The Unexpected Visitor Part 2


The Unexpected Visitor Part 2Mrs Lane wanted more drink, she had really got the taste for it now and while I stayed naked sitting in my chair opposite her and while her knees were still parted a bit I still have the view of the little red triangle, she seemed apologetic about ravaging my cock but confided that although she had been married for 20 years her sex life had been non existent for quite a while and although she didn’t say exactly how long she did say ‘years’ so it was no wonder she ravaged me as I think I had woken up a sleeping nymphomaniac here and with her loving the juice I was convinced we weren’t finished yet.Mrs Lane still looked flushed and with half her blouse buttons undone clearly showing her white bra she seemed intent on asking more questions about the pictures, “So where was the toilet picture taken Frank?” she asked and while I felt perfectly comfortable sitting there naked, (must be my naturist upbringing) Mrs Lane was struggling to make eye contact, “That must have been in the café toilet Mrs Lane” I replied and went on to tell her that it had recently been refurbished and the hole was put there for airflow purposes which she found hard to believe, “Oh I see, but surely there are privacy issues Frank, as demonstrated her” she replied and I had to agree with her.“That’s interesting Frank, you will have to show me this place so I can better understand” she said and I told her I would be happy to walk her up there later which brought a smile to her face and I could see she was still very flushed as she sipped her drink, “OMG Frank, it is very warm in here” she sighed again using her phone as a fan, “Well you do have a rather thick skirt on Mrs Lane” I replied looking straight at her as she widened her legs a bit further to let the air circulate, “Maybe you should take it off and give your body time to cool down” I suggested and saw a look of horror on her face, “OMG NO!! I couldn’t possibly take my skirt off in front of a strange man, what would my husband say?” she snapped but I could see she was considering it.“Oh he would probably say to do what you have to do to stay cool” I replied in an effort to make her feel more at ease, “No you can understand why I enjoy being naked Mrs Lane, its much more temperature friendly” I continued as she sipped more of her drink. “Well I suppose it is just us here” she said softly as she stood up and put her drink down on the side table, “Do you think I should take my blouse off too?” she asked, “Hmm, yes it might be a good idea” I replied and watched her unbutton the rest and as she pulled her blouse off her chest heaved and I have to say she had a very rounded and perky pair of 34b’s hidden under her half cut bra, “Ooh it feels better already” she sighed as she reached around the back of her skirt fumbling for the button.Mrs lane was struggling, “Can I assist you Mrs Lane?” I asked and she nodded, “Oh would you please” she sighed softly as she walked over to me turning her back, she did have a rather skinny body but had curves in all the right places especially her arse which did stick out rather nicely and even through the fabric of her plaid skirt I could she it was shapely, I undid the button for her and as I slowly pulled the zipper down her thin red panties came into view and being the bikini type I could just see the top of her crack. I pulled the zipper down and her skirt fell to the floor and OMG I was right, she had a wonderful arse and her panties were thin and rather sheer and I easily saw the line of her crack.She stepped out of her skirt and was about to walk back to the other side of the room, “STOP” I demanded and she froze to the spot and I then reached out grabbing her hips and pulling her back, “What’s the matter Frank?” she asked in a worried voice and with her arse just inches away giresun escort from my face I needed to respond, “Oh nothing Mrs lane, I wanted to be certain you were feeling cooler” I said softly as I gazed between her legs and could see the tightness of the gusset and a few dark pubic hairs escaping out the sides. “Oh I am Frank, its much cooler and thank you for the suggestion” she said and didn’t know whether to stay or go back to the sofa, “I do like your panties Mrs Lane, they are wonderful” I said trying to get her onside which seemed to be working, “Oh really, that’s so nice of you to say Frank” she replied, “Maybe I can see the front too?” I asked as I tried to spin her around and finally when she did turn I was faced with such a wonderful sight, her thin red panties looked full of dark pubic hair which seemed to be busting out all sides and I could see they were tight between her legs. I could see that they were rather wet from her being so ravaging with my cock earlier and the poor woman must have cum a few times and I could smell the musky aroma in front of my face, “OMG Mrs Lane, you look divine” I said smiling and for a woman of her age she certainly had lots of appeal and it was such a shame that it had been wasted for so long.“Do you really like it Frank? She asked feeling a little breathless at the sudden attention she was receiving, “Oooh Frank” she gasped as I put my hands around her arse cheeks pulling her damp panties into my face and OMG I felt the dampness as I immediately got a head rush from the sweet smell, I started to push my tongue into her wet gusset tasting the dampness that was in front of me, “Oh Frank, I really don’t think you should be.. oh Frank.. Mmm that feels so nice” she sighed as she widened her legs thrusting her groin into my face and I thought it only fair to give her a good licking seeing as though she worshipped my cock earlier, poor woman hadn’t been licked in a long time.I decided to make her more comfortable and with my face still buried I pushed her backwards until she fell down on the sofa and widened her legs which opened up the hairy gap between her thighs and her panties giving me plenty of access to her hairy minge and I wasn’t going to hurry either.I buried my head as Mrs Lane laid back and savoured in the damp musky aroma and heard her gasping as my tongue flicked around her wet red panties pushing inside and finding her protruding labia lips, I pushed my hands under her arse which incidentally went inside her panties and I was able to squeezed her bulbous arse cheeks forcing her to let out a soft moan as my tongue flicked her nubbin.I wanted her to get the best experience and I felt by taking off her panties would give me free reign to explore all her glory and she didn’t complain as I quickly rose up pulling them off down her legs and looking down at her hairy bush was so damn arousing I could feel my cock coming back to life, “Oh Frank, are you sure?” she asked as I buried my head back between her out stretched legs and returning my hands under her now bare arse and pushing my fingers into her crack searching for her aged arsehole again causing her to moan softly,. As my tongue opened up her wet lips I was able to push my finger into her back door causing a rather loud gasp, “OMG Frank, OH YESSSS!” she cried out as my tongue pushed in with my nose pressing her stiffening clit, the taste of the inside of her cunt was sweet and I could feel her body start to shake with a thunderous orgasm which produced rather a lot of her juices which I could feel against my chin albeit a lot ended up sliding down my throat.I don’t think Mrs Lane had been given this kind of treatment in a very long time and I got the impression she was enjoying every moment as her dripping pussy would escort giresun testify, I lifted her legs up high to expose her dark tunnel entrance and Mrs Lane had a quizzical look on her face and as I ran my tongue down it soon became apparent that she had never been touched down there before, “OMG NO!! What are you doing Frank?” she gasped as my tongue flicked the hairs around her dirt box and poked and prodded her hole, “Oooh Frank, I have never.. Mmm Frank, that feels so… OMG YESSS!” she cried out as I pushed my tongue into her puckering arsehole, by this time her breathing was getting out of control as I pushed her legs right back to her shoulders pushing my tongue deep into her forbidden territory.She was beside herself as she experienced feeling that had been lost on her for many years and with my cock bursting beneath me the only decision I had to made was ‘which hole?’ I would soon be pounding; such was Mrs Lane’s frenzy that I didn’t think she would mind either way.I brought my head up licking around her lips and she gasped loudly as I flicked her swollen clit giving it a gentle suck before running my tongue through her mass of dark pubic hair towards her belly button while I grabbed hold of my throbbing cock and as I brought myself upright I could see the look of anticipation in her eyes.I thought for one minute she was going to have a seizure as this had been a long time coming as I rubbed my swollen helmet around her protruding labia lips making an opening, “Oh yes Frank” she sighed bringing her legs down and wrapping them around my waist pulling me in closer which forced my cock to push inside her tight wet hole. Mrs Lane gasped as her cunt muscles tightened around my shaft and very quickly I was in up to my balls before I started to slowly thrust in, out, in and out and straight away I could hear the squelching noises which were soon immersed in her cries of “OH FUCK YESSS! I quickly got into my rhythm thrusting in hard which caused Mrs Lane’s body to start shaking as she reached another thunderous orgasm and not only did I feel her legs tighten around my waist but her hand reach up gripping my bare shoulders, “YES.. YESS.. YESSSS!” she cried out as I pummelled her hairy minge that was getting wetter by the second.It sounded like she was crying as her moans increased and as her multiple orgasms continued she was bringing me to fever pitch as I increased the pace knowing I was nearly there, I felt my balls tighten and pushed harder and harder until I felt my cock explode inside of her, “OMG YESSSSS!” I cried out as my hot creamy cum shot seep into her belly and her eyes opened wide as soon as she felt the warmth inside of her, “OMG Frank, OH YESSSS!” she cried out as spurt after spurt hit home, I was exhausted as I then slowed down letting her catch her breath and her smile could have lit up the room as I looked down at the sheer satisfaction on her face.When she finally got herself together she tried to speak but no words came out and as she relaxed her grip on me she tried again, “Wow Frank, I had forgotten what that was like” she said smiling and as I felt my cock starting to soften I felt her cunt muscles working on sucking the last few drops from me, she exhaled rather loudly as my softening cock slipped out.Mrs Lane looked at me as I stood up and saw my hanging cock, “Oooh Frank, Ooops” she sighed as she saw a droplet of cum oozing out the tip and quickly moved to the edge of the sofa and taking my wet cock in her fingers held the tip up to her lips and quickly sucked the lats drops from my helmet, “Mmm.. so tasty Frank” she sighed as she ran her tongue around the soft shaft and pulling the skin right down she cleaned up around the tip, OMG it felt good having her warm mouth around my cock.I walked back to giresun escort bayan my chair to pick up my drink as I needed something refreshing and turned to see Mrs Lane doing the same, “So what happens now Mrs Lane?” I asked, “Will the girls receive punishment?” I added and Mrs Lane giving my question some thought answered, “Well Frank, I will have to report back to Mrs Thomas (The principle) and it’s for her to decide if she needs more information and to set the punishment” she said assertively, “I will need to visit this café though to understand how it happened” she added and I told her that wasn’t a problem and I would take her up there before the lunchtime rush, “Thank you Frank” she replied and I saw a look in her eye that seeing the café toilets would serve more than one purpose.“As for punishment” she said, “It’s important that the girls know that it’s wrong to take pictures without consent” she added and I fully understood that. I went upstairs to dress leaving Mrs Lane to sort herself out and wearing the same shorts and tee shirt as yesterday we headed off to the café for a coffee and let Mrs Lane see the toilets and make her report to Mrs Thomas. We got to the café and ordered some coffee and although it wasn’t busy yet as still mid-morning I decided to sit in the same seats as yesterday with Mrs Lane sitting opposite me and we discussed the evidence thus far, she pointed out the pictures that looked like they were taken under the table so I told her to replicate them if she so wished.“That’s a good idea Frank” she replied as she got on her knees under the table with her phone, I opened my legs as I did yesterday as she fumbled around, “Can you see alright down there Mrs Lane?” I asked and knew that with my legs parted my balls would be visible,, “Oh yes Frank, perfect” she sighed and I could feel my cock stirring under the thin white fabric of my shorts however I couldn’t replicate the full erection that I had yesterday however when she got back up she told me that what she saw was very good. “Can you show me the toilets now please Frank?” she asked so we got up to visit the toilet block and as luck would have it both cubicles were vacant and Mrs Lane commented on how clean and fresh the toilets were.It was perfect timing as I needed a pee anyway so as Mrs Lane went into one cubicle I went into the other and straight away dropped my shorts to the floor and stood by the bowl, I heard Mrs Lane next door shuffling to get a view through the airflow hole, “OMG Frank” she whispered, “I can see you urinating perfectly” she continued in a very low voice and I heard her camera clicking a few times while my golden stream hit the toilet bowl.As the stream subsided I pulled the skin back to shake the remaining drips off and could see Mrs Lane close up to the hole and I was contemplating stepping over but decided not to for whatever reason although she did have a perfect view of me standing there with my cock in my hand.I pulled up my shorts and left the cubicle and fully expected Mrs Lane to follow however as I was leaving a young student from the college entered the toilet and went into the vacant cubicle, I went back to my seat thinking that Mrs Lane would soon be out but it didn’t take me long to realise that she had stayed in there to maybe have her first glory hole experience with the young lad. The beauty of it was that it was totally anonymous so she wouldn’t know who her was but more importantly he wouldn’t know it was Mrs Lane from the same college that was blowing him and from my earlier experience all I could say was ‘Lucky him’After about 15 minutes the lad appeared with a big grin on his face and went straight out the front door of the café and was quickly followed by Mrs Lane who looked like a cat that had just got the cream, in some ways that rang true.She returned to her seat looking a little embarrassed at the fact that there was no hiding what she had been up to and I saw her licking her lips savouring the taste of the young lads creamy seed, “OMG Frank, I totally see what you mean” she sighed with a sly smile on her face.To Be Continued….

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