Valentine’s Lingerie Gift Ch. 02


I wanted to reward my husband for allowing me to fulfill my fantasy as my Valentine’s gift. He stood in the dressing room with Amber and me. We were both naked and if she was half as wet as I was, she was ready to fuck.

Steve was fully clothed, but Amber and I had just finished my first experience with another woman. He knew how much I fantasized about it, and had arranged for me to meet Amber while I tried on new lingerie as my Valentine’s gift. I enjoyed every moment of it and was ready for more. I unzipped Steve’s pants, pulling out his hard cock. Just a few moments earlier he opened the door to the dressing room, telling me that he had watched the entire thing. Judging by the hardness of his cock, he must have enjoyed what he had seen. Pre-cum dripped from the opening and I was eager to lap it up.

I invited Amber to join me in sucking his cock and making sure he came good and hard. He deserved it for allowing me to have what I had always desired. Amber I both knelt in front of him, his pants pushed down to his knees, taking turns licking and sucking his hard shaft. We played with his balls while kneading his ass cheeks. His moans came quickly. Amber took his full length in her mouth. The seven inches slid down her throat easily. Apparently she was as good at sucking cock as she was at eating pussy. I had felt the wonder of her tongue earlier and Steve was obvious in his enjoyment as it danced over his cock.

Amber released his cock, allowing me to fully go down on him. Steve grabbed my head, fucking my face as quickly as he could. He was not holding back. I don’t know how long he had been watching us, but apparently he was ready for his release. He grunted that he was about to cum and continued stroking his cock into my mouth. I was so turned on, I sucked harder so I could make him cum and suck his cream down my throat. Amber sucked his balls, adding to his excitement. It was only another minute before I was rewarded with a throat bath. I loved the taste of him and his excitement. I milked Steve’s cock dry, sucking every last drop.

When I withdrew my mouth, Amber turned me toward her, kissed me to taste Steve’s cum, and fingered me to another orgasm as she did. The smell of sex in the air and everything that had happened made me cum quicker than I ever had before. I bucked and ground against her hand, while moaning into her mouth.

“Did you enjoy your Valentine’s present?” Steve asked.

“Oh baby, more than you will ever know,” I replied.

I turned to Amber and asked, “Were you serious about joining us for a threesome.”

“Oh hell yeah,” she responded. “I’d love to spend more time exploring your body and fulfilling your fantasies, and after tasting Steve’s cock, I want to see how well he fucks and swallow his cum myself.”

“Can you come home with us now?” I asked.

“I need to formally close up the shop, but then I am ready to go,” she responded.

Amber hastily rang up my purchases as Steve played with my tits and rubbed my pussy. I was so hot and wet I didn’t think we’d make it to the parking lot. Oh, how I loved this man.

We had three cars in the parking lot. I told Amber she could ride with Steve and one of us would bring her back if she liked. She didn’t have to be asked twice. I told them they could do whatever they wanted on the way home, but I wanted to hear every juicy detail when they arrived. My pussy was wet with anticipation.

As soon as they got into the car, I saw Amber remove her top. I knew Steve was going to have a great ride home. I envied him the extra time with Amber, but I truly wanted him to have as great an experience as I did. While I drove I fingered myself imagining what was happening. I would be ready to fuck as soon as everyone hit the door. With a 20 minute drive, I had plenty of time for my mind to conjure up sexy images.

Steve and Amber pulled up a minute or so after I did. I expected them to take longer getting home. When Amber got out of the car, she was completely nude. I nearly came at the sight of her and thinking of what had happened.

We ran into the house, eager to get back to what we had started. Since Amber was already nude, I went to her, stroking her body and playing with her smooth tits. I loved running my tongue over her hard nipples and taking them in my mouth, nibbling on them and sucking hard. It made her buck like crazy when I did. Steve was behind me, quickly removing my clothes. My hand went to Amber’s pussy. She was soaking wet. I loved the feeling of her shaved pussy in my hand. I wanted to keep going, but I had a surprise for Steve. I thought about it on the way home and I knew what I wanted.

I stood, asking Amber to help me get Steve undressed. With three sets of hands rapidly working at clothes, he was stripped in no time. His cock was sticking straight out.

“Steve, did you touch Amber’s bare pussy?” I asked him.

“Oooohhhh yeah,” was all he could respond as Amber and I stroked his cock.

“Would you like my pussy shaved?” I inquired.

“Hell ateşli gaziantep escort yeah. I’ve always wanted you to shave your pussy,” he responded.

“Today is your lucky day. I want you and Amber to shave my pussy while you tell me about what you did in the car,” I told him.

I had never seen the man move so fast. He raced to the bathroom and returned with the shaving cream and a fresh razor.

They sat me on a chair, with my ass at the edge and my legs spread wide. My pussy tingled as they spread the shaving cream on it. I was going to have to work hard to keep from cumming as they shaved me.

Amber rubbed my tits while Steve began to shave. She told me what had happened in the car.

As soon as they got in the car, Amber had removed her top, as I had seen. She also removed her thong and skirt. She began to pinch her nipples as Steve drove. He was working hard to keep his eyes on the road because Amber was moaning. Amber told him that she wanted Steve to pinch her nipples. With one hand on the wheel and the other on her tits, he squeezed the soft mounds of flesh. I moaned as I remembered what they felt like in my hands. I wanted to reach up and squeeze them myself, but I was afraid of moving too much as Steve shaved me. I didn’t want any cuts.

Amber started to get really wet from Steve working her tits. Neither of them made any effort to hide what they were doing, so anyone looking in the car could easily see what was going on. They heard a few vehicles honk at them. They weren’t sure if it was encouragement or disapproval, but they didn’t care. It fueled them on more. Amber’s hand slid down to her pussy and she started fingering her clit. She dove a couple of fingers deep inside her wet pussy. She pulled them out, placing them against Steve’s mouth for him to suck, which he did so eagerly.

“Oh, her pussy tastes so good,” Steve remarked. “Did you like eating it baby?”

“Yes, baby. I loved eating her pussy and I plan to do much more it tonight,” I answered.

Amber continued with the story. Steve was pinching her nipples and she was fingering her clit, which had her ready to cum. She told Steve that she wanted him to make her cum. This is when his fingers encountered her smooth pussy for the first time. He groaned as he felt the bare flesh and her wet juice. He worked her clit and slid his fingers into her wet hole as much as the seats would allow him to. He wanted to be deeper inside her but he was constrained. I wonder how much his cock must have been throbbing while he fingered her.

Amber said that Steve made her cum good and hard, drenching the car seat with her cum. I smiled knowing that her scent would be in there the next time I got in. When her orgasm subsided, Steve withdrew his fingers and Amber sucked them dry. Steve loves when I suck his fingers after he’s made me cum. His cock must have been rock hard during this drive.

Amber hadn’t finished with him yet. After she came, she undid his pants and wrapped her hand around his cock. She told me how hard he was. She couldn’t resist. She leaned over and took him into her mouth. Steve adjusted the steering wheel, giving Amber as much room as possible. She licked the slippery pre-cum from the tip, flicking the tip of her tongue over the head of his cock. Steve groaned as Amber retold the story. With the angle of the seats, she couldn’t take him fully into her mouth so she took what she could and pumped the rest with her hand wrapped tightly around him. She knew Steve was nearing an orgasm and she was ready to finish him off when he told her to stop.

She was startled as she doesn’t usually have a man stop her before he cums. Steve explained it was everything he could do to keep the car on the road as it was, if she made him cum, they would surely crash. I was amazed at Steve’s restraint, and knew he must be ready to cum.

“That’s when we pulled up the house,” Amber stated. “I bet his cock is ready for some action, because I know I sure am. I wanted to finish sucking his cock when we parked, but he wanted to get inside right away.”

I knew I was ready for just about anything. My pussy was throbbing from hearing Amber tell her story. I was surprised at how horny having Steve shave me was. He had left a little heart shaped patch of hair just above my clit, but had trimmed it as well. My pussy felt like it was on fire. It seemed like time was standing still as I waited for him to finish. As hot as I was, I needed tongues, fingers, and much more, and fast!

Steve announced that he was finished, and wiped my pussy and clit with a wet washcloth. Then he placed his mouth over my now smooth pussy, licking my swollen clit. I ground my pussy against his face. The sensations were so much stronger with my bald pussy, or maybe I was just so fucking horny. No matter what it was, when Amber pressed her lips to my tit, I came hard on Steve’s face. His mouth never left me as I rode out the orgasm. I had never cum this ateşli gaziantep escort bayan hard before. It didn’t stop me from wanting more.

“Oh baby. Your pussy tastes so good. I love having it nice and bare so my mouth can explore you better,” Steve told me.

When Steve stood up, his cock was poking right near my pussy. He was so hard and I was ready. He told me to get on my hands and knees so he could fuck me. I did so eagerly, and asked Amber to lie down in front of me so I could lick her pussy while Steve fucked me. I was so damn hot I couldn’t get enough.

As Steve slid his hard cock into my wet pussy I let out a loud moan. He took his time sliding in, prolonging my pleasure. He withdrew slowly, plunging back in slowly again. It was exquisite torture. I dropped my mouth down to Amber’s pussy, relishing the feel against my tongue. Each time Steve plunged into me, it pushed my mouth deeper into Amber’s pussy. Her juiced flowed readily, covering my face. I lapped it up eagerly as Steve began to really fuck me.

“Fuck her pussy good and hard,” Amber cried out.

Steve wasted no time in following her instructions. His cock pounded my pussy, his balls slapping against me, hitting my clit. He had never fucked me this hard before, and I didn’t want him to stop. I moaned each time he slammed into my pussy, causing Amber’s pussy to vibrate. Feeling how much she liked it, I hummed against her clit as my tongue continued to explore all her folds.

I’m not sure who came first. Amber was flooding my face as Steve dumped a load of cum into my soaking wet snatch. Between the sounds and feel of them cumming, combined with the scent and taste, I could no longer hold back. I squeezed Steve’s cock tight with my pussy, drenching it with my own juice. I came with his cock deeply embedded in my pussy as he drained the last of his cum into me. I licked Amber clean, relishing the taste of her in my mouth. My fantasies didn’t even come close to the reality. This was so much better than I ever imagined it could be.

We collapsed into a heap on the floor, hands running all over each other. My skin tingled with each touch. Steve and Amber played with my pussy together, then Steve and I did the same to Amber. It was an incredible sensation; rubbing the pussy of another woman with my husband. I didn’t feel any jealousy at all. The only thing I felt was turned on. I was ready to go again. Steve’s still limp dick lay against his leg as Amber said, “I want to eat Steve’s cum from your pussy.” I didn’t have to be asked twice.

I was on the floor on my back as Amber placed her mouth over my still singing pussy. As her tongue dove into my pussy and sucked Steve’s cum, I felt her moan against my pussy. I had seen this in some of the porn movies that Steve and I had watched together, but never thought about doing. It was oddly arousing. I closed my eyes, letting Amber use her magic tongue. When I opened my eyes again, Steve was kneeling near my face, stroking his cock. He was semi-hard, but I knew he was nowhere ready to fuck yet.

I strained my neck to reach his cock. Taking it in my mouth, I could taste my cum mixed with his on his cock. I love the smell of our cum mixed together. I wish I could bottle that scent. It never fails to make me horny.

When my mouth hit the base of his cock, I heard Steve moan and felt him harden a little in my mouth. He now straddled my face, allowing me to better suck his cock. I could feel the blood begin to fill his member as it continued to grow in my mouth. The veins became more defined, sliding against my lips.

My hips were grinding against Amber’s mouth as Steve fucked mine. Steve told me that Amber was playing with her pussy while she was eating mine. That explained the moans I felt against my clit. The extra vibration was so enticing. Amber was so skilled at eating pussy. She would bring me so close to cumming, then back off again, giving me more pleasure, while torturing me at the same time. The feeling was so good, but I wanted to cum.

I pulled Steve’s now solid cock from my mouth and begged, “Please eat my pussy and make me cum. I need to cum so badly.” Amber increased her assault on my tender pussy while Steve quickly replaced his cock in my mouth.

I came, arching my back, pressing my pussy hard against Amber’s mouth. She did not release her grip on my clit. Her tongue swirled artfully over it as I had wave after wave of orgasm hit my already tightly wound body. I had nowhere to go as Steve continued stroking his cock in and out of my mouth. I could no longer maintain my arched position. I lowered my ass to the floor, while sucking and gasping around Steve’s cock.

I reluctantly turned away from his cock, causing it to plop out. Steve and Amber readily agreed when I said I wanted to see his cock buried in her wet pussy. Amber had yet to be fucked, and I’m sure her pussy was ready. I had never told Steve that I had fantasized seeing him fuck another ateşli escort gaziantep woman.

I pushed Steve onto his back, telling him, “Fuck her pussy just like you fucked me before. Show her what that marvelous cock can do.”

Amber straddled Steve, lowering herself down onto his cock. As I watched his cock disappear into her sweet pussy I got wet all over again. My fingers and tongue had been inside her. I knew how tight and hot she was inside. I could only imagine what Steve was feeling as he buried his length deep inside her.

“Oh fuck,” he cried out as the base of his shaft hit Amber’s pussy. I knelt next to Amber, so I could watch her and Steve, but still have access to her tits and clit. Amber rode Steve, gently at first. I was nibbling on her tits, while I watched her pussy slide up and down his cock. Who would have thought that watching your husband fuck another woman would be so hot? Then again, Amber was one hot woman and I was part of the action. The smell of sex filled the room. Moans and groans came from Amber and Steve.

I placed my mouth over one of Amber’s tits, using my hand on the other. I was still able to see her fucking Steve as I worked her tender little nubs.

“Harder,” I heard Amber groan. I wasn’t sure if she was talking to me or Steve, but we both worked her harder. I took one nipple in my teeth, nibbling on it, while I pinched the other one. Amber threw her head back. Steve started thrusting his hips upward, banging his cock into her. Amber rode his cock, never letting him slide out. Watching them was so damn hot. I wanted to rub my own clit, but I didn’t want to remove my hands from Amber. I got behind her, grabbing one tit with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other. Her tits jiggled as she continued bouncing on Steve’s cock.

“Oh fuck yes, I’m going to cum,” she screamed, continuing to ride Steve.

In increased my pace on her clit and pinched one nipple, then another.

“Ooooooohhhhhh, yessss, fuck my pussy,” she screamed.

She slammed onto Steve’s cock as hard as she could. I could feel her body tighten as she came. Her juices flowed over Steve’s cock and onto my hand. I rubbed her slippery juice over her clit as she continued to cum. Her head was thrown back, giving me easy access to her neck.

“You like fucking my husband’s cock while I finger your clit?” I whispered in her ear.

“Oh yes. My pussy is on fire. His cock is so damn good,” Amber answered breathlessly.

“Do you want to suck Steve’s cock when he comes?” I asked.

“Mmmmmm, I want him to cum down my throat,” Amber eagerly replied.

“Finish him off. Make his cock cum. I want to see you swallow the load he’s going to give you,” I told her.

She hesitantly withdrew her pussy from his cock, but eagerly swallowed it as soon as she was able. She sucked his cock like a porn star.

I heard grunts coming from Steve that I knew meant he was about to cum.

“He’s about to fill your mouth with his wonderful cum. Suck it all down. Drain his hard cock,” I told her.

A few moments later I heard the telltale sign of Steve dumping his cum down Amber’s throat. She didn’t miss a beat as she sucked and swallowed. Watching her was so hot. I described what I was seeing to Steve. He groaned as I told him how much I loved seeing his cock buried in Amber’s mouth. She drained his cock, turned to me and let me taste my husband’s cum in her mouth.

As we lay, tangled together, Amber and I were stroking tits and pussies. Neither of us could get enough. Steve said he wanted to see us in a 69, licking and sucking each other. Amber was on the bottom, I climbed on top of her, sticking my ass out for Steve to see. My legs and ass are his favorite body parts. He never tires of running his hands over them. I knew seeing my ass near Amber’s mouth would be a turn on for him. I knew he wouldn’t be ready to fuck again soon, but I thought I might add something to the show. The thought of him watching me added to my excitement.

As Amber and I sucked and probed each other, Steve gave us directions on what he would like to see.

“Finger fuck her pussy, just use the tip of your tongue on her clit, suck on her nub, oh yeah, work her pussy….”

As we came, he had a hand on each of our asses, giving us light slaps. When we parted, he kissed each of us, tasting the cum of the other. He then suggested we proceed to the shower and clean each other up.

I was sandwiched between the two of them, rubbing against their slick bodies and they stroked each other. Steve’s cock rode against the crack of my ass as Amber and I rubbed our tits together. I came just from the touch of body against body. We traded places, putting Steve in the middle, his cock riding against Amber’s pussy. I snaked my hand between them feeling them as they rubbed against each other.

Steve worked Amber’s tits just like he worked mine. I knew how skilled his fingers were and it wasn’t long before I saw her head go back, as she came. Steve and I fingered her pussy, shoving our fingers deep inside her as she bucked and ground against our hands. Steve’s fingers teased her tight ass, causing another heavenly orgasm. Amber was soaking wet and Steve was rock hard.

I suggested that we move to the bedroom so Steve could fuck Amber again, but this time I wanted him to cum in her pussy, then suck his cum out of her just as she had done to me.

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