I Wasn’t Expecting It!


I was trying to be as quiet as I could before I came, but when my cock began spurting over my stomach, I couldn’t stifle the hurried breathing, and the groan when it finally happened.

“Tim, you’ve just had a wank?”

It didn’t matter whether it was a statement or a question. It was Jeff’s voice from the other bed.

We were work colleagues, on a three day course, sharing a twin bedded hotel room.

“Don’t worry, I was just going to have one myself!”

Slightly embarrassed, I muttered, “Go ahead.”

We were both nineteen, and had only known each other for a few weeks, since both getting a job as junior technicians.

“Do you want to watch?”

The question seemed really awkward, but before I’d had a chance to reply, Jeff had switched on a sidelight, and was stroking a very large cock.

I sort of half looked over from where I lay, and then watched fascinated as it got even bigger. Jeff was on his back, using moisturiser to lubricate his cock, and he rubbed it steadily at first, his eyes closed. He began breathing faster, until in a low sustained moan, he ejaculated, semen shooting up as far as his neck.

Without thinking I heard myself saying, “Wow!”

Jeff used a cotton handkerchief to wipe up the spunk.

“I didn’t tell you that I’m gay, did I.”

“No,” I replied, “but it makes no odds to me.”

“Have you ever had sex with a man?”

The question was pointed.

“Only once did I wank a friend off at school, if that counts.”

Jeff laughed, “Maybe, anyway, let’s get some sleep.”

I tried to drift off, but for a while I considered the conversation we’d just had.

The next day we worked hard, taking on board a lot of new information. In the evening we found a pub and somehow we went from drinking pints to Irish Whiskey!

“Do you fancy either of those two guys over there?”

The two guys were gay, both about our age.

“Guys don’t register like that with me,” I said through an alcoholic haze, “but I suppose if the circumstances were right…….”

Jeff leaned towards me, “The guy on the left looks a lot like you, I quite fancy him!”

At Gaziantep Yabancı Escort that precise moment both of them looked across and smiled.

“Oh my god,” Jeff said, and then, “Fuck he’s coming over.”

The guy that was supposed to look like me sauntered over, and started chatting to Jeff. He realised we were both drunk, but in a very touchy feely way he’d soon managed to exchange mobile numbers with him.

After he’d returned to his mate, we had one more whiskey, and made our way back to the hotel. I really was out of it, and flopped on the bed, while Jeff went into the bathroom.

When he came out he was carrying a wet sponge and headed directly towards me.

“You fucking dare,” I shouted as I realised what he was up to. But he jumped onto my bed and straddled me, pushing the cold, wet sponge into my face.

“Bastard, bastard,” I was just able to say. However, it did have a slightly sobering effect.

He was giggling so much, when he finally relented, and then without warning, he leaned over me, and kissed me full on the lips.

It felt really odd, and when our tongues wrestled, it was strangely arousing.

“Fuck me, Jeff, fucking hell,” I gasped, when he stopped.

“Would you like that? For me to fuck you?”

I was sobering up pretty quickly now.

“Jesus Jeff, you’re getting a bit heavy….I watched you wank last night, wanting to fuck me is a bit extreme.”

Jeff got off the bed, disappointed that I’d objected.

“Sorry buddy, yeah, it’s the drink, apologies, we’d better get some kip, gonna be a hard day tomorrow.”

I half watched him undress, and when he’d got into bed, I went to the bathroom, and then turned in myself. I drifted off to sleep, to the sound of him masturbating again.

At lunchtime the next day Jeff whispered to me that he’d had a text message from the guy in the pub. He wanted to meet up that evening. I told him to go ahead, I was probably going to have an early night anyway.

Jeff went off about 7.30pm to meet Chris, the guy from the pub. After I’d eaten I went to our room to watch some football on tv, and by the time it was over I was ready to turn in.

I pretty much went to sleep straight away, but awoke an hour later when Jeff came in accompanied by Chris. I pretended to be asleep at first, and both of them were trying to suppress giggles. It went quiet when they started kissing, and I was able to peep out from beneath the duvet and see them undressing each other.

They were on the other bed just a few feet away. I could see two naked bodies, and I could definitely see both their cocks which seemed much bigger than mine. The sounds of kissing continued until the murmuring changed to groaning sounds, and I could see Jeff sucking Chris’s cock which really made me start to become aroused.

There was no way that they could contain their pleasure and they must have realised I could no longer be asleep. There came a point where Jeff had got Chris on all fours, and was using his mouth to pleasure his ass, at the same time Chris’s face was facing my bed, and he clearly saw me watching them from under the duvet.

When Jeff reached over to his bedside drawer and produced a tube of something, I knew where he was going next. Sure enough within a minute or two he was sliding inside Chris’s ass, and it was at this point he saw me too.

Chris’s mouth opened and gasped, as Jeff began to slowly fuck Chris. They were both looking at me, and I could no longer hide. I sat up in bed, and at that point I realised I was hard too. Pulling the duvet to one side I let it be known how I was feeling, I had this impulse to be part of what was happening.

Jeff suddenly stopped and withdrew his cock from Chris’s ass. They were both motionless, before Chris said, ” Perhaps your mate needs fucking too!”

I watched as Jeff stood up off the bed, and grabbing my wrist, pulled me towards their bed. Chris took my shoulders and forced me into a kneeling position.

“You go first,” he gestured to Jeff.

Taking the same tube of lube I’d seen before, I felt the cold gel being fingered into my ass.

“Fuck fellas, be careful, I’ve not done this before.”

And credit to Jeff, he went slowly. First I felt his finger, probing, and then working its way into my ass, gradually he introduced another, and I could feel my muscle relaxing.

He positioned himself between my legs, and then I knew his cock would try to enter me. Trying to remain relaxed was difficult but slowly, pushing and retreating in turn, the head of his cock popped inside me. He stayed still for a moment and then pushed again.

“Oh fucking hell,” I heard myself say, and then he began to fuck me, slowly.

Chris was watching, and his cock remained stiff, and seemingly huge.

“Would you like some of this?” he wasn’t wanting any answer. He knew he was going to take me too.

When he added, “C’mon Jeff, let me fuck him,” I did respond.

“Fuck, I can’t take that.”

“Oh, but you will.”

I felt Jeff pull out and move to one side, as Chris took his place. More lube was fingered into my already stretched anus. When Chris pushed the head of his cock against the opening, it seemed impossible that I could take it.

“Fuck! FUCK! …..no! I can’t take it Chris…..please ……no!”

Three little pushes, harder each time, did it. With a grunt he slid inside.

“Oh Jesus Christ….. oh my god…..slowly….please!”

There followed a slow realisation of an unknown pleasure. It went on and on, with Jeff giving words of encouragement, and tugging at his own cock.

The inevitable moment arrived.

“I’m gonna cum Tim, do you want it?”

I was past caring, the effect of Chris’s fucking on my prostate, was causing a gradual flow of precum from my cock. It was too late anyway as I felt the warm sensation inside me, and the jerk of Chris’s cock.

“Oh my god…….oh god,” Chris muttered, grunting between each spurt.

“Fuck,” he said again, as he withdrew, adding, “You fuck him now Jeff.”

“C’mon guys,” I protested, but even as I went to get up, I was forced down, and Jeff was inside me.

Grunting and in a hurry, I heard Jeff’s thighs slapping against the back of mine, as he rushed to his orgasm.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh….yes,” there was a gasp from him, as he unloaded inside me. I could feel spunk running down my inner thigh, and as he withdrew, great dollops of semen dribbled down on the bed sheets.

I collapsed sideways, I’d lost my virginity, and I’d enjoyed it.

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