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Subject: An-exchange-student-completes-a-family-9 Dear reader, This story and all characters in it are fiction, though many of the places here in Chicago are real. Apologies for the short submission. The next chapter is a much longer one. Thanks to Nifty for providing a platform for aspiring authors. fty/donate.html Feel free to send my any feedback, ideas, thoughts, fantasies/desires, at all, and I hope you enjoy this story. I feel like sometimes it’s difficult to keep track of who’s who when a story gets long. I’m going to start doing a recap/list at the beginning of each chapter submission to make it a little easier to keep track. I hope this is helpful. =========== Cast of characters prior to this chapter: -Josh Johnson: The story is told from his POV. He’s early 30’s, white, and has a cock that bends downwards at the middle, which is the thickest point. Imagine a 3-d boomerang pointed down, or better yet — a cobra head prepared to strike. He thinks of himself as straight or maybe bi. -Ollie (Johnson): Josh’s son, 12 years old. 4″ dick that tapers at the head like his dad’s but has a slight upward angle and thickness distributed along the length. Pink nipples, he’s pinkish in general but his asshole is more brown than pink. He enjoys the freedom his father’s rules give him to experiment with others…and with his own father of course. -Jerico: Ollie’s best friend for years, also 12. Jerico is the son of Iraqi refugees and has olive skin, thick dark wavy hair and hazel eyes. He’s a little smaller than Ollie. He’s also about 4″ hard and is uncut. Ollie and Jerico sleep over at each other’s houses a lot. Jerico’s sleeping over in this scene but ended up in Josh’s bed. Unfortunately, he’s needy and gets jealous easily. -Qing: 17yo Chinese foreign exchange student from Hong Kong. He’s skinny enough to have a little tailbone bump. He has spiky dark public hair, purplish balls and is cut with a dark purplish mushroom cockhead. His cock is smaller than Josh’s but bigger than the 12 year olds’ cocks. His asshole looks well-used since his father and older brother have been fucking him daily since his was 9 years old until he left for this exchange program. He loved it and misses it. -Manny: Early 20’s, 5’5″ short muscular Latino top. He fucked Qing in the bathroom of the pizzeria where he works and they exchanged numbers. He has a two-color scorpion tattoo, and his cock is larger than Qing’s. It’s uncut with a flared red head hiding under that foreskin. Qing figured out that he likes boys a lot younger than himself and promised Manny he would figure out how to get him to Josh’s house to fuck Ollie sometime. =========== There was a light knocking on the door now. Jerico pulled the sheets back şişli travesti up and retreated partway under them. “What?” I asked. Ollie said, “Can we come in?” I glanced at Jerico and said, “Yeah.” Ollie and Qing walked into my bedroom. “How was it?” grinned Ollie. Jerico and I both glared at him and he looked away. Qing said, “We waited because we heard you fucking. Josh throws a mean fuck and we didn’t want to ruin it.” I accused, “I think you ruined it for him earlier tonight!” Ollie exclaimed, “But we didn’t DO anything! I mean, we didn’t do anything WRONG! We were all having fun and then Jerico just got mad and LEFT!” I sighed, “Baby, it’s hard to explain. I think Jer just loves you so much that it makes him feel bad to see you with someone else.” He replied, “But we were BOTH playing with Qing!” I said, “Ollie, you LIVE with him. You can have him whenever you want. And you didn’t see Jerico in a WEEK after Qing came.” Ollie said to Jerico, “So then you slept with my DAD, so we’re even, right? Whatever, you’re just whiny and needy. C’mon let’s go to bed.” “NO,” said Jerico. “I’m staying HERE. You can go play with CHINK by yourSELF!” I exclaimed, “He didn’t mean that!” “I DID!” said Jerico. “Ok then,” said Ollie. He turned to leave and Qing gave Jerico a scornful look and then they left. I said to Jerico, “Oh baby, I’m sorry. Ollie can be so selfish sometimes. No matter what Ollie says, you’re welcome here in my house, okay? I’m going to have a talk with Ollie and Qing tomorrow.” He said, “You don’t have to, you can’t MAKE them like me.” “They already do,” I said. “They just don’t know the right way to show it.” I continued, “You’re going to have to apologize tomorrow for calling Qing ‘Chink’.” “But I HATE him!” said Jerico. “Maybe,” I responded, “But do you hate him because he’s Asian?” “Of course not,” Jerico replied. “I think that makes him sexier,” he mumbled. “Well,” I said, “when you call him ‘Chink’ you’re saying you hate him BECAUSE he’s Asian.” Jerico looked at me in confusion. I had a thought. “What if you stepped on someone’s foot by mistake? And then they got mad at you for it and called you a ‘faggot’?” “They DO,” he said. Oh shit, this was just getting worse. “I mean, if they were mad BECAUSE you stepped on their foot and not because you’re gay, then they shouldn’t call you faggot, right?” “No…” “Well, that’s probably how Qing felt when you called him that. D’you get it?” “I think so,” said Jerico, still sounding unsure. I said, “well, you need to apologize tomorrow, okay?” “Okay,” he said. I changed the subject and asked, “Who calls you a faggot?” He replied, “My uncle, he calls me a … ” and here he said something that sounded like “shove” or “shud” but beylikdüzü travesti I can’t spell it. He explained, “It means faggot where my Dad grew up. He said my Mom’s great uncle was one and they killed him for it and I’d better not follow in his footsteps.” A pause, then, “A couple of the kids at school call me a fag too.” I said, “Oh sweetie, that’s terrible.” “I know,” he sighed. “I just want to sleep now.” He held me tightly and we started to fall asleep. I’d known girls who were emotionally damaged like Jerico. They felt like they weren’t worth anything if men weren’t paying attention to them. They were my favorites because it was easy to fuck them and they’d even feel grateful for it! On the flip side they were clingy and… I guess I took advantage of them. I could see the same pattern in Jerico but I felt a lot more pity for him. I realized he’d probably let me fuck him whenever the opportunity came up. My feelings of pity and delight and guilt dueled, and I thought maybe Jerico could read my mind when he asked softly, “Fuck me again?” I replied, “Of course, sexy baby.” We were still spooning and my thoughts had already hardened my cock, so with just a little adjustment I aimed at and entered his sloppy 12-year old hole while he sighed. We fucked at a slow, relaxed pace and then when I could tell he was getting close, touching himself, I asked, “ready for it?” He said, “Yeah.” “Here it comes,” I whispered. My cock expanded and I started to feel my orgasm overtake me. Just then, Jerico’s asshole started its strong spasms around my cock as he came in my sheets again. I said, “I love you, baby,” and held him to me as we both drifted off to sleep. —————– The next morning, I woke up as Jerico was getting out of bed. He went to the master bathroom and I heard his sloppy drips and cumfarts as he expelled all the cum Qing and I had loaded him with the night before. He came back to bed where I was lying on my back and he looked at me, then his head disappeared under the covers. My cock was still soft but as he started touching and rubbing it came alive. Then I felt the wetness of his mouth as he forced it deep inside, and I felt his uvula yield. I loved the feel of my cock wedged halfway down his throat. He pulled off and gasped, then tried again. I smiled and said, “I think we need a LOT of practice, don’t you?” He pulled off and mumbled, “Sorry.” I said, “NO, NO! I meant, I meant… I want to practice this with you all the time. I want to be your teacher and make you an expert. This fucking turns me on!” “Oh,” he said. He took a breath and tackled my thick cock once more. I said, “When you do that, move your tongue on the bottom, okay?” He nodded, took a istanbul travesti breath, and went back to it while this time stimulating the bottomside as he deepthroated me. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to cum like this so I said, “Let me just teach you today what it feels like for me to cum deep in your throat, okay?” He nodded. I kicked the covers off and said, “Lick my balls.” He knelt between my legs and started licking my balls while I stroked myself. I said, “Suck each one in, but be gentle.” He did as he was told. As I watched his red lips on my eggs I thought about that mouth impaled on my blasting rod. I said, when I’m about to cum you’re going to suck it all the way back in your throat again, okay?” He nodded. After some more stimulation I was close. I said, “get ready.” As I approached climax I said, “suck it now!” He eagerly jammed it in his mouth, pushed it through his uvula until I was hitting the very back. His nose hit my pubic bone, and then I grabbed his head and mashed his face hard into my crotch as my orgasm came. I felt the grip of his throat around the middle of my cock as I shot my seed directly into his stomach. As my orgasm subsided he started to thrash and I had to let go. He pulled his face off my cock, gasping deeply, and I felt guilty for nearly choking him. I looked at his eyes and he finally rasped, “I loved it!” I grinned. Jerico’s little cock was hard and I thought I should help him get off too. He settled into his comfortable position, spooning with my arms around him rubbing his nipples and chest while he jacked himself. Then he turned around and kissed me, with his face still hot and wet from the blowjob. After a minute or two he moved his body up so his cock was in front of my face but he didn’t stop stroking. I put one hand on his ass to hold him and with the other I started molesting his balls and taint. I watched him rapidly pull his loose brown skin up and down, his pink tip peeking in and out, with an even pinker piss slit winking at me with each downstroke. I realized he just wanted to cum in my throat like I had cum in his. “Ungh!” he said. My lips parted as he freed his hand and shoved his pelvis forward. He hit my cheek, then backed up and shoved it in my mouth. It only went halfway the length of my tongue before he bottomed out. I closed my lips around it and felt it expand a moment before he forcefully shot his first jet which hit the back of my throat. It was thin and sweet, and there was a lot of it. I held his bucking hips until he was done. He slid back down my body for another kiss and I hadn’t yet swallowed it all. I opened my mouth and he licked, finding some of his own cum in my mouth and reclaiming it with his tongue. Finally he said, “That was fucking hot.” I said, “Yeah, it was.” Breakfast was quiet, and though I had coaxed an apology out of Jerico for his racial slur I felt like there were still unresolved issues between the boys when Jerico’s mom came and picked him up.

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