Visiting Friends


Author’s note:

For readers with sensitive dispositions: this story contains bisexual contact between men. I’m not attempting to tell anyone what to do, just consider yourself warned.

Dedicated to the real Bill and Mollie

The key slipped into the lock and turned just like it was supposed to. As I opened the door, I thought how weird it was to just be letting myself in like this: This wasn’t my house! With a flip of the stomach, I took a deep breath and stepped through into someone else’s home.

This was kind of a strange situation. I mean, I’m not the breaking-and-entering type, and I wasn’t doing anything of the sort. Though it was hard to believe, I’d received the key and address in the mail, with instructions to make myself at home if no one was there.

When the door quietly clicked closed, I found myself hoping there weren’t any nosy neighbors calling the police. This whole thing was a little surreal to me, but I’d come nearly two thousand miles – of my own free will – so I wasn’t about to turn back now.

Calling out, I discovered no one home. Good. I was half afraid one of their kids would be home, and I had no bloody idea how I’d explain my presence. “Well, you see, I met your parents through some erotic stories of mine they’d read on the internet, and we’ve been writing dirty emails back and forth for some months now. They said if I ever came to the west coast to let them know and we’d hook up.” Yeah right. I could see the kid running to the phone and dialing 911 immediately.

Turns out, my little explanation there was right on target. Bill and Mollie L— contacted me with some glowing feedback about how one of my stories had really turned them on, and we started a little email exchange not long after. They both admitted to being really aroused by the sexual imagery in my story, and being the type guy I am, I admitted to having no actual experience with a great majority of the stuff I’d written. They seemed unfazed by that little revelation, and I admitted some curiosity with bisexuality, to have put so much of it in my story.

So, we then began writing to each other. At first, it felt odd, but exciting, to be hearing from and getting suggestive messages from both members of a couple. I’d received naughty messages before from individuals, but this was the first time I’d started anything with an actual man and wife.

Anyhow, the opportunity arose for me to hit the west coast, and I let Bill and Mollie know I was heading their direction. After a couple of messages and some real soul searching, I gave them my real name and address. It was a tough decision to make. I mean, I was having a good time with these people, but did I really want them to know who I was in real life? Hell, as far as I knew, Bill and Mollie Lawrence were pseudonyms for Charles Manson and Squeaky Fromme.

Nevertheless, my heart was pounding like mad when I hit the “Send” button on the email with my name and address on it. There was no retrieving it after that, so I went – lightheaded – to bed, hoping for the best, and dreading the worst.

Within a few days, though, I received an envelope in the mail, bearing the names of “William and Mollie L—” and an address in California. These people really *did* exist! Huzzah!

I opened the letter and pulled out the paper inside. Something fell out on the floor. A key.

Picking up the key, I unfolded the letter and read:


It’s great to hear you’re coming out this way! Here’s a key to our house. You’ll be staying with us. The kids will be away all week, so we’ll have the place to ourselves! We’ll be happy to show you the sights, and maybe you’ll get a chance to meet some of our friends. We can’t wait to meet you.

See you when you get here,

Bill and Mollie

Wow. No beating around the bush with these two. Which, according to my stiffening cock, was just fine. We hadn’t sent any pictures of one another out, so we had no idea if we’d be anywhere near interested once we met for real, but here they were, sending me the key *to their house!* The thought that they trusted *me* was intoxicating. For all *they* knew, I was really Ted Bundy or something. And there was no question in the note: I *was* staying at their place. I found myself really looking forward to the trip.

I packed light. The weather where they were couldn’t possibly be as cold and nasty as it was where I was coming from, as well as the hopeful notion that we’d be living out some of the scenarios we’d drawn out in some of our steamier chats. Therefore, I figured I probably wouldn’t need an awful lot of clothing.

So, there I was, standing two steps into Bill and Moll’s house, wondering what the fuck to do next. After a couple minutes of indecision, my bladder told me my first order of business.

Thankful there *was* no one home – I hate going to visit someone and having the first thing out of my mouth after hello is, “Where’s the bathroom?” – I wandered through the house for bayan escort a minute or two before discovering my destination.

That taken care of, I decided to look for somewhere to put my bag. I once again searched the house, finally going upstairs, where I found the kids’ rooms, their parents’ room, an upstairs bath, and adjacent to that, a spare bedroom.

Tossing my bag on the bed, I sat down and considered the way this whole thing had come out. Here I was a *long* way from home, in somebody else’s house, somebody I’d never even met in real life!

Having no idea when Bill and Moll would be getting home, I figured I’d take the time to wash the “dust of the road” off. Locating a towel, I hopped in the shower and enjoyed the feel of the hot, wet spray on my weary body. I hoped I’d have enough energy for whatever my two horny friends might have planned when they arrived, but was pretty sure I’d be able to “rise to the occasion” once the play picked up.

A naughty thought popped into my head as I was drying myself, and after hanging up the wet towel, I padded – completely naked – down to the living room. Anticipation and fear had me half-hard while I waited.

I could have probably turned on the TV to kill some time, but found my mind working overtime, wondering what kind of filthy, fun acts we’d get into once they got home. The scenarios playing out in my head had me stiffer than hell in no time, but I refrained from touching myself, deciding to wait for whatever was to come.

I was so wrapped up in my own mind that I barely noticed the sound of a key in the lock. A sudden bolt of terror streaked through me, ‘What if I’m somehow at the wrong place? Here I am, sitting bare-ass naked, in a *total stranger’s house!* What the fuck was I *thinking?*’

There was nowhere to run, so I just stayed where I was, and found myself realizing that, if anything, my cock had gotten even stiffer than it had been before. As quickly as the fear had risen, it was replaced by a large, overwhelming dollop of boldness.

‘Fuck it. I’m here, they’re there, we’ll see how they react soon enough.’ I grabbed my stiff cock and started to brazenly stroke it. By god, if I was going to get caught, I wasn’t going to get caught cowering like an embarrassed ass! I watched the door with a defiant look, my hand moving smoothly up and down my length, the shaft shiny and slick with pre-cum.

The first one in the door was Mollie – or at least, I figured it was her – followed closely by Bill. Bill nearly knocked his wife over. She’d seen me right away when she entered and stopped dead in her tracks. He had no idea she’d stopped moving and continued into the house, not realizing she was just standing, stunned.

Mollie looked a little dumbfounded at first, but that was quickly replaced by realization, then when she saw my attire and what I was doing, lust. Bill was a little nonplussed by his wife’s lack of movement, until he saw me. He didn’t need the confusion part, he realized who I was right away. His lust popped up, followed quickly by the bulge in his jeans.

Relief swept through me, and I relaxed a bit, continuing the attention to my hard-on. These were indeed my people, and at the moment, the way I was dressed and what I was doing was the perfect way to greet them.

Bill and Mollie approached the couch, still not saying a word. The looks on their faces said everything. There wasn’t going to be any of that inane, “How was your trip” stuff. Evidently, we were going to get right to it. Of course, I’d started the ball rolling before they even arrived, but it appeared there were no arguments.

For a moment, there seemed to be some indecision as to where to begin. That brief hesitation gave me the chance to get a good look at the two of them.

Now, to be honest, neither of them were fashion models, but then again, I’m not either. They weren’t at all hard to look at though, and I found my mind starting to spin with possibilities.

Mollie was just as the few descriptions I’d received stated: petite, reddish hair, and from the silhouette showing through her gauzy little dress, a lovely little body that I couldn’t wait to get my hands on.

Bill was sort of a cipher in our physical descriptions of ourselves, so I didn’t really know what to expect. I knew what size his cock was: that was a number his wife seemed pleased with and had no problem letting out, but really, any other physical description of the guy was left to the imagination. From where I was on the couch, he appeared to be maybe a couple inches shorter than me, and a tad stockier, but still a fine looking man. I found myself tingling at the thought of having both of them to myself.

In the time it took me to get a first good look at this sexy couple, it appeared they’d decided what they wanted to do. They both started closer to where I sprawled, and began undoing buttons and reaching for hemlines.

Confusion crossed their escort bayan faces when I stopped them from stripping. Didn’t I want what they were offering? Little did they realize that I was recalling something else I’d learned from our electronic correspondence. The smile that came to my lips must have been reassurance that I wasn’t rejecting them, because, slowly, their simmering horniness returned.

No, what I’d remembered was the little revelation that they both delighted in taking turns being dominant over each other. I’d also been told of times where some of their friends had dominated them together, and thought it’d be kind of fun to try that now.

It was almost a shock when I broke the silence that had reigned since Mollie and Bill had gotten home. The tension in the air was high enough that we all three jumped a little when I spoke in a low whisper, (ergo, my sobriquet: Susurrus), “Mollie, put your hand down Bill’s pants and fondle his cock.”

Both of them moaned a little when they realized how I wanted to play this at the moment. There was no argument, though, and husband and wife turned toward each other with lustful looks on their faces. Mollie’s small hands unbuckled Bill’s belt, then slipped into the waistband of his jeans. Moving slightly for a more comfortable angle, her wrist disappeared behind the edge of denim, and I watched the movement of her hand working down toward its destination.

I knew she’d found her target when Bill’s moan was repeated, louder than before. For several minutes, I delighted in my voyeurism, while Bill enjoyed the naughty feeling of his wife’s fingers dancing over his hard shaft.

Mollie’s grunt of disapproval when I told her to remove her hand from Bill’s hard-on was replaced by a tiny squeal of glee when I quietly ordered, “Strip your husband for me, Moll.”

With the practiced skill of a girl who had done it many times before, Mollie’s slim fingers deftly unbuttoned Bill’s shirt and swept it off his shoulders to the floor. Here was the first male body I’d seen live that I can say I looked at in a sexual manner. Bill was no body builder, but he had a little definition here and there, and I found it a relief that he wasn’t obsessed with his body, because it made me feel better about my own.

Since his belt was already undone, Mollie knelt in front of him and whipped off his jeans. Bill stood there for a second in just his boxers, his cock jutting out obscenely, before his wife grabbed the waistband and pulled them off, too.

I got only a brief glimpse of Bill’s throbbing erection before Mollie, who’d gotten caught up in the moment, made it disappear down her throat.

Wow, Mollie was every bit as enthusiastic a cocksucker as their emails had said. She simply swallowed Bill down with no effort whatsoever. While her lips were occupied with his hard-on, one hand reached up to weigh his beautiful, hanging balls, and the other went further back and fiddled with his sensitive butt.

While I was sure he’d felt this before, the look on Bill’s face told me it was something he had no intention of ever getting tired of. Slowly, ecstatically, his eyes closed, and his head tipped back, simply concentrating on the sensations emanating from his genitals. While I watched, I found myself eagerly anticipating the sight of Mollie kneeling before me, her lips wrapped around my cock head, giving me the kind of blowjob Bill was enjoying at the moment. Just as that image faded from my mind, I found myself wondering what it would be like to be in Mollie’s position. If I was ever going to get the chance to try, it would be with these people.

I found I’d stopped stroking my hard-on, watching these two. My attention was so riveted on the sight of Mollie’s mouth invaded by Bill’s cock, and her hands doing their wonders on the rest of his lower body, that I’d become mesmerized by the immediate display. Never before had I witnessed two people having sex *in real life*. Always it had been on video, and I could now honestly say the videos were nothing in comparison to seeing it just a couple feet away. I realized I’d stopped masturbating when I discovered myself leaning forward to get a closer look.

Now, the distinct possibility exists that that could have been my introduction to sucking cock. I was so wrapped up in what was happening before me, I think I would have kept leaning forward, until I was cheek-to-cheek with Mollie, until she simply offered me the opportunity. Knowing Mollie how I do now, that’s exactly what would have happened.

As it was, Bill came out of his erotic trance for a moment, and I looked up just as a twinge of surprise flicked across his face, as if he’d forgotten I was there. The surprise was short-lived though. When his eyes darted to my stiff, drooling cock, and a smile slowly brightened his face. I just smiled back, then returned my attention to watching Mollie’s expert blowjob technique.

Bill placed a hand on Mollie’s face escort bayanlar and cleared his throat quietly. Mollie’s eyes opened slowly, revealing a sizzling, loving lust. She looked up into her husband’s eyes, having become so completely immersed in the raw sensuality of what she was doing, my presence had been blocked from her memory.

Bill nodded slightly in my direction, to try to remind her they weren’t alone. How he could pry himself away from a woman as focused on sex as Mollie appeared to be at the moment escaped me, but she slowly rose from her erotic haze and glanced in the direction of her husband’s nod, never once taking his cock from her lips.

Memory flowed back slowly, the primal, sexual creature inside being much more powerful than the reasoning woman at the moment. Suddenly though, the rational Mollie was back, and embarrassed and sheepish as could be at having lost control so easily. Her blush was entrancing, and the girlish bow of her head very erotic. I was looking forward to my time with these people more and more.

Now that Mollie had relinquished her hold on Bill’s cock, I was finally able to get an unobstructed view of it for the first time. It was still stiff, and as the descriptions I’d been given said, it was, indeed, a little smaller than mine, but still enticing. I found myself looking forward to feeling my fingers wrapped around it, just before leaning in and extending my tongue to the drop of pre-cum seeping from the tip. These thoughts were just idle imagination before. I had now placed myself in a situation where curiosity could become reality, all I had to do was screw up the courage to “take the bull (or Bill) by the balls” so to speak.

My musings were interrupted by Bill clearing his throat yet again, this time to wake *me* up. It was my turn to blush and look sheepish, but Bill had noticed where my attention had been, and was grinning back at me: an unspoken promise.

This whole thing was getting out of hand. Somehow, Bill was keeping it all together, I had no fucking idea how. Taking a deep breath, I recovered some of my own composure. Looking over at the two of them, I realized: I still had a sexy lady to get naked!

“Bill, get that damn dress off her,” I told him. With the same kind of wicked anticipation Mollie had shown at the prospect of undressing her husband in front of me, Bill bent over, grabbed the thin straps at his wife’s shoulders and tugged her dress off in a single slick move.

Voila! Mollie was nude!

I’d always had a hard time imagining people going out in public wearing *only* enough to cover *exactly* as much as society says it’s necessary to cover. Mollie had been wearing *barely* that! The reality was staring me right in the face, and the revelation was heavenly!

Mollie hadn’t moved yet, her head still bowed, still kneeling at Bill’s feet. She had a fantastic little body. They’d told me she was a little self-conscious about her small breasts, but I thought they were lovely. They had nice, big nipples that I really looked forward to getting my lips around, and from what I knew from our emails, they were *very* sensitive.

Seeing Mollie kneeling so nude and submissive was simply beautiful, but there was something missing. “Spread your legs, Mollie. Let me see that gorgeous little cunt.”

Never raising her head, and without a word, Mollie inched her knees further and further apart, until I began to wonder just how wide she was going to spread. When she finally stopped, her knees were obscenely wide, exposing her well-trimmed, utterly fucking beautiful pussy. As I watched, I noticed the glint of a thin stream of fluid running down the inside of one thigh. Apparently, Mollie was enjoying this as much as Bill and I obviously were.

My heart pounded madly when I whispered, “Finger your pussy for us, Mollie. Rub yourself, then dip in deep and lick your fingers. Taste yourself for me, baby.”

Mollie’s hands slowly traced down her lithe little body, spending some time along the way to tweak her nipples and give them a slight tug, before continuing lower, until they obscured her smooth crotch in a writhing mass of busy digits. Moll was definitely as hot a lady as I’d been told, and unashamed to perform in front of others. At least, she was unafraid to perform for *me* at the moment.

After what seemed far too short a time, her shoulders hunched, and her fingers curled up and into her beautiful little body. When they emerged again, they were gleaming with a liberal coat of Mollie juice. Slowly, she trailed her shining hands back up her body, once again taking time to fondle her pretty little breasts, then when her tits and nipples glistened, she abandoned all pretense and popped as many fingers as she could into her mouth.

The moan that came out of her at the taste of her own pussy was intoxicating. She evidently *loved* her personal flavor, something I’d been told, but didn’t really believe until I saw the evidence for myself.

I have no idea how long she knelt there with her fingers in her mouth, but at some point, she opened her eyes and fixed a penetrating gaze on me. Once she was sure she had my attention, she pulled her fingers out gradually, and started using just her tongue on them, giving me a more sensuous show than she had before.

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