Beach Games


Jack and Debbie were walking at the water’s edge, furtively holding hands as always, the damp sand cool and mushy between their bare toes. They talked inconsequentially of this and that, of school, of Jack’s latest fishing trip, of the rock bands they admired. Occasionally Jack cast a sidelong glance at Debbie’s cute profile, but the girl appeared not to notice as she gazed fixedly ahead towards the rocky headland that marked the far perimeter of the beach.

How lovely and warm Debbie’s hand feels in mine, mused Jack. But why, oh why, couldn’t he pluck up courage to be more forward with her? They’d been carrying on like this for the past ten days, ever since they’d met at that awful barbecue his parents had held back at the chalet. She must think he was dreadfully timid. He half-hoped she’d take the lead in suggesting something rather more intimate than this, but deep down he sensed she never would. Deep inside he knew he’d have to take the lead sometime soon, but couldn’t nerve himself to. How ridiculous for a guy of nearly nineteen, he reflected ruefully.

For her part, Debbie was acutely aware of Jack’s shyness, and, indeed, of the longing looks he gave her. But she was shy too, and simply didn’t dare make any positive advance to the boy she felt so hot for. Every day as she sat on the balcony of her hotel room watching for him to enter the foyer below, she promised herself that this was the day; today they’d at least have a bit of a kiss and cuddle, if nothing further. But so far it had never happened. And so they sauntered on, locked in this familiar stalemate, leaving a trail of dark footprints on the strand.

Jack scanned the surrounding vista. The beach was quite deserted, apart from a family playing with a beach-ball in the waves, far behind them. We could swim in the nude, and no-one would notice, it’s so quiet, he reflected wistfully.

But suddenly there was movement ahead. A man and a woman, much older than them, emerged from the woods onto the narrow path that wound its tortuous way along the side of the headland towards a tiny cove, hidden from the main beach by a rocky outcrop. The man, bronzed, with black hair thinning on top and wearing only lurid blue bathers and flip-flops, strode down the path, turning his head to converse in laughing tones with the woman, who strolled along a pace in his wake. She was a mousy blonde, with faint laughter-lines about her face, and was casually attired in old cut-off Levis, a white T-shirt and dusty trainers. A small canvas bag swung from her shoulder. Both seemed to radiate an easy-going joie de vivre that strongly drew the attention of the young twosome.

They passed out of sight behind the outcrop, but could be heard laughing and chatting loudly from the cove. Jack and Debbie walked on, holding hands a little tighter, wondering why they were so tense themselves.

Suddenly there came a girlish cry of ‘Wheeeee!’ from behind the rocks, and a white T-shirt shot feet up into the air and draped itself across a barnacle-encrusted slab. Jack’s pulse quickened, for he’d noticed that the lady had worn no bra or bikini top underneath, and within seconds he and Debbie would pass behind the rocks and emerge at the rear of the little cove.

‘A bit exhibitionist, I call that,’ remarked Debbie, sounding half-alarmed. Jack said nothing, and wondered whether the lady would cover up if she saw him. Seconds later the couple came into view once more, and Jack’s question was answered. The lady was standing out in the open, facing them, her rather pendulous breasts swinging as she rubbed in lashings of sun lotion. Pausing for a second, she glanced up and caught sight of Jack and Debbie looking her way.

‘Hi!’ she exclaimed cheerily giving a friendly wave. Her companion, engaged in the task of rubbing coconut oil into his tanned frame, also looked up and nodded.

‘Do you know if it’s safe to swim just here?’ enquired the man.

‘Completely,’ replied Jack. ‘And the water’s just beautiful.’

‘That’s good,’ commented the man, and to Debbie’s amazement slid his shorts down and stepped right out of them. She stood transfixed, gazing at the pale, limp penis which hung down amid a swarthy fuzz of pubic hair. His entire lower body, in fact, was almost white, contrasting sharply with the rest of him.

Jack squeezed her hand. ‘Let’s go,’ he muttered. ‘We shouldn’t stand here staring.’

‘You were happy enough looking at her boobs,’ complained Debbie, but consented to be led away along the path to a point higher up the headland.

‘Ok, Eva. Let’s go skinny-dipping!’ they heard the man say behind them. Jack turned his head karataş escort in time to see Eva strip off her jeans. Underneath she wore nothing, and Jack observed that she was almost as shaggy between the thighs as her boyfriend.

‘I’m ready, Rog!’ she exclaimed. Raising a hand to screen her eyes from the sun, she craned her neck too look up to where Debbie and Jack stood. ‘See you two later!’ she shouted, blowing a kiss. Then, holding hands, the naked pair turned and ran for the water’s edge. They splashed in the shallows, Eva laughing and shrieking as Rog whipped handfuls of spray over her bare skin.

‘God, they just don’t care, do they?’ observed Debbie in awe. ‘They know we’re here, they know other people are around, and they just carry on.’

‘You’ve got to hand it to them, I say,’ Jack agreed.

They continued to watch as Rog and Eva waded out into deeper water and began swimming in big circles.

‘No-one would know, looking at them now they’re right in the water, that they weren’t perfectly respectable,’ observed Debbie.

Jack was paying no attention. He had other things on his mind – for the past thirty seconds or so, his cock had been slowly stiffening, and was now jutting right out behind the thin cotton of his shorts. The sight of Eva nude had been too much for him. Silently he as panicking in case Debbie noticed, and surely she couldn’t fail to do so now.

Suddenly Debbie clapped her hand together and pointed at his groin, exclaiming: ‘Oh my God, what on earth’s that you’ve got there, big boy?’

Jack was crimson with self-consciousness. But also he was surprised by Debbie’s reaction – he’d expected her to be shocked or embarrassed herself, but instead she seemed amused by his state of erection. He glanced towards her, but momentarily couldn’t bring himself to look her in the face, so kept his eyes lowered. Thus he noticed that he wasn’t the only one aroused, for Debbie’s nipples were visibly sticking out under her yellow bikini. On an uncontrollable impulse he reached out and squeezed one gently. Debbie squealed with delight.

‘I want you now, Jack. Right this instant!’ she exclaimed huskily, and began to drag him by the hand further up the headland towards the woodland which crowned it. Soon they reached the remotest stretch of the footpath, where there was nothing below but a craggy rock face which fell sheer to rocks over which the sea boiled. ‘Let’s at least get off the path’, suggested Jack as they found themselves beneath the translucent green cover of the beeches.

‘OK,’ said Debbie, and they made their way through ferns and brambles to a tiny clearing. From here the path could still clearly be seen through the tree-trunks, but Jack’s main worry now wasn’t being seen, but whether he could maintain his erection, which was already starting to wilt. Tentatively he undid the drawstring of his shorts and pulled them down.

Debbie, on the other hand, was consumed with lust, and in a instant had stripped off her bikini, top and bottom, to reveal full swinging boobs and (in contrast to Eva) a fully shaven crotch, which Jack found even more sexy.

‘Let’s get you stiffened up,’ said Debbie, and, kneeling before Jack, held his now quite shrunken cock up and fastened her lips round it. For all his nerves, Jack couldn’t help but revel in the cool succulent pressure of her mouth. Closing his eyes, he stood there, pressing his hands gently around the back of Debbie’s head, and listening to the rhythm of the waves, whose gentle cadence seemed somehow to blend naturally with the glide of Debbie’s mouth up and down his penis. His fingertips strayed from Debbie’s curls and down to her shoulders, which he massaged tenderly. Gradually he relaxed, feeling himself swell once again.

Debbie, giving head for the very first time, found the transformation of his little limp organ into something that stretched right to her throat a curious experience, but nothing more. So, in glorious selfishness, she decided she would pleasure Jack a little longer, but then it would be his turn to go down on her. And, as her mouth withdrew to the very tip of the cock, at which she nibbled gently, her thoughts were all on what would happen when she drew his mouth to her own groin.

Swiftly she moved away and lay on her back, drawing her legs up and splaying them wide as she gazed up at him with coy inviting eyes.

‘Lick me. Lick me, baby,’ she pleaded in hushed tones.

Obediently, Jack knelt down and lowered his head between Debbie’s thighs. Slowly, caressingly, he prised her slit open, felt for her clit with his tongue and began to sweep the tip of it round that tiny dome in swift circles. Debbie heaved her groin at him, shrieking, and rubbed her mushy pussy over his face in ecstasy. Jack probed more deeply into her, and suddenly she came, her womanhood contracting on his tongue as she shuddered in disbelief.

‘That was….amazing,’ she intoned dreamily, staring vacantly up at the seagulls wheeling high above. Jack didn’t reply, but instead moved his face gradually upwards to her mouth, brushing her peachy skin lightly with his tongue all the way. For a few moments they French-kissed passionately. Then Jack hoisted himself to arm’s length above her and gazed down, admiring the generous upper curves of her boobs. She looked back at him, smiling.

‘Get off me a moment,’ she whispered. Jack eased himself back onto his haunches.

In what seemed to Jack the twinkling of an eye, Debbie now rolled over and positioned herself on all fours. A moment before Jack had been admiring her pretty features. Now her pale broad rump mooned up at him.

‘Fuck me,’ she commanded him. Gingerly Jack knelt behind her, slid the flat of his hands between her thighs and pulled them apart. He pink fleshy pussy was now fully exposed to his view. He guided his prick to her lips and eased it into her, feeling the soft clamp of her insides against him as he slowly drove the full length of her. Pressing his palms into her flanks, he hammered in and out, frenziedly trying to achieve ejaculation. Debbie gasped, softly at first, then more heavily, and finally moaned out loud. Her knees scrabbling in the undergrowth, she reached underneath herself to rub her clitoris with her right hand.

But now it was over in seconds. Jack climaxed in silence, waves of his seed flooding the girl’s belly. His penis shrank and flopped clear of her. Debbie rolled onto her back and Jack collapsed on top of her, panting, his head resting on her big bosom.

Debbie lay still, cradling Jack’s head in the crook of her left arm and gently tousling his hair with her right. She appeared to Jack satiated and content, but this was not the case – she was still feverish with lust. To her, this peaceful lying together was no more than a lull in the storm, a chance for Jack to rest briefly before battle recommenced.

Over the next few minutes Jack’s breathing became heavier and Debbie sensed he was slipping into a light sleep. Her hand crept down beneath him and began to pull gently at his limp member. Jack shook his head drowsily from side to side, then suddenly jerked into full wakefulness.

‘God! What’s going on?’ he exclaimed.

‘It’s OK, big boy’, murmured Debbie. ‘Just relax.’

‘I can’t believe we’re doing this.’

‘It’s OK. We’re in a nice quiet spot. Enjoy it.’

And Debbie carried on yanking Jack’s cock. Soon she felt it swelling in her hand, and before long it throbbed rock-hard in her grip.

‘Put it in me, Jack. ‘

Jack obeyed, moving on top and pushing his dick into her tight pussy. His bottom jerked up and down, and his heart pounded with both excitement and trepidation, lest at any moment they should be spotted by day trippers on their way to the beach. In an effort to finish things off as soon as possible, he pounded away as hard as he could, but even now he wasn’t totally erect and was finding it difficult to reach orgasm.

Debbie, however, was still oblivious to everything but her grinding passion. Her back and buttocks were starting to be scratched by twigs and brambles as she lay heaving on the ground, but this only increased her excitement. Eyes screwed shut in fervour and against the blinding sun, she shrieked aloud, further adding to Jack’s consternation. She pushed her pelvis up against him and rubbed as hard as she could, and at last her climax came, a long quivering moment of unmitigated ecstasy.

Finally Jack succeeded in bringing himself to the point of no return, came, and collapsed in an exhausted heap.

But not for long. They had to get out of here, he decided. He got to his feet, cast an anxious glance around, and found to his relief that no-one appeared to be watching.

‘Let’s get going’, he told Debbie, who showed no inclination to stir from her grassy bed.

‘Come on, Debs, please!’ implored Jack, grabbing his shorts and hurriedly scrambling into them.

‘OK, I guess we’d better’, she acquiesced, to his relief.

Reaching for the yellow top, she encased her flopping breasts, and rose to her feet. But then she stood there motionless, hands on hips, still naked from the waist down, laughing at Jack’s obvious discomfiture.

‘What are you so uptight about?’ she teased. ‘Alright, so someone might come along any minute. I don’t care. I look great just the way I am, and it’s a terrific day, and … what the hell.’

Jack didn’t respond, but finished tidying himself up as best he could, and was relieved to observe that Debbie was now stepping casually back into her bikini bottom.

‘Let’s head back now,’ suggested Jack.

‘OK …. we’ll be going back past that little cove, of course – I wonder if Eva and what’s-his-name are still skinnydipping?’

‘Maybe they are. Perhaps we should steal heir clothes! Wouldn’t that be a laugh? Then they’d have to go all the way back to their car in the nude! They’d probably enjoy that, though.’ Jack babbled inconsequentially, words gushing out in post-coital relief.

Debbie glanced at him.

‘You certainly seem a lot happier now, Jack. You’d never done it before with anyone, had you?’

Jack found he had no problem admitting it.

‘No, I hadn’t. But now I’m going to do it all the time. I’m sure of that. And….to tell you the truth, I was sure you’d never done it either. But it seemed like, you know, you must have done….’

Jack plodded on, apparently not knowing what to say next. Then he continued hurriedly: ‘You seemed so open and so, so natural about it. Like you were an old hand.’

‘I’d done it once or twice. But in bed. In the dark. And it felt more like, you know, a duty. Not something I enjoyed much.’

As with Jack, tension and anxiety had lifted from her. She wanted to go on talking about it.

‘And I know, just now, I behaved like the most wanton little slut you ever met in your life. But something just came over me, when I saw the two of them like that. In a way, they just looked stupid. But I think that made me even more horny. And I had to have it. Right there. And, you know, I bet even Eva and … what’s his name?’

Rog,’ supplied Jack.

‘Rog. I bet even Eva and Rog wouldn’t do what we just did,’ Debbie averred animatedly.

They turned the corner and were back overlooking the cove. And then they stopped dead in their tracks.

Far below, a beach towel had been stretched out on the sand, and weighted down with smooth stones at its corners. On his back on the beach towel was Rog. And on her back, lying on top of Rog, was Eva. Her legs asprawl, she’d slid over Rog’s engorged manhood (visible at this distance only as a tiny poking length), and was heaving her loins frantically to and fro. Her left hand was at her groin, rubbing vigorously, and her right was sliding over Rog’s chest. Her cries of passion reached tinnily to Jack’s and Debbie’s ears.

And they were not the only onlookers. A line of spectators was strung out along the path, gazing fixedly at the extraordinary scene below.

‘I think I spoke too soon,’ observed Debbie in hushed tones.

Rog flopped clear, having presumably climaxed. Then he turned his face to Eva, and they began to kiss and hug each other tight. Eva half-moved on top of him, and his hand came down to stroke her pale buttocks.

‘Wow!’ said Jack, a sentiment plainly echoed by others of those watching.

‘Let’s get back’, murmured Debbie, and they moved off again, hand in hand.

After a while she said: ‘Let’s do it again. Tonight.’

‘How about right now, back at my parents’ place?’

‘We can’t, Jack. You know we can’t. They’ll be around. Our hotel’s a no-go, too – Dad’s gone up the coast fishing till tomorrow, but Mummy’s still here. And there’ll be loads of other people around.’

‘OK. Tonight it’ll have to be. Come over at about – half-eleven?’

‘I will. But I’m getting horny again right now! It’s those two again. They’ve turned me on a treat!”

‘And they don’t wait around till it gets dark. They just got on with it right there and then.’

‘They could get arrested doing that, though, you know.

‘I shouldn’t think so.’

And so Jack and Debbie retraced their steps across the sand, still hand in hand. They were in a sort of daze – neither could believe what had just happened, and they wee both excited and bewildered. And then the memory of those uninhibited lovers jerking in the sand put the same idea, simultaneously, into each of their heads.

Debbie began: ‘Jack. When we meet tonight, let’s go back-‘

‘Back to that cove, right? And we’ll screw right where they did. Only we’ll be under cover of darkness. I don’t think we’d dare be as open about it as them.’

‘That’s exactly right, Jack. You guessed just what I was thinking!’

They giggled, and walked on, in the heat of the sun. But in a few short hours, in the cool of the night and with the world asleep, they would make love again, under the mute gaze of the simple stars.

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