Subject: Rooming with my Best Friend Sophomore Ch 63 ROOMING WITH MY BEST FRIEND-SOPHOMORE 63 **************** THE USUAL DISCLAIMER APPLIES! I hope you will enjoy this chapter! **************** Note: Changing Point of view for something different. It will be in Colt’s point of view for this chapter. Hope you will like it!! After saying goodnight to Matt and Corey on this Sunday night, Kris and I walked into our room. If not for Matt, it would be a disaster zone since neither Kris nor I cared to clean and would just toss clothes everywhere. “Bro, I say forget the no cussing,” Kris said, taking off his jeans. “I agree but… it could help us in the long run. Say when we’re in here that’s no longer in effect,” I said and lost my jeans, followed by my ragged boxers. I packed my can and threw in a dip like I usually did while Kris and I talked or we occupied our time with our sweet new phones. “Bro, you could see Matt sweating bullets over there when we talked about the cruise,” Kris stated and threw in a dip as well. “He wasn’t the only one,” I said and spit. “It would be really sweet but pretty expensive.” “Hell, fucking six or seven hundred ain’t expensive for all the shit we’d get to do.” “I know I work, but I’d like to have seen Dad’s face telling him I was going on a cruise at spring break. He’d shit a brick.” “Well, it could work out. So that campsite is nice, huh?” “It is. It’ll be perfect for us. No telling how many tents we can throw up down yonder,” I replied, looking over at Kris’s perfect body. Sure mine was nice and all but Kris was on another planet. Kris sat thinking and spit, “I think it worked out okay this weekend. I never did think Quinn or Paul would open up. They sure aren’t like Chase and Tabor.” “I know that’s right.” “I did notice you and Chase got along really well this weekend. It was the most at ease I’d seen your ass since they’ve been chilling with us.” “Kris, Chase hanging with us has done us nothing but good. Before we were just brothers but now I can say we’re really good friends as well. Hell, he knows my darkest secret.” “And was cool about it. Do you think him and Tabor have ever tried shit?” “Ummm… I really doubt it. Think back just two years. I did get my dick sucked by a guy a few times but never with anyone had I liked. The dude that sucked my dick was just this guy I barely knew so no one would suspect shit.” Kris smiled and spit, “Yeah, I know what you mean, bro, sucking dick and fucking guys was the last thing on my mind in high school. Were you popular in school?” “I didn’t run with the in crowd but just on the outside. Bryan and I did our thing, but we were friends with the rest of `em. When I was home, all my old friends were dicks. It was like I really didn’t know them at all.” “Bro, I know how you feel. I did see them every blue moon but things change and people change. I guess since we don’t see `em every day like we see each other round here you lose that connection,” Kris said. “That makes sense,” I said. “Dude, do you think about Nathan much? I know it must be kinda hard when Chase comes here and having to watch us together.” “I think about him a lot, bro. I’m happy when I see you and Chase. I hope things would have been like that between Nathan and I,” Kris said and closed his eyes. “He’d been so fuckin’ honored…” He moved to touch his new tattoo. I stood and went to his side, “He’s probably been smiling ever since Friday night. It is really tight and means a lot, like Ted’s and Shawn’s tatts.” Kris spit out his dip with spit stringing from his lips, “Mom said she cried when I emailed her a picture of it. She said Dad had to walk away.” I spit out my dip into his bottle, “It’s something that will always be with you.” “I know, but he’ll always be with me regardless,” Kris said. He looked into my eyes and leaned in to kiss me on the lips. He stopped and pulled back, “Bro, I shouldn’t have done that shit.” “Why not? I enjoyed the hell out of it.” He smiled and kissed me again. Our tongues waged a little war before Kris pulled away. “Before we do some really stupid shit…” “Kris, I don’t see why we can’t when the mood strikes us,” I said with great hope, our sexual contact was always amazing. “I can’t bro.” “I should be the one who can’t. There’s no doubt we love each other…” “Yeah, somewhere between brothers and lovers,” Kris said. “We know it would never ever work as lovers like Matt and Corey over there.” “Yeah, they are gay whereas we’re bi but like girls more. We both know if there was a girl here we’d be fucking the hell out of her first and would love it. One problem though, there’s no girl here,” I said and ran my hand down over his hard chest and eight pack. “Maybe we could swap head…” “Yeah, I’m not ready to get fucked,” I said. “Me either. It would be one shitty ass fuck,” Kris said. I leaned over to kiss Kris’s neck, slowly moving down it as I rubbed my hands over his hot muscles and heard him moan. I went further until I circled one nipple with my wet tongue before doing the other. Keeping the tip of my tongue just out of my mouth I traced the lines of his new tattoo, feeling him shiver beneath me. Glancing up at him, he was watching me with a crazy grin on his face. My tongue slid down his incredible abs to his growing cock. I licked it like crazy before sucking on each nut. Now I was thankful we both kept our privates trimmed. Our eyes met before I took his cock in my mouth with one hand grabbing his nuts. He grew hard in an instant. His cock was so damn perfect like the rest of him. It was just the perfect size, not too big but still big enough to enjoy. Sucking cock wasn’t something I ever imagined enjoying but I had grown to really like it. It was a different world sucking dick than eating Andrea’s pussy, however it did give great pleasure to those who were receiving it. “Fuck yeah, bro. Suck that dick!” Kris screamed with his hands on my head. He never once forced me deeper and just played with my hair while I slurped on his hard cock. Now even the drops of precum didn’t bother me at all. It was a great sign he was getting turned on by my mouth and I actually like the taste. I stopped to give my jaw a rest and kissed all around his groin and abs. “Feel good?” I asked between kisses. “You know it does,” Kris replied. “I love it when you suck my cock.” My mouth went back down on his cock. I slurped on its goodness while hearing his increased breathing. “OOO fuck yeah Colt!” he moaned like Andrea did when gaziantep travesti I was eating her pussy. Those words fuelled me to keep going and to go a little faster. I was bobbing up and down on his great, hot cock like crazy. His strong arms pulled me off. Kris moved to show his appreciation with a deep kiss and then he smiled, “My turn to suck your dick.” We adjusted positions. Kris started on my chest and kissed each ridge of my abs. He didn’t lick my cock or nuts much. Instead he opened his mouth and began sucking on my cock. His mouth felt so good wrapped around my hard seven inches. Andrea did her best but lacked the zest Kris had, plus he knew what felt good on his own cock and used that knowledge to work me over so I was almost constantly on edge. Leaning back on my palms, Kris was working my cock over. He brought his hand up to quickly stroke my cock and then sucked me back into him mouth. I looked down and could see he was jacking off using his spit and my precum as lube while sucking and licking my cock. The improvement was clear now from our first go at this. We desired to please the other and grew accustomed to sucking. My breathing was crazy while Kris was really working my cock. He abruptly stopped. “OOOO fuck!” he screamed and stood with his throbbing cock pointing at my chest. A few quick pumps he stroked before a large strong volume of his juice began covering my body. There must have been six strong shots, including one on my face that just missed hitting my eye. He squeezed out the last drops and collapsed beside me. “Fucking intense as fuck!” “Dude, you damn near drowned me,” I said and started stroking my cock. “Oh well,” Kris smiled and kissed me, sliding his tongue into my mouth. During the kiss, he pushed away my hand and took over. His grip was perfect and felt so good. “I want you to cum now.” “I do too, but you know how I am.” With one hand stroking my cock, his other began pinching my nipple. The combination was fantastic. It felt so great and I never knew I could be so turned on. He pinched hard and stroked me faster. “Cum, bitch! Cum for me!” Kris said, biting my ear a little. “OOO, I will,” I said. “I want your cum all over my body,” Kris said. “Get fucking ready,” I eked out. I turned and blasted my load on him. Even though I came with Andrea the night before while fucking her, it was still a good size load. Kris took my load and began rubbing it in his skin like some kind of lotion. After finishing, I found a towel to clean us up. I moved to my bed after kissing him goodnight and thanking him. Before I knew it, he was asleep while clutching his comforter. The joy of our sex was still with me. I now was comfortable with the fact I enjoyed sex with guys. It took me some time to realize it was fun and rather exciting, while being different than with Andrea. With Andrea, I hope she could feel my love for her, while with Kris, Matt and even Corey, it was done to satisfy a desire and a different kind of love. It was rough on Kris and me getting up for our classes. We hated waking up to an alarm. Usually to make things faster, we did shower together to speed up the process since we had a bad habit of hitting the snooze button. Kris and I did share a nice kiss while showering and wash each other’s backs and asses. I hated shaving and left the stubble to grow on my face. Kris and I dressed in jeans. My jeans were getting old and a little ragged. I threw on a long sleeve tee while Kris donned a hoodie. Kris and I finished our last class and hated that we could only grab something to go, with Matt thinking it was necessary for us to walk back with him. I was eating my sandwich when we spotted Matt. I have to admit I like his shorter haircut now. We started back with Kris doing the talking. I looked over and saw Matt get very tense and stop. He moved between us. “That’s him right there,” Matt uttered under his breath. I looked but didn’t recognize the face of this guy walking towards us. As he got nearer, I did see him staring hard. He had his hands in his pockets and removed the left one quickly. Matt jumped back while the guy chuckled and walked on. “Let’s just see him try something,” Kris stated with his jaw clinched tight. Seeing this made me angry. It wasn’t so much the fact that Matt kicked his ass, but I knew the fact Matt was gay was the main reason this asshole was terrorizing him. “He’s not that dumb,” I said. “He touches you, Matt, he’ll be wishing he didn’t. Once Kris finishes with him, I want my time with his punk ass. Then he’ll have Corey to contend with.” “Why me? I’m not the only gay person here on campus,” Matt stated. “You kicked his ass,” Kris said. “I owe about another dime but I don’t care.” “I thought maybe you were making something out of nothing but now I see you weren’t,” I said. “I’m sorry I did. I actually think this guy wants to fuck you over, Matt.” “I know he does. I’m sick of it. I have to be on the lookout when I’m not with y’all,” Matt said. Kris and I started eating and walking. We were getting quite well at this act of multitasking. Just as I entered the room, Chase called me to brag on how well his friends liked his tattoo. He started up on wondering when he could come again but I had to tell him we’d figure out a time since I had a few things going. I dressed in a hurry and enjoyed the fact I could wear track pants and tee to the field house. I left with Kris out the door while Matt was going to do whatever he wanted. I got in my truck to drive over. Once there, my boss, the weight trainer, had a full list of duties I had to do. I didn’t mind them and got to be around the team. Now they were just a bunch of students who played football. It took a few days to garner their respect after treating me like pure shit the first few days. They now trusted I was there to help. I charted the backs and receivers while they did their leg work. My boss, Mitch, was watching me and called me over after one set was finished. “Colt, you have to get their face then do it. You’re not here to just watch. Encourage them to get the most out of it. If you don’t, then why the hell are you even here?” Mitch asked. “I don’t wanna piss `em off…” “They’ll have to get over it. They are here to improve and not get lazy. It is your job to make sure they get the most out of their workouts,” Mitch stated. “If they say something to you, send `em my way. I got your back.” I returned and watched the second round gaziantep masaj salonları of reps. The last guy, Mack, didn’t seem to have it in him to finish. I summoned up some courage despite his size. “Dude, are you quitting?” “Yeah, my fucking knee hurts,” Mack replied. “Go to the trainer if it hurts. If not, I suggest you finish your set.” Mack gave me a look and stood. “No little scrub ass punk tells me what to do around here. You got me?” Trying to not act intimidated, I said, “Fine, if third string next year and on the bench is what you want.” I looked to see the others in his group stunned at my boldness. “Fuck this shit!” Mack said and turned to walk out. He was barely ten steps when Mitch came walking by. “Mitch, who does this fucker think he is telling me what to do?” Mitch waved me over. “What’s the deal here, Colt?” “Mack did four leg presses and said he was finished. He said something about his knee hurt so I said go to the trainer if it did.” “Mack, is that true?” Mitch asked. “Yeah it’s true,” Mack said. “Here some punk tells me about being third string and shit!” “Unless your knee is hurt, you might want finish those sets or else he’s right about being third string. The rest of those guys are aching to steal your position. Come spring if you are lacking in your conditioning Coach won’t hesitate to drop you down what with all the talent we have plus the stellar recruiting class we had. Mack, it’s your decision,” Mitch said with great authority. Mack lowered his head and returned. The rest of the day I didn’t hear a word from him. While the others were out running laps or getting a little treatment, I was able to hit the weights after my other things were done. I had a few others like Myles who were there with me doing the extra work to improve. I got to see who had the determination to make it at this high level. I showered with Myles and a few others. In the shower, I didn’t dare look or stare in fear of what they might think. It was different than showering with the guys at the Rec Center for there was little chattier. Entering the room, Matt was waiting on me with Scott, Shawn and Brennan. “Hey, we heard the idea about the campsite,” Shawn stated once I was barely in the door. “And?” I asked. “We like it. Matt was so right. If the weather looks bad, we can kick it at Bishop’s then go camping,” Scott said. “It won’t be near as sweet as a cruise though.” “You’re damn right there,” I said. “We’ll still have a blast.” Matt was holding up one finger. I felt like holding up my middle finger but I had agreed and didn’t realize what I had said. “We heard about the cuss canister,” Brennan laughed. “Y’all have a year’s supply of health food and mixes by the end of the week.” “We might,” I said and went to my room to find where I kept my coins. I found about a dollar and a half worth of quarters and tossed them into the canister. I stepped away and called Andrea to see what she was up to. She said she didn’t have much going whereas I needed to study some but would see before I began. After we ate, I headed to Andrea’s room to be with her. I knocked on her door, which was about half down our hall. She opened it and let me inside. I looked to see she was with Blaine, her best friend from high school, who Corey and Matt thought she was cheating with earlier, except for the fact he was gay. He was about 5’8′, average built and blond hair that hung in his face. I greeted him with a firm handshake to see his handshake was rather light. “So what’s going on?” I asked and put my arm around Andrea. “Nothing. We were just talking,” Blaine said. “He was here seeking a girl’s prospective on this guy he wants to date,” Andrea said. “I see,” I said. They talked about this guy while I sat and listened. They talked what seemed forever before Blaine stood and left. Finally I got a little alone time with Andrea while her roommates were gone. “Colt, would you ever have a threesome with me and Blaine?” she asked. “Andrea, I hope you’re just wondering that.” “You’ve had sex with Kris, Matt and Corey.” “I have, but there’s a relationship there between us,” I said. “And I have a relationship similar to that with Blaine. He’s so sweet.” “Andrea, say I asked you to do the same say with… Toni,” I said searching for a name. “That is if she wasn’t with Bryson. You know someone I was friends with but you didn’t know.” She smiled, “I guess you’re right. What was I thinking other than I’d love to see you and Blaine go at it? He needs a good man in his life right now. He can pick some of the biggest losers ever. In high school, if a guy just showed him attention, he’d fall head over heels for them.” “I’m glad you did see my point,” I said. “He seems like a really nice guy…” “He is, but he’s different than Matt and Corey.” I smiled, “I noticed, but he may be like them once you get to know him.” “Ummm… not really. No one ever has to ask if Blaine’s gay, but I still love him to death,” Andrea stated. “I can see that, like I do with my roomies and you do with your roomies. We can still love others while still having each other as partners,” I said. Andrea and I began to make out like crazy. When I was with her, there was no else in the world for me. She was the perfect one for me at this time in my life. We stayed dressed even though I think she wanted some of me. Not that I didn’t want to strip her down and have my way with her hot body, I just knew I had limited time. We broke the kiss when her roommate, Haley, came in the door. She said hello and sat down there with us. I was looking for an excuse to leave and began to stand. “Colt, do you know any of your hot friends who would pose naked for an art class that I’m taking this semester?” Haley asked. “I would,” I said without thinking. “Yeah, you’d be perfect,” Andrea said and lifted up my shirt. “Haley, get a load of this.” “Andrea, I’ve seen him enough and even naked around here,” Haley said. “That’s why I brought it up.” “Ummm… so what does it involve?” I asked. “Just posing naked. They do pay,” Haley replied. “It would have to be on a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon…” I said and now was beginning to regret I opened my mouth. “Perfect. My class is at 3 on Tuesday and Thursday,” Haley said. “It’ll be later on in the year, probably after spring break. They just asked the other day if we knew any one brave enough to model.” “Ummm… okay, just tell Andrea when I need to be there,” gaziantep escort bayan I said before kissing Andrea and exiting her room. I was walking thinking how it may be cool, but then again maybe not. I didn’t mind being naked, but I wasn’t as fond as Kris was in front of strangers. I knew I wasn’t going to say a word about this either. Matt was watching TV in his shorts with Shawn, Alex, Joe and Antonio. I spoke to them before heading to my room. I pulled out my laptop and knew I had lots of homework staring me in the face. I threw in a dip and found a bottle to spit in before I got down to business. Something about that pinch in my lip helped me relax and concentrate on my work. I hated studying but it was a necessity. There was little doubt when Kris and Corey came to the suite. Kris marched into the room and tossed off his shirt and jeans before putting on a pair of shorts. “Bro, what are you doing?” Kris asked. “What the fuck does it look like, dumbass?” “Asswipe, I mean there’s people out there,” Kris replied. “I know that, but I have to study.” “Getting like Matt, huh?” “No, trying not to flunk out of here.” “Bro, I’ll be back,” Kris said. “I need to hit the books myself.” I shook my head with my long hair flying. This was without a doubt the longest I had ever been without a haircut. It had been so long I can’t even remember the last time I got it cut. Chase commented about it when he was here and laughed at me, but I didn’t like going. I returned to my studying and about fell out of my chair when Kris walked in. He tossed off his shorts and put in a dip. “What? Can I not join ya?” Kris asked with me looking at him. I was looking in amazement at his body. Even though I’ve now seen it millions of times and had sex with him, it still caught my eye, plus the fact he was sitting down to study. Kris and I finished our studies and sat just shooting the shit. He talked on and on about his job. No doubt it was absolutely perfect for him, like mine was for me. I was now glad I chose not to go there and have something separate. It did give us time apart and make us enjoy each other more when we were together. At eleven, Corey came in the room naked with Kris leaving to join Matt. “Getting ya some before you came over?” I asked and laughed. “Nah, I just threw my clothes over there before I came in,” he replied. “Man, you must have needed to study like crazy. You missed the big news.” “What big news?” I asked while thinking I had really missed something. “Weatherman Scott reported it is supposed to snow a ton starting Friday,” Corey replied. “Really?” I said and grabbed my phone. I looked to see the forecast and sure enough it was supposed to snow here, maybe up to a foot. “Hot damn… oh by the way, the no cussing rule is out when we’re alone, or else Kris and my entire pay check would be in that canister.” Corey laughed, “I see… it did get a little out of hand.” “Oh I’m the first to admit that it has. You heard Chase and Tabor this weekend.” “You’re a bad brother,” Corey laughed. “I know that’s right. I forbid him coming to see me. I won’t let him drink a drop,” I laughed along with Corey. “Would you let him fuck a girl here?” Corey asked. I rubbed my chin, “I don’t know if I would, but I do fuck Andrea. I know he will next year when he comes here.” “That boy will have all the girls. He and Tabor are really hot,” Corey said. Corey woke us up the next morning about ten. I loved Tuesdays and Thursdays since I could sleep in. The part I hated was the fact my dumb ass didn’t have a break in between any of my classes. Stepping outside to head to our classes, I could tell it was cold and getting colder. When we all got back, it was time to head to the Rec Center. Kris and I enjoyed testing each other. He and Corey lifted a little more than I did but not by much. I lifted more than the rest, though I saw very quickly my knee was acting up. I had to end the squats and just do curls and other exercise where I didn’t use my legs. Now I was pissed and disappointed that my body was aching. That Tuesday night, I did get to sit around with them and Andrea. I loved the fact she was willing to join me and my friends. As we were talking, Ted, Luke and Myles came to the room. “Hey, we were wondering since y’all did a great job on Corey’s party maybe you could do the same Sunday night,” Luke stated. “Why Sunday night?” Kris asked. “Super Bowl,” Ted said. “Packers and Steelers.” I didn’t say a word but had read where they were playing. We did have a nice party last year. “I can ask Rick. I know he’ll let us use the room again. You do know it is supposed to come in the middle of a blizzard?” Kris said and had been excited about the snow. “We heard, but you know the weather around here,” Myles said. “I know that’s right,” Matt said. “It’s cool as long as we have power this time,” I stated with all in agreement. We talked with great plans ahead. Little did I know that Ted’s nephew Reese and Scott’s brother Trevor were planning on coming to visit. The weather had delayed their arrival a few weeks unless there was a change in the forecast. It seemed I had started something by allowing Chase to come. “Bros, you do know Colt’s birthday is Friday night too,” Kris shouted. “Can you spell party?” Shawn asked. “Damn, next year all y’all will be turning 21 at the same time.” “Nope, mine is last,” Kris said. “That will be the big fucking party!” Matt smiled while I held up a finger. Kris laughed but so far we had done a great job of censoring ourselves in the group setting. Once the night ended, Kris and I went to our room. We didn’t suck each other off or anything. Actually Kris said very little before rolling over and going to sleep. I grabbed my phone and enjoyed texting with Chase until one in the morning. I knew if Dad knew he was up this late he’d go crazy but what Dad didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him. TO BE CONTINUED… Thanks for reading `Sophomore Chapter 63. I hope you didn’t mind the change in point of view. Just trying something different to see how that goes. The next chapter is back to Matt’s POV. If you want to write me with your comments and/or suggestions, please do so at: [email protected] I love hearing from you and will try to respond to each one. Be sure to put `Sophomore’ or `Rooming’ in the title line so your email doesn’t go to my spam. If you don’t want to miss when it is posted, I suggest you go to my website I have established and sign up to be notified for the next installments. The web address is: ies. Also you can find other chapters related to this ongoing series that was written by others that I only post there. It could fill in a few spots that may be missing in the story. Please if you could I know NIFTY would really appreciate your donations. It would help keep this wonderful site alive and going.

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