A Covid Christmas


This is one of my entries into the Winter Holidays Story Contest 2022. I hope you enjoy it and please vote!!!

All characters in this story depicted in any sexual situation are 18 years of age or older.


It had been a long semester. When my daughter, Kat went off to college, it broke up our “Dynamic Duo”, as she called us. The two of us had spent so many hours together in the three years since the divorce that at times we were almost inseparable. Besides work and school, I made sure I was available to do all the things that were important to her. We hunted and fished together, I learned how to go dress shopping, how NOT to be overbearing with a new boyfriend and how to put up with the myriad of female friends that were always over at our house. Before she got her driver’s license, I was chauffeur for so many events, dances, concerts and sports competitions. How did this all happen?

When my daughter turned fourteen, my wife decided that she had put her career on hold long enough and jumped back into the corporate world. Unfortunately, that included many late-night meetings and business trips, some of which apparently had nothing to do with business. I learned that the hard way when I was called by a woman somewhat younger than I was, accusing my wife of fucking her husband on a business trip. To my dismay, she readily admitted she was, and in addition, she’d been fucking guys on business trips and in her office for almost two years. Clearly, she wasn’t interested in changing that behavior, so divorce was the only solution.

When the judge asked our, then, sixteen-year-old daughter, which parent she wanted to live with, she royally pissed her mother off by declaring that she wanted to spend the majority of her time with me. Oh, she still had to go stay with her mother on some holidays, but she didn’t enjoy being with her and whoever her current boy toy was. Instead, she chose to live with me, and I became mister mom. We had adventure after adventure together, including the adventure of life. When college time came, she left, both of us expecting her to come home and visit frequently. Then came Covid. Almost all our visits were now virtual. We spent at least an hour each week on Skype catching up with each other, usually most of it spent with her telling me all the new things in her life and her trying to pry from me who, if anyone I was dating, usually followed by an admonishment that it was time.

She was enjoying college, both the challenge of the academics, and meeting new people, like her new best friend and dorm roommate, Trish. Trish was a very nice, pretty, young lady, not all that dissimilar to Kat. Tall, slender, long brown hair, green eyes and even though I shouldn’t say it, curvy in all the right places. She frequently participated in our chat sessions since her parents didn’t connect nearly as frequently as I did with Kat. If she had one flaw, I would say she’s something of a tease.

It was almost a month into the semester when she accidently walked into view of the laptop camera while Kat and I were visiting. She had apparently just come in from the bathroom, and without realizing what she was exposing, or to whom, took her robe off as she stepped into the laptop’s camera’s view. She was left in the background wearing nothing but a bra and panties. When Kat told her she was exposing herself to me, she squealed and jumped into her bunk and covered herself with her blanket in embarrassment. Both Kat and I had a good laugh and then we signed off so that Trish could finish dressing in private. While I would never tell her so, I couldn’t help but notice how hard the short incident had made me.

A couple weeks later, she walked in again, this time shrugging when Kat told her I was online. She made no effort to hide herself this time, standing in full view of me, in just panties and bra before she pulled on a pair of spandex pants and a shirt, seeming to almost intentionally push her ass out at me as she dressed.

Kat laughed at my discomfort, simply saying that if she wanted to flash it at me, I should just enjoy the show. It seemed that these little teasing flashes began to happen almost every time Kat and I were online with each other, sometimes two or three times a week. Trish also seemed very eager to share in our chat sessions more times than not. It was getting close to the end of their first semester when Trish walked in from the bathroom, dropped her robe and sat down right next to Kat to chat with me, her maybe C cup boobs barely hidden in the lacy little bra she had on, her nipples obvious through the thin lace. I wasn’t sure if it was that she was getting more comfortable with me or if she was intentionally teasing me. A week later, less than two weeks before Kat was planning on heading home for Christmas, Trish walked into view with a towel wrapped around herself, which just happened to slip and fall to the floor, leaving her momentarily naked while she bent to pick it up and wrap it şişli escort around herself again. She sat down next to Kat to chat, frequently having to pull the top of the towel back up over her tits as it drooped and slid down her breasts, twice completely exposing one of them. I think I was more embarrassed than she was, if she was embarrassed at all.

Anyway, it was time for Kat to be home, but this was my ex’s year for Christmas, so Kat had to go there first, not coming to my house until the day after. Since Covid had become a larger issue for the university, Kat and Trish planned on staying together through the holidays, Trish not going home because her sister had been exposed. I felt bad that Kat and I would be having Christmas with nothing for Trish to open, so I had Kat order something online, which she had sent to my house, along with the rest of her presents for me, planning on wrapping them all when she got home.

I waited anxiously for Kat to get home, which she finally did a little after noon the day after Christmas. It felt good to see her and get a huge hug from her, something I’d missed since she went off to school. “Damn Dad! It feels good to be home!” Kat said as she squeezed herself against me, her arms around my neck, our heights matching in her almost six-inch-high heels. She pressed her cheek to mine for long seconds before giving me a quick kiss on the same cheek. “Love you Dad,” she whispered before pulling back from me.

“Me too sweetie!” I answered back, my arms reluctantly releasing her as she stepped back. I couldn’t help but notice that her dress length had grown considerably shorter since she went away, apparently using some of the money I sent each month to add to her wardrobe.

“And this is Trish!” she said, motioning to her roommate, standing behind her.

“So glad to finally meet you in person Mister C!” Trish said brightly, ignoring my outstretched hand and moving in for a hug not dissimilar to what my daughter had just given me.

“Good to meet you too Trish,” I said, awkwardly hugging her back, my hands sliding up her sides under her coat, feeling obligated to hug her back. She was slightly taller than Kat, but only by an inch or so, but the six inch heels she had on brought her height even with mine. I felt her press her body tightly to me, her hug lingered long seconds. My body suddenly realizing that it was being pressed against a soft feminine body in all the right places, most particularly a pair of soft breasts and definitely hard nipples. I felt like she was pressing her pelvis against me as well, and my body was starting to respond to it in totally inappropriate ways.

“Thanks for letting me stay with you guys,” she said quietly, prolonging the hug for a few more seconds, before starting to step back, her face looking like she was trying to suppress a smile as my hands slid back down her sides, my fingertips brushing her firm butt cheeks through the material of her incredibly short skirt.

“Well. Any friend of Kat’s,” I answered back, feeling a bit embarrassed at the sensations down below my belt line. “Let me help you with your bags!” I said awkwardly as I moved towards the front door.

“Oh, we just have these two,” she answered, motioning to the two rolling suitcases that they had apparently pulled in from the drive when they came in.

“Oh. Sure. Well, the guest room is down the hall just past Kat’s room. Kat can show you,” I said, having a hard time not looking at the two significant bumps poking out the front of her dress top where it showed from her gaping coat, suddenly not sure I should be left alone with her.

“Come on Trish. I’ll show you around while my dad gets it back together. He’s just not used to being hugged by women.”

Trish giggled slightly as she stepped to collect her suitcase. “I could tell.”

I walked over to the sectional sofa and plopped into one of the oversized recliner sections and motored the powered footrest up, trying to shift my attention back to the movie I’d been watching instead of the scent and feel of the young woman my brain was still processing.

It wasn’t long before the girls came back out of their rooms, Kat setting down in her usual recliner to my left, and Trish, uninvited, squeezing herself onto mine next to me, wedging herself between the left arm of the oversized recliner and my body. “So, what are we watching?” she asked enthusiastically as she wiggled down into the tight spot a little deeper, forcing me to move my arm up to the back of the chair while her shoulder pressed almost into my armpit.

“An old John Wayne movie,” I answered as she reached up to pull my arm around her shoulders to make me more comfortable. I couldn’t help but notice that her already extremely short dress, had ridden up her thighs even further. Her creamy long legs looked incredibly sexy, and I had little doubt that if I leaned forward even a little, I’d be able to see her panties under the hem of the short mecidiyeköy escort dress. It didn’t matter how hard I tried to concentrate on the movie, my eyes kept looking down at her legs and at the two prominent nipples poking her shirt out. I also couldn’t help the results of those glances, my dick, cocked sideways in my pants, rock hard and throbbing, begging for attention. I wondered if Trish could see just how much of an effect she had on me, appropriate or not. I hoped she couldn’t. The last thing I needed was for her to think that her best friend’s dad was perving on her, as the kids today would say.

When the movie ended, she slid off the recliner, her butt cheeks flashing bare at me as she got up before she pulled the tight skirt back down. She looked back at me, almost as if she wanted to see if I noticed. If that was why she looked back, she wasn’t disappointed. I could tell I was still staring at her butt as she walked away. When I broke my gaze from Trish’s butt, I looked up at Kat, expecting her to look horrified that I was staring at her roommate’s butt, but instead she was looking back, unsuccessfully suppressing a grin.

“It’s not a horrible thing to be attracted to a good-looking woman,” she whispered after Trish had disappeared into the kitchen.

“It is if she’s half my age,” I answered back, “Not to mention your best friend.”

“Just between the two of us, I think she’s got the hots for you.”

“The hots for me?”

“Uh huh. You don’t think that she dropped that towel on accident, did you?”

“What towel?”

“Oh, come on Dad. You can’t fool me. You know exactly what towel I’m talking about. Hell Daddy. You’re not a bad looking guy, and some girls prefer older men,” she said with a giggle. “If I wasn’t your daughter, I might even have the hots for you myself.”

“KAT! Don’t even joke about that!” I said, shaking my head in dismay.

“Just sayin’,” she said with a grin. “What is it you keep telling me? You don’t have to date. When the right woman comes along, she’ll find you? Well…”

“I’m NOT dating your roommate!” I answered louder than I intended, quickly looking towards the kitchen to see if she had heard me.

“Not saying you should. But we both know it’s been a long time since you’ve had any sex. With a woman I mean.”


“Come on Dad! You think I don’t know what guys do? Internet porn is NOT a substitute for a real pussy!”


“Oh Daddy. I’m not a little girl anymore,” my daughter said with the shake of her head. “I understand what life is about more than you think. I know you spent your time concentrating on me instead of a relationship of your own. But now, it’s time to saddle up and get back into the rodeo. You have a lot of years to give to a good woman. You just need to get warmed up a little and what’s wrong with looking at a cute little tush?”

“Kat…” I started to reply, cutting it off as Trish walked back into the room, a glass of ice water in her hand.

“Hold this please,” Trish said as she walked back to the recliner and held the glass out. I took it from her and held it while she crawled back into the recliner and squeezed into seat next to me, the skirt of her blue dress sliding up her right hip as she settled in next to me. The hem pulled up so far this time that I could easily see the extremely tiny blue thong panty disappearing between her thighs. “Thanks Mister C,” she said as she took the glass from me, completely ignoring the fact that her skirt had moved up as far as it had. “So, what are we watching next?” she asked pleasantly, once more pulling my arm down around her shoulders.

“Uh. ‘Horse Soldiers’ I think. It’s a John Wayne marathon,” I practically mumbled, trying to rip my eyes from her crotch, and having a hard time doing it.

She tilted the glass to take a drink and a tiny trickle of ice water ran out the top near her mouth, spilling down the front of her dress, creating an almost instant wet spot over her right breast. “Oops!” she squealed, spilling more water on her chest as she tried to quickly rub the cold-water spot on her dress. Instead of removing the water, she effectively plastered the thin material against her breast and nipple. “Oooooo that’s cold!” she said in a squeaky voice, quickly undoing several buttons on the front of the dress to pull the cold, wet material away from her chest, her actions pulling the front of her dress away from her left breast as well, leaving it exposed to my view as I stared at her, unable to speak. “Whew! That’ll give you rigidnipplitis!” she said jokingly as she flopped the dress top open and closed in an apparent effort to dry the wet spot, or at least warm it up. “Won’t it?” she asked, looking up at me to see if I was watching her.

“Uh. Yeah. I guess it would,” I said stupidly, still staring at her chest, realizing that the bra she had on earlier was missing. Stupid me for not realizing it sooner.

“Hold this a moment?” she istanbul escort asked sweetly, holding the glass out for me to take.

“Sure,” I said, taking the glass from her, her now free hand pushing into her top as she held it out again. I could see from the movement of the material that she was gripping and rubbing her left breast and nipple, before pulling her hand out and letting the wet material press to her chest again. She pressed her hand on the wet spot and rubbed it a few times to warm it up, leaving the material plastered to the front of her breast, outlining her rock hard nipple.

“Better,” she said as she reached for the glass and took it from me again, ignoring the fact that I was staring stupidly at her chest.

I finally tore my eyes from her chest, let them look down to her crotch and legs before finally looking at the TV again, embarrassed at how much I’d just stared at my daughter’s best friend, and also how obvious I felt my hard-on had to be to her.

Fortunately for me, she moved the glass to the cup holder built into the big center arm between the two recliners and settled back to watch the movie. Unfortunately for me, she also didn’t bother to re-button the top of her dress, leaving a strip of her chest exposed nearly to her stomach, including the whole side of her left breast. I couldn’t seem to help myself from glancing down periodically, her areola and nipple trying to sneak out from under the material with each breath she took. If her goal was to tease me, I had to say, she was getting ten gold stars for her performance.

Trish relaxed against me while we watched the movie, snuggling tightly to my side again. She seemed to wiggle a little more, sliding down in the chair lower, the skirt sliding up a little further. She reached for my arm, resting on her shoulder, and pulled my hand down her chest. She twisted her body slightly and wiggled lower, allowing her to coax my hand to lay gently on her shirt covered left breast, my fingers extending down far enough to cup under the soft mound.

“Trish. This isn’t really appropriate, for so many reasons,” I whispered, not wanting to hurt her feelings but also not comfortable with where she was pushing this.

“Why? Who’s going to see?”

“It isn’t about who can see. We’ll know.”

“Then it’s fine, because I know I don’t mind.”

“Maybe I do.”

“You aren’t enjoying it?” she asked, turning her head to look at me.

“It just isn’t right.”

“Trish, he’s trying to tell you that he feels awkward because you’re young enough to be his daughter and you’re my best friend,” Kat said from where she sat on the sofa only a few feet away.

“Do you mind?” Trish asked Kat as if I wasn’t even there.

“Me? Hell no. You can do whoever you want. As far as dad is concerned, I don’t think he’s seen a real pussy in over four years, so, no, I don’t mind.”

“There. That’s settled,” Trish said, snuggling harder against me, the skirt sliding up another fraction of an inch so that her entire thong panty was completely exposed. She moved her hand back to mine and moved my hand, coaxing it into her shirt so my hand was now cupping her left breast inside her shirt, my hand feeling the hotness and softness of her bare skin. She shifted her right leg over my left leg, spreading her legs slightly so that I could now not only see her underwear, but down between her thighs and what the little powder blue lace covered.

“This is so wrong,” I whispered, knowing I should move my hand, but finding myself unable to really do so.

“Stop worrying about right and wrong and think about what feels good. I know it feels good to me, I’m pretty sure it feels good to you too.”

“How do you know that?”

“Easy!” Trish said with a giggle, moving her left hand from the arm of the chair, across her body, to rest on my lap, sliding back and forth across my engorged dick trapped in my jeans.

I used my right hand to grab hers and jerk it from my lap. “Trish! This is so damn inappropriate!” I snapped as I also started to pull my hand from her shirt.

“No. It’s not!” she snapped back, letting me move her left hand off my dick, but using her right to reach up and keep my left hand tucked into her shirt. “It’s what I want, and what I thought you wanted too. We’re both adults. It’s just the three of us. So, who else is ever going to know? Can you just enjoy it, at least for a little while? Please?” she asked, her voice almost begging me as I started to relax my attempts to pull my hand out of her shirt.

As wrong as I thought it was, I gave in, probably much too easily. “For a little while,” I answered reluctantly as I let her hold my hand against her bare breast. “But no more than this!” As we sat watching the movie, my thumb periodically forgot that I wasn’t supposed to be playing with her tit and started stroking back and forth across her hard nipple before I realized what I was doing and stopped myself. After catching myself half a dozen times, I just gave up fighting it and I pushed my hand slightly further down into her shirt, fully cupping her soft breast, her hard nipple pressing into my palm. I gently squeezed her breast, getting a gentle squeeze on my thigh from her hand as well.

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