First Night Of Pleasure With An Older Woman

First Night Of Pleasure With An Older Woman

This is the true story of how me, a twenty three year old simple guy from Delhi, raised in a traditional conservative household back in the day, got introduced to the world of sex, and how I lost my virginity to a gorgeous thirty year old girl.

Her name was Neha. We had met because of our similar work lines. She had found my information from one of the websites where I had registered and had come over to talk business with me. I saw her enter and noticed her with the curves in the best places, just how I like it. Her stats were 36-30-36 which was perfect for me. I have always been a strong guy, a bodybuilder, and girls with curves have always driven my desire over the edge.

We talked for a while, while I noticed her beautiful hair cascading down her face and boobs jutting out invitingly. When we were done, we went downstairs to her vehicle, while I gave her a powerful bear hug, crushing her body into mine, which she seemed to be quite into. Her intoxicating fumes wafted into my breath, which I told her, that she smelled great, even after a long day’s work. She smiled coyly, and stepped into the car and drove off.

While chatting with each other the following few days, we ended up discussing to meet at a public music venue. The evening arrived with her looking ravishing in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. We stuck around for a while, while lying down on the grass occasionally.

Eventually we decided to move away from the crowd and explore the venue. It was suddenly that I noticed that we had reached a rather solitary section of the venue, in the darkness, tree cover everywhere and the moon high up top.

Neha slowly came close to me, her body softly touching mine. We hugged for a few moments our cheeks touching, and we slowly moved out mouths into each other. Our lips entwined in fervent passion, saliva freely covering our lips and eventually our tongues wrestling softly with each others. Her body, now crushing into mine, her boobs pushing into my chest while my erect cock pushing into her vagina from between the clothes.

She jumped onto me, while I stood in the middle of the dark, music faintly playing in the back. We kept smooching viciously while she rubbed her pussy into my chest, still fully clothed. We heard the sound of approaching people, when we immediately let go of each other and ran to the car.

“That was pretty intense”, I said, panting, jumping into the car.

“Tell me about it. But I liked it” she said, teasingly.

I asked her to start driving, which she did obligingly.

As soon as we were away from the venue and she started driving, I slowly inched my hand up her knees and to her thighs.

I started softly massaging her thighs and heard a muffled moan escape her mouth. My hand crawled up her thighs and reached right between her legs and I started rubbing her pussy over the jeans. I could feel her starting to grind on my fingers and suddenly felt the car swerve. I stopped, and asked her to regain her composure while laughing. We drove straight to her place.

We entered her apartment, dimly lit by a mellow yellow light. I did not know what to expect, my knowledge of intimacy was limited to kissing itself. But she pulled me into the bedroom, threw me on the bed, turned off the lights in the room with only the yellow lights from the corridor filtering into the room.

We continued making out, our breaths heavy with each other’s saliva, some trickling down her face I noticed, when I pinned her down on the bed and pulled her tshirt off. I sat on the bed, and had her sit up, bringing her close to me and deftly freed her bra and let the puppies pop out.

“Ahh”, she moaned hard and as I swiftly took one of the breasts into my mouth and started sucking on it. Gently at first, but harder and with more saliva, wetting it completely, while the tip of my tongue flicked her nipple around from within my mouth.

My strong hands grabbed the other tit within my palms, while I rubbed and circled the other nipple with the center of my palm. Her moans filled the room and I suddenly let free and brought her other tit into my mouth, suddenly wetting it completely.

She pushed me off and lay me down on the bed, freeing my jeans and reaching her hands up my legs and grabbed my dick over my underwear. Her hands held my hard dick, jerking me slowly over the clothing while I went mad with fervent desire.

Suddenly, before I had realized, she had pulled my underwear off and placed her entire mouth on my dick. I let out a muffled shout of ecstasy as she bobbed her head over the entire length of my dick, coating it in a beautiful layer of her saliva, while playing with my balls in her hand. I stood up and started thrusting my dick in and out of her mouth while she looked up at me, into my eyes, pleading for more.

A few moments of magical thrusting later, I suddenly felt a buildup in my balls and unleashed a cascading torrent of cum into her mouth, while she kept softly kneading my balls in her hands, coaxing more out of them, while constantly swallowing the warm cum down her throat.

I let her go and fell back, tired from the ordeal momentarily, when I suddenly threw her against the wall, wrenched her jeans and her underwear down and plunged my face straight into her pussy. She screamed loud as I violently stuck my tongue deep within her pussy walls, licking around like a madman in thirst for every drop of cum that she was leaking.

My tongue kept cleaning the insides of her vagina while she kept cumming straight into my mouth. I brought my tongue out, paused for a bit and rammed it back into her pussy, fucking her pussy with my tongue hard. I softly inserted a finger into her pussy while she panted and started fucking it and suddenly she jerked back, her body arching while she came rapidly.

I placed my mouth and my tongue into her pussy obligingly, drinking all of her cum and she collapsed onto the bed, panting with more desire.

She pulled me onto the bed and I understood what she wanted. I readied myself as my six inches erect cock, with its thickness covered in veins throbbed while she caressed it with her hands.

I lay her down, with me on her, kissing her mouth hard, when I plunged myself deep within her. She screamed in desire into my mouth, while I tried to stifle it with my tongue before the neighbors came running.

She felt my warm and hard dick in her pussy and asked her to fuck her hard. It was obvious she had not had any physical intimacy in months, maybe years, and needed someone to take care of.

I held her down with my muscular arms as I brought out my cock and she sighed with relief. Just as she was done catching her breath, I thrust myself deep within her again and she moaned hard.

I slowly started fucking her pussy, with long and hard strokes, while she looked down and watched out cum mix with each other and felt the warmth of my cock with her pussy, filling her with ecstasy.

I started fucking her hard, and with strong stroked and suddenly pushed her boob into my mouth while fucking her. Her moans were strong enough to bring the roof down, but it turned me on even further and made me hornier as a I kept fucking her, feeling the hot pussy walls around my dick.

I picked her up, flipped her over, brought her ass near my crotch and stuck my cock deep into her pussy again from the behind. We continued fucking in doggy for ages, her face gnashing into the bed as my hard cock rammed her pussy deep from behind, her wetness completely engulfing my member.

I suddenly felt a strong buildup in my balls which she understood and she released her ass from me and lay down in front of me, with her mouth open.

She held my dick in her hand, jerking me hard and fast with one while carefully squeezing my balls again for a second time when I suddenly burst and let look my cum. I sighed in heavenly pleasure as I saw her throat go up and down and she swallow me, load after load, burst after burst.

When I was finally done, I let myself out of her mouth and smooched her passionately, our cum freely intermixing with each other. We lay down in each other’s arms, sweaty, tired but our desires satiated, mine for the first time.

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