Two is Fun; Three is Fantastic


I was a little nervous as I waited for Jimmy and Helen to show up at my apartment. I wasn’t sure I wanted to go through with things, but I also knew that Jimmy had a way of pushing me past my sexual boundaries, even when I wanted to say no. Today was no exception He was bringing Helen with him, and he wanted the three of us to have sex together, something I had never done before, and I suspected Helen probably hadn’t done it either. The look on her face, when we were introduced said it all.

Helen was probably in her 40s with a trim little body. She looked a little nervous as she sat down on my couch and accepted a glass of the home- made wine, which Jimmy had brought with him. I felt kind of sorry for her.

I knew from what Jimmy had told me that she was married to a farmer, and that Jimmy had just taught her to perform oral sex. I also knew that he made her go home and initiate oral sex with her husband and then call Jimmy and tell him about it afterwards. Jimmy got off on control, he knew that Helen had never been with another woman and he wanted to make her do something nasty for him.

It must have been difficult for her to be confronted with her lover’s other girlfriend, especially since I was about 20 years younger than she was. My figure was fuller than hers was. I had firm round breasts and a heart shaped ass, not to mention the full bloom of youth on my side. She was trim and firm with pert little breasts and large pointed nipples.

Jimmy kissed me as he handed me the wine and slipped his hand inside my push up bra squeezing the soft flesh.

“I told you she had beautiful boobs, didn’t I Helen?”

Helen looked even more uncomfortable, as he freed my left breast from my bra and ran his fingers over the nipple to make it erect.

“Come here, Helen. Show Maggie how much you like her breasts. “

Helen dutifully came over and took the nipple in her mouth and began to suck and lick it while Jimmy watched. I had never had a woman suck my tit before and the gentleness in her touch was pretty nice. I found myself really getting aroused. I closed my eyes and moaned as she continued to play with me, all under Jimmy’s watchful eye.

After a bit we all went back to my bedroom, where Jimmy propped himself up on a pile of pillows and told us both to undress slowly for him. There is a bit of the exhibitionist in me and I began to do a slow sensual strip tease, but somewhere in the midst of it, I became interested in how it was effecting Helen, more than I was paying attention to Jimmy.

I slid my dress down to my hips and then let it fall to the floor, leaving me standing in a sexy little black lace push up bra and black lace bikini panties. Helen was still dressed and looking like she wasn’t sure what to do next.

“Undress her Maggie” Jimmy called from the bed. I knew he wanted to see us together, but I wasn’t feeling so much that I wanted to please him, which was really unusual. I wanted to make Helen comfortable, so I walked over to her and reached up and untied the little bow at the neck of her polka dot blouse.

I looked deep into her eyes as I pulled the bow free and began unbuttoning her blouse. I let the backs of my knuckles graze the soft mound of her breast, which was peaking out of the top of her bra. She took a quick deep breath in and I knew that she was responding to me. Slipping the blouse from her shoulders, I reached behind her and undid the clasp antep escort of her bra

Her breasts were small and firm, with dark nipples beginning to become erect. I held one in each hand and gently squeezed and kneaded them. It was the first time I had done this to a woman and I was really getting off on her incredible softness and the fact that as a woman, I knew exactly how she liked to be touched.

I put one of my hands behind her head and pulled her into a gentle probing kiss. She didn’t resist as I slipped my tongue between her lips, in fact she responded by kissing me back. The kiss was sweet and sensual as we tasted each others lips. Slowly I kissed her chin and then her neck as I worked my way down to the, now hard, nipple of her breast.

Jimmy couldn’t take his eyes off of us as I finished undressing her. His hand was busily working the foreskin of his penis back from his raging hard on.

“One of you sluts come here and suck this” he called out from the bed.

I moved over to him and got on my hands and knees, doggie style and began one of my favorite activities.

I love to suck cock and for a few minutes I forgot all about Helen and Jimmy and just began licking and sucking his enormous hard on. The hotter I was getting the farther I took him into my mouth. I loved the feel of him deep in my throat. It turns me on to be so close to the raw power of a man’s sexual energy. I could feel myself cuming as Jimmy shot his load in my eager mouth. I wanted to lick him clean, but he pulled my head off of him and pushed Helen down in my place.

Meanwhile I curled up next to him and let him play with my breasts, while we both watched her lick him clean.

I don’t know what I was expecting in a threesome, but it was an incredible tangle of arms and legs, At one point, I reached out to stroke Jimmy and found myself touching the downy softness between Helens legs. It felt so sensual that I began to play with her, as she was sucking Jimmy’s cock. The more I rubbed her tender pink lips the wetter she got and it didn’t take long for me to be able to make her moan. I longed to get myself into a position to taste her sweet snatch. I wanted to drive her crazy.

Jimmy was his usual self, into control, and he kept moving us around so that he could see every part of us. He lay between us and watched us as we knelt on either side of him and began exploring each other with our hands and our tongues. Helen was getting more relaxed and this time when I put my tongue into her mouth, she parted her lips to let me explore her more deeply.

A woman really does know another woman’s body better than a man and I had the perfect sense of just how hard to squeeze her and when to use my fingers to invade her pussy, or when to be tender to her.

“Helen, you lay down on your back and Maggie you get between her legs. Did you ever eat out a pussy before, Maggie. ”

When I shook my head no, that really turned him on, and he positioned himself where he could play with his cock as I parted Helen’s legs and began to lick and suck on her tender lips. I was a little timid at first, until I got a taste of her and then I began pushing my tongue inside of her, making her moan and move around on the bed.

I fucked her cunt for a while with my tongue and then I moved up towards her clit. I knew Jimmy as a lover and he was a little rough on the clit. He antep escort bayan dove right at it, while I began making circles with my tongue around the base of it and gradually encouraging it to become more sensitive. When she raised her head up and tried to hold my head closer to her, I figured I was on the mark. It was such a high to play with her, like I was playing a fine violin.

Before long she couldn’t keep her hips still and Jimmy was getting as excited as she was. He got behind me and put his hard cock into my steaming pussy and rammed it in all the way. God it felt good and it made me want to eat Helen even more. It felt wonderful to be in the middle of all of that sex. Helen was wild beneath me, pushing herself up into my face and moaning, locking her legs around me as much as she could. All of this made Jimmy hotter and hotter and he began pumping me with as much earnest from behind.

For a while we were all lost in the sensations. Helen was moving under me, fucking my face in a steady rhythm, and Jimmy was pounding into me from behind. We were all in sync and the passion kept building and building until we were all on the edge of exploding. I could feel Helen arch up and release more juices which I eagerly lapped up As I felt her orgasm I also felt my own vagina grab hold of Jimmy’s prick as he shot his load of cum into my hot hole.

I slid up the bed to Helen, to hold her and comfort her as she trembled in my arms. It would have been nice to cuddle with her, but Jimmy sent her off to take a shower.

“Maggie, you whore, I saw you lovin’ that muff What are you trying to do, take her away from me. Did you forget how much you like a stiff prick?”

Jimmy was a little agitated, he wanted to be in charge and he didn’t like the way I had taken over with Helen. He cracked my ass hard and told me I’d been naughty. I knew what was coming next, the belt, and I gave silent thanks that we were not at his place where he might have access to a lot more toys that he could punish me with.

He reached into my stocking drawer and ripped up two pair of panty hose and tied my hands and feet to the bed frame. Helen had come out of the shower with the towel wrapped around her, looking slightly confused. Apparently she had yet to encounter this side of Jimmy’s nature.

“You two whore’s had a good time loving each other at my expense. You pay close attention girl, so you know what happens to naughty little cunts. Sit here on this chair next to the bed and do yourself with this. ” With that he threw a large dildo at her.

“Look at this fine ass, Helen” he commanded as he ran his hands over my helpless body.

“Maggie’s got a lot of good qualities, her tits and her ass” he laughed harshly at his own joke. “but, she can be a naughty little hole and when she is, she needs to be corrected. She tried to corrupt you today and make you into a muff diver, so you are going to give her the first blows. “

He must have handed her the belt, because when I felt it laid across my bum, I could hardly feel it. She had only lashed me a few times when Jimmy grabbed the belt from her hand and set my ass on fire.

“This is the way you do it, you pussy. You aint doing it right if she don’t turn red! Now use that cock on your cunt and make yourself cum, I’m going to whip her until you do; that way if you are dreaming of her sweet mouth on you, she escort antep is going to pay for it. “

Jimmy had hit me before in play, but as I struggled against my bonds, I could see that he was serious this time. I had threatened his manhood by my attentions to Helen. I began to beg him for mercy after the third smack, and by the fifth and sixth blow I had tears streaming down my cheeks and a fire in my cunt that wouldn’t go out. As much as he hurt me, he turned me on too, and I really needed to cum.

“Please, Jimmy, fuck me, please. Oh God… oh I need it, please stick you cock in my pussy, ride me baby please. ”

He brought the belt down even harder between my legs cutting into the delicate lips of my pussy.

“Did I hear a whore telling me what to do? Did I hear you call me Jimmy? “

“Please master, I need to cum, please fuck me now, oh God, pleeeeeeeeease”

At last he untied my bonds and made me roll over on my flaming backside. I knew he wanted me to feel each blow as he fucked me but I didn’t care. All I wanted was to feel his cock inside of me.

“You whore!” he shouted, “you like pussy, but it is my cock that gets you off. Don’t you ever forget that. You are my cunt and you do what I tell you to. “

“Yes, yes, Master, only please don’t stop. ”

He pounded my vagina with the same fury with which he had used the belt on me, but I didn’t care even the fire of my ass cheeks turned me on. I was screaming in orgasm and floating in ecstasy when he took his cock out of my pussy and with no lubrication slammed it right up my ass.

I thought the pain would split me in half, especially as I was just beginning to come down from getting off. I lost all control and started to cry, telling him how much he hurt me, with large tears rolling down my cheeks.

“Oh God, baby, it is so good when I can make you cry. Oh God, Maggie, you’re going to make me come. Oh… Oh… Ahhhhhhh!!” He shot his hot load up my bruised bum hole and collapsed on top of me, until his cock came out of me with a pop.

Helen who had been watching he entire scene was completely turned on by it. She straddled my face and pushed her cunt onto my mouth while she took the huge dildo and began working it in and out of my pussy with no mercy or tenderness. Shy little Helen was turning into a dominatrix before my eyes.

All of this turned Jimmy on again, and he rolled me over on my side, and told Helen to shove the dildo up my ass while he fucked my pussy. He held very still inside of me and told Helen to fuck me hard so he could feel it. This seemed to excite him a lot and the fact that he was hurting me made him wild with power.

“You little fuck slut. I’m going to slam this load up your pussy. You’re my cunt, aren’t you? Tell me what you want. ”

With tears streaming down my face I told him I wanted him to fuck me. I begged him to fuck me. I wanted to please him. I promised him I’d be good in the future, anything just to feel him shoot in me. He pounded my pussy so hard I thought he would break the bed. Then, just as I could feel my own orgasm exploding, I heard him bellow like a bull as he emptied his cock into me again and again until the last drop had been released.

I couldn’t move. He had fucked me senseless. I couldn’t even stand up to go take a shower. I wanted to lay there with his hot juices soaking into my battered pussy and just drift off to sleep. I didn’t even hear them leave.

When I awoke a few hours later, I smelled of Helen all over my face and Jimmy between my legs and I played with myself while I remembered the whole afternoon’s play, and somewhere in the back of my naughty little mind I wanted to get another taste of pussy and this time without Jimmy looking on.

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