Me and my Ms.


I have been thinking of writing this for a long time. This experience changed the course of my life so; I want to see it written down. It was the beginning of my junior year in collage and I was taking my first upper level biology course. It required a major writing assignment that we would be working on all semester. It was going to be a research proposal and would require a great deal of reading of the scientific literature in order to understand the project and discover what needed further study. The first step was to go to the library and find the Research Librarian Desk and set up a time learn how to use the research material. This was about 1992 and it was just not that simple to find the needed articles. The Research Librarians were there to teach you how to find the articles and to help you any help you may need.

I found the desk only to discover that it was huge. There must have been 10 or 15 people working there. I approached the desk and was overwhelmed by all the signs posted on how to make so many different requests. I was completely intimidated. Just sort of stood there, lost in all the signs. Suddenly I noticed a woman looking at me from behind the desk. She asked if she could help me. I was still flustered and stumbled through a sentence that I think told her I was taking a class and needed to learn how to gather scientific articles. She said, “oh I see. So you need the introduction tour of the research stacks and the catalogs.” Yes I said and was glad she understood what I needed. “When” she said. This flustered me again. I did not know how to answer, but I said “anytime?” She immediately said “How about now?” My mind wanted to say no but she already started gathering things for me. I was hoping for someone that did not make me feel so flustered. I was hoping for someone friendlier and not so intimidating.

She started giving me papers with instructions on them. And request forms of so many types. I really was not following everything. She then had me follow her around the library. She showed me were the various catalogs are and what they were used for. She was going to fast and I could not get it all. Finally, I stopped her. I was a bit abrupt and I think she saw my frustration. “I can’t understand everything so fast”. She took a big breath and slowed down. She explained that this was just the introductory tour and that I could not possibly grasp it all. Just to follow her and absorb what I can.

She was so daunting when she first started, so abrupt and to the point. Now that she slowed down, she seemed much friendlier and she really made an effort to make me feel more comfortable. She explained that we should make another appointment for tomorrow to start gathering background material for my research. I told her that I did not need to do that yet. Her demeanor changed and she gave me a look that made me feel like a spoiled child. “Just because you don’t have to, doesn’t mean that it would not be good for you”. “When is your last class tomorrow”. I said it was over at 3 and she said, “Well then be here by 3:30”. I said, “Yes ma’am”. I suddenly felt silly. Ma’am? What was I thinking? She was just so assertive that it just blurted it out. She smiled and said “good!”

I left feeling like I was shanghaied. I had no control from the time I arrived till the time I left. I was completely flustered by the whole experience. I felt like I needed to arrive tomorrow better prepared. I spent a few hours looking over the assignment and even outlined my initial ideas. I wanted to feel more in control and less like an idiot tomorrow.

I arrived early and let her know I was there. She seemed busy with someone else. So I set myself up at a table nearby. When she was done, she had me go through what I needed. She then had me take out the papers she gave me last time. Thank god I had organized them and was able to find the one she wanted. She pointed out that it was a checklist on how to use one of the catalogs. She walked me through it step by step having me do most of the work. I understood most it, although she stopped me rather harshly a few times to point out my mistakes. But she was very friendly otherwise and praised me, and even patted me on the arm when I was able to figure out the next steps on my own.

Her name was Ms. Wren. She was 5 feet nine or so, and maybe a tad overweight. She dressed rather conservative. Long skirts, high heals, and button-up blouses. She was a fair bit older than me, maybe in her mid forties’. I decided I liked working with her. She gave me her full attention and made shore I was confident with what I learned. I think this training was going. She scheduled me for appointments everyday that week. It was amazing what I learned. I felt like she was giving me the secret keys to all the knowledge. As I got more proficient she would just give me tasks to figure out. It was kind of fun and she was great at praising my accomplishments. When I got it wrong, she would give me a few pointers and then make me go figure out my mistakes by myself. She would not even talk to escorts in london me till I got it figured out.

At the end of the week I had picked up everything I needed to know and really did not need anymore training. But I had come to like this part of the library with its tables and big windows. So I did most of my studying in that part of the library. She would always stop by and say hi. We would chat and talk about what I was working on. I loved the way she made me feel like a friend of hers. She was also very serious about me getting my work done. “We can’t talk anymore till you get that lab report done”. Or, “I am ignoring you till that assignment is done”. She was serious and wanted proof before we could go back to, as she put it, goofing off.

I was in the library almost every day. We even ate lunch together on Mondays if she was free. She wanted to know about my goals and my plans for the future. She told me about the trips she had been on. Her ex-husband and her traveled a lot and she described the places she had been. She told me about her divorce and how it was mostly her fault. How she really never loved him and just got married because it was what she was expected to do. This topic seemed to make her uncomfortable and she tried to drop it but I did not take enough notice and asked her more questions about how she felt. I could tell I asked to many questions. She almost looked scared. She eventually told me that she had an affair with a friend of hers. Another woman.

I was stunned at first. I awkwardly tried to say that it happens sometime. I could tell she was feeling concerned. I then tried to reassure her that I did not care that she was a lesbian. No big deal, I new a, lesbian in high school. I was not very convincing I think. In my mind I was realizing that she was giving me all this help and being friendly with me because she liked me. She liked me! That kind of gave me a thrill but it also made me self-conscious. Sadly, that’s all I could think about and I think I failed to be as supportive as I should. Eventually, she had to go back to work and I just packed up and left.

I knew I liked girls since middle school. I had crushes on several girls from 8th grad through high school. I never dis anything about it. I always new that it was weird and that my parents would think me sick if I ever touched a girl. My dad in particular would often have negative things to say about those “fags”.

I dated in high school, and even kissed and fooled around a bit. It was exciting but not very satisfying. I dated a guy my freshman year. He was nice and I liked him. We had fun together but he always wanted to “fool around”. We did just about everything but actual penetrative sex. He always got off. I never did. It ended because he always wanted sex. In the end he was just a jerk.

Realizing that Ms. Wren liked me, made me see that I had a crush on her too. After I left her it was all I could think about. It made me nervous, and it made me horny. I suddenly could look at her as a woman and not just as a teacher. She was bigger than me. I am ably 5’5″ and maybe 125 lbs. Skinny with small breasts and not much of a figure. She was tall, a bit heavier, and had a curvy soft body. Her breasts were large, and compared to mine; she had a woman’s hips and ass. I was just thinking about how soft she was. Not that I had ever touched her but my imagination was running wild. I wanted her to hold me tight and kiss me.

I went to the library the next day and she was there but very busy. So I just found a table and got to work on some class work. I kept looking for her while I was working. She later stopped buy and asked how I was doing. I was really nervous. So much more that I thought I would. I explained that I was fine. She told me how busy she was. I could feel that things were awkward and I hated it. She was going to leave when I just blurted out that I would be back tomorrow. I think she understood that I was ok with her. I wanted to say more but it was a library. It would have to wait.

The next day I came in around noon. She was not around. I even asked to see if she was around but nobody had seen her for a while. So I decided to grab a table and get some work done. Except all the tables were full of people. I ended up having to use a table on an upper floor. Around 5 or so, I found myself missing her. So I gathered up my books and went down to her desk.

She was busy with other people. But I got her attention and waved to her. She signaled back that I should wait a moment. So I waited till she freed herself. She asked me if I was ok and why I was not around. I explained that the tables were all full and I had to find someplace else to study. I also told her that I was more that ok. I tried to say it so she know that I was ok with her being a lesbian and that it was ok that she liked me. I felt like a little girl as I did so. I even blushed and embarrassingly giggled. She looked happy but also told me she had to go. “You will be back tomorrow after you three o’clock class.” Escort in dubai She said it, not as a question, but more like a statement of fact. No, actually I think more like a command. I said in a low voice “yes Ms. Wren”.

I did show up the next day. She saw me and motioned me over and said, “We have extra graduate carrels and you are going to sign up for one, and I did. Ms. Wren lead me to the back of the research area we’re there was a line of small doors. She opened mine and gave me the key. Graduate carrels were intended for graduate students teaching classes. It became their temporary office. The unused ones could be requested for a study space. It was a tiny room. Basically a bench attached to the wall facing a desk attached to the other wall. The room was maybe 3 feet by four feet, just enough for two people to sit side by side at a table. It was perfect. It was an amazing place to study and I could leave my books here rather than dragging them with me all the time.

I was so happy, my own space, and she gave it to me. I was standing there speechless and she was looking at me strangely. I knew she was watching me, which made it difficult to think. I tried to say thank you but as I did, emotions rose up and my voice cracked. She reached out and grabbed my arms with both of hers. She was looking at me intently. She asked what was wrong and I tried to turn away so I could gain control of myself but her hands held me tight and still. “What do you want?” She said punctuating each word with a shake of my body. I knew what I wanted. I wanted to kiss her and sink into her arms. I was scared and so excited. I pushed forward to press my lips to hers. But she stopped me. Holding me still once again.

All last night all I could think about was kissing her. Feeling her body against mine. As soon as I went to bed my hands could not stop touching the wetness between my legs. I came so hard while rubbing my clit. My pussy, my thighs and even my ass were covered in the wetness I produced. But it was not enough to allow me to sleep peacefully.

She told me to sit down and she shoved me into the little room. I sat on the bench and moved over to make space for her. She sat next to me and pulled the door closed. She looked at me intently and said, “What do you want little one?” I looked down speechless. She grabbed my face and forced me to look at her. She was not gentle and her look made me know she was serious. I tried to sound confident but my voice was too filled with emotion and cracked and wavered as I said, “kiss you”. I was instantly embarrassed about my lack of control, but she pulled my face towards hers and she so gently pressed her lips to mine. I froze feeling everything at once. Her lips slippery against mine her hand so firm on my face. Her smell of both perfume and some other essence that was just her. Her lips parted and I matched her movement as she ran her tongue over my lips. She pushed me back and I realized that that I had not been breathing. I drew in a big breath of air. I was so overcome with feelings that I was starting to well up with tears. She slid her hands down my face to my neck. She did not give up any control as she leaned over. And quietly said, “Now what do you want”. My response was a quick “more”.

She smiled and pulled me to her again and we both joined with our mouths open for each other. We kissed exploring each other’s mouths for a while and I moved my hands around her back gripping her. As she broke the kiss she pulled me hard against her chest. Holding me like a child against her breasts. She held me tight, right where I wanted to be. I could hear her breathing trying to catch her breath. Realizing that I too was out of breath. I wanted more but she held me tight.

I started to press myself against her and was kissing her breasts through her top and I could feel the lace of her bra with my lips. God they were so soft. I kissed them all around till I found the texture of her nipple and I pressed my lips against it hard. She literally gasped and released the force holding me and I moved up and kissed her hard trying to take control. Wanting more and more, the lust building in me so fast. She again took hold of me and pushed me back making me stop.

At first I was confused but then I realized where we were, and how awkward it is to hug and kiss on a bench with a table in the way. I could see her regain control of herself. “We should think about how to proceed from here”. She got up and started to leave. I was a bit stunned. “MS?” I said, not knowing what to say. She leaned over and kissed me quickly and said “Friday night. Can you be free all weekend”? I of course said yes. She put up her hand to stop me. “Only if you have all your work done. I am serious, don’t let you schoolwork suffer”. I assured her that I would work hard today and tomorrow so I will be free for the weekend. “Ok I will see you Friday” and she stepped out leaving me in my new workspace.

I was elated and amazed. I was also very sexually excited. I could feel the swelling of my pussy Dubai Escorts and the wetness there. I wanted to be with her more than anything. Was I in love with her? It was too early to say. I am far too horny to think strait. But I will see her for the weekend and I know it’s going to be amazing.

I worked hard the rest of the week. I saw her everyday but she would not let me waste time chatting with her. I had to push myself quite a bit to get everything done by Friday night. She had decided that we were going to have dinner at her place, and that I could stay the weekend, if I wanted. God! I wanted. By Friday, I was such a horny mess. Every time I closed my eyes my mind went to what will happen Friday night. I knew we would have sex but my mind was filled with so many fantasies of how it will go. It did not help that I decided not to cum till Friday. I was also very nervous. I had never been with a woman before. I was not sure what it was going to be like. Was I going to do it right? Should she think me a freak or something? As you might guess I didn’t sleep all that well.

On Friday she had me come to the library and work in my new space till she came to get me to go to her home. Work? I could not, work. I was just too excited and worked-up. All I could do was let my mind wonder. I concentrated on how my body felt. I was hot. I could feel my pussy swollen and wet. My breasts ached to hug something. To hug her and too burry my face in her breasts again. I needed taste her lips and feel her tongue on mine. I was going to make myself crazy if I did not do something.

Luckily I did not end up waiting long. She knocked gently on my door and I let her in. She looked at me and asked if I was ok. I think I blushed a little and tried to shrug it off as just being to hot. She ushered me out of the cubical and I was without words. Suddenly I was shy. I could not find words. But she just led me out of the building to her car. God I was nervous.

We got in her car and she asked about my day and if I got all my work done. I assured her I had. I told her how much work it was and that I was a little tired. I needed a break. As she drove I was quiet. I just did not know what to say. She reached over and took my hand. Squeezed it and looked at me briefly and she ad the best smile I had ever seen. Confident and joyful is the only way I can describe it. She then placed my hand on her thigh and put hers back on the wheel. Her skirt was soft and fairly thin. I could feel the warmth of her leg through the material. I just kept it there. I was afraid to move it so I just enjoyed the feel of her. At the next stoplight she took my hand again and squeezed it tight to her breast. She was looking at me. A look that made me feel happy for some reason. I don’t know what that look was exactly but it made me feel warm and safe. Maybe it pride, or just happiness. Either way I always wanted her to look at me that way.

As the light turned green she let go of my hand. I put it back in my lap. She reached over without looking at me and placed my hand on her thigh again. This time she moved it up and down her thigh and then let go. God she felt good and I tentatively kept up stroking her thigh. She definitely seemed to like that so I kept it up and leaned over so I could reach further down her leg. I was sliding my hand down to her knee and all the way up to the top of her thigh. I reached over more so I could touch her inner thigh. I was breathless and shaking a bit with the intensity of the feeling. I wondered if she was as wet as I was and imagined what it would be like to touch her wet pussy.

At stoplights she would hold my hand and kiss it, even hold it to her breast in a sort of hug. When it turned green, she would let go and I would go back to rubbing her thigh. I wanted more. I reached even lower and tried to raise the hem of her skirt but she put her hand on mine to stop me. God I needed to feel her skin.

Thank god it was a fairly short drive to her place. I was so overtaken by lust. She pulled into her driveway and stopped the car. She turned to me and reached for me and I just dove into her arms. Our mouths met and our tongues touched. I just melted into her. She pulled me to her hard, squeezing me. I held on to her like I would never let go.

After a while of this she broke the moment. “Why don’t we go inside and be more comfortable”. We both got out and I practically ran over to her forgetting my bag. Of course, she realized this and sent me to get it. I felt like a fool but she smiled and laughed, and it was ok. I followed her into the house. I just dropped my bag as soon as the door closed and I hugged her. It was a bit awkward since she had not put down her purse or keys but I wanted to thank her. I just felt so grateful to be there. She hugged me back and leaned down to my ear and said it was ok. We have time and maybe we should eat.

I pulled myself together as she showed me around the house. She had a spare bedroom and she had me put my bag in there. The house was lovely. It had lots of bright whites, and grays with dark wood furniture. The living room looked comfortable with a leather lounge chair and a soft comfy looking couch. The kitchen was a bit small but it was connected to the dining room and living room making one nice space.

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