Where Do We Go From Here

Big Cock

It was just another Saturday afternoon for us. We had hot but quick sex when we woke up and after we showered we were lounging in the living room watching whatever on the tube. We had a nice buzz going from our gin and tonics and some nice pot.

Jane was all touchie feelie horney and I loved it. All she had on was a clingy cotton shift that barley covered her ample ass when she stood and left her completely open to my touches.

She had me as hard as a rock rubbing my cock through my jeans. We were teasing each other knowing full well things would end with her legs wrapped around my head and my face buried in her sweet cunt. After she came she would get me off any way I wanted. Usually in a 69 so I could eat het tasty cunt some more and lick her ass. I hoped to get her hot enough to let me fuck her in the ass. I knew it wasn’t anything she really liked but she knew it drove me so crazy she occasionally would do it for me. There wasn’t anything sexually I wouldn’t do for her but respected her limits and boundaries so always hinted but let her offer her ass first.

I was on my knees with her legs wrapped around my head under the hem of the dress when the doorbell rang. I would of let it ring but she insisted I see who it was as both our cars were in the driveway and whoever was there would know we were home.

So I stood and working my hard cock into some type of position that it didn’t hurt and show much, I hobbled to the door.

I opened it to my old friend Tom whose voice Jane recognized and hollered: “Hey Tommy, come in!”

Tom could see me struggle with my stance and looking close saw that my face was wet, laughed, embarrassed and said: “Oh, sorry, I’ll see you later.”

As he turned to leave Jane was leaning against the jam of the living room doorway saying: “Oh, no, come in, we haven’t seen you in so long.”

Now a little back story. Jane and I had been together a long time and had a wild rewarding sex life. We were both horn dogs before we got together and but had been monogamist since we got together. We almost had a threesome with a girl friend of hers but we could never all get together at the same time. In the afterglow of a good “sex in the afternoon” session which she loved we had talked a lot about our fantasies and the subject of me watching her suck someone else’s cock had come up and I did admit it would be hot. I could tell she was working hard not to let me know how bad she wanted some strange cock. We were both oral sluts and lived for it. She was almost like Linda Lovelace in Deep Throat she loved sucking cock so much. She even taught me how to lay back and fully enjoy someone making love to your cock with their mouth.

So here we were, both as hot as we could be and my good looking friend shows up. I was very unsure of where this would go but had a pretty good buzz on so didn’t object. I figured I maybe she would get even hornier, if that was even possible, and Tom would see it and leave.

Go figure! As soon as he sat down she was all flirty with him caressing his knee as she handed him the joint and asking why a guy as cute as he didn’t have a girlfriend.

It was getting pretty obvious where this was going, so I found a way to get her into the kitchen and pushed her into the counter. I rubbed up behind her so my cock rubbed up her nice ass crack. As I was kissing her neck I ran my fingers over her lips and when I pressed the middle one between her lips a little she ran her tongue over it.

“I bet you would like to suck Tom’s cock wouldn’t you, my little cock sucker. You want some strange don’t you?” I asked as I ran my other hand up the front of her dress and spread her nether lips to find her cunt dripping. Her nice little clit was sticking out begging to be touched.

As I pulled my cock out of my pants and pushed it up between her ass cheeks I continued working her over with my fingers.

“Say it, Janie; it will free you. You crave new cock don’t you? It’s OK, I still love you, but you need to say it out loud.” I tell her.

“Oh God, honey, I love you but some new cock would be so nice. Does Tom have a nice one? bayan gaziantep escort Have you ever seen it? You would tell me if you knew wouldn’t you?” She almost moaned. She was so consumed by her lust I had to hold her up.

“I have never seen Toms cock but I bet you won’t even care what it looks like once it is in your mouth. You are a cock sucker aren’t you? Say it!”

“Oh fuck yes, I love to suck cock. I will always love sucking yours and never leave you, but if you grant me this I will do anything. Please baby!”

“Will you let me eat Kelly’s sweet young pussy? Will you suck my cock while I do it?” I ask hoping.

“Yes, yes, anything.” She cries.

I slide down her body until I am kneeling and as I lift up the hem of her dress I spread her ass cheeks and kiss her ass hole. I lick it like a starving man.

“Will you let me fuck this sweet ass?” I push.

“Yes, anything!” She says freeing herself to lift me up and kneel in front of me. Then she opens my jeans and takes almost my entire cock into her wet mouth. “And I’ll suck you anytime, anywhere you want.”

“Fuck, you would do that anyway my sweet little cock sucker. I want extras. Promise me more.”

“Anything.” She says as I lift her to her feet and lead her back to the living room to find Tom looking like he is ready to leave.

“Bud, we have something to ask and whatever your answer it has to stay here between us. OK?” I ask.

He can see Jane is excited, her color flushed and she is sweating.

“OK” He says tentatively.

“You see Jane is a cock sucker and she lives for it. She needs new cock and as I love her, I would rather it be you than someone who won’t respect us after it is over. This is a onetime offer and we will never talk of it again. If you want this just take off your pants but if you are offended, please just leave and forgive us.” I say nervous as hell.

He looks as surprised as a man can be but he stands, opens his jeans, lowers them and steps out of them.

As he is seated I lift Jane’s dress over her head and find no resistance when I push her to her knees. It is then that he sees that I have my hard cock and balls hanging out of my fly.

As the love of my life settles in between my best friend’s legs, spreading them I can see that he is quickly getting hard. I expect Jane is happy with his cock as it looks to be a little bigger than mine. I wonder if this might have been a drunken high mistake but looking down past my throbbing cock to her ass spread open by her position, I really don’t care.

I quickly throw off my clothes and kneel behind her. My cock easily finds her open cunt begging for my entrance. I slide part way in and hear her grunt. As I look around her shoulder I can see her stroking Tom’s cock and balls while sucking him sloppily.

“She does know how to suck cock doesn’t she? She is without a doubt the best cock sucker I have ever met.” I say and immediately feel her cum just from hearing this.

“You like that my cock sucker? You like new cock don’t you? Well suck love, swallow it all down.” I say.

Thinking about how easily my cock slid into her cunt I look down at her spread ass again and wonder just how open her ass may be. I take my middle finger and run it into her cunt alongside my cock and work it around bringing another moan from her.

As I slide my wet finger up her sweaty ass crack I easily find her hot hole. Sometimes when we fuck or 69 I ask her to wink her anus for me and it excites me so much I cum.

As I run my finger tip around her anus she winks it for me knowing how hot it will make me.

“Oh, you nasty little bitch, do that for me, give it up for me!” I order.

In this position I only have a couple of inches of cock in her and she squeezes me as tight as she can, making my knees weak.

“Is my wife doing a good job on your cock bud? Has anyone ever sucked you so fucking nice?” I ask Tom but he has Jane’s head in his hands and his head thrown back with his eyes closed.

He doesn’t even open his eyes as he runs bayan escort gaziantep his fingers through her hair and says: “I don’t fucking believe we are doing this. Thank you both so much!”

“Enjoy it bud, it may be the only time.” I say and wonder why I wasn’t more definite in telling them both it would not happen again. What the fuck am I thinking?

I now have most of my middle finger in her ass and as good as it feels I know she will need some lube for what I want. I realize we had brought our toy bag into the living room. Inside there are a couple of vibrators, some cock rings and most important a couple of types of lube. I reach for my favorite Astroglide and my cock slides out of her cunt to run over her ass hole.

For the first time since we started this craziness she takes her mouth off his cock and says: “You just can’t wait can you love?”

I drop the lube by my knees and reach for her G&T and hold it for her to drink saying: “Here dear, this will make it seem like even a better idea.”

Tom comes out of his dream state as his cock is now bobbing around in the air. Missing the excellent blow job he was getting he asks: “What’s up, everything OK?”

“Relax bud, the cock sucking will continue after your cock sucker gets some nourishment. She will suck all that you have to give her until you both are satisfied.”

Looking at her I ask if she wants more of Tom’s cock and she can only nod yes. I freak them both out as I take her chin in my hand and kiss her, with tongue, a lot of tongue. It overwhelms my senses, I can smell her cunt leaking it’s heavenly juice, feel my cock around her ass, hear everyone’s heavy breathing and now I can taste Tom’s cock in Jane’s mouth.

Still kissing her I search her mouth with my tongue while I cup one of her nice hand sized tits. Her tits have stayed firm and have just the right amount of droop to make them simply caressable.

I release her lips and giving her a soft kiss say: “Suck him beautiful, I love you. Give him a blow job he will never forget.”

As she turns back to Tom he says: “Trust me folks, I am never going to forget this afternoon. Jane you suck like no one I have ever known.”

I can see just the corner of her mouth as she smiles and then opens her mouth to cover his cock head. She is without a doubt the best cock sucker I have ever known and maybe someday we will tell just how this came to be.

As Jane returns to pleasing our friend I open the lube and covering the first two fingers of my hand I run them over her ass hole. She pushes back to meet them and winks again for me. They easily slide in to the first knuckle and I work them in and almost out. Soon I am in to the second knuckle and finally as deep as my fingers can go. I like to play with a woman’s ass for a while but she likes me to enter her sooner.

“Now hon, fuck my ass now. Take it and make it yours.” She says, quickly returning to Tom’s cock.

This is what I want to hear as I squirt more lube in the cup of my hand and cover my cock with it. I am so hot I am afraid I will cum all over her sweet ass. I have been known to do just that when I pulled out of her cunt, just to watch it shoot and then lick it off.

I like watching my cum shoot out of my cock and wonder what Tom’s would look like. I know Jane will suck and swallow him dry so will have to continue to wonder.

I use the lube left on my hand to cover her asshole one more time as I ask: “You ready for this babe?”

She can only nod her head and hum what I expect is her form of yes. Tom is now watching to see the expression on her face as I enter her ass.

Every time I am at this moment just as my cock enters her tight ass I take it as a gift. When a lot of women suck your cock it is like a chore or something they do for you. Not with you. Jane does it for herself as much as the cock owner so I know it isn’t Tom she is sucking it is just a new cock. But when she lets me fuck her “in the butt” as she says, it is something she gives me.

Anal is the final frontier for many and I escort bayan gaziantep savor every time with whoever it is. But something is radically different this time with her. I usually hold my cock just as it enters her but this time she seems more open and not just because of the position. She pushes her hot ass back onto my cock until I am half inside her. She winks for me but when I am inside her it is more of a squeeze.

My knees shake now and I have to reach around her to support myself. It is moments before I realize I have my hands on Tom’s knees. Both of us realize it at the same time but neither of us move or say anything.

Jane doesn’t miss it and pushing her ass back some more I am balls deep in her ass and in heaven. I don’t realize it when she takes one of my hands to cup Tom’s balls.

“Just go with it boys, you won’t burst into flames. You are best friends sharing the love of one of your lives. Relax this is just good clean fun between friends who love each other. If you are lucky it will get dirtier. Now do we play on or do I stop?” She says.

Tom and I look at each other and just roll our eyes and I say: “Remember what I said about you never speaking of this? Well..”

“Oh, don’t worry about that, who would believe me anyway?” He said not wanting to miss out on the excellent blow job my wife was giving him.

So with his cock in Jane’s mouth and his balls in my hand he settled in and spread his legs as wide as possible. Jane went back to work sucking like the champ she is. I knew just how good he must feel and it thrilled me to be a part of it. I enjoy a lot of touching during oral sex and attention paid to my balls is a big part of my pleasure.

Jane and I had been very high more than once and as I knew she had some bisexual experience I felt comfortable confessing to her once during one of these times, or maybe more often, that I had some fantasies. I often fantasize about another man’s cock, in my mouth, shooting its load down my throat. I didn’t say anything about wanting to be fucked but because she knew my love of fucking her ass and she had even fucked me with a vibrator once, so, well I was a little concerned just how far this was going to go.

She often would lift up from sucking my cock and say: “Taste.” And kiss me swapping my precum with me so I was not surprised when she did it now. I was embarrassed she did it in front of Tom but as she didn’t give me much choice I let her fuck my mouth with her tongue. I loved the taste! I wanted more but was so afraid of what Tom would think I broke the kiss and moved to bite her on the neck. Not hard enough to leave a mark, but enough to let her know to slow down a bit.

Luckily he was in his head back, eyes closed position. But I figured fuck it, there was no turning back now so I reached over with my other hand and stroked his cock as Jane sucked on the crown. I knew she was painting it with her tongue and he would be cumming soon so I stroked him faster and deepened my fucking of her fine ass. This was the first time I felt that she was into me fucking her ass. She was meeting my thrusts and working my cock with her muscles like it was a hand.

Knowing that Tom and I were close and I had his shaft and sack covered by my hands I whispered into her ear: “Play with your clit my little cock sucker. You are going to make two men and yourself all cum. You are a fuck goddess. Fuck me, suck him, get yourself off too.

And it happened, I heard Tom say: “Oh fuck, oh God, don’t stop, oh my God!”

And as I felt his balls spasm I could feel the cum shoot up his urethra into her mouth and she started to cum herself. It felt like the house was shaking as she shook all over and squeezed my cock so hard it almost hurt. My balls were bouncing off her cunt and she reached one hand between our legs to hold them, I erupted.

“Oh my God Jane, do that, oh fuck me I love you!” I moaned as I shot hot cum deep into her guts until I couldn’t stand it anymore and had to grab the couch for support as I emptied my balls deep inside her.

It was a while before anyone of us moved or spoke. Jane was the first pushing my cock out of her ass and turning to lean back against the couch next to Tom’s leg.

Tom was quiet and just lay there in a post orgasmic state.

Not knowing what to do or say I blurted out something “about being right back” and went upstairs to wash. As I stood outside the shower feeling the temperature raise I wondered: Where do we go from here?

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