Caught by My Son

Caught by My Son
By: Q12Dad

(M/M mast oral caught inc)

I didn’t hear my son go into the bathroom before me, so when I walked in, I
was surprised to see him sitting on the toilet seat with his underpants
around his ankles, legs spread wide, and jerking off his very hard and huge
cock. I had never seen him with an erection and certainly never while he was
in the throws of an orgasm.

His hips were pumping his fat cock into his fist, which was sliding up and
down his pre-cum slimy cock. I had not seen so much pre-cum oozing out of a
cock except out of my own when I was really hot to cum. The muscles in his
legs were flexing, so I knew he was going to cum any second, and I suddenly
felt embarrassed for him in his private moment, but I couldn’t tear myself
away for some reason.

He couldn’t see me right away, because the door into the bathroom is behind
the toilet, so I was still a little behind him. I could see his cock head
begin to flare wide and his piss slit started to open and shut while he
stroked himself with long smooth strokes.

He sure looked like he had done a lot of this, because he made it look
really hot. The pre-cum was now flowing steadily out of his cock and flowed
down over his pumping hand. His cock was all greased up from the stuff, and
I could actually hear the sticky sounds of his jacking off.

I realized my cock was getting hard, and it shocked me. I had never seen
another guy jerk off, and here was my own son about ready to explode cum
juice all over the place. I rubbed my dick through my underwear, and it got
instantly hard, tenting out my underwear.

I watched as my son’s legs now lifted off the floor and he spread his legs
really wide and pushed his hips up into his fist. I started rubbing my
hard-on along with his strokes, knowing that I really wanted to pull down my
pants and stroke my cock to an orgasm with him.

Then I looked to my right and caught his reflection in the mirror. He was
looking right at me! Shit, I was caught, and I didn’t know what to do. I
froze looking at him and his cock, which now began erupting, and he started
moaning with each pump of his cock.

The cum sprayed right past his face and hit the wall behind him, and then
two huge globs of creamy cum hit him in the face and mouth, and he licked it
off his lips and swallowed it! Six more jets of white cum hit his chest, and
he squeezed out a huge glob of cum while he lowered his legs down to the

I quickly backed out of the bathroom while he wasn’t watching me and ran to
my bedroom. When I got there, my underpants were wet with my own pre-cum,
and I sat on the edge of my bed remembering what I had just seen. My cock
was pulsing with blood, and I wanted to jerk off so bad, but I was really
worried about what my son was thinking of me watching him jerk off while I
was rubbing my own cock. He seemed more excited when I started rubbing my
cock, and that’s when he came all over the place. Did he enjoy somebody
watching him jerk off? Did he want me to see him? Did he plan the whole

My mind was going a mile a minute and I didn’t hear my bedroom door open.
Then my son came walking in.

“Dad, Are you alright? I hope you aren’t mad at me for what just happened in
the bathroom.”

I quickly tried to cover my hard-on with my hands, and I leaned over a
little to cover the wet spots all over my underwear.

“No, No. I am sorry, son, for barging in on you like that without knocking.
I’ll be more careful from now on.”

I was really nervous thinking about him knowing I had watched him jack off
and cum all over himself before I left the bathroom. If he hadn’t caught me
watching him in the mirror, I think I would have pulled down my underwear
and jacked off with him. I couldn’t believe I was thinking this, but the
sight of his hard cock had really made me horny, and the pre-cum that I
leaked was more than I had ever leaked before.

“I saw you in the mirror, Dad. At first I was really scared and embarrassed,
but I was so horny that I couldn’t stop jerking off. Then when I saw your
cock start to harden and you started rubbing it, I went over the edge and
had to have an orgasm right then. It was really intense, knowing you were
watching me and getting turned on, too. I have never done anything like that
before. Have you?”

“No! Never! I swear it, Rick.” I said to my son.

He was still only wearing his underpants, which were not really covering
much of his body, and I could see the damp stains on the front of them. When
I looked up at him, I could tell he saw me looking at his crotch, and he
gave a little smile and rubbed his stomach just above his crotch.

His muscles were well defined and his ass looked really tight in those tiny
underpants. I couldn’t stop looking at his crotch, and his hands now started
to roam lower to the elastic band of his underwear. He slid his fingers in
just a little.

“Dad, did you get excited when you were watching me in the bathroom? Your
cock started to harden the minute you saw me sitting on the toilet stroking
my cock. When I saw you watching me, my legs started to spread open all by
themselves like I wanted you to see my whole crotch and balls and horny

“My pre-cum started flowing out the tip of my cock more than ever, when I
saw you reach down to your underpants and feel your hard cock through the
cloth. It looked like it was getting huge in there. It really started to
turn me on, and I couldn’t slow myself down.

“Normally I like to stroke for an hour and have a really strong cum, but
seeing you stroking your cock while watching me was having a really strange
effect on my cock and balls. They felt like they were building up a huge
blast of cum, and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to hold off for long.
When you finally saw me in the mirror looking at you, I nearly came right
then thinking you were going to run out of the bathroom or start yelling at
me. But when you kept watching me stroking, I knew I had to have a big cum
to show you what I could do.”

While he was reliving this whole event, he was now beginning to stroke his
cock through his underpants, and I could see his cock begin to harden. My
own cock was still hard from before, and I found myself rubbing it while
trying not to be too obvious to my son.

“Dad, I know it really isn’t right, but could I see your naked cock. I was
hoping you would pull down your underpants in the bathroom, but you ran out
before that. I know you must be really horny by now after watching me cum,
and sitting here rubbing yourself through those wet underpants must be
driving you nuts.”

I straightened up and looked at him so he could see my hands in my lap and
my cock tenting out my underwear. I was horny alright, and I knew I was
going to have to cum sometime real soon. I just did not plan on doing it in
front of my son, or so I thought at this time.

“Geez, Dad, your underwear is soaked. Is that all pre- cum from your cock?”
I nodded slightly and looked down to see my soaked underwear, which was so
wet I could clearly see the outline of my now raging hard cock through the
cloth. The top of my cock was starting to push up the waistband of my
underpants, and I could feel the pre-cum dripping onto my belly.

My son was watching my cock grow while he continued to stroke his own cock.
We were both starting to get very hot watching each other. I watched his
eyes as they stared at my cock, and I could see a look of extreme lust in
them. It really started to turn me on knowing I was having such an effect on
someone like this. I spread my legs a little and leaned back on one hand
while I openly started rubbing my hard cock through the wet cloth of my

He wanted to see my naked cock. My son wanted to see my naked cock while it
was dripping with pre-cum. This was really a horny thought. I was picturing
myself lowering my underpants to show him my hard, throbbing cock, and it
made my cock squirt out a huge glob of pre-cum onto my belly filling up my
bellybutton. I have never oozed so much pre-cum in my life, and this was
really getting hot.

My son walked over closer to the bed and was now standing only two feet in
front of me while rubbing his hard cock through his own now fully soaked

He looked down at himself to see what I was staring at and said, “Dad, you
really are making my cock leak like crazy. I guess we are both alike in how
much we leak out of our cocks. Please lower your underpants so I can see
your naked cock. I can smell your hot crotch from here. Look at what you are
doing to my cock.”

He pushed out his crotch toward my face, and I immediately pulled down my
underpants to reveal my hard dripping cock to his eyes. I lifted up my ass a
little so I could pull my underpants down my thighs and down to my ankles so
I could spread my legs wider.

“Wow, Dad, your cock is beautiful! It looks so hot with your pre-cum
dripping out of it like a faucet and all over your belly. I can’t take
this,” and then he pulled his own underpants down over his hips, and they
fell to the floor.

He kicked them off and spread his legs and starting stroking his hard cock
right in front of my face while he watched me doing the same to mine. He
moved closer between my legs and started to bend his legs so he could lower
himself down until his cock was just inches from mine.

He was pumping his hips back and forth forcing his slick, huge cock through
his pre-cum greasy hand. The sound it made was driving me crazy. His cock
was oozing pre-cum and a drop landed right on the tip of my cock. I could
feel how hot it was. I looked up at him, and he had a lust crazed look on
his face.

I watched his eyes as I rubbed his pre-cum into my cock tip, and my own
pre-cum bubbled out of the tip of my hard manhood. My son reached down with
his other hand and wiped a big glob of pre-cum off my cock and started
greasing it into his own cock.

“Dad, I am so hot, I am going to cum any second if we don’t slow down. This
is really turning me on seeing your big hot cock and your huge balls between
your spread legs. Keep stroking it fast, Dad. I know you want to cum real
bad after seeing me cum in the bathroom. Did you see how far I shot my cum?”

I remembered the cum hitting the wall.

“Yes, Rick, it was super hot seeing your cum land on your face and seeing
you lick it off your lips. Did it taste good?”

“Oh, yeah! It was so sweet and smooth tasting. I had no idea how cum tasted
until then, but it made me so hot licking it up and swallowing it while you
were watching with total lust on your face and stroking your big hard cock.
I want to taste some more, Dad. If I could reach my own cock, I would bend
over and swallow it right now and suck out all of my cum right here in front
of you.”

He leaned over and started to bend his head towards his cock head, and he
stuck out his tongue as far as he could. He was able to lick off a big glob
of pre-cum which he squeezed out of his cock, and he looked right at me as
he licked his lips of the clear fluid from his dripping cock.

“Oh, this is fucking incredible,” I moaned. “Come closer to me, Rick.”

I leaned up and towards him, and as he came closer, I just opened my mouth
and stuck his cock right inside.

He moaned really loud, “Oh, Dad that feels fucking great. Suck it. Suck the
juice out of my cock.”

I was sucking my son’s cock. It was so hot to my lips and mouth. I could
taste the pre-cum coating my tongue, and I just swallowed glob after glob.
My spit was greasing up his cock, and I could smell his still wet cum all
over his crotch from his bathroom cum just a little while ago.

I was licking his cock tip every time he would shove his cock in to my
mouth, and all I could do was moan. I was stroking my own cock fast and
hard, and with my other hand I grabbed my son’s ass and pulled him in closer
to my face. His ass felt fantastic to my touch, and I rubbed his ass cheeks
while he pumped his cock into my mouth.

He moved closer and closer until I had to fall back on the bed. I never let
go of his long, hard cock, and he followed me and climbed up on the bed and
straddled my chest with his knees and stuck his cock back in my eager mouth.

Then he reached behind himself and grabbed my hard cock and started stroking
it up and down to the rhythm of his fucking my face.

“Oh, your hard cock feels so good, Dad. Does it feel good to have me stroke
it for you?”

I could only nod and moan through his cock which filled my mouth and throat.
I was pumping my hips up into his stroking hand, and he was squeezing my
cock so the pre- cum was practically spitting out the tip.

We were both humping and pumping each other in complete man-to-man lust. We
were lost in hot, gay sex, and neither of us had ever done anything like
this in our lives. We couldn’t have stopped for anything.

My cock was going to explode any second, and my son yelled out, “Dad, my
cock is going to explode right now, and if you want to know what cum tastes
like, then keep sucking, because I am going to blast a huge load down your

At first I was worried of the thought of swallowing cum, but Rick suddenly
slammed his cock into my mouth, and I could feel it expand against my

The first squirt of his man-juice hit the back of my throat, and I almost
gagged, but I started swallowing like crazy and almost everything went down

Some of his cum leaked out of my lips and drooled down my face. My own cock
started to erupt as my son really started stroking it during his orgasm, and
my cum splattered all over his back and shoulders. I pumped out a huge load
of cum, and I could feel it stream out of the tube of my cock like I had
never felt before. My son’s cock was still pistoning in and out of my mouth
as it slowly deflated to normal size. He stroked my cock until it shrank in
his hand.

He looked down at my cum covered lips and mouth and said, “Oh, man, that was
the best cum of my life, Dad. You are so hot! I’ll be ready to do that again
in no time.


I went to work that day with nothing on my mind but my son’s hard cock. I
couldn’t get it out of my mind. I could still picture the pre-cum dripping
out of the tip of his hard dick, and I could picture it slipping into my
mouth as I sucked out the pre-cum and it slid down my throat. I had to stop
thinking like this, or I wouldn’t get any work done at the office. My own
cock was hard as a rock while I walked into my office and sat down at my

I had never had gay sex with a man before this encounter with my own son,
and I had no idea how hot the sex could be between two guys. Man sex was
really hot. Was I gay? I couldn’t get my thoughts straight, but I knew I had
really enjoyed sex with another man’s cock. There was no denying it right
now while I was stroking my hard cock through my dress slacks behind my
desk. I had to stop before I made a wet pre-cum mess of my pants, and
someone would be sure to notice in the office.

I made it through the day in the office and decided to get home quickly to
relax and try to straighten out my thoughts. My wife would be home soon, and
I could sit around and talk to her about the usual nothing and forget about
everything. I decided to go and do my laundry in the basement.

I changed from my business clothes into a pair of sweatpants, and I brought
all my clothes down and started separating my whites from the colors. I
pulled out my underpants from the basket and realized they were the ones I
was wearing this morning.

They were still a little sticky from all the pre-cum I had leaked into them,
and I brought them to my face to smell them, almost without thinking. It was
like an automatic reaction or something. I immediately smelled the man-sex
odor, and my cock began to harden in my sweatpants. I began to picture the
sex scene of this morning with my son, and I started stroking my dick
through my sweats. I was getting completely horned up over this smell of
sticky underwear and thinking of man-sex with my son.

I knew my wife would be home in a half hour or so. I couldn’t just jack off
right now, or could I? I really wanted to, but I worried about getting
interrupted in the middle of it.

I heard the door shut upstairs and figured it was my wife, but I heard my
son whistling some tune, so I knew it was him home from school. He was a
senior in high school and was going to graduate this year. He played sports
all the time and was in great shape.

He must have heard me rustling around the basement, and he called down to
me. “Is that you Dad?”

“Yea,” I yelled back. “I’m just doing some laundry.”

He came down the stairs, and I felt a little uncomfortable about facing him
after our scene this morning. I had rushed off to work after we both cleaned
up the cum that was all over us from our mutual orgasms, and we didn’t
really discuss anything afterward. I didn’t know what to say now.

“Hey Dad, How was your day at work?”

“Good, thanks,” I said while stuffing clothes in the washer. “How was school

“Great,” he said, “but I couldn’t stop thinking about what we did this
morning, and I kept getting hard-ons all through the day. I think a couple
of girls saw my erection, and they started laughing at me.”

I thought about my own erections at work thinking about the same thing.

“Yea, I know what you mean, son.”

“Did you get hard, too, Dad? At work, I mean. Did you think about the sex we
had? I still can’t believe how hot and horny I got this morning. I’ve never
cum so hard in all my life. Have you?”

This talk was really starting to get me horny again, and my cock started to
harden in my sweats again, and I didn’t want my son to see it tent out my
sweats, so I kept facing the washing machine while we talked.

“No, son, I can’t remember ever cumming that much and that hard. It was
really quite an experience for me. I had no idea that sex between men could
be so hot.” Now I was really starting to ramble, and I looked over at my son
and saw that he was rubbing his cock through his jeans, and it looked like
his cock was getting hard real fast.

Oh, shit, I thought. We can’t get all hot and horny right now when my wife
will be walking in the door any minute, but I couldn’t stop thinking about
my son’s cock and what it would like again all hard and dripping pre-cum. I
wanted to see it again. I wanted to see my son’s hard erection. I wanted to
see it naked and full of blood. I wanted to see his balls. God, I was
getting really horny, and there was no hiding my own cock in my sweats now.

I turned towards my son, and he immediately looked down at my crotch and saw
the front of them tented out and stretched from my hard cock. A little wet
spot had already begun to form where the tip of my cock was pushing out my
sweatpants. “Wow, Dad, your cock is hard. So is mine. Look.”

He looked down at his own crotch and showed me the big long lump stretching
up to his belly. He stared at me while I was staring at his crotch, and he
slowly began to unzip his jeans. He unbuttoned them and pulled them open to
reveal his hard cock inside a jockstrap, which he must have worn for sports
in school today.

His cock was peaking out the top of his jockstrap, and he reached down and
touched the tip of his cock and slowly pulled up a long strand of clear
fluid from the cock tip. His pre-cum was flowing again, and my tongue licked
my lips almost without me realizing it.

“Check it out, Dad. My cock is really horny again. It needs to get stroked
and sucked.”

He began to push his pants down his hips until they fell around his ankles.
He was standing there in a T- shirt and jockstrap, which was now full of
hard man- cock dripping with pre-cum and making the jock all wet. He rubbed
the front of his jock and started to pull it to one side to reveal his big
balls. They fell out of the jock pouch and fell between his legs. He spread
his feet and started to pull the jock strap away from his body and out over
his erect cock and then lowered it very slowly while I gazed intently at
this scene unfolding before my lust-crazed eyes.

“I know you want to see my hard, naked cock again, Dad. It makes you crazy
with lust, doesn’t it? I can’t stop thinking about our two cocks all hard
and dripping pre- cum. Let me see yours too, Dad. Lower your sweats so I can
see your naked hard-on too. Please, Dad.”

“Your mother is going to walk in any minute, and here we are ready to bare
our hard cocks right here in the washroom. Are we nuts or something?” but I
couldn’t stop either, and my hands started to push my sweatpants down over
my hips. I didn’t have any underwear on under them, so as soon as they were
past my hips my hard cock sprung out for him to see.

“Oh, man, Dad, your naked cock looks so good. Look at the pre-cum drooling
out of the tip.”

I looked down and saw my hard cock with the veins bulging out and the
pre-cum dripping down the side onto my balls. It looked hot to me too. I saw
my son quickly drop his jock to his ankles and kick it off. He came right
over to me and grabbed my cock and started stroking it up and down while he
stroked his own cock in the same rhythm.

“Oh man, your cock feels so good, Dad. I have been wanting to do this again
all day long. I had to go to the men’s room at school and jerk off in one of
the stalls because I got so horny thinking of this hard, hot cock of yours.”
He moved closer to me now while I leaned my ass against the washing machine
and let him stroke my hard cock. It felt great.

“Yea, I gotta admit that I thought about your hot cock most of the day too,
son. My cock got hard and started to leak pre-cum, but I didn’t want to mess
up my dress slacks, so I forced myself to just work on my office stuff and
forget about it, but Oh that does feel good. Stroke your daddies cock, boy.
Yea, that’s it. Stroke it long and hard.”

He moved closer until his cock slid right next to mine, and he wrapped his
long sticky fingers around both of our cocks and starting stroking them
together. Our pre- cum was coating each other’s cocks, and his hand was all
greased up from it, and the sound of his jacking our cocks was so hot to
hear. The smell rising up from our hot, man crotches was making me feel
dizzy with lust.

We were pumping into each other’s cock, and I reached down to rub the
sensitive spot behind each of our cock tips with the slick pre-cum oozing
out of our pissholes.

“Oh Dad, you’re gonna make me cum all over you if you keep that up much

“I know, son. That’s what I want. I want to see your white sticky cum shoot
out the tip of your hot cock and hit me in the mouth so I can taste it
again. C’mon cum for your dad. Make it squirt out all over us. My cock has
got to cum so bad it hurts. Jack us off, son. Your cock looks so good
sliding next to mine with greasy pre-cum dripping all over them. Reach down
and grab our balls too.”

He reached down between our spread open legs and started to mash our hairy
balls together while he stroked our hard cocks up and down faster and

“Oh Dad, I can feel my cum coming up from my balls now. It’s gonna spurt out
any second. Is your cock gonna shoot too? We gotta cum together, Dad.”

Just them I heard the upstairs door open, and I could hear my wife walk in.
There was no stopping this hot sex now though. I was about to cum all over
the place from my son jacking off my hot cock against his own hard cock. We
were pumping our hips in and out and up and down, and he never let go of our
hard cocks. We were moaning with lust and couldn’t bother worrying about my
wife right now. I had to cum and cum hard.

“Oh yea” I moaned. “I’m cumming right now, son. Make your cock spurt its
load all over me and into my mouth, now. Cum!”

His cock started to spit out huge globs of white cum all over my chest, and
one big spurt came right at my face. I opened my mouth, and it hit the back
of my throat. My own cum then started spurting out of my cock and shot all
over both of us, covering us both in white-hot sperm. I must have shot 10
strings of cum. My son’s cock was still pumping out huge loads of cum onto
our chests and faces as we continued to pump our cocks into his stroking

“My God what are you doing? What’s happening here?!”

My wife was standing there at the base of the basement stairs staring in
disbelief at our writhing naked bodies with cum all over both of us. My
son’s hand was still stroking our softening cocks between us.

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