Talking Past Each Other Ch. 02


Next Sunday, Julia left her mother’s house early and went to meet her at Aunt. She drove over full of excitement at the prospect of having a new experience with the older woman. At the same time as she left, the object of her desire, Madeline, had walked into her son’s room to wake him up. He slept on a large bed with heavy covers.

They had the kind of relationship where she didn’t knock, which is to say he was unemployed and not paying rent. When she went in, she noticed that his room was actually tidier. He didn’t fit the stereotype of a boy living at home with his parents, he was clean, if not neat. Realistically, it was the recession that had left him here, if he had been born 5 years earlier, he would have moved out a long time ago. But money was tight and she and her husband still had plenty of room for him.

And really that was only interfering with one aspect of their lives. And that aspect was that Madeline was expecting her niece to be here in the next 45 minutes stripped naked on her knees and willing to pleasure. That meant that James had to go.

She thought about this as she watched him sleep. He laid there probably naked under his sheets with just his torso exposed, he was handsome and muscled just like his father. Madeline was sure he would find some older woman to shack up with, and soon be able to move out of his parents’ place. She reached over and put her hand on his shoulder, shaking him awake

Suddenly, his hand grabbed her around the wrist and pulled her onto the bed, “I caught you!” James yelled, “like a Venus fly trap.”

Madeline could only shout as she fell onto the bed and James moved quickly to wrestle her on to her back. This was a game they played sometimes, but, with a young female guest coming over, Madeline was in no mood for it.

“James!” she tried to say sternly as her son tried to put her in a submission hold on his bed, “James, damn it!” she yelled louder. But he was just giggling as his hands began to try to flip her onto her back.

Madeline was a strong woman, and she had been an athlete. She was built tall but her son had upper body strength that she could not match. That said, she had tricks that she could use to beat him when he tried to overpower her like this. She quickly rolled onto her side away from him and jabbed her fingers directly in his stomach.

James pulled back and got away from her “Ow,” he said, “that hurt.”

Madeline got up on her hands and knees in front of him: “not as hurt as you’re going to be unless you get out of bed and get over to your aunt’s place.”

James smiled and shook his head, “oh Mom, alright I’m getting up.”

He stood up and he was completely naked, a trick that he would use to embarrass her, Madeline rolled her eyes. His large member swung between his legs.

“I’m going to go grab a shower, you don’t need it, do you?” James asked her while pulling a towel off the shelf.

“You’re just going to be doing yard work, why do you need to shower?” Madeline asked.

“I need to feel fresh,” James said, “I will be quick.” And with that he took his naked frame of the door and towards the bathroom. Madeline sat back on her ankles on her son’s bed, she kocaeli escort had never been more ready for someone to put their lips between her legs. Luckily, she would not have to wait long.

Wendy wasted no time in putting James to work that day. He arrived with a half smile on his face, expecting a day of laying around in bed, testing out things that he had seen in porn. Instead, Wendy put him right to work in the backyard. The first thing she had him do was to turn over a stretch of garden.

He put the shovel into the hard ground, pulled the handle back. Fuck, he thought, this was going to be real work. He looked around; the fences of his aunt’s long yard were so high that he couldn’t see the neighbor’s roofs from where he stood. Why build that high?

He pulled off his shirt and hung it on a patio chair, he was already starting to sweat. He went back to work. Soon after, he heard the back door open behind him, his aunt was coming out.

He turned to look at her, she was wearing a loose white sundress and he could tell that she had nothing on underneath. She was carrying out to him a large water bottle and a bottle of sunscreen.

“Did you put sunscreen on?” she asked.

“No, I didn’t, Aunt Wendy,” he replied leaning on his shovel, “I didn’t think I needed it.”

“You know, I may be letting you fuck me but I’m still your aunt. If you’re going to be out here like this, you need sunscreen.” She put the bottle of water down on the ground, and she spread some sunscreen on her hands.

“Alright,” James said. He turned his back to her and held his arms out.

The cream felt cold as she spread it all over his muscled back and shoulders. Everywhere she touched sent tingly waves through him, he hadn’t been touched by a woman since last week. He felt himself relax, and when she finished with his back, she went over his arms, and then moved to his chest.

“I can reach that spot myself,” James said coyly.

“Don’t make me ask you,” she looked slightly embarrassed. He loved it when she looked shy, like a much younger woman. He kept quiet as she continued to slowly spread the oil over him, tracing the contours of his pecs and his stomach muscles.

When she got done with that, she started to put sunscreen around his waist. “Could you undo your belt?” she asked. “I want to make sure that you don’t have any kind of tan line.”

James thought that didn’t make much sense, but he undid his belt.

With the belt out of the way, she worked her fingers under the hem of his pants. She pulled them down slowly, and he stepped out of them. His cock was half erect as she poured more sunscreen into her palms.

She put her arms around him with one on either side of his hips, and began rubbing the lotion on to the cheeks of his firm ass. She put her nose to his chest and inhaled deeply.

“MMM, coconut,” she breathed into his chest

She slowly lowered herself to the ground and started on one leg and then the other, sensually rubbing oil into each in turn. As she did this, she moved her face in to nuzzle his cock, kissing it, and brushing it against her cheeks.

She stood up slowly when she kocaeli escort bayan was done, running her tongue from James’ sac up his shaft.

“You know,” she said with her head down and her eyes up, again like a shy teenager, “if you want to just work out here naked, you could do that. That’s why I built the fence so high. I like being naked out here.”

James replied, “I could do that, if you are willing to do the same, so that I have something beautiful to look at while I’m working.” As he spoke she had begun putting sunscreen on her hands again.

“I would be more than happy to, but let me just first make sure that the most important part of my darling nephew doesn’t get a sunburn.” And she began to rub lotion on to his erect cock.

She cupped the balls in one hand, fondling them gently, with the other she moved up the shaft, slowly at first, but then with increasing speed. James shuddered at her touch.

“James” she said, “if I’m going to be out here for a while you should probably put some lotion on me.”

James ran his hands over her white dress, finding the zipper in the back. Putting his arms around her, he unzipped all the way down to the small of her back. He opened the dress and ran his hands up her sides, pulling the fabric off of her shoulders. As he touched her, she buried her head in his neck, kissing his oiled skin. All the while, her hands continued to pleasure him.

He slipped the top of her dress off, and it began to hang loose around her waist. He took the bottle from his aunt, poured sunscreen into his hands, and began rubbing it over her soft flesh. He covered her back, tracing circles, then he did her shoulders and her arms. When he was done, he motioned for her to turn around, and he began rubbing the sunscreen over her beautiful, soft breasts. She kept up for grip on his cock with one hand and started rubbing it faster, as he began kissing her neck and sucking on her ear lobe.

She began moaning, with her own pleasure increasing as his hands massaged her sensitive chest. She was going faster and faster, stroking his cock.

“I’m going to come,” he said, pushing his hands forcefully across her slick chest.

“Come for me darling,” she whispered. She felt his cock tense up, and soon it was firing a load of come into her garden. James squeezed his aunt’s breasts and jammed his face into her neck, but soon his hands relaxed and then were softly rubbing her oiled chest.

“Wow,” James said.

“You made a lot of noise. I wonder if the neighbors heard you.” Madeline said, she bent down and kissed the tip of his cock. “Thank you,” she said to his cock.

“Huh, it looks like I came in your garden,” James said, pointing at his jizz on the ground.

“It’ll probably be good for the plants,” she said, turning around, “I’m going to pull up a lounge chair to watch you work.” She put her hands on her hips, pulling down the sundress that hung loose at her waist, when bent over and stepped out of it.

James was stopped by the sight of Wendy’s lithe body in the sun. “I could lotion the rest of you.”

“Nope, I can handle that, I actually want the work to get done. Also, I escort kocaeli do want to watch you do it.” She bent over with her back straight, giving him a full view of her ass and pussy, and picked up the bottle of water she had dropped earlier. She took off the cap and took a big drink, letting water flow out of her mouth and flow over her oiled tits. She put the cap back on and threw it to him. “Stay hydrated.”

She pulled out one the patio loungers and began oiling her legs, watching James wearing nothing but boots and socks, struggling with the dirt.

“There are important differences, but a woman’s orgasm is like a man’s.” Madeline told her niece, with a tone of authority. She was sitting on the sofa in the living room, completely naked, while Julia was on her knees in front of her with her head firmly between her aunt’s open legs. She had one arm wrapped under Madeline’s leg for support, and the other she used to hold open the folds of her aunt’s pussy lips to slip a finger in now and again.

Julia wore nothing. She had been told to strip when she walked in and her clothes were still in a pile by her shoes. Madeline had placed a mirror strategically in front of the sofa and now she watched Julia’s round bottom sitting submissively on her heels in the mirror that faced the sofa. Julia’s back arched into her work, and her muscles moved with every lick of her eager tongue.

“You have to work up to it. An orgasm, when it is achieved quickly, can be pretty weak. But if you build up to it, if you tease a little bit, if you almost get there and then stop and then come back. It’s going to be very strong and very satisfying.” Madeline inhaled as Julia’s tongue sent a shiver of pleasure through her body.

She stroked her niece’s hair, “You are a very good girl.” Julia ran her tongue over Madeline’s clitoris, going up and down slowly.

“Mm mm hmmm,” Julia hummed into the vulva. 10% of her still thought that this was crazy. She had never for a moment thought of herself as gay or even bi, but here she was, on her knees, taking orders from this amazon woman. The other 90% of her was focused on providing the best orgasm she could. She began to suck her aunt’s clit.

“Yes, you are.” She watched her niece’s head move slowly from side to side, while petting her golden hair gently as a kitten. “Most men,” she continued, “like a woman down on her knees. Maybe it’s about power, maybe it’s just about the angle, but whatever it is, the best position for a blowjob is for a woman to be on her knees.”

Julia continued on, moving her unskilled tongue, feeling it’s tip over the soft flesh of Madeline’s pussy, looking for that hit of pleasure. “Oh, right there,” Madeline said. “Yes, work that spot… that spot.”

Madeline began to quiver as Julia traced a slow circle around a button. She could feel her aunt digging her fingers into her scalp as she let go of the tension and began to shake into a small orgasm. Her body shook and her muscles tightened, and she let out a low moan. As Madeline released her hair, Julia slowed down but kept up the pressure with her tongue.

Madeline started stroking her hair to let her know she could stop. Julia was surprised when Madeline bent down to kiss her on the lips, wet with pussy-juice. “That was good Julia, but I think we can do better.” Her niece looked up at her, disappointed. “That’s okay baby, we can always do better.” She motioned for Julia to stand. “Let’s grab something to eat and we can take a shower.”

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