Who We Really Are Ch. 02

Double Penetration

Lying back against the pillows again, Justin’s head was under my chin, fingertips drifting over skin.

“Your mom’s gonna be home pretty soon,” I said, “so we probably ought to get cleaned up. I have absolutely no idea how we’re gonna handle this with her…”

“Me, either,” Justin said quietly.

“I know one thing– until we do figure it out, we’re gonna have to be careful– to act like we did before this afternoon happened… You know– no touching, not much eye contact… maybe being even more distant, just to be sure… If we’re careful, she might not pick up that there’s anything going on… and we’ll just have to wait ’til we get some time alone again…”

“Okay, Chris. I think I can do that…”

“Right. Into the shower, then. Oh– and open the window in your room, here, too, Justin… it smells like sex.” Laughing, we rolled together and kissed, feeling our naked flesh touching one last time before we went to get presentable. I got up, picked up my clothes, and headed into the master bathroom to shower while Justin went to the one in the hall. We were both dressed and busy in different rooms when Teri pulled up in the driveway.

That evening, I tried not to notice him and everything seemed to go okay. Teri was a little distant, too, so it wasn’t difficult; there was only dinner and TV– nothing very demanding.

The next morning I awoke to a ringing phone, and I overheard Teri answering, apologizing for having overslept; she hurried through a cup of coffee while she dressed, then ran out to her car.

“I forgot to set the clock… gotta go get Charlie at the shop… be back in a few,” she called back as she slammed the door.

Mildly stunned, I sat in the kitchen in my robe after she left, slowly sipping my second cup, wondering what was up with her. Justin came down the stairs a few minutes later.

“Where’s Mom off to?” he asked as he walked into the kitchen; he was wearing some incredibly thin nylon running shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt that he’d cut off under the ribcage. I couldn’t tear my eyes off his stomach… waist… skin…

“Uhhh… she went to pick up Charlie– you know, the new girl at the shop. She’ll be back in a few minutes,” I said to his stomach…

“Time enough for this, then,” Justin said and dropped to his knees in front of me, quickly opening my robe and my knees and pulling my instantly swelling cock into his mouth. He sighed and moaned as he sucked it in, one hand caressing either thigh; then he began a slow, steady rhythm down and up.

I slid down a bit to give him room; his tongue twirled around the underside and the head while his lips clutched and sucked on the shaft. His moans softened as he continued… and then he let me go and looked up at me, his brown eyes big and round.

“Come in my mouth, Daddy,” he said in a small voice. “Mama’s not here now… Come in your nasty boy’s mouth, Daddy… mmm…” He sucked me in for a few seconds more… “Fuck your boy’s mouth, Daddy… mmmm… he wants it full of your come… mmmm…”

Justin’s mouth slid back down onto my throbbing shaft, and this time I held onto his head, holding it still while I fucked it gently. His hands held my hips as the tempo increased, moaning as he sensed my climax approaching.

“Suck, boy, suck,” I said softly under my breath. “Get ready, you incredible little cock-slut… Here it comes…”

Justin began to whimper, working even harder, stroking the base now, milking the lower half with one hand as his mouth sucked and licked noisily on the other. I held his head still as I started to pump come into his mouth… He licked madly and sucked it in, swallowing as we both gasped, mewled and moaned…

As soon as he released me, I stood up and got him back on his feet, kissing him and savoring the taste of my come in his mouth; both of his hands kneaded my naked ass inside my robe while our bodies pressed together, both our cocks hard. When I knelt in front of him, his was already poking out the bottom of his thin shorts, and it was in my mouth in no time.

I let it go and looked up into his eyes, talking to him off and on between sucking and licking. “Mmmm… I’m your cock-slut, too, Justin… mmmmmmm… I love to suck your cock… mmmmm… I’ll always be your personal cocksucker, Justin… mmmmm… I’ll always be your whore… mmmmmmm… Now, come for me, Justin… come for your daddy, boy… come for your whore-daddy… mmmmmmm…”

I’d pulled his shorts down over his ass just far enought to get my hands on it, and I squeezed the firm globes as I pulled his cock further into my mouth. He held my head like I’d just held his, and soon his cock was pulsing, his come filling my mouth.

I went wild on it, reveling in the mixed flavors of sweat and come, feeling his orgasm as it rushed through his pumping cock– it seemed like the nerves in it were connected to others in my lips, tongue, and throat, kırklareli escort a double supernova beginning in my head and rushing to my fingers and toes…

“Wow… that was incredible,” Justin said. “I never imagined it could feel so good…”

“Me either,” I agreed. “I had an orgasm in my head… Your come is delicious…” I kept sucking his cock for a little while afterwards, slowly and gently enjoying it with my lips and tongue.

“Well… guess we better get washed up, Justin,” I said when I let him go. “Teri’ll be back pretty soon…”

He laughed, nodded, and headed for the bathroom.


Minutes later, Teri pulled up in the driveway; I could see the car from my upstairs office window. Charlie was with her– she was somewhere in her twenties and incredibly sexy, with her short black hair, tattoos and leather/punk style.

The two of them couldn’t have looked more different: Teri was blonde, small, and tanned, while Charlie was nearly as tall as me, fair-skinned, slender and ‘cut’ without looking masculine. She was wearing a black leather jacket over a similar halter and mini-skirt; the tight skirt outlined the curve of her round little ass.

‘Wow,’ I thought as she got out of the car… ‘You’re sure dressed to fuck.’

We’d met at the salon a few days before, and I’d felt electricity between us then; seeing her in that leather outfit now got me going even more…

The shocker was what came next: After closing the car door, Charlie walked over to Teri and squeezed her ass; Teri smiled, hugged her, and bit her earlobe before they turned and walked into the house…

“Ohh… I see,” I muttered to myself.

Teri had come home from work late several times in the past few weeks. She’d seemed distracted, too, and it made me wonder, but I hadn’t known what to say… Now everything became clear– they were lovers! Of course…

Suddenly, I wasn’t nearly so worried about Justin and me; all of us just had to play our cards wisely for everything to work out– and it looked like everybody had a pretty good hand… I felt no jealousy, no anger at Teri or Charlie– the whole thing seemed like it was unfolding as it should, though certainly not like anything I could have predicted…

I left the window and sat at my desk, acting like I was doing something, but really just waiting for Teri; I figured she was on her way up…

In a minute, there was a knock on the door, and both women came in and sat on the love seat across from me. Charlie’s bare white thighs caught my gaze as she crossed them slowly… ‘Man, she’s hot,’ I thought, and quickly looked away.

“Chris, Charlie needs to see her family this weekend. It’s always intense, and she’s asked me to go along with her for emotional support… We’ll be back tomorrow evening. You and I don’t have anything scheduled, do we?”

I shook my head. “Nope… Can’t think of anything off the top of my head… So, where do your folks live, Charlie? Not too far, I hope…”

“Just up north a couple of hours; it’s a straight shot.”

‘So, my wife and her new girl friend are going off for a hot night,’ I thought to myself. ‘I wish she hadn’t just lied about what they’re doing, but she’s obviously afraid of a scene… Besides, I’ve got a secret, too… so, just hang in, there, Chris, boy– everything’ll work out…’

“Sooo, uhh… ummm, ah… have a good time, then, girls,” I finally said, trying to smile. “Justin and I will be fine.”

“We will… well, gotta pack a little,” Teri said, standing up and leaving the room with Charlie following; Charlie blew me a kiss and winked at me, twitching her ass as she walked out the door…

Teri got ready in a few minutes, then gave me a quick kiss-and-a-hug before running out to her car; Charlie was already in the passenger seat.

“Back tomorrow night,” Teri called. “Love you…”

“Have fun… Love you, too…”

I watched the car disappear down the street, then went back in the house. Justin was in the living room.

“So… what’s goin’ on?” he asked as I walked toward the couch he was sitting on.

I told him about Charlie grabbing his mother’s ass in the driveway, and repeated the story they’d cooked up about visiting her family. We both laughed; he looked thoughtful.

“I guess we’re not that weird after all… and that’s good, ’cause I need to suck your cock right now,” Justin said, reaching out and grabbing the front of my jeans, undoing the button and the zipper. My cock sprang out and I moved closer to him; he dropped to his knees and pulled it in with obvious passion. I held his head while he sucked noisily and moaned.

“Justin… Let’s go upstairs and get naked…” I said in almost a whisper.

“No,” he said, letting me go and looking up into my eyes. “Let’s not– let’s get naked right here… break the habit… C’mon, Chris… kırklareli escort bayan Take off your clothes and let me suck you right here in the living room…”

Soon we were both naked, lying sixty-nine-style on the couch, sucking slowly and deliciously on the other one’s cock… Then Justin stopped and suggested we both look at the magazines– which were upstairs. We grabbed our clothes and ran up, Justin ahead of me, his round ass-cheeks flexing as he went up two stairs at at ime. We climbed up onto his bed as soon as we were in the room.

He’d put the mags in the nightstand drawer when he cleaned up the day before, so they were handy; the one I had been holding when he ‘caught’ me was on top. It was still open to the same page, a close-up of someone sucking a cock with his eyes closed, the shaft over halfway inside his clinging mouth. The muscles in his face and neck were visible as one hand held the base. You could tell he was sucking, and he was into it…

“Suck on my cock like that, Justin,” I said.

He got up immediately and knelt between my legs, looking in my eyes as he lowered his head and slowly pulled my cock into his mouth with his lips, his tongue stroking the bottom. He moaned, gently caressing my stomach and chest with one hand while the other milked the base.

“Suck your daddy, Justin… suck your daddy… Ohhhhhhhh… you beautiful little slut… make love to that cock… show me how much you need it…”

Justin moaned and whimpered in answer to every lewd phrase I whispered; my own cock pulsed and hardened, too, as I listened to myself…

“You’re a perfect suck-boy, Justin… ohhh… suck, you little slut… ohhhhhhhh… you sweet cocksucker… suck your daddy… suck your daddy…”

His whole mouth– lips, tongue, and jaws– all were working as he moaned, making a low, feral sound like he was calling to an orgasm deep inside me, drawing it up to rush out through my cock and into his sucking mouth… but then he stopped, looking up at me with wet lips as he let my cock go.

“I have an idea, Chris,” he said. “Let’s go in your bedroom for a minute… C’mon…”

He jumped off the bed and I followed him to the master bedroom where he went to Teri’s chest-of-drawers. He opened one of the bottom ones and pulled out two white thigh-high nylons with lace at the top; I’d never seen Teri wear them. He pulled them on, then, turning to one side, he bent forward and stuck his ass out, kind of like a boop-oop-a-doo nineteen-twenties girl…

“Would you like to fuck your little girl in the ass, daddy?” he teased.

I could hardly believe what I was seeing, much less my reaction to it. I grabbed his hips with trembling hands and pulled his ass against me, my cock sticking up between his cheeks.

“Where– where did you get an idea like this?” I sputtered. “I’m about to come just looking at you!” I continued to hold onto his hips, sliding my cock between his asscheeks…

Justin was breathing hard and trembling a little. “I– I come in here a lot when no one else is around… I like to try on some of Mom’s clothes… these really turned me on. You like ’em, too, huh?”

“Ohhhhhh… Justin, this is so… fucking… hot! I can’t believe you… Ohhhhhh… ohhhhhhhh!” To my surprise, I came, holding his firm little ass against me as I shot up his back, come running down it and my cock, down into his crack. I wiped it up with the fingers of both hands, then stood up and stuck them, one by one, into Justin’s mouth.

“Oooohhhh… Sooo… Daddy really likes his little girl’s ass in nylons, does he?” Justin teased. “I bet he’d like to fuck it, too… uh, after he gets it up again, that is…”

“Well, you little bitch,” I said, laughing as I turned him around and kissed him. I felt his hard-on pressing against my stomach, and I slid down onto my knees, sucking it into my mouth. I looked up at him as I sucked, feeling the nylons with my hands and then pulling his thighs against me with my hands on his ass.

“Ohhhhh… suck your little bitch,’ he whispered. “Suck my cock, daddy… You love it, don’cha, daddy? You’re a cocksucker, too, huh? Mmmmm… suck me… suck me, you sick and twisted daddy…”

I didn’t need to get it up again– I’d stayed very hard. My pulse pounded as I sucked Justin’s delicious cock, holding his perfect, smooth little ass with both hands as his nylon-covered legs slid around on my chest.

“I’m gonna come in your mouth, Daddy… I’m gonna do it now… suck me, Daddy… suck me… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…”

I let go of his ass with one hand and milked his cock with it, sucking and swallowing madly, my own cravings peaking as he shot into my mouth again and again. Gasping for breath, I let him slip out as soon as I felt him beginning to relax. When I stood up, he looked at me with a smirk on his face, his hips escort kırklareli cocked to one side, posing.

“I think we’ve found something that Daddy really likes,” he said. “Now… let’s see what you think of this idea…” I watched him kneel with his bare ass toward me as he opened another drawer, pulling out a small piece of white material. He stood up, still facing away, and dropped it over his head, flipping his long hair up and outside of it as it fell: It was a thin silk camisole, barely covering him from nipples to ass.

“How’s this?” he said, pirouetting slowly, one hand and arm completely covering his package. The lacy top hanging from spaghetti straps made him look like a long-haired, flat-chested young girl with an incredibly fuckable ass…

“Ah… ohh… wow,” was all I could say, suddenly realizing my mouth was open and shutting it.

“Does Daddy wanna fuck his little girl?” he half-whispered in a high-pitched tone, his smirk becoming a smile. “She really needs to be fucked… come on, Daddy… Let’s go back to my room, okay? And then you can fuck me…”

Justin walked out, hips swaying, cheeks flexing; I followed him, staring at the unbelievably sexy creature in front of me. He climbed up onto his bed, lying on his front, his round little ass sticking up between the camisole and the tops of the nylons. I sat next to him and caressed his cheeks.

“You are absolutely amazing,” I said to him. “How on earth did you… uh… what hap… oh, shit.” I didn’t even know what to ask.

“How did I get like this?” Justin re-phrased the question for me, giggling like a girl. “I’ve been me since I can remember, Chris. My dad wasn’t the most sensitive guy– it took him awhile– but somehow he realized that I was gay when I was about twelve– and he hated ‘queers’.

“I don’t know how long he’d suspected me, but one day he got drunk while Mom was at work… He started yelling at me, calling me a little fag, hitting me and pushing me around… and then he raped me– orally and anally.

“Afterwards, he tore out of the house in a rage, got in his pickup and drove off. He died in a head-on collision with an eighteen-wheeler a little while later. I never told Mom what happened, other than saying he was drunk when he left.

“Neither one of us missed him. I was a lonely, miserable kid for a long time, though, until Mom met you… I thought you were wonderful from the get-go, Chris, but I had no idea we’d ever hook up like this. I lived in my own world, thinking I was an unlovable pervert, and that it was my fault that my dad was dead. Sexual fantasy was my secret garden, but escaping there alone only seemed to prove how weird and twisted I was.

“After I got my license, I went to an adult shop and saw mags like these for the first time– and I realized I wasn’t alone in my desires. I hadn’t even imagined doing a lot of what I saw, and the photos opened up a world of possibilities that poured fuel on my fantasies. They only made my loneliness worse, though– I couldn’t see any way to get from fantasy to reality…

“When I walked in and saw you with that mag yesterday, I nearly turned around and ran. I expected you to fly into a rage like my dad, but you didn’t… and then… I saw that you had a hard-on. On impulse, before I had a chance to even think about it, I came on to you… and it was amazing… and wonderful… and here we are… and I can hardly believe it… There’s a real person inside my impossible fantasies now, and it’s you…”

I rolled Justin onto his side, pressing against him, holding him tight as I kissed him, our tongues sliding deliciously around in each other’s mouths as the silk slid between our bodies. When I pulled back to look at him, there were tears streaming down his face; I kissed him again, both hands on his smooth, bare ass as I pulled him against me.

“I love you, Chris,” he whispered when we came up for air. “It feels right calling you my daddy… not to mention that you’ve got a really hot cock…” He chuckled. “I’d be much obliged if you’d fuck me with it, mister,” he said, getting back into his small, feminine voice…

I laughed, too. “Get that dong out for us, Justin,” I said, squeezing his ass before removing my hand. He got up and retrieved it and the lube, then worked it into his ass as I watched. I lay in front of him, looking in his eyes as he began to slide the rubber shaft in and out. They closed and he began to moan softly; I kissed him again, reaching around to remove his fingers and grasp the end of the dong with mine, sliding it gently back and forth as he squirmed, moaned and sighed.

“I love you, too, Justin,” I whispered. “You’re absolutely perfect… and you’re absolutely, perfectly, lusciously fuckable… if I ever would have had the nerve to dream of fucking another guy before now, he would’ve looked like you… you perverted little slut…” I laughed and pulled the dong out of him. “Now get that bubble butt over here…”

I stood on the floor as he rolled over and slid on his back to me, his white nylon-encased thighs up and open wide. I grabbed his waist and thrust into him, sliding easily all the way home; we each followed my cock’s penetration through the other’s eyes…

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