Muslim Widow Aunt’s Anal Adventures


Muslim Widow Aunt’s Anal AdventuresHi all, its Ali here!I’m back for another post. This time, I’ve decided to tell about the times when my widowed Muslim aunt, Sheen and I had some of the most memorable anal sex. Although it’s been years I still remember these few times vividly. I hope you guys will find them as exciting as I did all those years ago.*Please don’t forget to leave a Like and your Comment so I get motivated to share more such exciting and sexy events with you guys.*A little background first…I’m Ali. I’m tall, and slim, around over 5’10” with sharp features, straight dark hair and a naturally slim but muscular physique.I live in one of the major cities in central India and belong to a very strict Muslim sect. Although now I’ve shifted to Mumbai, I used to live with my large, extended family. We own a couple of acres of land on the northern outskirts of the city. We are well off and live inside the immense gated compound in 3 three-storied buildings which house the families of my father and seven brothers. Although we are quite rich, my family is ultra conservative. The woman in our families happily cover themselves whenever stepping out of the house. They always wear a Hijab to cover their head when among strangers. This lifestyle was not acceptable to a few of us and we rebelled in our own ways secretly. Aunt Sheen is the widow of my eldest uncle who passed away in 2005. A mother of two, Dee and her older brother, Aunty Sheen is a typical Muslim MILF. In contrast to the rest of my family, Sheen has a noticeably darker complexion. She is short, a little less than 5’6″ tall, and plump. Sheen has a dark and round face with big brown eyes and thin severe lips. On the other hand, Aunty Sheen is extremely voluptuous. She has huge and firm D-cup breasts that are impressively perky for her age. She incredibly wide hips which curved over her gigantic 50-inch bubble butt perfectly. I really loved the sway of her enormous, round booty cheeks whenever she walked. Aunt Sheen is incredibly horny, even at this age. So, in tribute to her lust, I am going to recount some of the most memorable times that we had anal sex. COMING TO THE STORY…Aunty Sheen Gifts Ass on Eid(Friday 12 PM – 7 PM, August 2006)I remember that Eid day for many reasons. The past few months had been extremely awakening for me in many ways. One of the reasons this day sticks out most in my mind was because it was one of the few times I’d seen my widowed aunt get so demanding. It was a humid Friday afternoon. As was usual, my entire extended family was having lunch at Aunty Sheen’s place. Since she was the wife of my eldest uncle, she always hosted the lunch on Eid. Her home was packed when I made my way up. After the morning prayers I had gone out to meet my closer friends and had arrived a little late. “Ali!” One of my uncle said, “Come on in, we were waiting up for you.” I saw my uncles and male cousins sitting in the large room. My younger cousins were seated on chairs around the huge glass-topped dining table in Aunt Sheen’s large living room. I joined them and my Dee and my sisters began serving the table from the kitchen next to the living room. I could hear my mother and my other aunts chatting back there. After an awesome lunch of Biryani and Tandoori I was lounging with my uncles and cousins in the main room. I excused myself and stepped into the kitchen.”Ali!” My aunts chorused, happy to see me.After the usual banter they continued their chatting. Aunt Sheen caught my eye.”Ali, will you help me get the set of bowls down from the store room please?” “Sure, Aunty.” I mumbled and noticed my other aunts nodding and turning back to chatting.I followed Aunty Sheen up the stairs to the second floor of her duplex apartment.Aunt Sheen was dressed in a blue Sari with a golden blouse. The Sari was d****d modestly over her plump figure but it could not hide the conspicuous jiggle of her huge, mature booty. I fixed my eyes to the swaying mounds and stepped after her into the small store room. “You’re looking so cute!” Aunt Sheen pulled me to her and hugged me tight as soon as she pushed the door shut behind her.”Mmmuah!” After a brief, sloppy kiss she let go of me and grinned at my slightly frightful face. Her daughter Dee, my mom, my sisters, my aunts and my other female cousins were right there in the kitchen down by the stairs. Although I could still hear them chatting loudly in the kitchen I did not have the guts to be overtly affectionate to my aunt. Despite having fucked several times till now, I was still scared thinking about the huge risk we were taking with our taboo relationship. “I’m really here to get a set of bowl, am I?” I asked, taking a step into the semi-dark store room.”Of course, son.” Aunty grinned and pointed up to the small loft. I nodded and pulled the foldable ladder up to the loft. I climbed a few rungs and I could see a few dusty boxes.”Which one is it, Aunty?” I asked, peering into the dark loft when I suddenly felt Aunty Sheen’s hand grab my crotch from below. I froze in place, feeling the conflict between my lust and guts. “Ah!” I exclaimed softly as Aunt Sheen reached up and cupped my big balls in her hands. “It’s there, in the box.” Aunt Sheen said slowly, in a distracted tone. I quickly glanced and was relieved to find the door of the store room was shut. I closed my eyes but my ears were wide open. I strained to hear the familiar tap-tap of the footsteps in case anyone decided to come up the marble tiled staircase. “Oh…” I heard Aunty Sheen moan softly as she deftly pulled down my pants. “Aunty…” I cried out half-heartedly now and caught the ladder tighter for fear of falling over her. She slipped her hands up the insides of my thighs and teased me. I felt her warm fingers slip inside my underwear and she began to caress the back of my ball-sack. “Shhiit.” I gasped out softly and let my lust take over.I closed my eyes and sighed as Aunty expertly caressed my clean-shaven balls. Her other hand slid up, brushing against the thick head of my semi-engorged cock. “Oh yeah…” I moaned softly, still clutching on to the flimsy ladder as Aunty Sheen continued to play with my balls. “Mm.. You like it, don’t you?” Aunt Sheen cooed softly.”Yesss…” I moaned, “I love it.””Mom, we need more Biryani.” Dee’s voice came from the bottom of the stairs.Instantly my eyes flew open. We both came to our senses and Aunty hurried to the door.”Okay, give me a sec.” Aunty Sheen called down to her daughter and turned to me with a teasing smile.”Oops.” Sheen said, “Seems like we have to go.” She smiled even wider and picked up a small dusty box from the other side of the store room’s door. “You better hide that before you come down.” She winked and pointed at my crotch before stepping out of the door.I pulled up my pant and hurried down the ladder. My dick was quite hard and made a noticeable bulge. I took a few deep breaths. A couple of minutes later I stepped down the stairs into the kitchen. I managed to maintain my composure in front of the rest of my family. I realized that this was the first time that Aunty Sheen had taken such a big risk. I couldn’t believe she would tease me so when she knew our entire extended family was seated just down the stairs. I was glad to reach my room half hour later. My balls were aching now. For a while I thought that Aunty Sheen was just being a tease. Then I remembered that she was about to kiss the head of my semi-hard cock through the ladder before we heard Dee call out. RING! I heard the landline ring. Seeing Aunty Sheen’s number displayed on the screen I immediately picked up the phone.”Hello.” I said.”Come on up at 6.” I heard Aunt Sheen’s soft voice over the babble of my aunts talking in the back before the line went dead.Astonished, I stared at the receiver before placing it back. I grinned as I walked back to my room.I passed the time playing video game on my PC. I was in my room and I heard my mom and my sisters come into our ground floor apartment a little after 4.As the clock struck 6, I sneaked out of my room and listened for voices. It seemed that everyone was now taking a nap after the large lunch. I softly closed the door to our apartment and stepped out into the main stairwell. I stopped and reached out to knock but the door was immediately opened. “Come on in.” Aunty whispered through the now semi-dark hallway. Aunty Sheen was still dressed in the same blue Sari and golden blouse. This time, the part of the Sari covering her bosom had slid down and I could see the hint of her large, dark cleavage from her blouse. Her enormous boobs protruded out, straining against the thin fabric of her tight-fitting blouse. Lower down, Aunty Sheen’s wonderful hips flared out and I could clearly see her dark, rounded belly in her Sari.Despite the risk of being found out by Dee, I was getting excited now. I stepped in and she closed the door behind me. She took my arm, put a finger to her lips and guided me to her bedroom. On the way, I glanced up the stairs to make sure Dee wasn’t around. “She’s asleep.” Aunt Sheen whispered to me as she followed my gaze up.A little relieved, I followed her into the large bedroom. The thick, dark curtains over the window were drawn shut and only a streak of last minute sunlight streaked through the sides. It barely illuminated the room but I could clearly make out the huge queen-sized bed and her dressing table to the side. “Take off your clothes quickly.” Aunt Sheen whispered urgently to me as she began to strip off her Sari.Without a word, I obeyed and stripped of my shirt. Within a minute, Aunty Sheen was standing in front of me in only her golden blouse, which was in stark contrast with her dark, deep cleavage. She was wearing a light blue colored petticoat below which was fastened well below her navel. As I removed the shirt, Aunty stepped over to me and immediately began to undo my belt. I looked down and watched her enormous boobs jiggle as she struggled to undo my belt. I instantly felt my cock getting aroused. “Mmm…” Aunt Sheen moaned softly as I reached down and casually touched her soft, round boobs over the blouse. “Take it off, son.” She whispered and I immediately began to undo the few buttons restraining her huge boobs underneath. Soon, it was only her white-colored bra which barely supported her huge, dark D-cup breasts. I watched her lovely, large tits try to spill out of the top of her bra as she worked on my belt.Aunty finally undid my belt and pulled down my pants and undies in one swift motion. I quickly stepped out of my pants and was now completely nude.”Oh God…” Aunty moaned and smiled up at me as she knelt down in front of me and looked at my large, semi-aroused cock. “I’ve been so desperate for this.” She said before running her hands up my bare legs. “Why did you tease me earlier?” I asked, with an accusing tone.”Oh, I’m sorry about that son.” Aunt Sheen said in a soothing tone as she reached up and cupped my large, clean-shaven balls in both hands. “I wanted to fuck you. I thought we could have a quick one but Dee called out too soon.” She explained while cupping and caressing my smooth and sensitive scrotum. “Ohhh…” I moaned softly with pleasure as Aunty suddenly wrapped her wet, thin lips around the thick head of my circumcised cock and began to brush her tongue over it. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back against the door. I felt Aunty Sheen’s fingers caressing my balls as her tongue rolled round and round over the thick head of my dick. The warm, wet feeling of her tongue got me instantly hard. I felt my huge cock grow harder in her mouth and her lips stretched to accommodate its thick girth. I put my hands over her smooth, bare shoulders and she pulled my crotch closer to her face. Her lips began to make their way down the thick, long shaft of my cock as her wet, hot tongue slickened my dick inch-by-inch. I clamped my mouth shut to stop from moaning aloud from the intense pleasure. Aunty Sheen had begun to stroke the length of my large cock with her mouth and I felt its thick head bump against her throat as she tried her best to suck my whole dick. “Hmmm…” Aunt Sheen exhaled hard as she let go of my cock with an audible pop from her mouth. “Come here.” She said as she got up, caught my hand and pulled me towards her bed.Without another word, Aunty Sheen pushed me on the bed. I lay down with my feet on the floor as Aunt Sheen pulled up her thin petticoat. She straddled my hips and caught my slick, thick dick in her hands before guiding it into her wet, warm pussy. “Aaah!” Aunty cried out softly as my thick, long dick gradually slipped into her clean-shaven, dark cunt. I saw her close my eyes and take a deep breath before she finally pushed down and the entire length of my huge cock was inserted within her. Aunty Sheen rested her hands on my chest and began to slowly rock back and forth. “Oh, yeah.” I moaned out in satisfaction as my hard, thick cock was engulfed by her mature, moist cunt. I could feel the thick head of my huge dick brush against her G-Spot every time she rocked forward. Aunty Sheen’s eyes were closed now and she seemed to be concentrating hard on coming. She began to move faster and faster over me and her round and brown tits swayed wildly with her motion. I reached up and caught her lovely, large boobs in my hands and began playing with her thick, long nipples. “Yesss… Squeeze them hard son.” Aunty Sheen moaned and pushed out her chest without pausing and began to move harder and harder over me. “Ow!” Aunty cried out softly when I pinched her thick nipples hard, “Yesss… I like it.” She encouraged me and clenched my chest harder. I watched my slutty mature widowed aunty riding my cock with extreme enthusiasm and took deep breaths to pace myself. The mattress began to make a soft squeaking noise as Aunty Sheen rode me harder and harder. Watching her face, I knew she was close to her orgasm so I pulled at her soft, huge breasts and pinched her nipples faster and harder. This seemed to energize her because now Aunty Sheen began to move furiously back and forth. My thick, wet dick slipped in and out smoothly now. “Oh, oh… I’m going to cum, son.” Aunty Sheen barely managed to whisper through her hard breaths and lowered her head to look at me. “Yes, Aunty. Come on.” I encouraged her with a smile and cupped her huge, round boobs and squeezed them hard. “Oh! Oh! Oh! Aaahhhh…!” Aunt Sheen moaned and moaned before growling low and her entire body began to convulse. I watched her eyes clamp shut and her mouth open wide as she moved one last time and fell on top of me. “Shit… Shit…” Aunty swore softly again and again as waves after waves of orgasm hit her. I felt her sweaty, soft boobs press hard against my chest and her body heaved as she struggled to draw her breath. I let my hands roam to and fro over her wide, bare back. I could feel her thick legs firmly wrapped around my hips and my hardened, huge cock still trembling inside her hot, climaxing cunt. I let Aunty lay on me to catch her breath. Aunty Sheen stirred as I moved my hands down her back and rested them on her enormous, round buttock. I immediately felt my thick, hard cock throb noticeably inside her welcoming vagina. “Ooohh…” Aunty Sheen moaned softly when she felt my hardened cock throb against her G-Spot. “You’re still so hard.” She commented as she struggled to sit up straighter. “Let’s have anal.” She suggested with a small smile and managed to get off of me. I was immensely excited at the suggestion. My thick, slick cock throbbed with anticipation in the darkness. I grinned in the semi-darkness as Aunty Sheen picked up the bottle of hair oil from the dressing table and scooted over to the center of her huge bed. “I wanna fuck your ass so bad, Aunty.” I growled softly and sat up. “Fuck me fast then.” Aunty Sheen suggested and grinned as she handed me the bottle of oil.I watched her turn around and get on her hands and knees. Aunty Sheen’s huge, heavy boobs spilled out of her open blouse and swayed under her as she took position. I watched her dark, big belly hanging down. My eyes quickly shifted to her enormous and exciting butt cheeks hidden behind the thin fabric of her petticoat. Her huge 50-inch ass protruded out behind her as she bent lower then pushed out her buttocks before she buried her face in a pillow. Staring at her gigantic ass cheeks I moved to kneel behind her. Sheen aunty immediately reached back and pulled her petticoat up and gave me a perfect view of her huge but firm ass cheeks. Immediately, I got a whiff of her peculiarly musty cunt juice and my excitement grew even more. Although I couldn’t see her cunt, I knew it must be dripping with her own cum. I shifted closer and tipped the bottle of hair oil over her dark, deep ass crack. I watched the first few drops of the fragrant oil drip on her huge ass cheeks before coming together to flow down into the deep, dark crevice of her mature bubble butt. “Mmm…” Aunty moaned softly in the pillow as the first drops of the cool oil slipped on to her tight, black anus. I reached out and touched her dark anus gingerly. “Yes…” Aunty Sheen moaned in encouragement and I gently slipped my forefinger in.”Aah!” Sheen aunty cried out softly as she felt my finger slip in her tight rectum. “Oohh…” She moaned before burying her face in the pillow once more. Sheen aunty kept a tight grip on her gigantic butt cheeks and kept them spread apart. I closed the cap of the bottle and flicked it to the side. Catching my thick, slick and hard cock I gently rested it between her huge ass cheeks. I felt the musty warmth of Aunt’s mature buttocks on my cock. I began to move my hardened cock in her deep ass crack and felt the oil drip down from her rectum on to its thick shaft. “Son, stop teasing me, please?” Aunty Sheen began to beg now and pushed her intensely inviting ass cheeks back. I pulled my finger out slowly and felt her rectum slide it out readily. “Ready?” I asked as I caught my oily thick, throbbing cock and guided its engorged head to her tight rectum. I watched Aunt Sheen’s nod in assent and she shifted to push her enormous ass cheeks out towards me. I squeezed the huge head of my cock till it shrank and rested it on her pulsating anus. I felt Aunty Sheen’s body tense then. I reached out with my free hand and caught a thick fold if skin on her hips. “Unnh!!” Aunty groaned aloud, as soon as I slipped the thick head of my huge, oily cock into her tight ass. “Aaa…” I heard her exclaim in pain as I kept pushing the thick shaft deeper and deeper into her narrow rectum. “Umph!” She cried out in more pain and her hands slipped off of her huge butt cheeks.I felt her large, taut ass cheeks immediately clap back and cover the remaining length of my thick, huge cock. “Huh.. aah… aahh…” Aunty Sheen began to moan more frequently as I stroked my thick, throbbing cock in and out of her tight ass slowly. I loved the way her little anus clung to the thick shaft of my oiled cock as it slid in and out. Her ass felt extremely tight and hot. I took a few deep breaths as I felt my balls tighten in anticipation of an orgasm. “Mmhmm…” Aunty moaned and encouraged me, “Hmmm…” She sighed as I buried nearly half of my thick, hard cock inside her inviting anus. I enjoyed the view of her huge, dark ass cheeks as they jiggled in rhythm to my strokes. I watched her firm, fat butt cheeks wobble when they smacked against my crotch and my balls hit her messy, warm pussy with every stroke. “Aahh… Aahh.. Yes… Oh! God… Yesss… Ali!” Sheen aunty began to moan along with my strokes.I saw her clutching the pillow around her face, trying to stifle her moans and groans as I fucked her mature ass at a faster pace. I was careful not to make a smacking noise when my crotch banged against her thick, firm booty cheeks. As my pace grew faster, Aunty Sheen’s anus tightened even more around the thick, slick shaft of my young cock. Her rectum ring gripped my thick, slick shaft perfectly and every stroke felt like her ass was trying to squeeze cum out of my cock. “Unnh! Aahh! Oh! Oh! Oh shit…” Aunty Sheen’s muffled cries became a little louder as I pounded her ass cheeks faster and faster. On one hand, I was trying not to make too much noise but as my climax neared I let go of my apprehension and pounded her ass harder and harder. “Aaahh! Ooohhh! Son! Oh fuck! No! No, stop! It’s too painful!” Aunty Sheen began to moan and beg when I pushed the entire length of my huge, young cock in and out of her tight asshole. I was mesmerized by the tightness of her anus and the way her enormous ass cheeks jiggled with every stroke of my cock. I gripped her sides and continued to pound her at a fast pace. “Oh shit! Son, I’m coming!” Aunty moaned a little too loud and I felt her entire body begin to tremble as the first wave of orgasm hit her. Immediately, her rectum contracted and squeezed my cock quite hard.”Aaahhhh!” Aunty Sheen moaned for a long time as her body was wrecked with her second orgasm. It was more than I could handle and I let took a deep breath as I felt my climax reach its peak.”Oh, shit!” I swore softly and closed my eyes as the first spurt of semen shot out of my wet cock and landed deep in Aunty Sheen’s tight asshole. My whole body started to tremble with the intense orgasm as waves after waves of thick, hot semen shot out and landed in Aunty Sheen’s hot, narrow rectum. Aunty Sheen sagged down and lay on her tummy and I also flopped down on her. My cock was throbbing harder and harder as it expelled every last drop of cum in my balls into her rectum. I felt our sweat mix and slide down the folds of the skin of Aunt’s sides. Her body shivered noticeably as waves after waves of orgasm hit us both simultaneously. “Oh, son.” Aunt Sheen finally managed to moan through her heavy breaths and pulled her head out of the pillow. “That was amazing!” She exclaimed softly and began to giggle with delight. “I love fucking you, Aunty.” I commented through my heavy breathing as I waited for my heartbeat to get down to a normal rate. My semi-erect cock was still buried in her tight rectum and infrequently spilled a few drops of semen into Aunty Sheen’s asshole. “Ow! Your cock still hurts, son.” Aunty moaned and shifted under me. I lifted myself gingerly off of her and my slippery and ultra-sensitive cock slid out of aunt’s tight asshole. “Aaahh!” I sighed softly when I felt the cool air of the room on my wet, semi-flaccid dick. I sat back on my haunches and watched the mix of sweat and cum dripping out from between Aunty Sheen’s dark, deep ass crack. I watched her lovely, large ass cheeks move up and down with her breath and the sticky cum-strewn ass crack pulsate involuntarily. A little while later, Aunty slowly pulled herself up and turned around to lie on her back. As soon as I went closer, aunty grabbed my slick, sensitive cock and began to clean the mess of oil and cum off of it using her petticoat. “Oohhh…” I moaned out long and low while she cleaned my cock lovingly. She kept stroking it until there were no more drops of semen on its shaft. Finally, she let go of my cock and I slipped off of the bed. It was nearly 7 and I was afraid her daughter Dee might wake up any moment. It would definitely be suspicious if she saw both of us coming out of Aunty Sheen’s bedroom at this time. After a few hungry kisses, Aunty Sheen pulled on a silk nighty and slowly opened to door. Once she was sure that Dee was not downstairs, she signaled to me and I walked out of her apartment quickly. This was one of the first few times that Aunty Sheen had tried anal sex with me. Aunty Longs for Anal on Long Drive(Monday 5 PM – 8 PM, January 2007)It was late on an overcast afternoon when I stepped out of my ground floor apartment and walked over to the common parking lot in front. I wore a pair of faded black jeans with a dark green Tee and boots. I had just stepped off of the porch steps when I heard Aunty Sheen call out from behind.”Ali!”, she said and I turned around with a smile to see her descending down the stairs from her apartment upstairs. “Let’s go!” She whispered with excitement and we walked together to her new car. Aunty Sheen was dressed in a loose, grey-colored Niqab with a white-colored Hijab covering her head. I let her walk a step ahead and sneaked a peak at her huge buttocks and was amazed to find that even her loose outfit could not cover the rounds of her enormous ass cheeks. Aunt Sheen and I were supposed to go shopping in a new mall that had opened in the city. Aunty Sheen knew Dee would decline to come as she prepared for her final exams. At this point in time, Aunty Sheen and Dee had no clue about my relationship with the other. I wasn’t expecting anything more than a normal car drive. I knew Sheen aunty did tease my cock sometimes when I drove her anywhere. I was sure we would eventually end up spending time shopping at the mall. I hated shopping but I couldn’t say no to her. “You know where it is, right?” Aunty Sheen asked as she buckled herself in the passenger seat to my left. “Yes, Aunty.” I smiled and eased the car out of the huge gated compound. Aunty Sheen immediately settled closer to me and her soft, thick thighs touched my hand on the gear-stick. I shifted my hand casually over to her leg and began to caress her thighs absent-mindedly. As usual, Aunty Sheen didn’t miss a chance to tease me. She would sneak her hand over and grab my crotch on a clear stretch of road. She would discretely caress my thighs when we stopped at a stop light. Needless to say, by the time we reached the crowded entrance to the mall’s parking my cock was straining a bulge in my jeans. In the brightly lit underground parking lot I parked the car in a corner spot, near the exit gate. I paused and took a few deep breathes as Aunty Sheen grinned and watched me struggle to hide my hard-on. I shook my head and smiled and finally stepped out of the car. Aunty Sheen didn’t buy too much. She bought a couple of satin nighties and some raunchy underwear along with a few items of cosmetic. She bought me a pair of boots and a travelling backpack. I was surprised but happy that we had finished shopping in just over half hour. I put the shopping bags in the back seat and climbed in the driver seat. “I thought it would take longer.” I commented on our short shopping trip. “Oh, yes. I thought we could go for a drive. It stopped raining today so why not enjoy the cool weather while we can?” Aunty Sheen smiled and said as she adjusted her seat belt between her large, round tits. “All right!” I said excitedly. I had planned to go for a solo ride on my motorcycle on the highway because the weather was really good. It was cloudy and cool without a hint of the sun since the morning. It had been raining constantly from the past few days and I hadn’t had a chance to get out of the house much. “Where to?” I asked as I paused at the exit gate of the parking lot. “The usual.” She said.I understood exactly what she meant. I drove carefully out of the city limits and joined the northbound highway which was where we usually went for long drives. It was a multilane national highway with several peripheral roads crossing it at intervals. “Thank God we’re out of the city.” Aunty Sheen commented and I watched her push her reclining backrest down. She rolled down the window and let the cool, moist air rush in over bartın escort her body as she reclined in the passenger seat. She would usually do this as she figured there was no risk of anyone from the city recognizing us. It was nearing 6 as we left the city behind and joined the sparse traffic on the highway. As usual, I drove in the slow lane, at a slow, level speed because there was no rush. The sun was probably about to set down because the thick, gray clouds had turned a shade darker. Most of the vehicles on the road had already switched on their headlights. I drove slowly. My left hand casually rested on Aunty Sheen’s soft thigh. She suddenly sat straight, bent down and undid every button, except the top two, on her Niqab and pulled it all the way up to her hip. I could just glimpse her peach-colored Sari underneath which was also pulled up all the way to her crotch. Smiling wickedly at me, Aunty Sheen again rested back on the lowered seat and spread her dark, thick legs further apart. I quickly checked the road in front and back, and after making sure I was well away from any other vehicle on the road, I slipped my hand up Aunty Sheen’s chunky, soft thigh till it rested on the large mound of her mature cunt. Her crotch was smooth as always because she was blessed with almost negligible body hair. Still, Aunty Sheen would shave her pubes regularly and kept her motherly cunt clean and inviting. “Mmm…” I heard Aunty Sheen moan over the rush of the wind through her window when my finger deftly slipped down and pushed against her thick, prominent clit. We had fucked enough times by then to know each other’s body too well. I kept my eyes on the road and began to caress her smooth, plump pussy lips with my fingers. “Mmm… Yesss… Oh, son..” Aunty Sheen moaned and encouraged me.I let my forefinger slide just inside her cushy cunt lips and softly scratched her warm, wet pussy from outside. “Aaah… Please don’t’ stop.” Aunty Sheen begged as I stopped with the tip of my finger resting just inside her wanton vagina.I glanced round to see her lying on the reclined seat with her thick, dark legs spread as wide as possible in the narrow passenger seat in the front. Suddenly, she pulled her left leg up and rested it on the dashboard. I slid my long forefinger into her moist, mature cunt and Aunt squirmed hard.”Ssshh… Oh shit!” Aunty Sheen exclaimed as I gently but firmly pushed my finger all the way to the knuckles. I began rolling my finger inside in Sheen aunty’s mature, musty cunt and felt her wide cunt canal beckoning me deeper inside. The peculiarly musky smell of her cunt juices soon filled the car. “Mmhmm.. Yes… Oh son!” Aunty Sheen moaned and encouraged me to slide my finger deeper into her welcoming cunt. I pushed my forefinger as deep as I could go and began rubbing her thick clit with the heel of my palm. I instantly felt the wetness on my hand. I couldn’t reach her G-Spot this way so I immediately plunged my middle finger in her carnal canal. “Oohhh!” Aunty Sheen exclaimed loudly at this, “Oh, son! That’s lovely!” She moaned out quite loudly in the car. I continued to finger-fuck her mature cunt and drove carefully with one free hand. Aunty Sheen soon pulled her left leg up and tried to spread her thick thighs as much as she could in the small passenger seat. This gave me better access to her musty, wet cunt and I began to finger her faster and faster. Aunty Sheen desperately reached out and grabbed my cock from over my jeans.”Ah!” I exclaimed in surprise as she fondled my dick and squeezed it hard. I had to focus really hard on the darkening highway now. Although there were only a couple of car ahead of us in the slow lane, I managed to keep a safe distance. I kept sneaking glances at Aunty to my side and got even more excited to see her intense arousal. “Aahh! Aahh.. Aaahh.. Oh yeah… Yes son, that’s it!” Aunty Sheen kept moaning encouragement at me and now began to move up and down with the movement of my fingers. My fingers slid in and out faster and faster in her increasingly wet cunt. The squishy sound of my fingers sliding in her welcoming vagina was clearly audible in the car now. Aunty Sheen’s moans were also getting louder and louder. Sheen aunty was in the full throes of her excitement and didn’t have to worry about anyone catching us as we drove down the highway. “Oh! Oh! Oh! I’m going to cum, son.” Aunty whispered fiercely through clenched teeth so I quickened my fingering ever more. My left arm was getting numb from the fingering but I was too committed to making her orgasm to care. I could already feel her cunt juices streaking down my palm as she neared her orgasm. “Faster, faster, faster please!” Aunty Sheen cried out loudly and I increased my fingering as fast as I could while trying to drive the car with the other hand. “Yes! Yes! Oh, God yesss!!” Aunty Sheen practically screamed aloud as she climaxed. “Ooohhh!” She moaned long and loud and her entire body began trembling hard as waves after waves of orgasm hit her. My first two fingers were buried deep within her sloppy cunt and her trembling made her slick clit rub harder against my palm. I saw Aunty Sheen clamp a hand over her mouth to keep herself from screaming out even louder as her body was wrecked with one of the hardest climaxes I’d seen up until then. I kept pressure on her crotch and kept her juicy cunt completely covered. I could still feel streams of her cunt juices begin to drip out from the gap in my fingers. As streaks of her juices streamed out covered my palm I felt her body eventually relax and her breathing became normal. “Oh, son!”Aunty Sheen exhaled hard, “That was amazing! Thank you so much!” She said with the excitement and appreciation clear in her voice. “Anytime, aunty.” I replied with a quick smile.With another huge sigh, Aunty Sheen sat up straighter and pulled out a handful of tissue papers from her large purse. First she cleaned herself as best as she could. It took her a little while to wipe her cunt juice off of her seat. Next, she grabbed my left hand and used another bunch of tissue to wipe my hand clean as well. “I really needed that, son. Muah!” Aunt Sheen said with genuine relief and kissed my hand lovingly.By this time, my thick cock was semi-erect. I glanced down to see it making a prominent bulge in my pants. “Aaaww.. poor you.” Aunty Sheen teased as she followed my gaze to my crotch, “You should let me take care of it, son.” She said with mock seriousness and giggled as I squirmed. Aunty Sheen reached for her purse again and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. She lit two and handed me one. Aunty took a long puff on her cigarette and exhaled a thick cloud of smoke which was whipped out of the window. I glanced down and saw we had travelled over 30 km from the city. It was already past sunset and the highway was dark, except for the headlights of oncoming traffic and the parking lights from some of the highway-side eateries, called a “Dhaba”. “Stop somewhere and get us a bottle of water, will you?” Aunty Sheen said.”Sure, aunty.” I replied, taking a puff on my cigarette.Although my cock was slowly becoming flaccid, it was still hard enough to make a bulge through my jeans. I drove a little further till I found a small Dhaba to the left of the highway. There were a few trucks parked in its huge parking lot and I chose to park near the exit. As I pulled the parking brake and opened the door Aunty Sheen grabbed my arm and leaned over.”Muahh!” Aunty kissed me hard on my lips. “Come quickly.” She winked and smiled.I nodded my head and smiled at her as I stepped out of the car. I flicked my cigarette away and adjusted my semi-erect cock as best as I could in my jeans. Then I walked through the dark parking lot towards the entrance. I didn’t lose time in ordering a bottle of water and quickly walked back to the car. I walked up to the passenger side and noticed Aunty still reclining on the lowered front passenger seat. She had undone the top two button of her Niqab. She lay in the dark car with her eyes closed. I walked around to the driver’s side and unlocked the door. Aunty Sheen’s eyes flew open but she relaxed when she saw me climbing into the driver’s seat. She smiled graciously when I handed her the bottle of water and pulled out of the parking lot slowly. “Shall we turn back?” Aunty Sheen suggested when we came to a small town. “Sure.” I said.I was disappointed that my aroused cock was still not relieved. I took the U-turn and started back on the way to our city. Aunty took a few sips of water and handed the bottle to me. I also took a few gulps and passed her the bottle back. By now we were back on a deserted stretch of the highway when Aunty suddenly pulled up the backrest and sat sideways on the passenger seat, facing me. I could feel her staring at me so I turned my head for a quick glance when she suddenly grinned and said, “Stop at one of the exits, okay?” “Okay. Why?” I asked, a little confused because we were supposed to be driving straight home. “I want to take care of your cock, son.” Aunty Sheen said simply and pointed to a small dirt road that sneaked out to the left. I quickly flicked the signal and slowly eased off of the highway and on to the narrow dirt road. It led to a small village a couple of kilometers away. The small road went straight through wide swathes of farmland with tall huddles of sugarcane looming on both sides. I drove slowly, waiting for her instructions when Aunty Sheen pointed to a gap to our left. I eased up to the turn and saw it was a small space to mark the boundaries of the two sugarcane farms. I drove a little further and reversed back into the narrow space. I drove a good hundred meters in and put the car in park. It was completely dark with thick sugarcanes growing barely a few feet on either side of our car could not be seen. We could clearly hear the drone of trucks on the highway a little way away. Without another word, Aunty Sheen stepped out of the car and stretched. I also stepped out of the car and stood leaning on its warm hood. I turned my head and watched in the dim starlight as Aunty Sheen removed her Niqab and throw it in the passenger seat through the window. Now, I could make out her curvy body covered in the thin, peach-colored Sari she had on under the Niqab. Aunty looked around cautiously and I saw her nod once. She then fished out her pack of cigarettes and quickly lit two. She flicked her purse in through the open car window before she walked over and joined me. She stood with her arm touching mine and passed me one of the lit cigarettes. Aunty Sheen’s cigarette end glowed bright as she took a long puff. Immediately I felt her right hand fumbling at my crotch. I leaned back on the hood and let Aunty Sheen quickly undid my fly. A few seconds later Aunty Sheen triumphantly held my semi-erect cock out in the cold air of the farm. For a while, Aunty Sheen smoked her cigarette and simply kept the thick shaft of my semi-erect cock held in her right hand. I welcomed the feel of the lukewarm hands on my cold cock. I began to enjoy her hand and took a couple of puffs on my cigarette when I heard her say.”I want to suck it now, son.” Aunty Sheen whispered lustily and squeezed my cock hard once. “Sshh..!” I almost swore aloud with the sudden pressure on my aroused cock, “Please do.” I whispered in desperation. I watched Aunty Sheen as she stepped in front of me and knelt down slowly. She caught my thick, hard cock and examined it lovingly while smoking her cigarette. Slowly, she moved her mouth closer to my crotch and I felt her breathing out the warm, grey smoke over my hard, hot cock. Her hand gripped its thick shaft tightly and the huge head of my cock was engorged now. “Oh, yes.” I moaned as she rubbed the throbbing head of my thick cock on her firm, thin lips next.Suddenly, I felt her lips part and her tongue slid out to tease the sensitive head of my cock. “Mmhmm..” I moaned in approval as she clamped her thin lips firmly behind the knob and rolled her tongue round and round.”Umm…” Aunty Sheen cooed and I felt my thick, throbbing cock slide out of her warm mouth into the cool air. Aunty took one last puff on her cigarette before flicking it away to her side. “Hold on, son.” Sheen aunty stood up and whispered softly.My eyes snapped open. It was completely dark around us. It was only the dim starlight in the clear winter sky that allowed me to see Aunt’s curvy form walking towards the passenger door of the car. She leaned in through the open window and I heard her fumble around in her large purse. “Here it is.” She said triumphantly and walked back with one hand on the hood of the car to guide her through the darkness. Sheen aunty once again knelt in front of me and took my cock once more in her warm, wet mouth. “Aahh…” I exhaled loudly.Her soft tongue began playing with the top of my thick, hard cock. Her lips were firmly wrapped around its girth and her hand squeezed the base of my dick frequently. I bent over at the waist and groped around. It didn’t take too long to find her enormous, round boobs in her tight-fitting brown blouse. I slipped my hand quickly through the top of her low-cut blouse and my hand cupped her huge, soft left breast slowly. “Mmm…” Aunty Sheen moaned through a mouthful of cock and pushed out her big chest even more.”Oh Aunty…” I groaned as I slipped my left hand down her blouse and cupped her other mature melon too. I spat the almost finished cigarette quickly before it burned my lips. I turned my focus completely on Aunty Sheen now. I let her suck and stroke my thick, hard cock while I played with her gigantic tits in the dark farm. Aunty Sheen was moaning with my cock in her mouth. I opened my eyes just enough to see Aunt’s other hand rubbing her crotch furiously. Aunty Sheen moved her head side to side and her moaning got noticeably louder. The sound of her lusty moans and the complete darkness around us got me immensely excited and I decided that I wanted to fuck my aunty right then and there.”Oh!” Aunty exclaimed when I pulled my slick, thick dick out of her mouth without a warning.”Aunty, let’s fuck please?” I put my mouth to her ear and whispered softly.”Oh, yes son!” Sheen aunty agreed with delight and I pulled out my hands from her blouse to help her up.”Fuck me on the hood. Here.” Aunty Sheen whispered and turned to sit on the hood beside me. I caught the base of my spit-wet dick and waited for Aunty to pull her Sari up to her knees. She lay back on the warm hood and opened her legs wide with her feet in the air. I turned around and placed the thick, slick head of my erect dick against the thick slit of her cunt. I had just started to rub my dick head on her thick mature pussy lips when Aunty caught my shirt and pulled me roughly towards her.”Fuck me quickly!” Sheen aunty whispered urgently. “Yes.” I whispered and pushed my crotch.”Oh! Yesss…” Aunty Sheen cried out softly as the thick head of my cock slipped between her soft, thick cunt lips but moaned with pleasure when she felt its thick shaft follow it in. “Aaahh… hmmm.” Aunty Sheen moaned along as I kept firmly plunging the thick shaft of my cock deeper into her warm, wet cunt. Aunty Sheen had sucked and licked my cock enough to make it slick and wet. It slid in almost effortlessly into her wet mature cunt. “Mmmhhmmm…” Aunty Sheen moaned her approval when I paused with the entire length of my cock buried into her welcoming vagina. “I’ll come soon, son.” Aunty whispered a warning to me.Wordlessly I began to pull out my cock till only its thick head was hidden behind her thick, dark cunt lips. I waited only a half second before I plunged my cock suddenly into her pussy once more.”Aaah! Oooh! Oohh! Ooohhh! Yess! Yess! Oh yes!” Aunty Sheen began to moan faster and faster as I paced my thrusts. I could feel her thick cunt lips being pushed and pulled with every thrust. The cold breeze blew the peculiarly moist smell of Aunty Sheen’s cunt juices to my nose. This got me even more excited and I began to quicken my thrusts. I could feel the engorged head of my cock slamming harder and harder against her G-Spot with every push into her cunt. Her moans turned into hushed groans as Aunty reached her climax.”Oh, shit! I’m going to come, son!” Aunty Sheen announced in a harsh whisper and caught an arm around my neck to pull me closer to her. I held on to her wide, soft hips with my hands as I continued to fuck her pussy with dedication. Now, I could hear a sloppy wet sound coming from her cunt as my huge dick smacked it again and again. I felt Aunty Sheen’s body freeze before she let out a low throaty growl.”Unnhhh… Aaaahhhhh…” Sheen aunty groaned long and low as her body suddenly was wrecked with spasms. I felt her dig her fingernails into my back and clenched a fistful of my shirt as she climaxed hard. Her eyes were clenched shut and her body trembled and shivered with every wave of orgasm. I immediately paused with my cock buried all the way to its base in her slippery, juicy cunt. I could feel Aunty Sheen hot breath slow down after a minute or so. Her mature vagina thrummed with the aftershocks of her climax and I let her catch her breath.”Wow!” Aunty Sheen pushed her head back and cried out. “I came so much!” Sheen aunty let go of my back and stroked my cheek and looked me in the eyes in the dim starlight.”Let’s fuck anal.” Sheen aunty said simply but grinned as my face lit up. “Oh yes!” I agreed wholeheartedly and pulled out my thick, slick dick slowly from her juicy, messy cunt. “Oohh, son!” Aunty exclaimed as my young cock left a void in her pussy as it slipped out. Aunty Sheen got off of the hood of the car and stood straight. She smiled and squeezed my arm tightly once before she turned around and bent over the hood this time. I watched as she carefully lifted her soft Sari from behind and carefully tucked it in her waist. Aunty Sheen’s lovely, large dark ass cheeks were quite clear even in the dim light from the stars. They were in stark contrast with the light peach colored Sari. I watched her enormous, round ass cheeks quivered as she spread her legs apart. “Here. Take this.” Aunty Sheen turned her head and gave me something.It was a round box and it took a few seconds to realize it was a small tub of Vaseline petroleum jelly. I grinned in the dark at my aunt’s resourcefulness. I again thanked my luck for having an aunt who always planned well for everything.I didn’t waste too much time in using a finger to scoop out a significant amount of the Vaseline. I carefully put the bottle on the hood near the windshield. I reached out with my other hand and grabbed at Aunty Sheen’s huge, globe-like buttocks till my hand slipped between her dark, deep ass-crack. Aunty Sheen spread her legs further apart and pushed out her huge butt. My finger immediately felt her wet, thick cunt lips.”Mmm…” Aunty Sheen moaned as my fingertip brushed against her ultra-sensitive cunt. I quickly moved my fingertip up and rested it on her tight, dark asshole. Aunty Sheen flinched with reflex as my fingertip brushed against her anus. I immediately guided my other finger to her booty and applied the glob of the Vaseline all on her wrinkled, mature anus. Aunty Sheen pushed her enormous ass back on to my hand as I slowly slid my fingertip in her hole. I could feel my hardened cock throbbing against my tummy as I was bent over greasing Aunty Sheen’s asshole. I didn’t waste another second and stood up straight. I immediately took position behind Aunt and grabbed her gigantic booty cheeks before spreading them wide apart. I moved forward a little till I felt the thick sensitive head of my huge cock brush against Aunty Sheen’s juice cunt lips. I moved my cock above and soon its head rested on Aunt’s Vaseline-rubbed asshole. “Ready?” I asked and felt Aunt Sheen nod her head firmly once. I crouched a little to position myself and plunged ahead steadily. The engorged head of my dick slipped in through her tight anus with force.”Aaaii!” Aunty Sheen screamed hard.I was stunned and froze in place. I strained to hear any sound to indicate that someone had heard us. After a few seconds, lust took over caution and I shook my head before pushing forward a few inches. “Unggh!” I heard Aunty Sheen grunt in pain as the thick shaft of my large cock stretched her tight anus wide apart. I felt her anus clench my cock tightly as it slid in inch-by-inch into the warmth of her hot rectum. I could feel her anus gripping my cock tighter as it sank deeper into her asshole. Relentlessly, I pushed on and felt her body go rigid as I sank the entire length of my thick, long cock in Aunty Sheen’s mature, moist ass. “Unnh! Ow! Ohhh…” Aunty Sheen groaned and gasped as I pulled out my thick cock and plunged it back into her tight asshole. “Ah! Ah! Ah!” Her groans were short and sharp as my huge cock slid in and out of her bunghole. Aunty Sheen’s tight asshole was literally milking my thick cock as I thrust it in and out. I could also feel her enormous ass cheeks vibrate with every thrust. I could feel the waves of impact travelling quickly through her huge, soft and round buttocks. Mixed with the scent of her musty juices was the scent of her perfume which was slightly coppery. Combined with the cool evening air, I was getting close to my own climax.I stared at Aunty Sheen’s curvy body from behind and kept pumping my greasy, thick dick in and out of her taut rectum. My cock was alternately feeling hot and cold as it slid again and again into my aunt’s mature bum. “Uff! Ohh! Aaah! Ungh! Ungh! Aaai!” Aunty Sheen began groaning harder and harder and almost screamed out loudly as I quickened the pace of my anal fucking. I had her huge, round ass cheeks caught firmly in my hands and used them as a leverage to fuck her ass. I plunged in harder, as deep as her tight anus would allow me. I sensed her body getting tense which made her asshole clamp tighter around the thick shaft of my cock. I had been banging her sexy, big ass for a long time but I knew I couldn’t last longer now. I instantly started thrusting with more frenzy. “Oh God!” Aunty Sheen cried out quite loudly at the assault on her ass. Almost instantly I felt my thick dick throb and pulsate deep within her hot asshole. My eyes shut tightly and my hands clamped hard on Aunty Sheen’s thick, wide bare hips before I froze as the first streak of hot, sticky semen streamed out and buried itself deeper into Aunt Sheen’s asshole. “Ummmm…” I moaned continuously as thick streams of semen started to shoot out of my throbbing cock and landed deep in my mature Muslim aunt’s asshole. Even though my eyes were clenched shut I could see colors dancing over my eyelids. My entire body froze and only my thick, slick dick throbbed as it spurted out hot streaks of cum constantly. Still standing, I flopped down on Aunt Sheen’s soft, warm body and she grunted softly through her harsh breathing. I don’t remember how long we stood like that, with my thick dick climaxing deep in her tight asshole. Eventually, my cock stopped spewing semen and began to get flaccid again. It was only then that I shoved off of her and stood straight. I looked at Aunty Sheen’s dark, thick thighs and curvy legs as she stayed bent over the hood with her Sari pulled up to her waist. I was roused from my reverie by the loud sound of a truck’s horn on the highway a little way behind us. I shook my head and grinned in the dark before making my way to the passenger seat. I leaned in and grabbed the box of tissues from the dashboard and used a few to wipe the dirty mess of Vaseline and my semen from my slick dick. I walked over and handed Aunty Sheen the box of tissue and watched her use a handful to clean the dripping mess of semen and petroleum jelly from her just-fucked asshole. After straightening her Sari a bit Aunty Sheen wore the Niqab carefully. Once she was settled in, Aunty Sheen lit another cigarette as I drove back to join the traffic on the highway once again. Wonderful Anal Quickie at Wedding(Wednesday 7 PM – 11 PM, April 2007)Aunty Sheen and I had flown to Mumbai for her friend Vandana’s daughter’s wedding. I had just finished my exams and aunty didn’t have to convince me to accompany her for a 3-day long trip. My folks had no problem by now whenever Aunty Sheen asked me to take her anywhere. They were glad that I was eager to help aunty even more after her husband’s death.Aunty Sheen and I had reached Mumbai in the afternoon and her friend Vandana had booked us a room at a classy luxury hotel in Vashi, Navi Mumbai. After checking into the hotel and having an uneventful lunch Aunty Sheen went off to the nearest beauty parlor to touch up for the evening wedding. The parlor was right next to the hotel and I had returned to the hotel room. I had spent the time cleaning the awesome stuff I’d scored for the trip. It was only a few months ago that I and her daughter, my cousin Dee, had experimented with Mama Roanna for the first time. Aunty Sheen was introduced to the good green herb a month later and she had instantly taken a liking to it. I rolled up around 10 small but thick Js and kept them neatly in the sunglasses case. It was a little after 7 in the evening when Aunty Sheen knocked on the hotel room door.”Hi Aunty!” I greeted her and looked her up and down in admiration. Aunty Sheen had styled her hair short, with streaks of dark brown highlights running through it. But my eyes were pulled down by the large swathe of her dark chest which could be seen through the extremely low-cut sleeveless dark blue blouse she wore. I could clearly see well over 4 inches of Aunty Sheen’s dark, deep cleavage and the prominent swell of her dark, D-cup breasts was barely held back by the thin strip of the blouse underneath. Aunty had d****d a sky blue transparent silk Sari that highlighted her round, voluptuous figure. “Hi, son!” Sheen aunty smiled wide.She stretched up to kiss me quickly, and brushed deliberately against me as she passed me on her way inside. “Wow! You’re looking really pretty!” I commented.I locked the door, turned around and followed her into the large hotel room. I watched her enormous round booty sway and jiggle as she walked in the black high heels to the bedside. As Aunty Sheen bent to put her purse on the bedside table I felt my young cock twitch under my shorts as my gaze landed on her wide, motherly hips which protruded out noticeably in the flimsy fabric of her Sari. “What have you been doing, son? I hope you didn’t get bored.” Aunty asked with concern in her voice.”I spent my time cleaning up the dope and rolling it into Js so we don’t have to waste time later on.” I explained and pointed to the black case of my sunglasses on the bedside table. “That’s really sweet!” Aunty beamed, “You’re so helpful.” She commented and smiled before asking, “Well, we have to reach the venue by 8 because Vandana said the wedding starts half hour later. So I think we have enough time to try one.” “Yes! You’re right!” I agreed excitedly.I selected a thick J from the case, grabbed the lighter and followed Aunty into the big balcony attached to our 5th floor hotel room. I stepped into the dimly-lit balcony and caught Aunty leaning on the chrome railing. The small, golden bulb that glowed on the ceiling was enough to see her lovely, plump form. “Okay, light up.” Aunt Sheen said excitedly as I joined her bartın escort bayan on the humid balcony. I didn’t need to be told twice and I immediately lit the small, stocky J. I remember the way Aunty Sheen was excited. I saw her bright teeth shining in the semi-darkness as she grinned with excitement. I took the first puff and offered it to aunty. I watched her close her eyes and take the first hit. She held the smoke in till she swayed a bit where she stood and she immediately exhaled hard.”Whew!” Aunty sighed, “This is very strong!” She said through half-closed eyes and took a step towards me. Aunty Sheen ended up leaning against me. I felt her wonderfully voluptuous tits resting lightly against my abs. I steadied her with a hand and took the J she offered back. As I took another puff I felt aunty pull my arm around her shoulder and she stood leaning against my side. My left arm rested casually over her dark, smooth rounded shoulder. I kept my eyes closed and held the smoke in. Aunty took the J from my hand without a word and I heard the sizzle of the rolling paper as she pulled a long puff. It was then that I opened my eyes and the cityscape swirled around for the first few seconds. I felt disoriented for a few moments. Thankfully, I came to my senses when I felt Aunty Sheen nudge my side. I looked down and took the nearly-finished J from her hand. Aunty Sheen had started swaying by now. I had to catch her tightly around the shoulder to steady her and noticed her grinning through half-closed eyes. I took one last pull on it and crushed it carefully in the potted plant at my side. I leaned over and dumped the butt in the small ashtray on the coffee table behind Aunty. Despite buzzing hard by now I remembered I had to get ready for the wedding. I’m lucky it doesn’t take long for me to get ready for any formal event. “Are you okay, aunty? Why don’t you take a seat here and I’ll get ready. Then we’ll just have to wait for the car. “Oh, okay.” Aunty Sheen said reluctantly, “Get ready and come back fast.” She said and pulled me down for a sloppy kiss. I immediately felt my hungry cock twitch noticeably in my shorts. I ended the kiss as quickly as I could politely and left Aunty sitting in one of the two cane armchairs at the coffee table in the balcony. I ran water over my face and checked myself in the bathroom mirror. I was swaying a little but I knew the swaying would go down once I relaxed. It was the light-headed horniness that always engulfed me when I was high. I shook my head and stepped out of the bathroom. I pulled on a light blue shirt and a pair of slim, black trousers. I checked my hair once in the full-length mirror beside the bathroom door and left my black tuxedo on the back of the sofa near the balcony. Walking out quietly into the balcony I noticed Aunty Sheen staring out at the view of the hot and humid evening with the half-smoked cigarette in her hand. “Wow!” Aunty Sheen exclaimed when she I came into her view. “You’re looking so cute.” She teased.”Thanks, Aunty.” I mumbled, playing along and stood leaning on the balcony handrail. Aunty Sheen was quite high. She started acting giddy. As I leaned to take a cigarette from the pack on the coffee table, Aunty suddenly reached out and grabbed my crotch.”Whoa!” I cried out softly, “Aunty the car will be here any minute.” I half-joked half-pleaded with her.”I don’t care.” She teased.Aunty caught the thick shaft of my flaccid cock from over the trousers and literally pulled me closer with it. I immediately stepped closer till I stood against the hand-rests of her armchair. Aunty Sheen crushed her cigarette out in the ashtray and immediately pulled down the zipper. She reached inside and expertly guided the thick, long semi-aroused cock out through the fly. I immediately felt the somewhat cool breeze brushing against it and my stoned brain negated any thoughts of caution. I lit the cigarette and stood leaning against the armchair and let her do whatever she wanted. “Damn! I can never get enough of your lovely cock, son.” She whispered fiercely as her hands caressed it with experience. My sensitive cock immediately responded and started to grow hard as we looked on. It rose up and began to throb gently as it reached its peak. I began taking pulls on the cigarette and felt myself get higher. “Oh… Aunty.” I moaned when Aunty Sheen’s soft, wet tongue ran around the bulbous head of my thick, circumcised dick. I looked down in a daze and watched her looking right up at me as her firm, thin lips carefully wrap at the top of my thick shaft. “Aahh…” I exhaled the smoke and moaned with pleasure as Aunty expertly licked the engorged head of my cock while she stroked its long shaft casually. I closed my eyes and readied myself for a nice, long head when suddenly Aunty Sheen’s mobile rang in her purse. “Oh shit!” Aunty swore, “It must be the driver.” She said, gesturing for me to get her purse from the bed.Dejected and fuming I walked into the hotel room and grabbed her purse. I pulled out her mobile phone and saw an unknown number calling.I walked out with her purse and phone and handed them to her.”Hello?” Aunty Sheen said in a somewhat normal tone into the phone.It was the driver of the car that Vandana had sent to bring us to the venue of her daughter’s wedding. Aunty had said that we could catch a cab but Vandana cared and she were close so Vandana insisted that she should come in the car.I heard her tell the driver we would be down now. Sighing hard, I crushed the half-smoked cigarette in the ashtray on the coffee table and walked into the hotel room adjusting my semi-around cock. The pants were quite tight at the front and the shape of my trouser snake could be seen clearly. Luckily, I had my tuxedo and I carried it over my arm in the front as I followed aunty out of the hotel room. Aunty Sheen apologized profusely because she could see I was kind of dejected. She whispered that she would make up for it soon. She promised to let me have my way with her and I perked up a little at that. Grudgingly I nodded my head as we stepped into the car. After a few words of greeting, the driver started the car and we were on the way to the convention hall that Vandana had booked near Sector 17. Aunty sat close to me throughout the short but slow journey to the venue. She pressed her enormous, soft tits against my arm and consoled me with naughty promises. Fortunately, I had been able to get my cock normal again. The driver left us at the entrance and Aunty Sheen took a moment to adjust her slutty blouse and flimsy Sari before she caught my arm and walked in with me. It was a few minutes past 8 when we walked into the wedding hall. “Nice!” I commented, admiring the décor and the lavish wedding which had been planned. It was a grand affair. The huge hall was decorated lavishly with flowers, streamers, colored bulbs and whatnot. The buffet had almost 50 different items and we could see the huge throng of guests who had already arrived. It was a high-class event. Almost every adult, men and women, had a drink in their hands. All the women were dressed in similar outfits as Aunty Sheen. I was now trying not to stare at the different shapes, sizes and colors of half-hidden boobs that I could see anywhere I turned my head. Instead, I ogled Aunty Sheen’s enormous jiggling ass cheeks as we walked towards the stage where the bride and the groom sat to greet the guests. After congratulating the bride and groom, Aunty Sheen began catching up with Vandana and I stood to the side. I was still buzzing from the J and just gazed around at the surrounding lights and colors as we stood on one side of the stage. Vandana began asking me about my plans for the future, the usual stuff that Indian aunties are curious about the younger ones at such events. I managed to hold myself together and answered her as politely as I could. After a few minutes of chit-chat aunty excused herself. Vandana went back to join her daughter and husband on the stage. Soon, the ceremony started and the priest began chanting the mantras. Aunty Sheen and I hung about for a while before she caught my hand and gently pulled me away. As we didn’t know the other guests, Aunty Sheen guided me to the drinks table at the far end of the hall. Sheen and I took a stool at the deserted bar and she ordered a glass of wine for her. She raised her eyebrows in query at me but I shook my head because I was enjoying my high. I ordered a Breezer for myself. After a couple of glasses, Aunty began to regret having the wine after the J. I became a bit worried when Aunty began giggling audibly and was noticeably drunk. Aunty Sheen must have also realized it because she consciously looked around and slowly took something out of her dark blue purse. “Those aren’t the hotel keys, right?” I asked, perplexed at the couple of keys Aunty Sheen dangled in front of me.”These are the keys for a room upstairs, sweetheart.” Aunty Sheen whispered excitedly and got off of the stool slowly. “Vandana said in case I wanted to rest my feet.” She winked as she said this. Before I could react Aunty had caught my arm and was slowly making her way through the sparse guests over to the staircase at the back of the hall which led upstairs to the gallery. Thanks to the other guests engrossed in the wedding ceremony Aunty Sheen and I managed to sneak up the stairs unnoticed.It had been only half hour since the ceremony started and I knew it would take another hour to get over. I was glad that Aunty could take a nap and sleep off the wine by the time the bride and groom left. As Aunty Sheen and Vandana were very close friends Aunty felt it impolite to leave before the wedding ceremony was over completely. As I followed Aunty Sheen upstairs, my eyes were as usual locked on to her huge, round buttocks. Seeing her wide, curvy buttocks sway under the flimsy Sari made me get hard. I began hoping that Aunty would find the time to relieve me soon. I took the keys from Aunty Sheen unlocked the door at the end of the gallery to the left of the stairs. The room was quite large, with tall windows on the wall opposite the door. Although there was only a small white light bulb switched on inside I could make out the large double-bed beneath the large windows. A door to the left led to the bathroom apparently. The room had a couple of chairs and a low coffee table at the foot of the bed. Aunty Sheen leaned heavily on me as we walked inside. I paused to lock the door from inside and guided Aunty Sheen towards the bed, where I thought she would rest for an hour or so. Instead, Aunty Sheen asked to smoke a cigarette. So we took seats on the low, cushioned chairs at the coffee table and I lit a couple of smokes. I handed her one after lighting it well. Aunty Sheen nodded her head in thanks and took a long drag on the cigarette. I watched her smoke a couple of puffs in silence, still not knowing what to expect. Aunty Sheen caught me staring at her.”What? I’m not too drunk. I can handle myself son. Don’t worry.” Aunty Sheen smiled and said through the smoke and leaned forward to pat my knee. “Okay. If you say so coz I was really worried there.” I said, shaking my head in relief. “Oh you..” Aunty Sheen said and laughed, “Look at you, getting all worried for me.” She teased me and I smiled too.”Trust me. I wouldn’t get sloshed until I know it’s only me and you around, okay?” Aunty Sheen smirked before she laughed out loud and I joined in. We continued to smoke our cigarettes in silence. We could clearly hear the drone of the mantras from out in the hall below. After crushing her cigarette butt in the ashtray on the coffee table Aunty Sheen reached for her purse. “Look what I have.” Aunty Sheen triumphantly held a small, slim J.”How did you..?” I started to ask but Sheen aunty explained.”I picked it up on our way out of the hotel room, son. I knew the wedding would go on and on.” She raised her eyebrow.”Awesome! You think of everything, Aunty!” I exclaimed excitedly. Aunty Sheen smiled wide as she handed me the J and the lighter. Aunty Sheen moved up on the bed. She sat resting an arm over the low, wide window sill behind the bed. I stepped over to the window and opened it. Standing with one knee on the soft bed I looked out at the bustling streets of Vashi and lit the J. I instantly felt lighter as the first drag went in. I quietly passed it to Aunt Sheen who sat on the bed. She watched me as she took a drag herself. We both held the smoke in for a while, looking at each other and listening for sounds outside the room. A few seconds later we both blew the smoke out of the window and sighed. Aunty took another pull before passing it on to me. Sheen aunty then moved closer to my end of the bed. She sat now with her huge boobs almost touching my crotch. We whispered about getting caught smoking up in the room but then convinced ourselves that everyone was too busy with the wedding ceremony downstairs to bother checking for us upstairs right now. By the time I had the last drag on the J Aunty Sheen was pulling me on to the bed. I quickly glanced down to check and flicked the butt out of the window. “Whoa!” I exclaimed when Aunty pulled me down on the bed. I half-lay on the bed, with my feet resting on the ground. I felt incredibly lightweight. My sense of touch was extremely heightened whenever I was high. I could hear extremely small noises clearly too. As the chanting droned on down in the hall I lay back with half-closed eyes, loving the peculiarly musky scent of Aunty Sheen’s body. A second later I heard her gold bangles tinkle as she moved. I suddenly had a close-up view of her thick thighs when I turned my head to the side. The next moment I felt aunty fumbling with my belt. I grinned to myself in the semi-dark room and half-turned to pull at her Sari. Aunty Sheen lifted her knees enough for me to carefully pull her Sari all the way up to her waist. I d****d the Sari upside down over her back and lay back down on the bed. By the time Aunty Sheen had undone my belt and swiftly opened my fly.”Hmm…” I moaned softly when I felt my aunt’s soft cool hands grip my flaccid thick cock and pull it up. I began rubbing my hand up and down slowly over Aunty Sheen’s thick, soft thighs. Of course I reached up till my hand rested on her enormous left ass cheek. I casually shook it and felt the jiggle of her soft buttocks for a few moments. Aunty Sheen had started to stroke my thick cock and kissed the side of my crotch. I felt her hot breath and cold spit as she traced a line towards my cock. “Oh, Yes.” I moaned and urged Aunty Sheen ahead when she stopped right before my half-aroused dick. “Ohhhh!” I sighed hard as Aunty Sheen suddenly put my thick cock in her small mouth without a warning. I instantly felt the warmth and wetness of her mouth as she expertly rolled her tongue all around its engorged, ultra-sensitive head. With every heartbeat it seemed my excited cock grew harder another inch. Soon, my cock was completely erect and Aunty Sheen cupped my balls with her hand and tried to take my thick dick deeper into her mouth. She shuffled and spread her knees wider on the bed near my head. I patted Aunty Sheen playfully on her wide, wobbling butt cheek before slipping it slowly down the deep, dark ass crack.”Mmhmm…” Aunty Sheen moaned encouragingly through a mouthful of my extremely excited dick. I began by brushing my fingertips along the thick, clack mature cunt lips. Her pussy was already wet and I felt my fingertips get greasy. I pushed out my thumb and placed it carefully on her thick clit. “Mmmm!” Aunty Sheen exclaimed as I pressed down suddenly on it. “Oh yes!!” I groaned as Aunty Sheen responded by pressing the hyper-sensitive head of my dick with her thin lips hard. “Shit!” I swore the next instant when Aunty Sheen suddenly forced her head down and managed to take almost the entire length of my young cock into her mouth. I clearly felt her small throat squeezing the thick head of my cock as she gasped and choked. “Gaahh!” Aunty gagged hard as she lifted her head and I felt the cool air on my slick, wet cock. “Oh, yes, son…” Aunty managed to whisper through her gasps for breath as my two fingers slid in her waiting, wet cunt. As I began fingering her with two fingers my thumb would rub against her thick clit. I thrust my fingers in and out of her juicy cunt faster and faster. Aunty Sheen began bobbing her head deeper on to my throbbing, thick dick. “Aahh!” Aunty Sheen suddenly raised her head and gasped loudly.She shuffled around with my thick, slick dick in a tight grip and managed to straddle me. She leaned forward till her huge cleavage rubbed against my face. I felt her guide my thick cock to her vagina before she sat on it.”Aahh..!” Aunty Sheen and I sighed together as the first few inches of my thick dick slid into her hovering pussy. “Mmhhh…” Aunty groaned softly through her clamped lips as she lowered herself on my large cock. Sheen aunty let go of my dick and rested her hands at my sides as she lowered herself completely on excited dick. We both took a few breaths to compose ourselves before Aunty Sheen closed her eyes and started rocking back and forth. I felt her wet vagina slide up and down over my huge cock. I reached up and grabbed Aunty Sheen’s big breast over her low-cut blouse. “Mmm… suck them.” Aunty Sheen moaned and whispered before pushing her huge chest out.I carefully pulled out her enormous, soft mature boobs from her flimsy blouse. They fell down and slapped against my face as Aunty continued to ride me. I grabbed her large, black nipples in each hand and pressed on her soft, round brown tits. I caught her nipples and kept pulling them up and down against her movements over my dick. Aunty Sheen became noticeably aroused and she started to ride me even faster. I could hear the sound of her thick, soft thighs slapping against my firm ones as she fucked me faster and faster. “Ohh..ooohhh… Ali!” Aunty Sheen moaned and groaned. I held on to her thick, hard nipples and forced her to ride me even faster. By now we were oblivious to everything happening outside the door. I watched my mature aunt clamp her mouth hard as her climax drew nearer. “Ali… Ali… Ali… I’m coming, son!” Aunty chanted my name before she announced in a hoarse whisper. “Oooo…” I heard her growl as her body stiffened and she started trembling. Aunty Sheen’s huge, soft boobs were crushing my smooth, hard chest and her entire body trembled. I held on to her wide, smooth sides as she gulped in deep breaths. I could smell her flowery perfume. I held on to Aunty till her breathing returned to normal. “Wow!” Aunty Sheen sighed after lifting her head to look at me in the semi-darkness. “I can barely keep my eyes open, son. I’m sooo relaxed.” Aunty Sheen moaned softly. “It’s okay… keep lying like this.” I assured her and shifted a little lower.Now, Aunty Sheen’s huge mature breasts were smack against my face and the best part was that I could reach around her huge waist as she lay on top of me. My huge cock was still completely erect inside her wet, mature cunt. I could distinctly feel her cunt juices dripping down my thick shaft and on to my clean-shaven balls. I reached around and slipped my hands under her Sari. I stretched and placed both hands right at the upper curve of my aunt’s prominently protruding booty. Slowly, I let my hands delve into the deep, dark recesses of Aunty Sheen’s huge ass crack. I could feel the sweat on her booty cheeks from the hard riding a few moments ago. I let my fingertips graze the depths of her deep ass crack before I stopped when I reached her tight, puckered asshole. I grinned in the dark room to myself before I pushed a moist fingertip into Aunt Sheen’s anus. “Ow! Oh!” Aunty exclaimed and cried at the sudden intrusion in her tight asshole. “Oohhh..” She then groaned as I pushed my fingertip deeper into her narrow rectum. Aunt Sheen’s wide, soft hips prevented me from reaching deeper so I popped my finger out of her anus.”Sshh..!” Aunty hissed at the sudden exit now.”Get off, aunty. I want to fuck your ass now.” I said softly but firmly.”Oh, yes son.” Aunty Sheen whispered in excitement and slid off of me to one side. I got off of the bed and lowered my pants all the way to my ankles. Aunty Sheen, still on her hands and knees, shuffled backwards to me on the bed. She stopped with her knees right at the edge of the thick, soft mattress. I gingerly pulled up her thin Sari and carefully put it over her back. It was then that I noticed Aunty Sheen wasn’t wearing any panties. Later on, she told me how she loved the thrill of going without any underwear. Now I had the perfect view of Aunty Sheen’s huge, brown, bare ass. I softly spanked her dark, round buttocks and watched them jiggle in the dim light. Aunty Sheen shook her hips slowly from side to side, enticing me even more. “Push these apart.” I whispered to her and touched her soft booty cheeks.Aunty immediately rested her face in the mattress and reach behind her with both hands. I heard her trembling hands slam against her thick, soft ass cheeks before she pried them apart and spread them. I could make out her glistening, wet cunt as her juices reflected off the light from the small bulb. “Oh, Ali…” Aunty moaned and shivered as I reached down and dipped my fingertips in her cunt lips. I caressed her thick, juicy cunt till the tops of my fingers were slick. I moved my hand up and rested the tip of my forefinger on her anus. I felt it pucker tighter in reflex but then Aunty Sheen took a deep breath and I felt it relax once again. “Sssh…” Aunty hissed as my forefinger slipped in deeper and deeper into her tight anus. “Aah!” She cried out when it was buried all the way in. “Mm…” I heard Aunty Sheen whimper softly as I placed the thick, slick top of my dick on her small anus. “Here goes.” I warned Aunty softly before pushing my throbbing, thick cock hard against her tight asshole.”Owww!” Aunty cried out loudly but she bit her lips because her cry was cut short suddenly. Now the thick, engorged head of my circumcised cock was inside her tight anal canal. My huge, erect cock was completely drenched in Aunty Sheen’s slick cunt juice yet it took quite an effort to push the head in. I could feel her tight ass ring gripping the thick shaft of my cock. I grabbed Aunty Sheen’s thick, curvy hips and pushed my throbbing, thick cock deeper and deeper inch-by-inch into my horny, widowed aunt’s asshole. I stopped for a few breaths when my huge cock was buried halfway into my aunt’s ass. “Mmpphh..” Aunty Sheen moaned but her voice was muffled by the mattress she had buried her face into. I could tell it took a real effort on her side to bear the name of my thick cock entering her tight, little asshole. My shaft could feel the pressure as it stretched her small ass ring wider apart. Her hot rectum clung snugly to the thick head of my dick. I took a deep breath and began to thrust in and out.”Ohh… mm.. Mmphh… Uff… ungh.. Unnhh!” Aunty Sheen’s muffled groans and grunts could still be heard over the drone of the mantras downstairs where the wedding ceremony sounded as if it was about to wind up. “Unnh… Unnggh.. aahh… Ooohh… Fuck, son!” Aunty Sheen groaned faster and faster before she swore aloud as I began to pound her tight anus furiously now. I was in thrall of the good stuff we had smoked earlier and my arousal was at its peak now. My huge cock was throbbing with erection as it slid in and out of my aunt’s hot asshole. I loved the way Aunty Sheen’s huge, round butt cheeks smacked against my crotch with every thrust. I could hear her moans turn into groans as my thick young cock delved deeper into her tight anus. I could feel my cum-laden heavy balls smack against her juicy wet cunt every time. I kept a steady pace and pounded aunt’s anus hurriedly. I was still anxious about someone knocking on the door to call us down. So I quickened my pace and Aunty Sheen immediately stuffed her face into the soft mattress.”Unngghh.. uff… Ufff… Unfff..!” I could still hear her loud grunts despite being muffled by the mattress. I continued to thrust for a few more minutes before I felt the pressure build up in my balls. I knew I was close to climax. I slowed down the pace and started to stroke my throbbing wet cock deliberately deep with every thrust in Aunt Sheen’s amazingly tight anus. I tuned out her increasingly louder grunts and kept fucking her ass slow and deep. Nothing mattered more than to find release at the moment.”Oh.. oh… Aaahhh!” I moaned and growled loudly as I climaxed. “Ooohhh…” Aunty Sheen whimpered loudly at the last, deepest thrust as I buried my throbbing, thick dick way in her tight asshole and had an amazing orgasm. I could clearly feel my cock throb hard every time it spewed a thick stream of sticky, hot cum in Aunt’s asshole. My hands gripped Aunty Sheen’s soft, wide sides tightly as my body trembled in the throes of an intense orgasm. My eyes were closed tightly and I saw bands of colors floating within inside. My mouth was stuck in a silent “O” as waves after waves of orgasm left my knees feeling weaker. “Shit… shit… oh, shit..” I swore in rhythm as the last drops of sticky semen dribbled out of my semi-erect cock inside aunt’s anus. Aunty had stopped whimpering and her body shook with her own climax. I wondered at the amazing realization that I could make Aunty Sheen climax with only an ass fuck without even touching her pussy even once. I bathed in the warm afterglow of an immense orgasm when I felt Aunt Sheen stir beneath me after who knows how long. I snapped out of my reverie and through half-closed eyes I saw Aunty trying not to fall on the bed. Despite being drunk and stoned I was amazed at how Aunt Sheen had the sense to not get her Sari rumpled. So, I slowly but firmly popped my semi-erect and slippery wet cock out of her tight anus.”Umph!” Aunty grunted one last time before she lifted herself on her hands. I reached out and steadied her. After a few deep breaths, Aunty Sheen got up and carefully stepped off of the bed. She was careful not to get my cum dripping out of her anus on to her clothes. I helped her into the bathroom where Aunty expertly removed her Sari. She left the light petticoat underneath and her blouse on. I moved to the sink and washed my messy, stinky dick in the wash basin. I heard aunty get move about and turned in time to watch her dr****g her Sari in the room. I wiped my wet dick with a hand towel from the bathroom and entered the room pulling my pants up. “How was it?” Aunt grinned and asked as I walked into the room. “That was really amazing, aunty!” I said full of excitement. She nodded at my satisfied tone and continued to d**** her Sari. Once done, she checked herself in the large mirror on the wall. I too checked myself and made sure everything was normal. Aunty Sheen kissed me hard once on the lips before she unlocked and opened the door gingerly. She looked out and around and once she was sure no one was looking up on the gallery we stepped out and locked the door behind us before making our way to the wide staircase. Aunty Sheen walked slowly because of the stinging sensation in her just-fucked asshole while I was buzzing with the afterglow of an incredible orgasm. The rest of the evening was uneventful and we left for our hotel around 12 in the escort bartın night, tired and exhausted. Early Morning Anal in the Forest(Saturday 5 AM – 7 AM, May 2007)Aunty Sheen and I had come for a weekend at our favorite lake-side resort. As usual, Aunty had booked the last of the six villas spread around the main reception hall cum restaurant. The resort was luxurious and huge. It was on the southern side of an enormous round lake. A dam and a small ravine stood between the resort and the lake. The dam had a walkway which was reached from the parking lot of the resort and it led to the small hill at the edge of the forest around the lake. We had reached late Friday evening and gone at each other a couple of times. The drinks with dinner had set Aunty Sheen in a mellow mood and we had fucked excitedly till we both fell asleep, exhausted and naked on the bed. I suddenly woke up to the chirping of the crickets outside the cottage suite. I was surprised to wake up fresh from a deep sleep. I checked the time and was surprised it was a few minutes to 4:30 AM. I had slept a good 6 hours and despite the beers at dinner, I didn’t have a hangover. I turned my head to check on Aunty Sheen. She was blissfully asleep completely naked at my side. Her voluptuous dark body contrasted noticeably with the white bed-sheets. Aunty lay on her side, facing away from me and I could clearly make out the huge, round mounds of her sexy booty in the dim light coming from the streetlight opposite the cottage. I figured I should let her sleep and got up carefully from the bed. I pulled on the pair of shorts which Aunty had thrown at the foot of the bed last night after she stripped me. I stretched and yawned as I walked through the living room and into the bathroom. After relieving myself I brushed my teeth and splashed water on my face. Walking out into the bedroom I gently pulled the low, glass-topped coffee table closer to a window. I pushed aside the thick, dark curtains and looked out at the flower bushes that bordered the cottage’s well-manicured lawn. The light from the streetlight outside passed through the window to fall on the coffee table. Pulling up a chair, I sat at the coffee table and absent-mindedly grabbed the black-colored sunglasses case from the couch at the side. I pulled out a small, sealed baggie from the case and tore it open at the top. Instantly, the dank musky smell of excellent-quality Mary Jane brushed past my nose. I inhaled deeply and smiled as I flicked out a few thick, sticky green buds. I kept glancing at Aunty Sheen’s nude, plump form on the bed as she lay asleep. She had turned on her back now and her enormous, mature D-cup breasts spilled out low to her sides. Her legs were spread apart and I could make out the small but significant mound of her bare, clean-shaven dark crotch. I felt a twitch in my shorts and I grinned at the way Aunty Sheen could still get me excited like that. As I was rolling I began to plan what to do next. I knew I had had enough sleep and it was not even dawn yet. By the way Aunty Sheen shifted frequently now I knew she would also wake any moment. I started pondering what to do. It took me a good while to clean the stuff and roll it into a couple of thick, long joints. By the time I had decided I would take Aunty Sheen out for an early morning walk at the lake. “Aunty,” I whispered as I shook Aunty Sheen gently, “Aunty, wake up.” “Mmm..” Aunty Sheen moaned softly before her eyes fluttered open, “What’s up, son?” She asked stifling a yawn and rubbing the sleep away from her eyes.”It’s nearly 5 and I thought we could take a walk in the forest. It’s got to be cool and fresh at this time, right?” I explained.”Oh, sure.” Aunty Sheen agreed, perking up and kissing me on the cheek.”Let me get freshened up, okay?” Aunty said as she scooted off of the bed.I simply nodded my head and smiled wide at her back as she walked to the bathroom. I watched Aunty Sheen’s dark, thick butt cheeks fighting against each other to take center-stage as she walked away, swaying her hips. I got up and pulled on a pair of black shorts with pockets and a sleeveless black Tee. I decided to wait for Aunty in the porch outside the main door. I dropped both the joints and the packet of cigarette along with a lighter into my pocket. I remembered to pick up a packed bottle of water before stepping out of the main door into the porch. I was smoking a cigarette and enjoying the cool darkness of the forest surrounding us when I heard Aunty Sheen step out of the door behind me.”God!” Aunty exclaimed as she came and joined me at the porch railing. “It’s so cool, and so peaceful, son.””Yes. Isn’t it?” I agreed and looked at her for the first time.Aunty Sheen was dressed in black leggings and a short, fitting dark-blue kurti which barely fell over her enormous, round butt cheeks. Aunty Sheen had on white-colored jogging shoes and she waited for me to pass her the cigarette. “Even after all those bottles of beer, I’m surprised we don’t have a hangover, son. I guess it’s the hur-long fuck that helped, right?” Aunty commented casually and looked at me.”Yeah, I think you’re right, aunty.” I replied, grinning at the hazy but horny memory from last night. My cock stirred thinking about the way Aunty Sheen had rode m thick dick hungrily. I could still feel the scratches on my back from her fingernails as she clenched my back when she climaxed screaming my name late last night. I took a deep breath and waited for Aunty to finish smoking. As she flicked the cigarette into the waste basket to the side I stepped off the porch. Aunt Sheen joined me and held on to my arm as we began walking on the darkened pathway leading to the resort’s parking lot. Thankfully, the few streetlights were just enough to light the way. I noticed that there were soft sounds coming from the kitchen of the restaurant. I figured the cooking staff must be starting their day. Thankfully, no other guests were around so early and we made our way up the steep staircase unnoticed. “Wow!” I exclaimed as I stepped on the dusty, dark pathway of the dam. I could see the huge lake shimmering softly as it rippled silvery with small wavelets on its surface. There was the cool summer breeze blowing in gently from the starlit lake. “It looks beautiful every time, doesn’t it son?” Aunty commented and we both stared at the shimmering, dark lake for a while.”I got a couple of Js.” I announced casually, still looking at the lake.”What?” Aunty exclaimed excitedly, “That’s awesome! Let’s light one then.” She said, turning to face me now.I smiled as I pulled out a thick, long J in the pale starlight. I looked back over my shoulders down at the resort and its cottages in the shallow gorge. No lights were on in any of the other cottages. I quickly pulled out the lighter and passed them both to aunty without a word.Aunty took the J and lit it carefully, shielding it from the cool, soft breeze which blew in from the dark lake. Aunt Sheen’s dark, chubby features were lit in a red glow as she puffed on the J to get it lit all around. After having satisfied herself, Aunty Sheen took a long drag on the thick J and the embers crackled for a few seconds. I smelled the strong whiff of the stuff as Aunty exhaled the thick gray smoke slowly through her mouth. She caught my arm and turned me to walk to the other end of the pathway. It was a hundred-meter long pathway which ended at the foot of a small but densely-forested hillock. It was completely dark around but I could still make out the white-painted stone benches that lined the pathway at frequent intervals. As we began walking, Aunty put my arm around her waist before she put hers around mine. I took a puff from the J and felt my other arm jiggling up and down in time with Aunty Sheen’s giant, round mounds. The leggings fabric was very flimsy and I could clearly feel the warmth of her skin through it as we made our way slowly on the path. I slipped my hand into her love handle and passed the rolled-reefer back to her. Taking drags on the large J and walking close together, Aunty Sheen and I reached the end of the pathway. By the time, we were both heavily feeling the effects of the stoner-stick. I could feel my hearing sharpen and my sense of touch got extremely heightened. Aunt’s pace started slowing down. Finally, we stopped when we reached the last stone bench on the path. Aunty steered me to the bench and we sat down.Aunty Sheen and I sat close to each other. I could hear the soft splash of the waves in the lake below and could smell Aunty Sheen’s peculiar perfume mixed with the strong dank smell of the stuff we were smoking. Aunty still sat with her hand around my waist. I could feel her large, soft perky tit pressing against my arm. As we sat down Aunty slipped her hand in my Tee from below and started to rub my bare back casually. We were both pretty stoned and there was still half of the j left.Suddenly, Aunty pointed to the small stone-paved pathway that led down from the dam and skirted the woods along the west side of the lake. “Let’s go across to the water.” Sheen aunty said.I nodded my head and helped her stand up. We paused for a few moments to catch our bearings and set off slowly towards the turn that led to the paved path. This track was right at the base of the small hill at the end of the dam. It went a meter above the waterline and had hand rails for a short distance. The pathway was incredibly dark. It was covered overhead with thick foliage from the trees on the hill and the side of the lake. Aunty Sheen switched on the flash light of her mobile phone and caught my arm as we stepped on the track. Once again, her huge, braless breast felt warm and soft against my bare arm through the thin fabric of her short kurti. I paused to light the J and we continued along the dark track. The lake was to the right while the hill rose steeply to the left. There were thick bushes lining the track on the lake side while thickets of bamboo and teak trees dotted the hillside. Stoned and slowly walking along the dark pathway, Aunty Sheen suddenly stopped and pointed down towards a gap in the bushes.”Let’s go to the lake, son.” Aunty said, pointing to the small clearing and pulling me along without waiting for an answer. “O.. okay.” I mumbled and carefully stepped down the short incline to the large, flat stones that lined the lake shore. We stood on a 6-foot large, round and flat stone. The stone looked completely dry. The small waves lapped its sharp edges, but were unable to reach the flat top. Aunty Sheen held on to my arm with her free hand while she leaned slightly over the edge and flashed the small light over the edge of the stone.”Oh, I thought it would be deeper.” I heard her comment softly before she pulled back.Aunty let go of my arm and sat down cross legged on the flat top, gently pulling me down too. She switched off the small light on the mobile phone and carefully kept it near the small incline leading up to the track. As I turned to keep the bottle of water near her mobile phone I looked up and noticed that we were practically invisible to anyone up on the track, thanks to the thick bushes lining the track. This time aunty grabbed the J from my hand and lit it with the lighter. I watched her face lit up red with the flare from the glowing ember at the end of the J. She closed her eyes and held the smoke in as she passed me the J. My eyes on the lake, I took a drag and looked out on the dark, shimmering lake. “It’s so beautiful, isn’t it?” Aunty Sheen whispered through the buzz of the insects.I nodded my head in agreement, still staring at the far edge of the lake, enjoying the incredible buzz vibrating through my brain. “The water’s so cool. I want to take a dip.” Aunty Sheen announced with determination.”What?” I turned around, surprised. “It’s okay, son. It’s not too deep here. See?” Aunty Sheen said, turning around to grab her mobile phone and shining its light over the edge of the stone. I looked down and could clearly see a few similar-sized stones forming natural stairs down into the lake. I immediately agreed. With the immense optimism that comes from being stoned and the incredibly peaceful surroundings on that early summer dawn made me lose my inhibitions completely. I carefully put down the lighter and J behind me on the stone and stood up. I started removing my running shoes and watched Aunty Sheen first take off her short, tight-fitting Kurti. The starlit sky was not enough to show her incredible, big boobs but her dark, smooth skin shone slightly. I became more excited and hurried to pull off my tee and shorts. Aunty Sheen had to lie back on the large stone to remove her tight-fitting leggings. We rolled our clothes and put them carefully away from the water’s edge. A few moments later Aunty Sheen and I stood completely naked on the large, cold stone. I grabbed the J and gingerly slid my foot over the edge and into the pleasantly cold water. My foot rested on the stone a couple of feet down and I put my other foot down and sat on the edge of the stone. “Whoo!” Aunty Sheen exclaimed softly as she felt her foot slide into the cold water.She put her hand on my shoulder and I helped her step down on to the submerged stone step. Aunty Sheen slowly put her other leg in and now stood immersed in the cold lake up to her thick, curvy waist. “This is nice!” Aunty Sheen whispered softly as she swayed a little in the water. Then, she leaned close to me and grabbed the lit J from my hand to take a long drag. The stone felt colder on my bare butt and balls but my eyes were riveted on Aunty Sheen’s big, black bare breasts. Even in the darkness, I could now clearly make out Aunty Sheen’s huge and now-wet boobs reflecting the starlight. I felt Aunty Sheen spread my knees apart to come stand between my legs in the cold water. Passing on the J Aunty then turned around and stood leaning back on my chest. Her head rested against my chest and she rested her arms on my bare, muscular thighs as she stood casually waist-deep in the lake. As usual, I slid my left hand around to her front and nonchalantly cupped her huge, wet breast. I immediately felt her thick, hard nipple prick my palm. The comparative cold of the water had already hardened her prominent, dark nipples. I passed the J back to her and she wiped her hand dry on her bare chest before she caught it and took a drag on it. Aunty Sheen also started to caress my left leg under the water with her free hand. I sat casually playing with Aunty Sheen’s sexy large tit till the J got over. Aunty flicked the burnt butt far to the side before turning around to face me. Without a word Aunty Sheen started to kiss me. She began by pecking my cheek, before moving on to my lips. She tasted my tongue and sucked hard on it. My dry tongue was a little wet again thanks to her spit but she soon broke the kiss and trailed down to my neck. “Mmhh… Mmuuaahh.. muahh… muaahh..” Aunty Sheen moaned and kissed me down my bare, flat chest.My bare dick instantly began getting aroused. I practically felt it harden even before Aunty Sheen’s warm dry hand closed around its thick shaft. “Ohh…” I sighed in approval as Aunty began to stroke my semi-aroused cock softly.She continued to kiss her way down my taut belly until she reached my clean-shaven crotch. “Mmm…” Aunty Sheen moaned hard as she took a whiff of my musky scent. Sheen aunty put a hand on my chest and pushed me firmly down till I lay back on the cold stone with my legs in the water. “You make me so horny, Ali!” I heard aunty whisper fiercely before I felt her firm, moist lips clamp hard against the thick head of my dick. “Oh, aunty… You ARE so sexy!” I replied and spread my legs further apart. Now I could also feel Aunty Sheen’s huge, soft and wet tits brushing against my bare thighs. Aunty began to nibble playfully on the engorged head of my dick. Slowly, she began to take more of my thick dick into her warm, welcoming mouth. I felt the ultra-sensitive head of my cock slide into her wet mouth and moaned in excitement. Her tongue began to roll around on the thick shaft of my dick as her head pushed down on its erect length. “Oh, yeah.. yes, aunty.” I moaned and motivated my aunty as she began to gag and splutter when the thick head of my long dick pushed against her throat. Still, Aunty pushed on. I felt her small throat press against the side of my dick’s head but aunty bravely pushed her own head lower. I felt my dick head slide and crush inside her constricted throat. “Aaggh! Aaacckk… Aaahh!” Aunty Sheen gagged and spluttered audibly as she kept forcing my thick, long dick into her mouth and inhaled sharply as she finally came up for a breath. “Hunh.. hunhh… Aacck!” Aunty panted for a couple of seconds before plunging her face on my cock once more and gagged hard as the thick dick head immediately pressed against her throat once more. I had my eyes closed and was enjoying the wet, sloppy blowjob when I felt aunty move her hand away from my thigh. I peeked out and saw Aunty reaching to her crotch with the free hand.Aunty Sheen began to finger herself under the water as she sucked my thick, wet cock deeply. I could feel her thin, firm lips pressing hard against my hard cock shaft as she slid her head up and down faster and faster.”Aaahhh…!” Aunty inhaled deeply as she popped her head up and stopped to catch her breath. “This is so sexy!” Panting, Aunty Sheen whispered fiercely.”Mhhmm…” I moaned my approval and raised myself on my elbows. I opened my eyes enough to see that the horizon to her back was getting lighter. I figured the sun would be rising soon. I turned my head and peaked through the bushes at the raised pathway on the dam to my right. I could see the outline of the stone benched against the lighter sky now. There was absolutely no one else out and about so early in the morning from the resort. I was immensely relieved. “Aack! Aaahhh.. Aaarghh… Ock!” Aunty continued to suck and gag on my thick, long dick and I could already feel her warm spit running down its length. “I wanna fuck you, aunty!” I moaned in desperation now. My thick cock was throbbing hard and wanted to dive into my aunt’s orifices. “Umm… Of course, son.” Aunty Sheen looked up and smiled with a visibly wet mouth. “Let’s switch places.” I suggested and moved to the side.Aunty Sheen immediately climbed back up on the flat rock and turned around before lying on her back. I climbed down and stood on the submerged stone. My thick, slick dick swung around in the cool dawn air as I took position between Aunt Sheen’s spread legs. I placed the engorged head of my thick cock against the wet, dark cunt lips. I caught my aunt’s thick, smooth legs and pushed then wide apart. Aunty pushed her own knees apart and allowed me clear access to her cunt.”Ungh!” Aunty Sheen groaned as I suddenly thrust my huge, long cock into her mature pussy. “Oh, son…” I heard her moan and rest her head back on the cold stone surface. “Fuck me.” Aunty Sheen whispered in a desperate tone.”Take this.” I said and pulled out my huge dick till only the thick head remained inside and suddenly gave a hard push in.”Ohh! Shit!” Aunty groaned and swore as I sank the entire length of my wet, large cock deep into her warm and welcoming cunt. “Yesss..” Aunty hissed her approval now as I started to thrust my slick cock in and out of her wet, dark pussy. I could feel the warmth and wetness of her cunt increasing as I thrust in and out of her. There was an audible sloppy sound as my thighs slammed against the edge of the stone underwater with every thrust. I was sure half of that sound was from Aunt Sheen’s wet, mature cunt being banged by my thick cock. I had a tight grip on her thighs and kept her thick legs spread wide apart as I fucked Aunty Sheen’s pussy faster and faster. “Ohh.. Ohh.. oohhh.. yes… yes… yess… Oh, son, yes!” Aunty Sheen moaned and groaned encouragingly at me as I continued thrusting faster and faster till I felt my hips were a blur in the semi-darkness of the dawn. “Oh, I’m coming… I’m coming, son!” Aunty announced between short, labored breaths and I increased the ferocity of my fuck. I watched in the creeping light of the dawn as Aunty Sheen wrapped her thick, smooth legs around my slim waist and pulled me towards her. I didn’t let this slow me down and kept my thrusts long and regular. Soon, her entire body tensed up and she held her breath for a couple of seconds.”Ooohhh…” Aunty Sheen moaned long and loud before her body shook with the throes of her first orgasm. “Aaahh… Son… Oh, fuck!” Aunty kept moaning and swore a few times as her body writhed with waves of intense orgasm. I distinctly felt her wide, motherly pussy clamp tighter around the thick shaft of my dick and make it sloppy wet. I slowed down a bit and let aunty catch her breath. I could still see her eyes were closed and she rolled her head from side to side as her trembling abated a little. “Enough, son.” Aunty panted through her labored breathing, “My pussy can’t take it anymore, Ali.” Sheen pleaded with me.”But I’m not done yet, aunty.” I complained.”Ali, please. You’re going in too deep, son.” Aunty replied, looking up at me with pleading eyes now.”Okay, then let’s do anal.” I suggested quickly.”All right. Okay, but please be gentle.” Aunty agreed. I readily pulled out my thick, throbbing wet cock from inside her wet, juice pussy with an audible popping sound.”Ooo…” Aunty Sheen groaned as my thick cock left an empty void in her cunt as it slipped out. “Turn around now. Like this.” I helped Aunty sit up straight and slide down the stone to stand in front of me. My huge, juice-slick dick swung around in the cool air and brushed against Aunty Sheen’s enormous, bare wet butt cheeks as I turned her around to face away from me. I pushed at her upper back and she immediately understood. Aunty Sheen put her hands on her flat rock and bent at the waist. I felt her spread her feet wider on the second stone and push her huge, hot buttocks out towards me. As Aunty bent over and rested her gigantic, soft tits on the cold stone surface I reached out and gently inserted my hand in her dark, deep ass-crack. My hand slipped in effortlessly because Aunt Sheen’s ass was completely wet with the water. Aunty Sheen’s juicy, wet cunt was just below the water line and when my hand found her tight, little asshole it was already wet with her cunt juices. I grinned in the semi-darkness and carefully guided the thick tip of my hard cock towards her mature anus. “Ready, aunty?” I bent low over her back and whispered in her ear.”Whenever you are, son.” Aunt Sheen replied back with lust.”Oowww!” Aunty cried out hard when the thick head of my huge dick pressed and pulled her tight anus apart. “Oh, shit! Shit!” Sheen aunty swore loudly and unashamedly as I continued to press the length of my thick, wet dick into her willing but tight asshole. “Oohhh.. Oooww… Aaahhh! Mmmm…” Aunt began to groan and grunt till she rested her forehead on the stone and clamped her hand over her mouth.”Mm.. Umm.. Mmphh! Mmpphhh! Umphh!” I could still hear Aunt Sheen’s muffled groans as I started to stroke my thick dick in and out of her tight but hot anus. The sun was about to rise behind my back and the sky had gone blue now. I could clearly see my aunt’s enormous, dark butt cheeks wobble to and fro with my thrusts. I felt the warmth and stinky wetness of Aunty Sheen’s tight asshole on my throbbing, thick dick too. I sensed her mature asshole grip my throbbing, thick dick hard and stroke it all along its length perfectly. “Unngh! Unngh! Uunnggh! Ooww! Oooww! Son, please son! Slow down, please. Owww!” Aunty Sheen began to plead and beg me to slow down as my strokes in her ass became faster and harder. “No way, aunty.” I replied through clenched teeth and focused my mind on the view of her wide, wobbly ass and the tightness of her mature rectum. “Ali… Ali… Oh, Ali…” Aunty Sheen’s grunts turned to moans now as my cock became extremely hard because I was nearing my own climax. “Yess.. you can feel it, right?” I panted as I continued to thrust in and out of my aunt’s tight asshole.”Yesss, son. I think it’ll make me cum again… Oooohhhhh!” Aunty Sheen managed to pant in reply before she suddenly moaned long and hard. Aunty Sheen began having another incredible orgasm. I watched her struggling to stand straight as her body was wrecked with waves after waves of orgasm. Her asshole clenched tighter around my thick shaft now and it began to squeeze the juices out of it too. “I’m gonna cum too.” I announced softly through heavy breathing and started to bang Aunt Sheen’s huge ass faster and faster. “Unngh! Oooww… Ooww! Oooww! Son! Ali!” Aunty Sheen began to moan and groan in a pleading tone but I didn’t care. All I could think about was my own orgasm as my thick cock started to throb in Sheen Aunty’s hot, tight asshole. My eyes were glued to the wobbling of her wide, wet ass while my cock plunged in and out of her moist and tight asshole. I kept a steady but fast pace of strokes in my aunt’s anus when I felt the first stream of semen streak out of my thick dick.”Aaaahhhhh!!” I gave out a low, long groan before I toppled on to Aunty Sheen’s dark, bare back. “Ohhh, fuck!” Aunty Sheen moaned and swore as she felt the first stream of thick, hot semen land deep in her rectum. “Oh, Ali… come, baby! Come in my ass, son. Make my asshole wet with your cum, son!” Aunty began to moan encouragements at me as I lay there panting on her back with my throbbing cock spitting out streaks after streaks of sticky semen in her tight asshole. My orgasm was so intense that I could hardly open my eyes for a few minutes. So, I half-lay on Aunty Sheen’s bare back with my softening cock ejaculating the last drop of hot, viscous cum into her rectum. Aunty Sheen breathed softer now and let me rest my weight on her. She had caught my hand and pressed it once in approval. I also patted her gently on her enormous, wet butt cheek and she giggled in return.Finally, after what seemed like hours I was able to open my eyes and was surprised to see that the sky was bright now. The sun had risen behind me in the east and cast our long, misty shadows on the flat, stone surface in front of us. I raised myself up and carefully took a step back.My softened, wet cock popped out of Aunty Sheen’s messy, wet asshole and she gasped softly. I sighed with satisfaction and took a step back before helping Aunty to stand up straight again. Aunty Sheen turned around with a stoned, goofy smile on her face.”That was just out of this world, son!” She commented before reaching up and kissing me hard on my mouth. “I’m glad to hear that, aunty.” I replied, slowly caressing her huge, soft breasts casually. We stood waist deep in the cold lake and watched the sun rise for a while. Slowly, I helped aunty up on to the large, flat stone and followed her. We decided to sit naked on the stone and let the heat from the sun dry us out. Aunty Sheen lay exhausted on the stone, with her feet dangling in the water. I sat beside her and decided to light the remaining J too. Aunty Sheen and I enjoyed another thick, long J before groggily putting on our clothes. It was lucky too, because just at the moment, I saw a couple walking along the pathway on the dam. I figured the other guests must now be starting to come to the dam for their morning walk. So, Aunty Sheen and I put on our clothes, checked to make sure everything was in order before stepping back on to the small trail. We made our way back to the resort room without any further incident and ordered breakfast. It still remains one of the most memorable anal fucks that my Aunty and I had till date.

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