I came home from class and heard my mother and sister, Booke, yelling all the way outside. Brooke was on one of her rampages again. She is so spoiled. All she has to do is pitch a fit and she gets her way with anything. She wanted an iPad for her eighteenth birthday last week, even though she knew the folks couldn’t afford one, but she pitched one of her fits, and they broke down and got it for her. This time it was about her field hockey tryouts. She’s supposed to go to tryouts at a college a couple hours away this three day weekend. Our parents aren’t well off, but we’re comfortable. They didn’t have the money to send us to college, so I attend the local community college. Brooke wants to go to this elite college across the state line in Maryland, and the only way they can afford it is if she gets a field hockey, or “F’ockey,” as she calls it, Scholarship, and their tryouts for potential scholarships is this weekend. She has a good shot at a scholarship. She was the highest scorer for her team, made all district, and her team won the state finals last year, in a very competitive state. From what I heard from outside, mom has to work, and she was supposed to take her, but can’t go now. I knew about the try outs, hell, thats all Brooke has talked about since she was invited by the school last month. Mom had me make on-line reservations at a hotel for them last week, but now it looked like the trip was off, and Brooke was all upset.

As I entered the side door, Brooke went storming up to her room.

“Whats the matter with her now? I asked mom, who was standing in the kitchen.

“Brooke has her try outs this weekend, and I have to work and can’t take her. I don’t know what to do, she has to go if she wants to make the team.”

“Can’t dad take her?”

“No, he’s away on a business trip and wont be back until Tuesday. What about you? Can you take her?” mom asked.

“Aww, come on, I have plans for the weekend. Can’t she go with some of the other girls?

I was thinking hard about this. There really wasn’t anything more that I would like to do than take her. Its not just her, but all those field hockey chicks are so fucking hot. I’ve been to some of their games. I didn’t really care for f’ockey, but liked to watch the girls on the teams. They wear skimpy uniforms that show a lot of flesh. Booke’s team wears something that looks like a tube top and short skirts. They have bikini bottoms underneath, but they sure are fun to watch. A couple of times I got to see some tits and ass, and they’re all hot. When they go down for a shot, I always get a good look at their crotch, and they’re awesome. I always came home and jerked off after her games. I also enjoyed it when they would come over to the house after practice or a game and throw a party. They’re all athletic, especially Brooke, and they all have nice bodies. Spending three days at a college field hockey tryout would really be fun, but I didn’t want to appear too anxious. If I held out, there would be more in it for me.

“Can’t you give up one weekend for your sister? She’s counting on this, and she needs the scholarship if she wants to go to that college.”

“I don’t know, mom. Can’t someone else take her?”

“She really would appreciate it,” Mom said. “You two are growing up so fast, and soon will have lives of your own. It would be good for the two of you to spend some time together. Can’t you at least think about it?” she asked.

“I’ll think about it, but Brooke will have to ask me, and she has to be nice about it, too. She’s such a bitch sometimes,” I replied.

“You watch your mouth, Steven,” mom yelled back at me. I could tell that mom was really pissed. She only calls me Steven when she’s pissed. Usually its Junior, which I hate. The adults in our family call me Junior. I was named after my dad, who was named after his dad, so my full name is Steven Thomas Jackson, III. Anyway, I really shouldn’t have said that in front of mom. She gets all upset when we use that sort of language.

“Brooke has to go to those try outs, and you’re going to take her.”

“Do I have to?”

“Yes, you have to. If you wont do it for me, I’ll have to call your dad and let him settle it, and I’m sure you don’t want me to do that. I’ll give you spending money. The room is already paid for, so we need to use it.”

“OK, but she still has to ask me, and she has to be nice about it,” I replied as I walked out of the kitchen and to my room.

When I got to my room, I started laughing. Mom thought she was forcing me to do this, but I was really looking forward to it. Three days watching all these girls practicing and working out, should be a lot of fun, and three days alone with Brooke in a hotel room could be pretty cool too. I was beginning to like this more and more. I sat down at my computer and logged into the hotel web site, and put in a request to change our room reservation from a double room to a room with only a king size bed. If I have to spend the week end with her, I might as well make it interesting. She’ll Fındıkzade Escort freak out, but I can make out like its a mistake or something. After sending the request, I started surfing the net for porn to get me psyched for the trip.

After about twenty minutes or so, Brook knocked at my door.

“Can I come in a minute, Steven?” Brooke usually calls me Junior because she knows it pisses me off. When she wants something, its Steven.

After exiting from the porn site, I yelled back, “Yeah, what do you want?”

Brooke walked in kinda sheepishly. I know mom made her come in and ask me to take her, but I didn’t let on.

“Did mom tell you about the tryouts?

“Yeah, she told me. She said that she has to work and dad’s away, and you’re up a shit creek without a paddle.”

“Mom said that if I asked you to, you might take me to St. Mary’s for the tryouts. Will you take me?”

“What’s in it for me?” I asked.

“You get to spend three days with me,” she replied grinning from ear to ear and twirling around like she was sort of prize or something, which she really is.

“Yeah, like that’s a treat or something.”

I looked at Brooke, standing there in her cut off shorts and baggy t-shirt. Even though she’s my sister, she really is easy on the eyes. She’s a little shorter than me, has long blonde hair, pretty face, nice tits, slender legs, and a cute ass. Spending three days with her really wouldn’t be all that bad, and then there’s all those other hotties who’ll be trying out. Yeah, I wanted to go, but didn’t want to seem too anxious, especially to Brooke.

“Come on, Steven, I need you to take me. Please?”

Brooke really was in a blind. There’s no way mom would let her go alone, and I’m certain she wouldn’t even be able to find her way there, she’s such a ditz.

“Please take me? I’ll make it up to you somehow. Please, Steven?”

“Yeah, ok, I’ll take you,” I replied.

Brooke ran over to me and gave me a tight hug, pressing those gorgeous tits against me, and held me for a long time. I wrapped my arms around her and let my hand slide down to her ass. She didn’t seem to mind at all as I copped a feel.

Brooke leaned back and said, “You do this for me, and I’ll do anything you want, Steven. This means so much to me.” She then leaned up and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “I promise, anything you want, I’ll do it for you. I really owe you one for this. Thank you, Steven.”

I wasn’t sure what she meant by, “Anything you want,” but I sure as hell was interested in finding out.

“When do we have to leave, and what’s the schedule?” I asked.

“We need to leave early in the morning. I have to be there at 10:30 for orientation, and then we have practice and tryouts all afternoon. We’ll be on the field around one o’clock or so, and practice until five or six, and then we have to be back at the school by nine Sunday morning for another full day of try outs. Monday we go until three o’clock, and then come home.”

“So, what am I supposed to do all this time?”

“Well, mom was going to do a little shopping Saturday morning, and then watch our try outs Saturday afternoon and the rest of the time. You can’t tell me you wouldn’t like to watch the try outs. I’ve seen you at our games.”

“What d’you mean by that?” I asked.

“You can’t keep your eyes off the girls, thats what I mean. You really seem to enjoy yourself when you come to the games. A couple other girls from our team will be there, as well as girls from all over the state, and a bunch of college players as well. They invited about twenty of us for the try outs. I’m sure you’d enjoy watching!”

“Any chance of getting some of them back to the room afterwards?” I asked.

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

“Yeah, sure would.”

“We don’t have anything planned, but some might be able to come over; but if not, I’ll be there,” she said with a smile. “We’ll have a good time, I promise.” She gave me another kiss on the cheek, turned, and went out the door back to her room.

As I stood there watching her leave, I swear she was putting on a show. I wondered if she had something in mind for our time at the hotel. We’ve never messed around, at all, but that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t, and I sure have thought about it. She’s a beautiful girl, and I’ve beat off more than once thinking about her. She’s fairly modest around the house, but there’ve been several times lately I’ve seen her walking to her room from the bathroom after she’s showered, wearing nothing but a towel. A couple of times I swear she was showing more than normal, and one time, just last week, she stopped in my room and talked a while wearing nothing but the towel. Letting my hand drop to my crotch, I felt my erection pressing against my jeans. “Shit,” I thought to myself. “I hope Brooke didn’t see that, or, maybe she did? Maybe that was the reason she said we would have a good time.”

All night long I thought of Brooke in that towel, and about our weekend together. Fındıkzade Escort Bayan With a vision of her that night I beat off again, thinking of all the possibilities there might be for this weekend. I was thinking of her hot body, what she would look like nude. All sorts of thoughts came to my mind as I stroked my cock, soon shooting my sperm all over myself. “Yeah, this might have potential,” I thought.

Mom got us up just before six, and already had breakfast ready for us. After breakfast I showered, packed my things for the weekend, and headed down to the car to load up. Brooke came down a little later carrying her bag, and really looked hot. She was wearing short shorts, her baggy t-shirt, and tennis shoes. Her long legs made my mouth water. We loaded her bags in the trunk and headed out.

Brooke sat in the seat beside me with her earphone in listening to music. She reclined her seat, leaned back and closed her eyes, trying to get a little more sleep, while I drove.

I kept looking over at her, thinking thoughts I shouldn’t have about my sister. I looked down at her long legs, which were slightly spread. I stared at her crotch, which was barely covered by the short shorts. Her right hand was on her upper thigh, with her fingers resting on her crotch. I swear I caught her rubbing herself a couple of times. I adjusted myself in my seat, to allow room for my growing cock, as I continued to sneak peaks at my sister. It was a rough ride to St. Mary’s. What I mean by that is that it was hard to drive and look at my gorgeous sister at the same time. I really felt that she was showing off for me, teasing me as she sat there almost playing with herself. All the way she never opened her eyes, just leaned back and enjoyed the ride, as I enjoyed the show.

While staring at her nice legs, I accidentally drove out of the lane and ran over those stupid rumble strips, startling Brooke. She sat up and asked, “That the hell was that?” I told her I was distracted and ran off the side of the road. She looked at me smiling and said, “Just keep your eyes on the road, Steven.”

“Yeah, I’ll try to,” I replied as I glanced back at her legs before returning my eyes to the road. Brooke leaned back into her seat and closed her eyes again, dropping her hand to her crotch and ran her fingers around the top of her thighs.

It was a little past ten when we finally arrived. I woke Brooke up and asked her where we were supposed to go. She told me to drive over to the athletic field, which wasn’t hard to find, its such a small campus. When we arrived at the field, I helped Brooke get her gear out of the car, and walked with her to the building. She was right; there were hot chicks everywhere, mostly high school girls who came for try outs, but several members of the St. Mary’s team were also there helping the girls check in. This was going to be a fun weekend.

Brooke went inside, and I left to go check in at the hotel. I got the key card to the room, and took the rest of our stuff on up. As I walked into the room, I noticed that they must have received my message, as they gave us a room with only a king size bed. Just what I wanted, but now I had to convince Brooke to let me sleep with her. That might be difficult.

After I got settled in and ate lunch, it was about one thirty, so I headed over to the field. There were girls everywhere, wearing their high school uniforms, doing drills. The college chicks, who all had nice athletic builds, were dressed in short shorts and team shirts. God, they looked hot. The afternoon went by quickly as I watched them run drills.

The coach called them together around five thirty, and then they broke up. Brooke came to me and said, “They’re having a dinner for us, but I decided to spend the evening with you instead. Thanks again for bringing me, Steven. Want to head to the hotel so I can change and we can go out for dinner? Mom gave me plenty of money for meals.”

“Sure,” I said. It really was a nice gesture on her part to forego the dinner to spend time with me.

I picked up her bag and we walked to the car. I put her stuff in the trunk, and we headed over to the hotel, which was just a short drive. After I parked the car, I got her stuff out of the trunk.

“Where’s the rest of our stuff?” she asked.

“I already took it to the room,” I replied.

When we got to the room, I unlocked the door and the two of us walked in. I set her bag down as she looked around the room.

“What’s this?” she asked, pointing to the bed.

“Oh, yeah,” I replied, “when I checked in I noticed that they didn’t give us the double room I booked. I called the desk and tried to switch it, but they’re booked solid, and this is the only room they had left.”

Brooke stood there for a minute, lost in her thoughts, then said, “Well, it’ll have to do, I guess.”

“I can sleep on the couch or maybe call for a roll away bed or something,” I offered, hoping she wouldn’t take me up on it.

“That wont be necessary, Steven.” Escort Fındıkzade She replied. Then she added, “Might be kinda nice having someone to sleep with. We haven’t done that in years,” reminding me that she used to slip into my bed at night when we were kids. “Yeah, this might be kinda fun. I’m going to shower, and then we need to get something to eat, I’m starved,” she said as she headed to the bathroom.

As I heard the water running, I started thinking of her in the shower, and was half tempted to join her, but didn’t want to press my luck. Maybe before the weekend’s over it’ll happen, I thought. She didn’t seem to mind that we’d be sharing a bed. Yea, this may be fun.

In about twenty minutes, Brooke came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her beautiful body. Her long hair, still wet, was clinging to her neck and shoulders.

“Uh, I need to put on some clothes,” she said looking at me.

“Go ahead, I don’t mind,” I replied.

“Not with you watching!”

“Oh, you want me to leave?”

“No, you don’t have to leave, just turn your head while I get dressed,” she replied.

I really didn’t want to miss watching her, but complied, and turned my head while she dressed. In my mind I was watching her, though.

“There, finished,” she said after only a couple of minutes. I turned my head around and looked at her, standing there in a pair of cut offs and a shirt hanging over them.

“What?” she asked.

“Nothing, just thinking about how nice you look, that’s all.”

“Thank you. I think thats the first nice thing you’ve said to me in a long time.”

“Well, its the truth. You really do look nice. Lets go get something to eat.”

Brooke just smiled at me as we left the hotel room.

As we walked out of the hotel and over to the restaurant, Brooke noticed the pool and said, “Hey, after dinner, do you want to go for a swim? Mom told me the hotel had a pool, so I packed our suits.”

Just the thought of seeing Brooke in her bikini gave me another erection. “Sure,” I replied, “that’ll be fun.”

We went to the restaurant and got some dinner. I got a hamburger, fries, and a coke, while Brooke ordered a salad. I don’t know how she stays alive no more than she eats. We finished and headed back to the hotel.

Once we got into the room, Brooke went over to her bag, searched through it and pulled out our suits.

“Here’s yours. Put it on and we’ll head down to the pool,” she said, tossing my swim suit to me.

I grabbed the suit, turned around and started undressing.

“You changing in here? She asked.

“Yep. Might as well get used to it, were here for two nights,” I replied while dropping my jeans and boxers. She didn’t say anything, but I could see her reflection in the mirror as she stood there looking at me as I bent over, stepped into my suit and pulled it up over my ass. I tied it off and turned around.

“You going to change or what?” I asked her.

She looked over at the bathroom door, and I thought for a moment she was going to change in there, but to my surprise she didn’t. She turned away from me and did just as I did. I watched from behind as she dropped her shorts and pulled down her underwear. God, she has a nice ass, I thought to myself. She slipped into the bikini bottoms, then pulled her shirt over her head and took off her bra. She was standing in front of me with nothing on but the bottom of her suit as she struggled to put on the top. She really is a sexy girl, perfect body, not an ounce of fat that I could see.

Brooke turned around and said, “There, you happy now?”

“Yeah, very happy. You sure have a nice body, sis.”

“Thank you. Thats two nice comments in one day! The world must be coming to an end!” she said laughing.

“I have to be honest, Brooke. If you weren’t my sister . . .”

“What?” she asked. “If I weren’t your sister, what?”

“If you weren’t my sister, I’d be all over you, thats what.” I thought that if I wanted to get anywhere with her this weekend, I better lay it on thick, but really, I’d be all over her if she wasn’t my sister. I still may, if things go well.

“Thank you, and if you weren’t my brother . . . “

“Yeah, I know. Lets get down to the pool.”

As we started to leave, Brooke grabbed a couple of towels and slipped her t-shirt back over her suit.

As we walked to the pool, Brooke said, “Really, Steven, I don’t know why you don’t date more. All the girls on the f’ockey team think you’re hot.”

“I’m sure they do,” I replied.

“Yeah, they do. I think so, too.”


“Yeah, really. For a brother, you’re pretty hot.”

We didn’t say anything else until we arrived at the pool. We threw down our towels, Brooke took off her t-shirt, and we jumped in the water.

The water felt really good. We played around a little, and then got out and walked over to the chairs and sat down.

“Do you feel you have a good chance to make the team and get a scholarship?” I asked her.

“I don’t know, there were some really good players out there today. I sure hope so, though. There’s no way I’m coming here without a scholarship.”

“I think you’re a shoe in,” I told her. “There are some good players out there, but I think you’re one of the best from what I saw today.”

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