Cold Winters Night


A bit of an explanation before the story starts. I’m ‘James’ a 21 year old male, I’ve been as curious as hell ever since I was 15, but never really done anything about it. I live in Auckland, New Zealand, where the legal age is 16, but have changed the ages in this story to the obligatory 18. All my stories feature me as the main character, most of the details about me in the stories are correct, though I am a little less fit than stated 🙂 We’re allowed our fantasies. Comments and good criticism would be appreciated, as this the first story I have uploaded. This will be a series 😛

-===========- Winter’s Night -===========-

It was a dark and stormy winters night. I was sitting at home on the couch, the fire roaring in front of me, a hot bi porno playing on dvd. The crackling of the fireplace seemed to push back the roaring of the winters storm, both sounds drowning out the sounds coming from the TV.

I was just sitting there, considering getting up off my lazy arse to refill my whisky, when a face appeared at my back door. As the rain was sleeting sideways into the door, I quickly got up, stopped the dvd, and opened it.

It was a young boy of about 18, he was crying and looked absolutely exhausted, he was wearing only a pair of boxer shorts, and was almost blue from the cold. He stammered out “Oh, s-s-sorry, I d-didn’t realize there was anyone here” “Nonsense” said I, “You must be absolutely freezing, come inside and get warm”. He stumbled gratefully through the door and stood dripping in front of the fire place.

Now that this boy was under good light, I had to stop myself staring, he was absolutely beautiful. Around 5’4″, sandy brown hair made almost black by the rain, lightly tanned, and like me, muscular without being bulky, he had a perfect upper body profile, Shapely legs, that looked shaven, and from what I could see, he was fairly well hung.

“Wait there, I’ll get you some warm clothes”, I hurried quickly into my room, and after brief consideration, grabbed a pair sweat pants that had gotten too small, and an old sweatshirt. On my way back to the lounge, I grabbed the bottle of whisky, an extra glass, and a towel.

The boy hadn’t moved from where I had left him, apart to stretch his hands out to my fire. “Come on” I said briskly “You’re absolutely soaked, take those clothes off, and get dry” I handed him the pile of clothes, and turned away to the table to fill the glasses. “Don’t worry,” I said to the wall “I won’t turn back till you say”

After a predictably short period of time, the boy said “I’m done, but I’m still freezing inside”. “That’s what this is for” I handed him a small glass of whisky “Don’t drink it too quickly, it may make you sick”. He downed the glass, and handed it back to me. “Ahh.. That’s better” He looked as if he was beginning to relax slightly. I dragged the couch over closer to the fireplace, and sat, motioning for him to do the same.

He sat next to me on my small two-seater couch. I noticed that his leg, where it touched mine, was still cold. I put my right arm round him, instead of flinching away, as I fully expected him to do, he sighed, and relaxed into istanbul escort my half embrace.

“So why where you out alone on a nasty night like this” I asked gently, Now he did stiffen up slightly, but made no move to pull away. “It’s a long story, and strangely enough I feel like I can tell you” I remained quiet, silently giving him reassurance.

“Well, this morning, my best friend asked if I wanted to come over for an all-nighter on the playstation. His parents are away for a couple of days, and he’s got the place to him self. Well, I got over there about 3, and we played till about 9, stopping for eats every now and then. Around 9, he asked if I was going to join him in his parents indoor spa. Liking the thought of a nice warm spa, I quickly agreed. We stripped down to our boxers and jumped in. After about 15 minutes of horseplay, we sat back and relaxed. He asked if I had ever felt aroused by other guys, I cautiously replied that I had, and he leaned over and kissed me”. By this time, the boy was crying softly again. “I couldn’t handle it, I’ve loved him almost since I knew him, it was just too much at once, I ran and now he’ll hate me forever”.

“I seriously doubt that” I said “In fact, he’s probably kicking himself for driving you away right now, I would be” I hadn’t meant to say that last bit, but it was probably the best thing I could have said, he turned to face me “You’re…” “Yes, bi actually, but I definitely prefer males” He reached up and grabbed the back of my head, pulling me down to him, he started covering my lips in kisses. After a second of wondering whether or not it was right for me to be french-kissing this boy, I gave in, and parted his lips with my tongue. He began to massage my lips with his tongue, while mine sought to explore the inside of his mouth.

After about 5 minutes of hot and heavy kissing, he broke away and exclaimed “My god! That beats kissing a girl any day, I have to call him, can I borrow your phone please?” I inwardly chuckled at his complete turn around in mood and handed him the cellphone from my pocket.

“Daniel? It’s Mike, I’m at the guy over the backs place” Suddenly I knew who this boys friend was, The boy over the back who had a habit of sunbathing nude whenever he could, rain or shine, I also knew something about Daniel that I wager even Mike didn’t. Like me, the kid shaved. I interjected “It’s still raining, I’ll drop you back if you want” Mike turned to me gratefully. “Would you?” I nodded “I’ll be there really soon” He hung up.

I quickly turned the TV off, and locked up. Mike was fidgeting to go. We walked through into the garage and jumped in my car. “What number is it?” I asked “Forty-seven” was the terse reply. As I turned into Dan’s place, the garage door began to swing up, I drove in. Dan was standing in the garage. Almost before I had stopped, Mike was out, he ran to Dan and stuck his tongue down the other’s throat.

Eventually they surfaced, and Dan looked guiltily in my direction, I smiled and winked. Mike whispered in his ear, and a look of relief came over his face. “Join us in the spa?” Dan cheekily asked. As I couldn’t think of anything yenibosna escort I wanted more, I quickly followed them into the house.

When we got to the spa room, a look of worry crossed Mike’s face. “Dan?” I asked “Could I have a word?” Dan looked surprised, but came over straight away, I whispered in his ear for a while, a look of understanding came over him. “Ready?” I asked out loud. “Lets do this!”

We grabbed each others clothes and started taking them off slowly, while both kissing heavily, Eventually we were both standing in our boxers, and Mike had the sweatshirt off and was rubbing himself slowly through the sweatpants. We both turned to face him, and dropped our boxers at the same time. We sauntered slowly over to him and grabbed one side of his pants each. Mike still had a look of extreme amazement on his face from looking at our fully shaven, fully erect pricks, when we dragged his pants to the floor. His penis was standing straight up from his body, Dan cheekily grabbed both of us by our dicks and pulled us to the steaming, bubbling spa. I hung back slightly to let the two newly-discovered lovers get settled, and got an eyeful of both their perfect bubble bums as they slipped into the steaming water.

“Come on in, the water’s lovely” I slid enticingly into the pool, almost giving Mike a mouthful of shaven cock. “Did you guys know each other before?” Mike was obviously referring to the fact we were both as smooth as ten year olds. “Nope,” I said “Pure fluke” Dan nodded his agreement. “What does it feel like?” Dan answered for both of us “Why don’t you come over here and find out?” Mike eagerly slid over and reached beneath the water, fondling both mine and Dan’s knobs as he encountered shaven prick for the first time.

We leaned back and started kissing each other heavily as this horny 18 year old played with our dicks. It was absolutely mind blowing, sitting there, in the hot spa, being kissed and receiving a hand job from a pair of hot guys.

After a while, Dan and I broke apart. “So” I asked “What do you think about shaven pricks then?” “It’s so smooth, like silk” “Feel like giving Dan here a kiss? I think he’s missing you” Dan instantly played the chronically depressed teenager, and Mike slid over to kiss him into happiness. This was what I had been waiting for, I slid a hand under both Mike and Dan and lifted them so their heads were on the padded spa headrest, but the were lying flat, their solid rods pointing at the ceiling. One hairless, One nestled in a bush of light brown hair, Licking my lips in anticipation I started on Dan, slipping my hot lips over his even hotter juicer rod and gently sucking the head, licking it around the base, he instantly stiffened in appreciation, but never broke his french kissing rhythm with Mike. I moved down to his balls, gently took one in my mouth and very carefully massaged it with my tongue. He started to moan, his cock beginning to ooze precum, I moved back up to it, and greedily lapped up his rich juice. This only caused it to ooze faster, taking a breath, I closed my lips over his cock once more and began to suck him with a sefaköy escort vengeance, the head of his cock hitting the back of my throat, almost causing me to gag. I continued this for a couple of minutes, his groans and moans getting faster and eventually just turning into frenzied panting. As I felt his body begin to approach orgasm, I slowed my rhythm, but very soon he could hold on no longer. He broke free from Mike’s kisses and began to scream and pant in ecstasy as he exploded shot after shot of hot rich cum deep into my throat. I swallowed quickly, hoping to catch it all, but knowing that at the rate he was shooting, I was bound to miss some.

As soon as I had finished with Dan, I started on Mike. It was fairly obvious from the outset that this was Mike’s first intimate moment with anyone but himself. As soon as my lips touched his dick, was was writhing across the surface of the water moaning, groaning and twitching as I gave him the blowjob he had never known he wanted, but had always needed. Dan looked on in amusement as I brought Mike up to the point of release, rubbing my tongue up and down his penis, drenching his meat in my spit. When I felt he was about to go, I motioned for Dan to take over, after a brief pause, from which I figured that this was his first time giving head, He bent to his best friends knob and licked around the edge. Mike had looked down when I had stopped, but as soon as Dan started to get to work, he was once more moaning and twitching as if in intense pleasure.

I was sitting there watching these two young lovers go at it hammer and tongs, and loving every second of it, when Mike finally had had enough and started to blow his load, Dan did a credible job of sucking it all in, and they both fell back into the water, momentarily exhausted. Then Mike noticed that Dan’s erection had come back while he had been sucking his dick. He grinned evilly at me. “Do what you’d want done to you, and watch the teeth” He nodded and started to suck his friends shaven knob.

I laid back in the water once more, closing my eyes and just listening to these two go at it. After another screaming orgasm from Dan, I felt someone slide over and plant a kiss on my lips, It was Dan, I kept my eyes closed and kissed this young man with a passion. Imagine my surprise when I felt Dan slide his leg under me, and lift my body in the water. Mike’s lips closed around the head of my cock, and he started to play. Very soon he had me at the stage the other two had been at earlier, moaning and twitching across the surface of the pool, as he sucked my dick like a professional. I felt the base of my cock getting a licking, then the head again, then the throbbing vein down the underside. Soon Dan moved away, and I just lay there enoying the feeling of having my shaven dick sucked by a horny 18 year old. I felt Dan move the leg holding me up, and replace it with his hands. Before I could begin to guess why he would do this, I felt a tongue probing at my arse cheeks.

My god! I had one horny boy sucking my dick, and the other tonguing my arse. I felt Dan’s tongue exploring my crack, as Mike’s tongue explored my dick. As soon as Dan’s tongue penetrated my hole, I was exploding cum deep into Mike’s throat.

Rolling back, we all relaxed in the spa in deep companionship and love as the vicious winter weather ravaged the outside world.


What do you think? Please Comment 😛

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