A Letter to my Rapists on 395


To my Rapists on 395,

I’m writing this down now while in the backseat of my car, right after you had left me bleeding against my tire. I want this event recorded from start to finish, while your fluids leak onto my leather seats and my hands can barely hold my phone as I’m shaking so badly. You may think I’m writing this down to send to the police, but I’m writing it for me, because you didn’t simply violate an unlucky woman today. Oh no, you raped, beat and spit on someone who lives for that kind of abuse. And I plan on using these written words to relive that experience over and over, with my fingers between my legs where your cocks had been not too long ago. Let’s get started then, shall we?

We’ll start off just as you came screeching into my life in that big blue Chevy Silverado. I had been cruising at my usual high speed, enjoying the crisp night air with the windows down and the music blasting. I always enjoyed riding with one foot up on the dash, knee leaning against the door. I had black leggings on and a low cut white shirt partially hidden under my black jacket. It was nippy out and I almost considered getting my scarf to cover up more but I was too into the flow and freedom of driving to care about a little chill.

No one was in front of me as I road alongside tractor trailer after tractor trailer. There were always more trucks at night, and they never stayed in the left lane for too long. I hadn’t heard that engine of yours on the other side of the truck I was passing and just as my nose bridged his cab was when the blue streak careened between his nose and the truck in front of him directly into my path. I had to swerve onto the shoulder, the rumble strips barely having enough time to shake my car as I tried hard to correct my suv back onto the road.

I was livid as your brake lights flashed a few times, your foot feathering them to taunt me. There are very few things that boil my blood as quickly as that little maneuver you pulled on me just then and there was no way in hell I was going to let you get away without knowing you’d pissed me off. Now you see, my car is a beautiful sleeper, a tuned wolf in sheep’s clothing if you will, and you were probably quite surprised when I caught up to your eight cylinder and kept pace.

You thought you were clever and tried to brake check me but I was ready and easily slipped into the next lane and zip around you. I brought myself parallel to your passenger window and wasted no time in flipping you and your friend off. Your face twisted in anger as your friend rolled down his window to spit some fire at me but I could not be bothered to stick around. With a chastising wave I stepped on the gas and cut you off just as we approached another wall of trucks, preventing you from forcing your way back in front.

I saw a sedan trying to get over into our lane and I could not think of a better opportunity to smoke you. After returning the favor of a brake check and getting you off of my bumper I launched forward while you dropped back, giving the sedan plenty of space to seal your fate with me laughing to celebrate my victory.

The adrenaline from fucking with you was channeled into my music as I sang and happily sped along. My favorite song came on just as I saw your headlights on, the top rack of lights on and I felt that rush again, absolutely ready for round two. Being in the lead paid off as I could see down the long hill we were atop of and at the bottom sat the lurking lights of an officer in the median between the two highways. This could not have been more perfect. I was absolutely ready to teach you a lesson that you wouldn’t soon forget.

I dropped back and waited mere seconds before you were glaring into my window riding next to me. The sneer on your face as you heard me rev my engine to give you the pretense that I was going to race you again had me mirroring my own. I gave my suv the slightest touch more of gas and you took that as the green flag.

Releasing my pedal and watching you speed off down the hill had me laughing in disbelief that it had actually worked. Your chevy rounded the bottom of the hill and the the moment the red and blue lights popped on I cheered. You must have been going over a hundred and I know for a fact that’s a hefty fine, among other things. Passing you was even better, as I could feel the hatred oozing from the cab of your truck as we locked eyes once more and I gave a playfully insulting peace sign before going on my merry way.

I had all but forgotten about you, your friend and your flashy truck by the time that I was ready to make a pitstop. I had already been in the car for a few hours at this point and only halfway through my drive. The surge of adrenaline leaving me had worn me out and I was in desperate need for a pickmeup. So I pulled in and saw that there was only a tractor trailer parked on the other side of the lot, otherwise it was barren.

This was a smaller rest stop, nothing fancy. A regular shop with snacks and food as well as restrooms that had doors to the outside. I didn’t think much of that little detail at the time and some very tender parts of me regret it now. I’m fingering one of those actually, and I have to admit that the little tears you made sting rather nicely. I’m getting away from myself here, back to the story.

After a much needed stretch outside my car I found myself the cup of coffee I had been wanting. I stayed inside the store for a few minutes, sipping and relaxing. I had looked at the offered snacks but none had struck my fancy. I got about halfway through my cup when I figured it was time to hit the road again.

Now, I’m going to be perfectly honest here. I do not know when you two managed to creep into the rest stop, nor if you had been hiding behind the trailer waiting while I was in the shop or if you had just pulled in and spotted me but I did not hear that engine of yours. So I do have to commend you for that. How you had managed to sneak up behind me on foot without me hearing that either still has me clueless but it was a matter of seconds between me having the bathroom door abreast and me being flung forward as one of you bastards shoulder checked me into the dark room.

I landed hard on the cement floor, crushing my coffee cup and causing it to splatter everywhere. The hot liquid burned my chest, transforming my initial grunt to turn into pained gasps. I rolled onto my back and elbows just as the light was switched on and I was blinded instantly. Slowly your two forms came into focus. One taller, leaner and paler while the other was more well built with some untamed scruff on his face. I knew that was you, driver. I could see in your eyes, that boiling anger sitting darkly just below the surface. I gulped hard and scooted back some on my hands and ass as your slender friend turned the deadbolt on the door. The solid click it made nearly made my stomach lurch.

The coffee stained my white shirt, as I hadn’t zippered up my jacket when I left the car. The dark liquid clung to escort service my increasingly thumping chest and I felt both sets of eyes following their curves down and over the rest of my slightly shaking body. My mouth was dry as I stammered out an apology, that I was sorry for getting you caught.

“You hear that, Rowely? Little bitch says she’s sorry. Guess we’re done here, right?” Your friend said, rubbing his hands together in front of him with a sickening grin. You didn’t answer, instead you moved closer to me and crouched down way too close for my comfort and you said with a small growl in your voice, “Say it again.”

“I-I’m s-sorry, I sw-wear I am. Please let me go, I’ll pay for the ticket. It was m-my fault you got it.” I said, a lump heavy in my throat. I knew for a fact that you deserved the damn thing but in that moment I did not see many things going well for me. How right I was with that thought.

The silence that followed was dripping with tension onto the beating drum within my chest. You didn’t answer me, you only grinned just before back handing me across the face. The strike caught me off-guard and I cried out, shrinking back further from you until I hit the wall. That’s when I realized exactly how small the room was and that I had needed to get the fuck out of there in that moment.

My body had reacted before I had fully formulated a plan, my leg kicking out and nailing you square in the chest. The move surprised us both, sending you off balance and onto the floor as I scrambled to my feet. Your friend jumped forward for me as I tried to hop over your splayed legs to avoid him. You had recovered quicker than I expected and with an iron grasp you caught my ankle and yanked me down hard. I had twisted in the air and landed on my side harshly, yelping and rolling onto my back.

“Get ‘er Doug!’

He brought his knee down onto my stomach, knocking the air out of me with a wheezing gasp. My body tried to double over just as your knee came down hard on my shoulder, pinning me to the ground. While I was trying to regain my breath your hand came down sharply again as I cried out for you to stop.

That only brought another slap onto my other cheek, forcing my head the other way. Your friend, Doug, had his hands gripping at my breasts over my soiled t-shirt. My nails found his wrists and they bit in deep, trying to pull his hands off of me. Your knee on my shoulder limited my movement and I did the next best thing I could think of. I lashed out and my fist hit your friend below the belt. A colorful array of words vollied out of him as he fell back and I threw my weight away from you and managed to free myself once more.

On my hands and knees, panting, cheeks puffy and on the verge of tears I knew this was my chance. Digging my heels in I had made it passed you to the door. Panicked noises were escaping me as I fumbled with the deadlock. There was the tease of a click just as a fistful of my hair was taken and my forehead was slammed into the door.

I would have collapsed then if I wasn’t being held up by your body against mine and the vice grip on my hair. My head was reeling and I could feel the warmth of blood pooling on my eyebrow from where I hit the door. Then a hand grasped the top of my leggings and ripped them down along with my panties and exposed my ass. I pressed myself into the door and whimpered, begging for this to end, that I’d do anything for you to stop touching me.

My head was pulled back enough for my cheek to be forced into the door again. Now sufficiently dazed, it’s sort of hard to remember exactly what had happened here. I was jerked away from the door and sent stumbling across the room into Doug’s reach. He was still really pissed about the nut shot and I was unable to stop him from slapping me and yanking at my shirt.

My attempt to get away from him combined with my dizziness and my leggings around my knees gave him what he wanted and with a loud tear my shirt was hanging freely by my arms. You wolf whistled at that and a wave of shame swept through me. My cheeks which had dampened by my tears as the situation grew more helpless had heated through. You both laughed as I pulled my keys out of my jacket pocket and held them between my fingers, ready to attack.

The laughter made me question myself long enough for you to cross the room, deflect my strike and use the momentum against me to pin my arm behind my back. I was harshly met by the wall and I started begging as your knee widened my stance. No amount of squirming or writhing was able to dislodge your painful hold. I could hear you undo your belt and pants, my panic peaking as well as my pleas.

All of my movement ceased the moment your dark eyes were an inch from my fearful ones.

“You’re going to pay dearly, whore.” You whispered just before your broad tongue found my cheek and slowly licked upwards, collecting what freshly fallen tears were there. I was whimpering uncontrollably at that point.

The head of your cock probed between my cheeks as I tried to keep away from it in vain. My head was smacked against the wall again and I was quelled long enough for you to catch my rim.

I weakly let out “Please stop” which fell upon deaf ears as you pushed upward and inward. My body resisted your advance for as long as it could, the stain intensifying until it too gave into your desires. A flash of pain ripped through me as your cock split me open and sent me yelping and weeping into the wall.

My free hand clawed at the wall as you bottomed out too quickly, nails threatening to break on the unforgiving cement just as you started laying into me. It was difficult standing up on my own as you had spread my legs wide but every upward thrust guaranteed that I’d stay erect. I could bruises on my hips forming as well as you ground them into the wall.

I could feel the sweat on your forehead drip onto the side of my face as you pressed your head into mine. Your scruff scratched my ear as you filled it with your hot breath and I was both so repulsed and turned on because of it. The mixed feelings clouded my already fuzzy head, the jumbled mess occasionally being jarred and shaken by a suddenly harsh thrust into my ass.

The grip on my trapped wrist tightened and you twisted it up in between my shoulderblades to the point where I was gasping in agony. When I was convinced you were trying to snap my arm you pulled yourself out only to ram back up inside me, sending a shriek skyrocketing out of my pained core. What followed was a low, torturous moan. There was no denying my position at that point, and I was almost thankful that you had chosen to rape my ass. I was so wet that I could hear it every time your balls slapped my tratorious cunt.

I could see Doug out of the corner of my eye. His hand was on his own cock as he watched you using me. His eyes flickered between my contorted face and our hips. The thought of him spying my arousal brought fresh tears down my red face and I screwed my eyes shut in a independent escort dubai futile attempt to keep them inside me. Even closed I could imagine his impatient smirk, knowing he was next in line to violate me. He was like a vulture waiting for his turn at the kill and by god did that thought neary send me over the edge. But I could not let that happen. There was no way I could live with myself if I gave you that after what you were already taking from me.

Your groan drowned out my whining until you grew tired of it and threatened to kill me if I didn’t shut up. The little gasp that left me was all that came from me unless you prodded a grunt out of me. The slapping sound of your hips against my ass was deafening in the small room and as it grew louder I knew you were almost done. In that moment, I was both thankful and worried about what would happen next.

Another grunt had you explode inside my ass, the feeling of your seed coating my insides had us both moaning. I felt like such a whore being unable to stop the sound and you took notice of the pleasure I had found in it and that ticked you off.

“You aren’t supposed to like this you stupid cunt” you chided as my wrist was released in favor of my hair as you withdrew from my aching hole.

I whimpered in protest that I didn’t like this, that I didn’t want this and hissed through my teeth as I was dragged over to the toilet. Doug had made a disgruntled noise while you forced me to my knees and kept my head dangerously close to the seat. My back was arched as my voice heightened, this was not looking good at all and I started pleading for you both to take what you wanted and to leave.

Your friend had wasted no time kicking my trembling legs apart. I could feel the cum leaking out of my asshole and onto my drenched lips as I heard Doug spit into his hand to lube himself. I lamented the fact that he’d find out very quickly there was no need for it.

“Christ, Rowely! You’re wrong, the bitch loves this!” He exclaimed as he pressed into my pussy. I groaned in shameful pleasure, his cock providing me with exactly what my body craved and what I didn’t want. There was no way for me to hide my face with your hand entwined in my hair. That didn’t matter though, as I suddenly found my face plunged into the bowel I was trapped against.

Unable to pull myself back up I flailed my arms, pushing at your chest, gripping at the porcelain, anything to surface. The mixture of revulsion and the burn within my lungs for air had me absolutely hysterical. There was a muffled exchange between you two and I felt my arms collected firmly behind me, and only when they were secured in Doug’s hands did you lift my head out of the toilet.

I wheezed and gasped, water dribbling down my face as your friend ground into me, forcing out any air I was able to swallow. You looked at me with such disdain before shoving my face back into the toilet, well before I had recovered from the first dip.

The little breath I held onto did not last long enough and bubbles floated to the top of the water as I couldn’t hold it in anymore. A harsh yank freed me from my watery demise, trying to simultaneously suck in air as I hacked out some water. With a cold laugh my head was pressed onto the toilet seat, ‘Nasty fucking whore” you spat as I gave a low, tortured moan. Doug’s shaft was relentless and the sound of how wet I was sickened me to the core.

I didn’t think it could get worse than that until I saw you guide your hand to your slowly stiffening cock. Shaking my head meant little as I tried croaking out “No”. There was no way I wanted your cock in my mouth after where it had been but that was the least of my concerns as a yellow stream started to trickle out of your head right before my wide eyes.

No amount of shrinking back helped nor was I able to pull away as you guided it ever closer to my face. The splashing of the piss echoed loudly until I felt it’s warmth splatter onto my cheek. I couldn’t stop the noise of disgust which opened the window for you to aim for my mouth. The vile taste had me sputtering, absolutely humiliated. The taste was almost as overpowering as the smell was and I could no longer tell which was which as Doug plowed into me, jerking my head just enough to drench my nose as well in piss.

Your friend released my arms in order to wrap around my heaving chest to get at my neglected breasts. The torrent of yellow was dying down as his dirty nails dug into my pale skin until I was yelping. I could feel the scratch marks trailing down to my nipples as my bra was pulled down enough so they popped out and swung freely with each thrust.

I whined loudly as I tried to pry his hands off of my chest. I could feel the traces of cuts as our hands grappled. I felt your hand release my head and I was brought back against his chest only to be repeatedly banged into the unforgiving porcelain. That pain quickly grew to be the greater demon as my hips were already bruising and my hands went to try to steady myself, nearly slipping from the piss and water on the seat.

He groaned a cuss word or three as he announced he was going to explode. The mixture of pain and pleasure was proving too toxic for me to withstand and I could feel myself about to careen into the same explosion he was.

As his thrusts grew shorter and deeper there was nothing I could do to stop myself. Each one tapped my cervix to the point where I was delirious from pleasure and was moaning like a two cent whore, my hips working in sync with his of their own accord.

“Look at that, Rowely, she’s fucking cumming on my cock what a filthy–” His words were taken from him as my pussy started clamping down around him and my body quaked against his. There was a new wave of tears in my eyes as I felt him grow ridgid against me and his shaft pulsating inside, spurting his load just as rapidly as my cunt milked him for it. I hated myself even more than they hated me in that moment.

He withdrew his sword from my pink sheath that still quivered with aftershocks, his hands leaving my mauled breasts in favor of my heaving shoulders for leverage. A swift knee between my legs ripped me from that orgasmic bliss and dropped me onto the floor with a shriek. Curling up defensively did little to stop you as you found my wallet in my dishevelled jacket after some patting around. You read my name and address aloud as Doug stood and fixed himself up.

“Just in case you get any stupid ideas about going to the cops. I’ll be sure to let the guys know where you live. Oh and, you’ll be paying for that ticket too.” You added as you pulled what cash I had out and counted it nonchalantly. “Doug, why don’t you help the little lady to her car?”

A kick to my ribs had me rolling away but not far or fast enough before your friend seized my arm and started dragging me to the door. The click of the deadbolt echoed mockingly over my whimpering. Out of the corner of my eye I saw you scoop up my keys and inspect them, the dark grin Escort Girl Dubai returning to your face face. I tried hard to swallow the lump in my throat, only just realizing what you had found.

The blast of cold night air had slapped me just as hard while I tried to scramble to my feet to stop Doug from hurting my arm. We crossed the lot quicker than I was able to keep up with and he tossed me against the side of my car like a bag of trash. I curled up again against the tire, wary eyes flickering between both of you, unsure of whether you were actually leaving me alone or not.

You sauntered up with that sneer and held up my keys to me. I could see in the lamplight my rape whistle catch and sparkle, the redness returning to my face and a small ache down below started again.

“I didn’t even see you reach for this once you fucking slut.”

The keys and my wallet were tossed onto my crumbled form as I let out a groan in protest, unable to admit that you were wrong. I turned my head into the pavement, covering my face and I heard you two debating on something before receiving two more harsh kicks, one was to my stomach again, the other between my legs and catching my soreness squarely with a steel toed boot. I almost retched there and started sobbing, the pain and shame of everything taking over as you both walked away towards your truck.

I had laid there for some time, crying and hurting and even more horny because of it. That’s when I had decided to write this out, and to share it with those who are twisted minded like myself to get off to. My fingers have been using your cum, Doug, to tease my bruised clit and to finger my bleeding asshole. It feels so fucking good, but not as goo—

The car door opened then and I nearly jumped out of my skin. My heart was in my throat, thudding away with my fingers stalled between my thighs. My leggings were still down around my knees, where they had been left since the beginning. Standing at my door now was a well built, cleancut man with a trucker hat on. He had a gleam in his eye as he soaked in my shocked visage. I wasn’t able to move as he smirked and spoke, his voice confident and cool which shook me right to the core.

“You look like you’ve had a traumatic night, well, it ain’t going to get any better. Get out here on your knees now or I’ll make you.”

I could barely imagine what I looked like at that moment. Hair dishevelled and matted, reeking of piss and cum, greedy fingers deep inside my stretched snatch, tear stained face glowing in the low light of my phone with my fearful eyes glued to the man before me commanding me to move. My gaze never left him as I put my phone down slowly and I removed my hand from my tender flesh. I crept forward on the seat, surely leaving a trail of sex on my backseat.

I sank to my knees, face upturned to his with a questioning look in my eyes. His hand came down swiftly, catching my bruised cheekbone with a yelp as fear returned to my expression.

“Do I need to spell it out for you, dumb cunt?” He sneered, raising his hand again to offer me another strike if I didn’t comply. My lips trembled a bit as I shook my head, my hands moving up to his belt buckle and clumsily undid it. The button and zipper came down next and I instinctively bit my lip as I pulled down his pants to reveal his barely hidden bulge. I peeled down his boxers to watch it spring out and a gasp escaped my lips.

I was aching again between my legs as my wet fingers wrapped around his shaft. He didn’t prod me, only watched as my tongue kissed his thick head and I let out a small moan. He chuckled at my sluttiness but I had much better things on my mind. My lips met my fingers as I stroked him. Tasting my cum, and the cum of my two rapists on him was shamefully exhilarating. That became clear as my enthusiasm grew and he had no issue commenting on it.

My hands moved down to the base of his shaft as my hunger grew with each inch that disappeared into my mouth. The trucker’s hands found the back of my head after a few minutes of letting me do as I pleased and I knew my time was up with the tightening hold on my hair. My fingers dropped down to my nub, which was freezing from being wet and exposed to the air, as he started to facefuck me.

He wasn’t gentle nor did he care if I had much of a chance to breathe. Gagging and sputtering whenever he was too deep, wheezing and gasping for air for when he pulled back to prepare to go back in deeper. The tears forced their way out of my tightly shut eyes, having difficulty with focusing past the pain and effort to keep breathing. Suddenly a crack across my stuffed cheek from the back of his hand shot my bleary eyes open and straight into his.

“Look at me while you finger yourself, slut. I know how much you’re enjoying this and what happened to you just before. So enjoy it openly and know that I’ll be taking the liberty of using your face as a napkin when I’m done with your throat.”

That had me moaning around his cock whenever I wasn’t choking on it. My fingers pinched and rolled my clit while my lustful eyes stayed fixed on his. He pulled my hair taunter and slapped me again and again until I was sobbing. My cheek burned as hot as a fire from his abuse and after a particularly nasty strike I found myself dazed and cumming hard.

With the orgasm taking over, I wasn’t able to stop him from hitting my head against the metal door as he used me. Sooner than I expected he pulled out, hand on his shaft and he shot his load all over my face. My mouth was open eagerly and he did not give me what I wanted. His cum leaked down my forehead and cheeks, burning the cuts that it came into contact with. When he finally let go of my hair I fell back against my car.

“Thank me for using you, depraved whore.”

He offered his cock to me once more and I breathlessly thanked him before licking what residual cum was left on it and cleaning him. That’s when I heard his camera shutter go off and I groaned in dismay. That feeling was short lived as he told me to make myself more presentable and I compiled without hesitation.

As he took several photos of me licking my fingers clean of cum and scooping it off my face I looked up and grinned as if I were high. In that heightened state, I offered him my cell phone number for if he were ever in the area again.

The laugh that erupted from him was so dismissive and degrading I wish I could have choked on my words just as I had his cock moments before.

“You’re more desperate than a drug-addicted lot lizard looking for her next fix.” Was all he said, his words smarting just as badly as his face slaps. He pocketed his phone and turned away without any indication that he had taken it. I stayed against my car for some time. Long enough for my euphoria to dissipate slightly and for a chill to return to my bones.

I was still halfway from home and I didn’t know when the adrenaline would leave me and sending me into a drop, so I did what I thought was best. I crawled back into my backseat, ass still exposed and I let the cold leather soothe my bruised hips. I made sure the car doors were unlocked as I tried to finish typing out my letter, only to pass out from exhaustion.

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