Who Knew?

Alpha Female

I’m a 42 year old married and successful man. I’ve always been a leader to those around me. I was the high school football star, the president of the debate club in college, graduated with honors and I’m now an executive with one of the American auto companies. My personality is such that I lead those around me.

My wife, kids, and I live in a very nice neighborhood given my income. All 3500+ sq foot houses that sit on 1/2 acre or more plots. About a month ago we had a new neighbor move in just 2 houses down. A single man. At first sight of him outside I went down to introduce myself as I had also become something of a leader on my block. I welcomed Greg to the neighborhood and mentioned some of the more important rules of our association. Greg said, “Thanks Jackson, I’ll do my best but the parking one might be an issue. I like to have get togethers, well parties.” He smiled somewhat slyly and said that he was busy and needed to get back inside.

That weekend I saw what Greg meant. There were cars parked all over the street, some illegally, and we heard music coming from the house as people came and went. I’m all for parties but this was a bit too much. I knew I would have to get involved in this right away.

The next afternoon I walked over to Greg’s house and knocked on the door. Greg answers the door in swim trunks and a towel around his waist. I told him I needed to talk to him. He told me to come back to the pool with him and grabbed a couple iced teas for us.

When we sat down I got right to business. “Greg, I’m all for parties and having fun but that one you had last night was a bit much. The neighbors izmit escort bayan don’t like having cars parked all over the street and that much noise that late into the night.”

Greg looked a tad peeved and responded, “Is it the neighbors Jackson or just you?”

I hated to admit he might be on to something but I was just trying to control a situation that might get out of hand. “It’s all of us Greg. We’ve all gotten together and agreed on this.” I may have used my deeper leader voice at this point.

“Well Jackson I’ve paid very good money for this house and I intend to enjoy it,” he said as he stood up before me and commanded respect.

Truthfully I have never been challenged by someone like this and it was a new feeling. Almost a turn on oddly enough.

“Jackson, you may be used to being the boss everywhere else but in this house I am the man. You’re just a guest and I’ll decide what goes on here.”

He could see the intimidated look on my face and like any person good at controlling a situation he took charge.

“Jackson, have I made myself clear?”

“Um…yes Greg…I guess you have.” I stuttered out still strangely enamored with this guy in front of me. He must have sensed that his control diminished my ability to have any command of the situation.

“Now Jackson, just so I know you are getting my point you’re going to do something for me,” Greg barked.

I looked up to see a devilish look on Greg’s face and before I could say anything he interrupted…

“You’re going to suck my dick,” Greg ordered as he dropped his swim trunks to the ground.

I was amazed izmit eve gelen escort at his audacity and started to stand up to leave. He put his hand on my shoulder pushing me back into my chair and said, “maybe you didn’t hear me!”

At that I looked in front of me and saw his meaty semi erect dick looking right at me. I had never even considered doing anything sexual with a man in my entire life but something about this situation was arousing, and apparently my penis was showing that.

“I see you are liking your submissive position I’ve assigned you Jackson!” Greg said referring to my erection.

I looked down, looked back to his dick and something instinctual inside me took over. I leaned forward and took the head of his dick into my mouth. I was almost drunk with passion and just licked and sucked the head and felt it growing in my mouth.

“That’s right Jackson. Now let’s see that head move up and down,” Greg told me.

Without thinking I began to move up and down on his now rock hard cock. I could feel the veins on my lips as I slide my mouth down until his cock bottomed out in my throat. The thought running through my mind was, “What the hell am I doing? I’m not gay!” But the animal instinct inside of me would not allow me to stop doing this. Not to mention Greg’s grunts and words of approval were somehow making me feel that approval that I’ve always looked for in my superiors.

Greg directed me to look into his eyes while I suck him. I looked up with his thick cock in my mouth and he winked, making me feel like a child that had done something good for his teacher. izmit otele gelen escort Strangely it made me want to please him even more! So I began taking this task a little more seriously. I raised my hand up and grabbed the base of his shaft.

“Very nice. I could tell from the moment I saw you I would turn you into my cock sucker,” Greg assured me.

At that moment I couldn’t think of anything I would rather be doing then licking, sucking, and pleasuring this man’s cock.

Greg moaned and said, “I’m going to cum Jackson. And when I do you’re going to swallow it all.”

The submissiveness of this made my heart beat faster and I felt like a dog that had pleased its owner and was about to receive a treat.

Greg placed his hands on each side of my head and begin to pump his hips as if he were fucking a vagina. After about a half a dozen thrusts he tightened up and I felt his cock expand. Just then a hot splash of liquid hit the back of my throat. Somehow I knew to swallow and several more spurts followed.

Greg pulled his dick out of my mouth and left it to hang in front of my face. “Kiss the head of my cock and tell me how much you enjoyed that!” Greg asserted.

Without thought I did as I was told and gave his cummy cock head a kiss. “I like sucking your cock Greg,” I told him somewhat embarrassed as the words left my mouth.

“Now leave my house so I can get my laps in the pool done before lunch. You will be back Tuesday evening at 8 o’clock to massage and service me after my workout.” Greg was notifying me of this, not asking.

I stood up and walked through Greg’s house towards the front door. Just as I was about to open the door I remembered my own hard-on was very visible. I walked home covering myself in case any of the neighbors were looking. All I could think to myself as I went into the bathroom at home to jerk off was, “I can’t wait until Tuesday!”

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