The pastor’s family 6

The pastor’s family 6

So, dinner was over, and we were headed home. I look at my phone and
instead of replying sorry to Chase, I had replied SO and not sorry. The
reply and me now answering his texts made him go off and I now had over 20
texts from him. I texted him and tried to explain what had happened, all he
replied was be ready for me tomorrow. I replied back ok. Chase wasn’t that
big, and I managed to suck him off pretty fast last week in the dark room
at church. We got home, I went and showered and changed. I laid in my bed
and was going to listen to music, but instead, I started watching a movie
on my iPhone. My movie ended, and Luke still wasn’t home. I got in bed and
turned out my light. The next morning, I woke up and showered and got
dressed for church. I went downstairs, and mom was making French toast. We
spoke, and she asked if my brothers were up and I said I wasn’t sure. She
sent me back upstairs to make sure. I went to John’s door and knocked, and
he opened the door. He was dressed and headed out the room. I went to
Luke’s door and knocked, no answer, I pushed the door open and heard the
shower running. I walked to the bathroom, called him and walked in., He was
in the shower. I said mom said to hurry and come down form breakfast. He
pulls the shower curtain open and I see him dripping wet and naked. I am
always amazed at his body and his muscles. But my eyes always fixate on his
crotch and his cock. Even soft, he is much thicker and longer than I am. He
says ok and closes the curtain. I head out the bathroom. I stop in his
bedroom and reach into my pants and boxers, seeing Luke naked has me all
boned up. I pull my dick up, so it is in the waistband and held up so no
one notices I am hard. I sit down and eat my breakfast and John is talking
to mom about them being gone. They leave tomorrow while I am in
school. John looks at me and tells mom, he will make sure things go smooth
while they are gone. He winks at me and I have no idea why. Luke finally
joins us at the table. Mom is telling him what she expects of him while
they are gone. I feel his hand pushing something into my pocket under the
table. Mom calls to me and we head out. As I walk to the car, I reach in my
pocket and pull out what Luke has given me. It is a tube of lube and a wash
cloth. I put it back in my pocket and get in the car. Sunday school is
boring and taking forever. Finally over, I go to the bathroom and text
Luke. I ask him what’s the lube for. His reply is go to the multipurpose
room now. I will meet you there. I head towards the very back part of the
church. It has long hallways with many doors lining each side. These are
the old classrooms, that are now used for groups and projects. I turn down
another hall and see Luke near the end of the hall. I get to him and he
said get in there, leave the light off and don’t ask questions. He doesn’t
know that I know who was in there last week. He also doesn’t know that I
was supposed to meet him yesterday. I giggle to myself and open the
door. Luke pulls the door closed behind me. Once again, I am in the dark. I
reach out and I feel a hand grab my arm. And then the light from a
cellphone lights up a small space and I see Chase. He is holding a finger
over his mouth telling me to hush. He whispers to me, get on your knees. I
drop down to my knees and start to undo his pants. I reach in and pull out
his cock and start sucking. In no time, Chase is fully hard and pushing
into my mouth as I am sucking. I have my hands on his butt cheeks as he
fucks my mouth. I am sucking, and he pulls out my mouth. He pulls me to my
feet and asks if I brought anything. I pull the lube and wash cloth out my
picket. He grabs the lube and opens it. He lubes up his cock, and I realize
what he has talked to Luke about. He intends to fuck me. I reach for the
lube to put some on my ass, but he pulls my head towards him and whispers,
drop your pants and boxers, bend over and grab your ankles and don’t
move. He pushes my head away. I get my belt unbuckled and my pants
unbuttoned and unzipped. I bend over and grab my ankles. I can feel my
cheeks slightly spread and I feel so exposed, even in the darkness. I stand
there bent over, holding my ankles for what seemed like forever, and then I
feel Chase as he grabs my ass, I feel him get repositioned behind me. His
finger is between my cheeks and rubbing cold lube on my hole. He pushes on
my hole and I feel the fingertip slip inside me, lubing my hole for him to
fuck me. The fingertip is pulled back and then I feel the blunt head of his
cock at my hole, and then I feel the pressure. Chase is pushing but my
hole isn’t opening up because I am nervous. I feel his hands go to my hips
and grab me. Then, in the completely dark room, I see stars. Stars because
he has held my hips and forced his cock inside me. All the way. As I said
before, he isn’t huge, but the feeling of him going all in at once was a
shock and I grunt loudly. Chase starts thrusting. No time for me to adjust
to him inside me. Each thrust brings a grunt from me. i am holding onto my
ankles still and he has a death grip on my hips as he pulls me back onto
his cock each time. I am starting to feel pleasure with each stroke, but in
this position, I can’t reach my cock. More thrusts from Chase and I feel
the power behind each thrust getting stronger and I know the end is
near. Balls deep he plunges into me and holds, His cock pulsing inside me
and covering my insides in his teenage load. He finally pulls out of me. I
stand up and I feel him pushing the wash cloth between my cheeks. He leans
close to me and whispers, Luke wants you to keep this load inside you until
you get home. I pull up my pants and I hear the door open and close. Chasse
has left. I walk and open the door. Luke grabs me behind the neck and says,
did he shoot of in your ass and I nod yes. Luke tells me to go to the
bathroom and put the wash cloth in my boxers, so I don’t leak on my
clothes. I say it is already there, Luke pulls my face to his and gives me
a very deep kiss. Then he says, you are riding home with me. After the
sermon, come to my car. Then he tells me to get to preaching before I am
late. I start to walk off, Luke says remember, No one knows anything about
this. I keep walking. I go in and take my seat next to mom. She says you
were almost late. Where you been. I said I was talking to a friend and lost
track of time. My dad gets up and starts the sermon of the day. As dad is
nearing the end, he makes the announcement that he and my mom will be going
on the missions trip and he has arranged for an aspiring young preacher to
cover for him while they are gone. Finally, he dismisses church and invites
everyone over to the fellowship hall to meet the man and his fianc? that
will be preaching. I head out the door and make my way to Chase’s
car. Along the way, I see Chase heading my way. I turn and go in the
bathroom and he follows. There is an older man at a urinal. I take the next
urinal. Chase stands at the sink and washes his hands. The older man
leaves, and Chase says in a low voice that he enjoyed today, and he wants
it to happen again. I just nod. He says he knows a place and that he will
text me this week, He turns and leaves. I wash my hands and leave. Chase is
already in the car when I get there. I get in and he said damn your ass is
slow today, and we leave. He is speeding and headed towards our house. We
get there, and Luke says go to my room. In the house and upstairs. I walk
in Luke’s bedroom and he has already pulled his shirt off and his pants are
dropping to the floor now. He tells me to get undressed and lay on the
bed. I strip and head to the bed. I know that he is about to fuck me, and
he is going to use Chase’s cum as lube, so he doesn’t have to loosen me
up. I lay on my back and Luke says roll over. I roll over on my
stomach. Luke grabs his boxers and wipes between my cheeks. Then pulls my
cheeks apart, I close my eyes and push my head into his bed and wait for
him to fuck me. That’s when I feel his face. He is rimming me. He has his
tongue in my hole. My hole still has Chase’s cum in it. Luke is pulling my
hips back into his face and licking my hole. He is wanting Chase’s load. I
look over my shoulder and see my muscular older brother with his head deep
inside my ass eating out his friend’s cum out of my hole. I reach under my
belly and start stroking my cock. Luke pushes my hand away and grabs my
little dick. He starts stroking it for me. he pushes my balls up with each
stroke and I am loving it. Luke finally stops the assault with his tongue
on my ass but keeps stroking me. I am on my hands and knees and my brother
is stroking my cock. I look back between my legs and I see Luke’s hand
stroking me and I see him stroking his own cock behind me. Luke tells me to
turn over, I turn over on my back and then it happens, Luke leans over and
takes my little dick in his mouth. At the same time, 2 fingers push into my
hole. What has him doing this to me? he fingers know the spot and he starts
working on it. I feel I am c lose and I tell Luke I am about to cum, but he
doesn’t stop sucking, oh my god, my older brother is going to let me cum in
his mouth. I start shooting and Luke keeps sucking. I am done, and Luke
looks up at me and smiles, and moves towards me. He leans down and kisses
me and then I feel it. He pushes his tongue in my mouth and I feel my cum
leaving his mouth and rushing into mine. He kisses me, and I swallow. We
make out for a few minutes before Luke says he needs to cum before mom and
dad get home. I say ok and pull my knees to my chest. Luke grins and starts
to get in position. I look up as his hard-muscular body is looming over
me. He aims his cock at my hole and pushes the head at my entrance. Luke
leans over and kisses me and pushes into me, I try to push hum back, but he
grabs my face and keeps kissing me and I am moaning and trying to push his
very thick cock back out. I am almost screaming as he is kissing me and
then I feel his balls rest on my ass, I know he is all inside me. I start
to relax and try to adjust to him, he senses my hole relax and he thrust
forward to get every last part of that cock in me. Luke pulls his mouth
away from mine and smiles. He tells me to hold on around his neck. I wrap
my arms around his neck and hold on, Luke lifts me up. I can feel his hard
biceps and his neck muscles flexing as he carries me towards the wall. My
back is pushed against the wall and immediately, Luke starts to thrust into
me. every time I start to come down the wall, his thrusts push me back
up. I have never felt anything like this. It is almost like he is possessed
by a wild a****l with his thrusting. Finally, Luke pulls out of me and I
drop to the floor. Luke heads to the bed and tells me doggy style, now. I
get on the bed on my hands and knees. Luke mounts me again and starts
fucking. He is so much bigger than I am that he is pushing me further on
the bed with each thrust. Then he tells me to put my hand behinds me. I
lay my face on the bed and put my hands behind me, Luke grabs me by the
wrists and now he is using my arms to pull me back onto his cock each
thrust pushes me forward, so he can yank me back harder. This is the
hardest he has ever fucked me. my arms are hurting, my ass is throbbing,
and Luke is like a machine and still pounding. He lets my wrists go and my
arms drop beside me, Luke pushes hard on my back and I am forced flat on my
belly, that’s when he goes into double time. His ass pounding his cock into
me. He snakes his arms under me and I am now in a bear hug, my older
brother laying on my back fucking me. His head beside mine. The entire time
he is saying take that cock in your little hole, letting your older brother
use this ass. Over and over, like he was giving a pep talk. And then I feel
Luke lunge forward and drop all his weight onto me. He is covered in sweat
and I can feel him twitch with every spurt of cum he is shooting inside my
ass. Finally, Luke stops and just lays on my back. He is breathing like he
just ran a marathon. His breathe in my ear and I can hear him calming
down. He starts to talk. He says how much he enjoys what we do and how much
he can tell I like it to. He said that he could be in big trouble if anyone
found out any part of what was happening. But then he said no one will ever
know but me and you and John, right. And when he says right he pushes into
me again, letting me know he was still deep inside me. I said I wouldn’t
tell anyone, but what about the guy at church. Luke says don’t you worry
about that, I look turn my head and look into my brother face very close to
mine and I say, I know its Chase. Luke asks why I think its chase. I tell
him how I found out and how we were supposed to meet and everything. I
don’t want any secrets from Luke. So, I am honest with him about Chase. He
says just never talk about anything that happens at home with him. I say
ok, Luke lifts up his chest off my back and the air is cold as he has left
my back wet from his sweat, Then I feel his cock slipping out of me. I feel
his mushroom head as it pops out of me, and he slaps me on the ass, join me
in the shower.

We both walk naked to the bathroom and Luke starts the shower. We get in
and I wash my hair, Luke is behind me washing. I rinse my hair and turn to
grab the soap. Luke puts his hands on my shoulders and pushes me to my
knees. He looks down at me with that evil smile and says this is where I
belong. I open my mouth and move towards his cock, and I hear mom knocking
on my bedroom door. I yell, I just got out the shower. I rinse off fast
and jump out the shower and leave Luke alone in the bathroom. Mom yells
through my door and says your father wants to see all you boys in his
study. I say ok, I dry off and walk to the bathroom, Luke is drying off and
I tell him dad wants to see us. I get dressed and go tell John. Finally,
the three of us head down stairs to my dad’s study, John knocks and opens
the door. We walk in and I can tell my dad is pissed. We sit down, and dad
just looks at us. And then he starts. He is pissed we did not go over and
met the Stone’s, that’s the couple that are filling in at the church. He
can’t believe how rude we behaved and on and on. Finally, the lecture is
over. I head to the kitchen. I am starving. Mom says sorry, but I am not
cooking. Me and your father are meeting the Stone’s. You boys are on your
own. John starts fixing a ham sandwich. I go to do the same and Luke says
come on let’s go get a burger.

We jump in Luke’s car and head to the burger shack. Luke is talking as he
drives and talking about how we make each other happy and again, I bring up
Chase. I ask him why he makes me do stuff with Chase. Luke just says he
will explain it to me later, but he is happy that I know its chase and we
don’t have to do it in dark rooms anymore. I tell him Chase is going to
text me this week to meet up. Luke says that’s great, just make him
happy. We grab burgers and eat in the car. We drive to the mall and Luke
says be cool and follow me. We go in and we go to Abercrombie and Luke
picks out a shirt for me and some jeans. I tell him I can’t afford it, and
he said he will buy it, just get what I like. Luke has never bought me
anything. I go in and try on the clothes and come out, Luke tells me the
pants aren’t right and he goes and grabs a different pair. He hands them to
me and I go back in the dressing room. I come out and he looks at them and
gives me a thumbs up. The lady said I will meet you ate the register and
she leaves. Luke walks into the back where the dressing rooms are. He calls
my name and I open the door to see what he wants. He pushes me back and
steps in. The evil smile is back, and he is pushing me to my knees. I
resist and say no, not here, but my strength is nothing compared to his and
my knees buckle, and he pushes me down. I reach up and hurriedly pull down
the front of his basketball shorts. I pull out his cock and it’s not
hard. I say there is no way I can get you off before she comes back. He
said you don’t have to get me off, this is about learning to obey. With
that, he starts shaking his cock and hitting me on the face, I can see it
starting to fill out and grow. I open my mouth and he puts the head on my
tongue. Since he isn’t hard, I suck all of him in my mouth and swish my
tongue over the mouthful of cock. He continues to grow, and I can’t keep it
all in my mouth. He pulls out and pushes his now hard cock into his shorts
and leaves. I get off my knees and wipe my face. I change and come out the
dressing room. Luke is at the register and he is leaning over talking to
the girl that works there. The bulge in his shorts leaves nothing to the
imagination and she is getting an eye full. I know see why he wanted me to
suck him. He wanted to show off his junk to the girl. He is flexing his arm
and letting her feel his hard bicep. I put the clothes on the counter and
she giggles and walks behind the register. She is giggly the entire time
and Luke is telling her how pretty her eyes are and how she is too hot to
be working in a store like this and should be a model. I want to puke. She
scans the stuff and then says the total is 134 dollars. Luke says is there
any way I might can get your discount. And he gives her this killer smile,
she giggles and says I can give you the employee discount. The new total is
82 dollars and change. Luke pays and asks her for her number. She giggles
and says she has a boyfriend. Luke says ok, how about this. I give you my
number and you can use it if you want to. He writes his number down and
gives it to giggly girl and says come on. We leave that store. I said you
used me, so you could show off your junk to the girl? Luke laughs and says
no, I used you to suck my dick and get me hard, I used these basketball
shorts to show off what I had to her and got us a discount. Live and learn
sport he says as we walk through the mall. We hit the food court and he
sits at a table. I sit down, and he says, gets your ass up and go to the
bathroom and change into the new clothes, and hurry. I head to the bathroom
and go into a stall, its small, but I will manage. I take the clothes out
the bag and take the tags off. I undress and put my new clothes on. I put
my old clothes in the bag and head back out. Luke gets up and we start
walking again through the mall. We get to a little jewelry store and he
stops. He looks at me and says don’t fuck this up for me, just be quiet and
be cute. We walk in and I can already tell a difference in his walk. Luke
walks up to some girl and she wraps her arms around him and kisses
him. Then Luke start to talk and it’s a voice I haven’t heard from him
before. It’s a deep voice and he is acting totally different as they
talk. Finally, he says this is my little brother Mattie I told you
about. And puts his arm around my shoulder like a proud brother. The girl
says hey Mattie, I have heard a lot about you and I am happy Luke brought
you to meet me. She gives me a hug and then starts talking to Luke
again. Luke is saying how he just came to the mall to buy e some clothes
and she was all like that’s so sweet and he says nah, I do it all the
time. Why is he showing off for this girl? Luke says to her that he needs
to get me back home soon and she says can you wait, I am about to go on
break. We can eat in the food court. Luke agrees and says we will get a
table and meet you there. We walk out, and the rules start. Luke tells me
don’t say this don’t say that, just eat and then we can leave. We get to
the food court and get a table. Luke says we got to eat something. I say I
want some nuggets. He leaves and go and gets in line to order food. I pull
out my cell and text Chase and ask him where he has found for us to
meet. He texts back, you will see next week. Then I hear Oh hey Mattie,
it’s the girl from the store. She sits down and says where did Luke go. I
said he is getting food, I told him I wanted nuggets, she gets seated and
says her name is Emma. I just nod. She starts to tell me how sweet my
brother I and how much she likes him. Luke finally returns and passes out
the food. I start eating. Emma pulls her chair closer to Luke and he wraps
an arm around her and they eat all cuddled up. They are talking about
school and homework and then I hear it, she said she left her English book
in his room when she was there the other night. That was it, I knew then
that she was the girl Luke was fucking and I walked in on. Luke said he
would bring it to her tomorrow, but she said she could sneak in again
tonight after she got off work. Luke kissed her and in his deep voice said
hell yea, sleep over again. I just rolled my eyes as I ate. She finally
said she had to get back to work, and I was thrilled, but said
nothing. Luke gave her a long kiss and I saw him grab her breast before she
pushed his hand away. She said she would call him after she got off. Luke
said let’s get out of here. I grabbed my bag and we headed to the car. We
got in and started driving. I said you fucking her again tonight and he
said you damn right I am. I said what’s so special about her and he said
you will prolly never understand sport. I said why not, and Luke said
because you are gay and gay guys don’t understand things between a man and
a woman. I said but you do gay stuff too. Luke looked at me and I could see
the anger in his face. We turned around and we took off again. I said where
we going, and he just said shut up. He took out his cell and he texted a
few minutes before putting the cell back in his shorts. I sat in silence
and watched as we left town and drove. We passed the farms and kept
driving. It was about 30 minutes and we turned onto a dirt road that lead
back into the woods. I said where are we going. Luke sped down the dirt
road. I was being bounced in my seat by the rough road. I saw a clearing
coming up and several barn type buildings. We sk**ded to a stop in front of
the last one. Luke got out. I opened my door and the dirt and dust was
everywhere from us speeding down the road. I got out the car and Luke said
get your ass in there, as he was pushing me towards the door of this barn.

Once inside, it was hot. There were hay bales everywhere on one side
and what I found out later were old timey tobacco sticks on the other
side. There must have been thousands of them. Near the back of the barn was
a ladder that lead to the top floor. Luke said get to climbing. Luke was
right behind me. I climbed and got to the top and stood up, it was dusty
and near the front were bales of hay stacked in a half circle. He pushed
me, and we walked over to them. Once in front of the bales, there were beer
cans and condom wrappers and empty cigarette packs. There were a few old
blankets laying on the floor. Luke picked one up and shook it out and pout
it over a hay bale and told me to sit. I sat and said why are we here and
he said you will see soon enough. Luke keep looking out the top of the barn
and I just sat on the hay bale. Then I saw a trail of dust. It was another
car coming. This must be who Luke texted on the way here. Luke grabbed my
arm and said come over here. He moved some bales of hay around and told me
get behind there and watch, but not to say anything and not to come out. I
arranged it, so I could sit down and have a small peep hole to see where
Luke was and the blanket he has spread out. I heard Luke as he said come on
up to whoever it was. I watched and waited. Finally, I saw Luke walk in
front of the hay bales and stand near the blanket, then I saw a girl. He
started kissing her I looked at her face, but I didn’t know who she was. I
had never seen her before. Then I watched as Luke went through what I know
he normally does with me. Making her blow him and making out before
finally, he grabbed his jeans and pulled out a rubber. I watched him put it
on and then he fucked this girl. After it was over, he rolled off of her
and told her she needed to leave. I watched as he pulled the cum filled
rubber off his cock and lay it down beside them. She got dressed and I
heard as they both went down to the bottom of the barn. I heard her car
start and pull away. Luke came back up and called me out. He was just in
his basketball shorts. He pulled up some bales and we sat. He said that is
why he isn’t gay. He asked me if any of that turned me on and I said I
liked to watch him and see him naked. Luke said and that is why you are
gay. We are different. You are Gay, I am Bi. I like girls and some things
with guys, while you only like guys. He asked if I understood and I nodded.
I asked who she was, and he said just a piece of ass from the next town
over. I asked why he put on a condom. He said I fuck you without it because
I know you are clean. He said when he fucks other people, he always wears a
rubber. I said, you let Chase fuck me this morning and he didn’t use a
rubber and you even licked his cum out of my ass. Luke said, listen
buddy. Me and Chase are good buds and I trust him. One day you will
understand. Luke reached down on the blanket and picked up the rubber he
used to fuck the girl. He stood up in front of me and said get on your
knees. I slid off the hay bale onto my knees. Luke said open your mouth and
I did. He took the rubber and turned it upside down and let his cum drip
out of it into my mouth. I waited until he shook the last few drops into my
mouth and he said swallow. I drank down his cum and his evil smile returned
as he said fuck yea, you are learning to obey real nicely.

We climbed down and got in the car are left. On the drive home, I was
laying my head on my door and was honestly not thinking of anything, I was
just happy and relaxing. Luke reached over and asked me if I was ok. I
looked at him and said yes, and then I remember Emma was spending the
night, and I said, is Emma still coming over. Luke said yea, I just laid my
head back down, feeling disappointed. He said listen man, me and you have
fun and we mess around, but I need pussy and that’s where the girls come
in, besides, my reputation at school is that I fuck all these girls and
that keeps anyone from suspecting I am bi. So, in the long run, it is good
for me and you that I see her tonight. I said ok. Moments later, I was
asleep. Luke woke me up when he hit on brakes as we pulled into out
yard. We went in the house and I went to play X box. It was a good hour or
so of game play when I felt my phone vibrate. Chase texted and said, take a
shower and meet me at the end of your block in 30 minutes. I replied back
ok. I showered and changed into a tank top and shorts. I walked to the end
of the street and there was Chase, parked and waiting. I got in and he said
I hope you ok meeting today. I said sure, just have to be home by 9. We
drove to the interstate and I was about to ask where we were going when he
pulled into the truck stop. I looked but we didn’t need gas, he said come
on. We walked in the store and I followed as Chase walked to the
bathrooms. He opened the door and I followed. There was a line of prolyl 25
urinals along one wall, another wall had the same amount of hand sinks, and
the third wall was a row of stalls. Each stall had a full door with a lock
on it. I followed chase and he opened the door to the very last stall and
went in, I went behind him and closed the door. The stall had a baby
changing station and its own sink. There was a good bit of room. Chase
turned me around and for the first time, he kissed me and said we can play
here. I reached between us and rubbed th front of his jeans and he was
already hard. He told me he was so horny that he might shoot fast. I didn’t
say anything. I just worked on getting his jeans open. Chase reached in his
pocket and said hold this. It was the same bottle of lube from this
morning. I pushed my shorts down to just below my ass, and I leaned over
the baby changing station. Chase grabbed the lube and pushed a finger
inside me, then he lubed up his cock. I saw the bottle of lube as he tossed
it on the table and I waited. Instead of getting behind me, he sat on the
toilet and told me over. Face me and sit on my dick. I stood with my feet
on the back of the toilet seat and then I squatted down over his
cock. Chase held it in place as I felt the tip push into my hole. I sat
back and slowly took his cock inside me. For the second time today, Chase
was fucking me. In this position, Chase could look at me while we
fucked. My little dick bouncing around on his stomach every time I sat on
his cock. Chase grabbed my dick and I was happy he was going to stroke me
as we fucked but instead, he lifted my shaft up and grabbed my nut sack. He
pulled at it and wrapped his fingers around the top and I could feel my
sack stretching as he pulled my nuts down and away from my body. The pain
was rough, but the pleasure followed. Overtime he stretched my nuts out, I
would flinch and that caused my asshole to squeeze his cock. He worked my
nuts over as I bounced on his cock. I was leaking precum on his hand and
belly as he tortured my nut sack. Then he let go of my balls and grabbed my
hips and pulled me all the way down on his cock. Chase was once again
blasting my insides with his teenage load. He patted me on my ass and said
get up. I raised my hole off his cock and stood on the floor in front of
him. He grabbed some tissue and wadded it up and handed it to me. Stuff
this in your ass until you get home to Luke. I said why, Luke doesn’t know
I am meeting you. Chase says yes, he does. He knows everything, so shove
this in your ass and let’s go. I take the rolled-up toilet paper and push
against my hole and I pull my shorts up. Chase is dressed and said he was
going to head out, I needed to wait a minute and then come out. I waited
and opened the door and went to the sink. I start washing my hands and an
older man comes out the stall and start washing his hands. He says, damn
good show you and your pal had. Sounds like he fucked you good. I looked
up at the guy and he was on a uniform shirt that had a trucking company on
it, I didn’t say anything as I left the bathroom. I went out and me and
chase headed back to my house. He dropped me off at the end of my block. I
walked home and went upstairs. I opened my room door and Luke was laying on
my bed. Shirtless and in a different pair of shorts. He said close the door
and get over here. I closed the door and walked to the bed. Luke stood up
and hugged me. I watched as he licked his finger and then smiled at me as
he pushed his hand in my shorts and shoved his finger deep in my ass. Hell
yea, I feel that load in there sport. Where did you guys go, I told him the
truck stop. The whole time I talked, Luke was stripping me. He told me to
get on my hands and knees on the bed, I did, and he went straight to
rimming my hole. As he licked my ass, he started stroking my little dick. I
was starting to enjoy this more than anything. Luke’s tongue and his hand
worked together, and I shot off all over the cover on my bed. Luke pulled
his face out of my ass and said good job sport. And he left. I cleaned up
and laid in bed. I was exhausted.

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