A Bride and Cheat by Rita


Reedited by: Jack Myne, really thankful to him for working with me.

Characters: Rita and Sheetal.

Author note: Should we trust some one blindly or do we need some rules even for our much loved ones? Think before you do things or trust people. That can save the kind of heartache I experienced.


Shanty quietly woke me up.

“Oh, it’s you, Shanty,” I yawned.

“Yes, its me. Your dad is waiting for you,” she said.

“Oops, shit, I will be there in 5 minutes,” I said jumping out of bed.

I went into the bathroom and got into the shower after taking off my nighty.

The warm water awakened me, so I started to rub my sleek body. I needed to cum so badly. I usually masturbate every morning in the shower, as it makes me fresh for my long day at the office. My secretary often gets me off at the office so I can get through the day, but sometimes I have to go out to meetings or she is busy with her own work.

My fingers found themselves between my thighs, stroking my already wet hole and circling my clit.

With drops of water falling on my body, my fingers are doing their magic on my stiff clit. I start massage my wet boobs one by one and it feels like heaven one hand running on my tits other once on my dripping pussy hole.

I am now of two minds, either I need to go down as soon as possible where dad is waiting for me or to satisfy myself.

I made a conscious decision as I slumped to the shower floor and started playing with my naked and wet body. My two fingers already deep inside my pleasure place, the fingers moving again, this time fast and hard, almost grinding into my sensitive skin, digging two fingers into myself but I needed more.

I writhed on my own fingers, tasting, smelling and feeling my juicy wet pussy, moving fingers to taste myself, moving fingers against my lips, again and again, hearing the squelch and squish as my hand dug into my personal place. My mind was thinking about two girls now, Julie and Sheetal.

My stiff-nippled tits are wet and slippery and I am pinching both my nipples one at a time. There is no other way out of this hell except to cum, so my fingers start moving faster and faster. I try to reach and suck my 36b boobs but in vain. So I move my fingers deep down and inside me, now its time to take a third finger deep inside my tight wet slit and push them inside my velvet hole. I did and started thinking about my secretary, wondering about her body and let my experienced fingers move to give me a quick, satisfying cum. Soon my fingers were a blur on my drooling snatch, my fingernails brushing over my clit, a little finger going quickly into and out of my tight, red and throbbing pussy hole.

“Ohhhh, ummmm, shit, fuck, so good, so fucking good,” I whined as I writhed on my fingers, stiffened as the shock of the hard cum started, then overcame me, then suddenly, I relaxed my shiny wet body in the shower, panting and gasping.

I knew this was a good one, but it was not the big orgasm I really needed, but it would have to do for now. Dad was waiting for me.

I got out of the shower, rubbed on some moisturizing lotion, wrapped in a towel and went into the bedroom where I dried my hair and put on my make-up.

Then I dropped the towel and look at my naked body in the mirror.

Damned, I thought, if I weren’t me I’d sleep with me.

I laughed and padded over to my wardrobe opening it and trying to figure out what to wear. Because I am the boss of 33 people, I had to look like a boss. Usually I wear suits, but I preferred today my two-piece skirt and blouse set.

Julie gave me this outfit last weekend the first time I spent time with her. It was a night I will never forget.

My eyes went down to my secret drawer where I put all of my pleasure instruments for my partners to use with me. I picked up the rubber strap-on that I used on Julie. The double penetrating vibrator made me remember that Julie wept from pain when I inserted it deep inside both her pussy and asshole and started its motor.

I was brought back to the moment when Shanty came in and told me my dad had left.

I put on a soft pink bra and matching panties that would allow easy access to my shaved pussy later if the opportunity came up. I put on a tight white top that buttoned on the front, leaving the top button undone, and a very tight miniskirt that hugged my cute butt and left my legs bare. I looked and felt sexy.

After finishing breakfast I was on my way out the door from my upscale high society home and into the big four wheel maroon Toyota Land Cruiser that glided smoothly into traffic.

I entered my luxurious cream-colored office, a perk that comes from being the owner of the company. It is a beautiful office decorated in the latest luxury colors and furniture. A sofa and two chairs are in front of my table. Two other sofas are at the back. A glass table has my family picture on it, with two chairs in front of my desk. Thick, soft luxury carpets cover the floor and the entire office is air conditioned, something necessary tunceli escort in hot, humid Mumbai.

I put my laptop on the desk as Sheetal entered.

“Good morning, Rita, ma’am,” she said.

“Good morning, Sheetal.”

Our eyes stayed locked for a long moment. Sheetal smiles looking into my eyes — oh my god, because of her dimples I love that smile and anyone one else would too.

I asked her if there was anything for me to do here today and she told me only a particular file that I would have to sign and the salary checks need my signature.

While I was signing the checks, Sheetal complemented me.

“You are looking really beautiful in that outfit — it perfectly matches your skin color, and shows off your boobs,” she said.

“Oh thanks, you know I told you about Julie, she gave me this outfit,” I told her.

“Oh, yes, of course, you told me way she wept,” and we both smiled broadly, remembering how Julie responded when I put the huge double dildo in her pussy.

“You may go now. I will call you latter if I need you,” I told her.

“I know you will definitely call me,” Sheetal smiled as she left my room, her high heels clicking and making her pretty tits bounce, and her ass cheeks jiggle as she walked away.

After a few minutes, my cell phone rang and I looked at the screen — oops, it is dad.

“Hello dad.”

“Him, Rita, I need your passport,” he said.

“But why, dad, I don’t think I plan to travel abroad soon?” I asked.

Actually the person working for us in New York City wants to retire, so I think you should be there when he does,” dad said.

“But, dad, you know kind of work I am doing here — just signing files, nothing else. You know I am not good using, and have no idea what to do on a trip by myself,” I told him.

“Yes that’s true but we have people there who will do the work, I just want you there to check on them,” he said.

“What kind of check you are asking for?”

Dad responded, “Simple like you do here.”

“But dad, but …,” I sputtered.

“No, I told you enough,” he said. “Please no discussions.”

He hung up.

I was worried about how I could live in New York, even if some think it is a paradise for gays and lesbians. I had friends here and did not need new ones in a strange place.

There was a knock on my door and I told whomever to come in.

It was one of our most senior managers, Mr. Gupta. I call him Uncle Gupta because he has been here so long.

“Ma’am, I just received a phone call from your dad wants me to discuss it with you,” he said.

“OK, sit, but I am not interested Uncle Gupta.”

“Ma’am, you need to go there because you know someone must be there to sign and to authorize things,” he said.

After a half hour of talk, Mr. Gupta convinced me it was a good idea to go to New York.

When he left, I called Sheetal into my office. She came in and I told her to lock the door and she did.

“You know I am going to America?” I asked her.

“Wow, that’s great,” I said.

“Sheetal, I don’t want to go, I don’t want lose my friends, contact with my family and all of that,” I told the sexy, young girl.

But Rita ma’am, you are going to be in a lesbian and gay paradise, you will love it,” she said.

“Sheetal, I don’t want lose friends and workers like you and Gupta uncle.”

“Yes, ma’am, I don’t want you to go, and I think the entire staff does not want to lose you, but you have to go,” she said.

“Yes, I have to go,” I sighed in resignation. “You know I am a lesbian. I have known since I was 15 or 16 that I was gay,” I told her.

“Yes, ma’am, you have told me this before,” she said quietly.

Sheetal, you know about my taste in girls, that I like simple girls like you,” I said, “Do you think I will find that kind of girl in the United States?”

“Yes, you will be able to find someone just like me,” she smiled.

Oh, sweet Sheetal, come closer and get between my legs and starts your secret job one last time before I leave. I need you.”

“Sure, ma’am let me. Turn your chair towards me,” she said softly. She leaned forward, brushing her soft lips on my face, pushing her hot, wet tongue into my ear while sliding her hand up my skirt and pushing a finger under my panties to touch my drooling and shaved slit.

Then she licked her lips sexily again then pushed forward and gave me a deep and noisy, wet tongue kiss.

My heart leapt.

I turned my chair towards more toward Sheetal and she took the arm of my chair, she sat between my legs; I placed one of my leg on my desk, the other one I put on her shoulder, like I always did when I needed her to lick me out. My skirt pulled back and my pink panties were there for her to see. My sexy bare legs were wide open for her to get between. They quivered a bit in the expectation of her face being buried in my cunt.

There was already a wet spot on my panties, right near my pussy hole. She looked and smiled softly, tunceli escort bayan again wetting her soft lips, then licking the wet spot, tasting my juices.

I leaned head back in my chair, half lying on my chair with my eyes almost closed. I was so horny for her soft, wet tongue.

“Please, Sheetal, please lick me now,” I whispered while my heart raced and I panted a bit.

She started with a soft touch on my thighs and hips, her hands running above my skirt. I feel relaxed. Sheetal pushed my skirt upward.

“Oh you are already wet, did you masturbate today?” she asked.

“Ohhhh, yes I did, but I need your sweet tongue right inside my slippery slit. Dad was waiting for me this morning so I couldn’t get myself off good enough,” I breathed.

Then I felt Sheetal’s lips again nibbling on me through my panties; I could feel her warm breath washing over my clit. I gasped. She gave my panty-covered crotch a long, firm lick, and then another, wetting the pink silk panties. I felt my soft outer pussy lips thickening and opening in lust under her tongue,

“Wow, Sheetal you are amazing,” I gasped, starting to feel like an angel ready to soar into the sky.

Suddenly I squeaked as her tongue pushed my panty aside and lashed over my stiff clit, throbbing outside its little hood.

Sheetal immediately lost herself in the sweet, silky velvet of my wet cunt slit, her tongue flicking over my hot, throbbing pussy which was gushing my sweet excretions onto her flicking tongue.

I trembled as her tongue eagerly explored my soft folds, then the soft, wet tongue slowed, giving me gentle, luxurious licks the entire length of my little, bare pussy, lashing over my hot and bare clit.

My legs trembled and I wanted to squeeze her beautiful head and lock it next to my pussy forever. I listened to the wet, sloppy sounds of face pushing into my secret place.

She searched with relish and gleefully found the spots that made me tremble, the spots that made me gasp, and the ones that made me draw in my breath and moan for more. Sheetal ran her tongue from the top of my slit to the bottom, rubbing it from side to side, her tongue explored all over again and again every little nook and cranny of my pussy, finding sensitive spots aplenty judging by my shaky breathing and little gasps of pleasure. She let her tongue slide deep inside me.

“Oh Sheetal,” I gasped. “I can’t wait for you to do it with me, Sheetal, you are just awesome.”

She started gently stroking her tongue in and out, letting it swirl against my soft pussy and each time she pushed in, I felt my self in heaven. Her lips slurped softly on my throbbing lower lips, coaxing more and more nectar onto her tongue.

As her tongue thrust in and out, I realized that I was gripping the arms of my chair; my hands were white with the power of my grip. Sheetal was digging her tongue even deeper to make my legs quiver. My hips jerked several times, twitching, as I climaxed and she drank deeply of juices. Her hair was soft on my naked legs and my eyes were. Finally, I relaxed with a deep shudder, my body going totally limp, and my breathing was deep and labored.

Thank you Sheetal,” I gasped, still shaky from my orgasm. “I will never forget you, and I hope you keep on working for me and don’t think of quitting.”

“Yes, Rita ma’am, I will always be there to give you pleasure,” she said smiling with her beautiful dimples.

We kissed on each other’s cheeks and she went into my private bathroom to wash my slimy goo off her face and fix her hair.

I did the same after she left the office.

That evening, before leaving work I asked Sheetal if she were available to come shopping with me. She said she could.

As we pulled into the mall parking garage, Sheetal begins talking about a sale ad in the local newspaper and pulled the ad clipping out showing a sale of bras and panties.

Even though Sheetal has been with me for six months, I didn’t know her sizes.

“Oh, Rita I am a perfect 34b,” she beamed at me.

Sheetal had managed to stay in good shape. She was 25 and tall, about five feet, 10 inches. With her silky brown hair and fair color, she can turn any man’s head anywhere, anytime.

She was a vision before me in a stunning light gray suit with a rose colored silk blouse that was accented by a loosely tied mauve scarf, the hem of her skirt was just about her knee high with some lovely athletic leg showing black patent leather high heals completed the ensemble.

Sheetal was an impressive girl.

We headed to Level 5, and two beautiful young and sexy women stepped out into the crowded sales floor.

I found some sales girls who know well, my sizes, the quality and size, everything. I asked Sheetal if she wanted anything, but she didn’t so bought couple of pairs of panties for Sheetal.

Then I quickly lead Sheetal to another store where the expensive Amore’ line of lingerie that was being endorsed by an Indian actress. I asked Sheetal to try and after escort tunceli giving her a quick once over, I selected flesh colored and black sets and led her to the changing room.

She told me she didn’t usually try on lingerie in a store, but this time she did because I wanted her to. Sheetal was expecting me to hand her the clothes and wait outside the changing room, but instead I gently pulled her inside and closed the door behind me.

I told Sheetal to take off her clothes, but she hesitated. I gave her a firm look and she began to undress.

She was embarrassed but she quickly removed all of her clothes until she was standing naked. Sheetal was proud of her body but never had she ever thought about displaying herself to another woman, however here she was standing naked in a store change room with her superior, a woman she had satisfied several times.

Softly, I murmured, “Very nice.” I gave her the flesh colored panties and told her to put them on. As she pulled them up over her hips she saw I was looking directly at her black haired pussy, which caused Sheetal to shiver and her nipples immediately hardened.

She adjusted her panties and reached for the bra, and as she began to put it on, she felt my hands helping with the clasp in back. She adjusted her beautiful tits in the cups. As she tugged and pulled on the bra, I let my hands roam all over her, gently cupping each breast and squeezing and pinching her nipples until they were hard and pulsing.

Sheetal was stunned but didn’t move as I continued to touch her while biting on her — my hands were now on her bare breasts!

The nearly naked girl turned around and my mouth went straight to her nipples, sucking on them urgently for two or three minutes as the her hot pussy got wet.

Sheetal became dizzy with desire. I slipped to my knees and pulled off the flimsy panties.

“This is what I want,” I softly said, licking my lips erotically while looking up into her eyes.

But suddenly the salesgirl knocked on the door.

“You’ve been there too long, Rita, you need to come out,” she called through the door.

Oh shit, why did she have to call us right now? I was shaking with desire and so was Sheetal! When we left, I slipped the girl a 1,000 rupee bank note for helping, well guarding, us.

As we left the store, I caught a movement behind the glass. I saw an attractive woman of about thirty approaching us and asked Sheetal if she knew her but Sheetal didn’t.

Later I remembered the woman was one of my partners, back when I was just 18.

We went to bar and we ordered two Blue Knickers, then sat back to enjoy the drinks. Sheetal sipped the ‘Blue Knickers,’ then took my hand and sucked on my fingers one at a time. My tummy flipped.

“I love your tongue and warm wet mouth,” I said quietly into her ear.

She looked into my eyes, a bit nervously.

“How come you didn’t tell me before?” she said. “I think about all the women you are with.”

Why her, she seemed to ask.

“Nervous? Oh, darling Sheetal you are licking and sucking me for the last couple of months, so why are you nervous?” I asked her. “I promised you, when I came back, you are first one I’ll be with and that is a promise.”

Suddenly, she said she though we should leave.

“Why. Sheetal?” I said. “Its not too late, it’s just 8 p.m.”

She said her head was spinning, so we left bar, taking some chips and drinks directly car, we settled there and started to talk.

She told me her last boss’s wife was a lesbian and that is why she quit.

The she asked how I knew I was a lesbian.

“I already told you that when I was 16 I realized that I was gay, that when I looks at girls, my heart throbbed like yours does for young cute boys,” I said. “I am kind of worried about how you felt about your ex-boss wife. She was a lesbian like me. So why you are interested in me and weren’t with her?”

“Rita, I like you because you are young, and pretty and know how to treat people,” she said. “It is important to me the way you treat not only me, but all the other employees. That’s why I attracted to you.”

I looked at her.

“But weren’t you kind of embarrassed at what I did with you? I mean I only satisfied myself and didn’t care about you. Before today I never touched you.”

That did not matter to me, or who else you touched,” she said while staring into my eyes. “I knew one day my fantasies would come true and I would be with you in bed and you would play with me with your toys. I swear I will not cry. I will enjoy it. Yes, you will definitely enjoy Sheetal in bed.”

I paused, looking the sexy girl next to me.

“So have you fantasized about me?” I asked.

“Oh, yes, whenever I think about you, about how your cum tastes, I masturbate imagining myself licking your pussy, sucking your wet lips up and down, around and around, repeating again and again until I suddenly find the spot where I can tease you. I love teasing, and when you cum, you sometimes squeeze my head so hard I can’t breathe. When I come back to the real world, I am wet and have to play with myself until I am satisfied.”

“Sheetal, can we be together tonight?”

“Oh no Rita, ma’am, we can’t,” she said. “My parents are waiting for me but if you had told me yesterday, it would have been easy to get away, but not this time.”

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