde eyelashes, and she leaned in and kissed my throat as her hand sped up on my dick. I shuddered and groaned with the sensation, and then she looked up and I kissed her. She moaned into my mouth as I grabbed her ass roughly with one hand and one of her tits with the other. I started to shake in her arms and she giggled into my mouth, pulling back just enough to whisper, “Come on Matthew, don’t hold back, give it to me, cum for me baby”. I gasped and she kissed me again hard as I suddenly exploded. I felt as if my whole being was spurting out of my cock into the sea, expertly jacked out by her sure touch. Her lips and tongue on mine, and her hand on my cock, made a perfect circle of sensation, a feedback loop that threatened to blow my mind with its intensity. I jerked and spasmed in her embrace, emptying myself into her hand. I trembled and shook as the orgasm ended, and she finally let go of my dick and brought both hands up to my face to hold my head tightly as she kissed me.

“Do you know that I orgasmed too, just a small one, but without even touching myself, when you did?” she smiled. “That was unbelievably sexy. Your face was so beautiful when you came, and I felt so powerful, holding you like that”.

“I’m… I’m glad, you think… so” I gasped, out of breath and light headed. “That was the most amazing thing I have ever felt!”

She giggled and dove into the water, surfacing to splash water at my still stupefied face. “Come on!” she shouted, “catch me if you can!” and fell back into the sea and swam out to deeper waters. I chased after her and we wrestled and played in the crystal sea, laughing and joking. Quickly though our games became more serious, and very soon I found myself holding her in my arms and kissing her deeply. I lowered my hand down to cup her pussy and she purred appreciatively. I started to rub her but quickly stopped, unsure of what to do and suddenly ashamed. She grasped my hand in hers and put it back over her pussy, hooking my middle finger so that it slipped into her. We both gasped together, it felt slick and hot and yet again I felt a direct line of sensation to my cock.

“Mmmmmm,” she growled, pushing the heel of my hand against the top of her mound and rocking my finger in and out of her hole. “Keep moving it like that baby, and keep kissing me, you’re doing great”. Her eyes closed and her mouth became slack against mine as she concentrated on the sensations from her cunt. She started to move more urgently against me, then grasped my hand in her’s and pushed it hard against her. “Put in another finger!” she gasped, and as I did she suddenly shook against me and grunted. Her eyes opened but they were clouded and unseeing as she climaxed on my hand.

“Oooooh god! That’s sooooo good baby, oh god I needed that” she panted. She gently pulled my hand away from her pussy and winced slightly, then smiled and kissed me quickly on the lips. “You’re a natural Matthew, I knew you would be. Let’s go back to the cave, I need you to fuck me, now!”

“Yes mistress!” I joked, and she pinched my cheek playfully.

“This is serious Michael!” she scolded me with mock severity. “You have turned me on so much, if you don’t take care of it and give me a good fucking immediately, I might have to go back around to the other beach and rape some poor innocent man there!” By now my cock was rock hard again, and she grabbed it and led me by it back to the beach. She lay back on her towel, spreading her legs and beckoning me down. I fell to my knees, gazing at her pussy for the first time so exposed. It was shaved except for a strip of blonde hair on top, just like in the porn flicks I had seen. I leaned forward to kiss it, but she grabbed my hair in her fists and pulled me roughly upwards.

“Plenty of time for all that later,” she rasped. “I need your cock in me now!” I reached towards my bag and took out a small pack of condoms, but she took them out of my hand and threw them back into the cave.

“Do you swear you are really a virgin?” she asked, staring intently into my eyes.

“I swear, my god can’t you tell?” I gasped.

“Okay, well then you trust me too, Matthew. I am clean and safe, I want your first time to be skin to skin. Do you trust me?”

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