Pregnant from my Step-Son (True Story) Part 3

Pregnant from my Step-Son (True Story) Part 3
Part 2 ended in bed trying to sleep.

As we had a long journey behind us, we could easily catch up some sleep for many hours.

My step-son had a commitment on 10am and so we could sleep at least till 9am. What I really like is that he is done within 10 minutes with his morning routine so it doesn’t block the bathroom.

I woke up at 9.10am and as he was in the bathroom I went to the kitchen to just wash my face. As he would be our for some hours, I thought I could catch up on some housework and then could complete my morning routine with a bath with plenty of time instead of just taking a shower.

When he got out from the bathroom he straight away got out of the flat to catch the bus.

My Plan was to first clean up his room and make his bed and then get the rest done. I went to the room. As we were low on budget, we didn’t have proper beds. His “bed” were two very thick mattresses next to the wall.

I got a new bedsheet and moved the “bed” to completely cover it. Between the “bed” and the wall was something, I thought it would be trash or similar so decided to first check it out and clean that up. I moved the “bed” some more to get access to it.

And then I discovered that this was no trash, it was my black bra and panty which I wore yesterday and had put into the laundry basked after I had changed clothes to get ready for bed and uses tissues.

I was “a bit” shocked and grabbed it. The next thing shocked me even more. I grabbed my panty first and it was wet!

It was not only wet, but it had a huge puddle which was white. Just at that part which would usually cover my vagina, as the panty was black, it was clearly visible and “shining”.

I brought it closer to my mouth/nose to smell it. It smelled like ejaculation/sperms. I couldn’t believe it and wasn’t sure if this was really sperms and with that HUGE quantity but for any reason (no Idea why, given the reason that I just found my bra and panty at my step-son’s bed and that wet!?!?!?!?!) I was really happy. Like some “addict” who sees his d**g is very happy.

Intuitively as I was smelling it, I licked it. After tasting it, I could definitely confirm: YES, this is SPERM, and that smells great and tastes nice and I licked again and “swallowed” it. It was relatively “fresh”.

And then suddenly I realized: “OMG!!!!!!!!!!!, my step-son got my bra and panty out of the laundry basked and then JERKED and JIZZED into my bra and panty, on top of that I have SMELLED, LICKED, TASTED AND SWALLOWED my STEP-SON’s SPERMS!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I didn’t how to what to think or do now. On one hand it was extremely awkward and on the other hand it was really great as I was craving for a Penis and Sperms.

I again checked the bra and panty, and it was really huge quantity of Sperms, I was just wondering and curious to know that how many times he jerked and jizzed to get it that wet and on top of that, WHAT WAS HE IMAGINING while masturbating.
Guess what?!?, my hornyness, my crave for Penis and Sperms took the lead and I wanted his Penis! And his Sperms! Especially with that huge quantity.

But how to do that? First point first, he shouldn’t know that I know that he had my bra and panty and cummed into them. So I had to put them back between the wall and the “bed”, which I did.

I then normally cleaned up the rest of the room and went out of it.

This concludes part 3. To be continued….

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