Hypnotic goings on.

Hypnotic goings on.
Life in the military can be quite boring at times so I got a book form the library entitled ‘Teach Yourself Hypnotism’ seemed a fun way to pass the time. Thinking it would be a waste of time I soon discovered that I could hypnotise some of my friends into doing things they would not normally contemplate, this caused much amusement in the barracks at night time. Eventually the novelty wore off and I didn’t do it for a long time. Life was boring but about to change drastically, the Army was changing and we were about to have one of the first female Officers to command our Troop, some of the guys absolutely hated the idea and some of us thought let’s see how things go before we judge her.

She turned up on Monday morning 08.00 to inspect us, she ripped us to shreds for no reason other than she could, we weren’t badly turned out it was just her way of making her presence known, it went from bad to worse she had us training, training and more training when we didn’t need the training, we were a bunch of fit soldiers but PT and more PT was on the cards, she really knew how to demoralise the men, some of the senior guys had a discreet word but that fell on deaf ears she was right and everyone else was wrong. Something had to be done about this woman who was making all of our lives miserable. Talk in the barracks was always about how we could get rid of her, this ranged from outright killing her to everyone going AWOL just to get away from her, none of these were feasible, the killing her especially we were pissed off with her but not to that extent. Then one of the guys said what about hypnotising her to be more friendly towards us and make life easier, I dismissed this straight away, but after threats of do it or else I decided to give it a go. The idea being if I could get her to go easy on us that would be good, but ultimately if we could get her to embarrass herself and the Army she would be moved on elsewhere away from us.

It was coming up to yearly appraisals and this meant having a one to one interview with her, were she would tell how good, or bad you were doing and if you were likely to get promoted, I was hoping for my Sergeants stripe so I hoped I was doing well. It was my turn to go in and see her, I marched in saluted and waited, ‘Sit down Corporal’ she said, I sat and looked at her, I hadn’t taken much notice of her before, she was quite plain very little make up but what she had on was very well applied, but with a very athletic body, slim and well toned and with a nice looking pair of tits, she was dressed in service khaki shirt, olive drab skirt, regulation tan tights and black flat shoes. She then proceeded to tell me that as long as I had an hole in my arse I would never get promoted as I was a complete waste of rations and if she had her way she would discharge me there and then. This was not what I was expecting to hear, I remained calm and decided this would be the ideal time to see if my hypnosis skills were still working, I fixed my eyes upon her and very soon I had her under my influence, to make sure I gave her a few mundane tasks to do, ‘Open the window’ I said, she obeyed with no hesitation, ‘Close the window’ again no hesitation, a few stand up and sit downs proved to me she was under. What to do now I thought not really thinking it would have worked, ‘Ok I want you to rewrite my appraisal and give me the highest possible recommendation for promotion.’ She did as I asked this was great, I then thought let’s see what she looks like under those drab clothes, ‘Strip off for me.’ I said wondering if I was going too far and I was heading for the guardhouse cells. No she stood up and started to take her clothes off, soon she was down to her underwear, a no regulation black lace bra and nice to see non regulation tan stockings and suspender belt, I ordered her to keep those on and took some photos of her on my smart phone. I was now getting quite an erection so I stood up dropped my trousers and took it out, ‘Over here.’ I ordered, she came over to me, ‘Suck my cock’ I said, she got down on her knees and started to suck my cock, she was damn good as well, so here I was with my cock rammed down the throat of my Officer commanding just having hypnotised her into promoting me, shit if anyone found out I’d be in military prison until I died, but what the hell I was getting a damn good blowjob, fuck the consequences. ‘Lie across your desk.’ I said, I was going to fuck her doggy style over her own desk, I pulled her non regulation panties to one side and inserted my cock deep into her wet pussy she began to moan as I pounded into her, ‘Shut up.’ I whispered in her ear, ‘We don’t want anyone coming in do we ma’am?’ I kept fucking faster and faster, deeper and deeper until she gave a muffled moan and cum over my cock, I pulled out turned her over and wanked all over her tits and face.

‘Get dressed.’ I told her, she got dressed and sat down behind her desk. ‘When I clap my hands twice you will forget everything that has just happened, do you understand?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘However when I say the words ‘Storm Watch’ you will be under my command again, do you understand?’ ‘Yes.’ I clapped my hands twice and she come out of the trance, she looked down at my appraisal form and said ‘Congratulations Sergeant I look forward to working with you.’ ‘Thank you ma’am I’m looking forward to continuing our relationship.’ I said with a smile, she returned the smile looking quite puzzled. I stood saluted and turned to go, stopping and saying to her ‘Storm Watch’ she came under my influence again, ‘Go easy on the men won’t you ma’am?’ ‘Yes I will.’ Clapping my hands twice I left the office knowing that life was definitely going to be better for me and the guys from now on, especially for me.

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