Becky’s DP fun!


Becky’s DP fun!it was a bright hot sunny afternoon when becky got home from the gym feeling all hot and horny more than usual it was perhaps because of looking at the toned men and the heat and her imagination running dangerously wild in her mind. All that was certain in her mind right now was that she needed to cum! She burst through her front door and ran upstairs to her room not bothering to shut it behind her and began to strip off like there was no tomorrow. She was hot her pussy was wet aching to be touched, she got down to her bra and panties before realising she left her curtains open so she walked over to her window only to have second thoughts to closing them. she inculpated her bra and let if fall on the floor then slipped her damp panties off her hips and kicked them away, standing naked and fully exposed to the world was a massive turn on for becky. She cupped her large sexy tits her fingers rubbing her hard sensitive nipples making her moan out in pleasure, she couldn’t take it any more and moved her hands towards her aching wet cunt. The slight touch on her hard clit was making her gasp an moan she closed her eyes with pleasure as she circled her clit with her finger . Only when she opened her eyes she was amazed to find what she saw in her neighbours garden. There on all fours was a girl being fucked hard by her neighbour from behind while another man was has having his cock sucked by the hot blonde. Becky was loving every moment of it, so much she had two fingers deep in her and rubbing her clit as the man fucked the blonde hard from behind. Becky was fucking herself hard and wanted more so she quickly went to her draw to find her toy she eventually found it and went back to the window only to find that they had all gone! “SHIT!” she screamed with disappointment on her tip toes naked looking out of her window but suddenly she had a very naughty idea. She went back to her chest of draws rummaged through them to find her new pink bikini to be fair you couldn’t really call it much of a bikini just a few strips of pink material and string but it was the most daring item of clothing she had ever worn. as soon as she put it on and checked herself out it got her excited though, her top barely covered her hard sensitive nipples and her tiny g string bottoms hardly covering her aching pussy but her ass looked great in it and the gym time was paying off. She picker her toy up from the bed and made her way out to her front garden. As she opened her door a gust of wind hit her making her nipples harder through the thin material, also making her slightly gasp with pleasure as she walks barefoot on her lawn. Her garden was slightly exposed too just small garden fence which anyone can peer over or anyone from an upstairs room could look down to. Probably at this moment in time she was so horny knowing her neighbours could be watching her in a mini micro bikini in her garden. All she wanted was some hot dirty fun with just her toy in the garden and her wild dirty imagination, though thats what she thought……. Short while later the two boys came back in the garden wearing only shorts with grins on their faces laughing and joking and started to set up the bbq.“So when do they get here?” Said one guy sorting out garden chairs.“About another hour or so, plenty of time yet.” The other guy nodded in agreement but started smiling.“What you smiling at?”“Cant believe we had a threesome in the garden with your girlfriend!”“Well its what she wanted and besides it was hot when that naked girl was watching us!”“True and i doubt well see her again she was so sexy!” said the guy who finished with the chairs. Just then he heard some moaning coming from next-door so he peered over the fence and was amazed by the sexy sight in front of him! “Then again I could be wrong!?”He waved his friend over and he too was amazed at what he’s watching. Becky on all fours with her bikini bottoms to one side and her toy deep in her soaking wet cunt fucking herself with her eyes closed in pleasure! She was so close to having her orgasm so she wasn’t going to stop for anyone and carried on fucking herself!“FUCK THATS HOT!” said the gut at the BBQ”I know look at her ass I wanna fuck her ass!”“Do you think denizli rus escort she’s seen us?”“No I think she’s a little busy to notice anything right now!”But Becky did know they where watching her she was loving it the whole thing was turning her on so much she was close to cummig! she fucked herself faster and moaned louder, getting the two men very turned on and hard. OOOOOOOHHHHH FUCK YES!” she screamed as she came she opened her eyes to see the guys looking in amazement and very turned on.“Did you enjoy that?” she said as she kneeled and arched her back recovering from her orgasm. “Oh yeah that was so hot, just as hot as you watching us!”She smiled at realising that they have seen her in her bedroom window. “So know you have given us a problem.” said the other guy “And whats that?” said Becky as she stood up without covering her soaked pussy.“oh my God thats so sexy!” both men where staring at her body covered in her very tiny bikini exposing her smooth cunt to them. “you are making this situation so horny and its killing us!”“Well get over here and I’ll see if I can help you out.”Both did not hesitate at the invitation and both climbed over her fence and she could see both of them properly. Both where taller than her and toned and toned not to muscular but enough to get her exciting. Without warming both men crowded her and began kissing her. She moaned when she felt there hands on her body cupping her ass. Her had too started exploring their bodies stroking there flat stomachs and groping there hard cocks through their shorts! They both pulled of their shorts and kicked them off their feet so becky can see there hard cocks. She grabbed them in her hands and stroked them up and down making both men moan. As she was doing that they untied her bikini top and pulled it off her and each took her tits and sucked her nipples. Becky moaned out so turned on by the two of them sucking her nipples in a very open place! “Whats your name baby?”“Becky, whats yours?” She said stroking both cocks.“Mmmmmm I’m Tim and the guy sucking your left tit is Joe.” She moaned in pleasure as Joe sucked hard on her nipple Tim pulled her bikini bottom strings and the flimsy damp material fell to the ground and she was all naked exposed to these two strangers who where enjoying every part of her body. Joe’s hand moved towards her swollen clit and started to rub her hard while sucking and biting her nipple. Tim was kissing her hard and passionately he was so hard and wanted to fuck her and he knew she wanted it too. He took her by the hand and both laid on her lawn she knew what she wanted and climbed on top of him he cupped her large sexy tits pinching her nipples as she rubbed her pussy on his hard cock. Joe was standing over them stroking his cock know what is going to happen. Tim was really hard and was wanting to be in her wet sexy cunt he pulled and sucked her nipples while Becky took his cock, lifted herself up a little and pushed his cock in her.“Ooooooooooh fuuucckk your so thick Tim!”“And your so fucking tight I love your cunt Becky!”He thrusted slightly to get deeper in her and made her moan and groan while watching Joe stroke his big shaved hard cock. Tim picked up the pace and started to fuck her faster and spanked her ass a little. Joe moved forward his hard coke close to Becky’s face but her instincts new what she wanted, so she opened her mouth wider and took his big cock in her mouth. Joe moaned and let her take his cock. “Mmmmm yes Becky suck my cock baby! Take it all in your slutty mouth!”She didn’t need telling she leaned thurther more on his cock while Tim was fucking her hard and sucking her nipples at the same time. while that was happening he slipped two finger in her asshole and was amazed how it felt and got him fucking her hard making her moan loud on Joe’s cock.“oooooh yeah Beck suck hard on my cock I bet you love our cocks deep in you? I bet you loved us fucking Tim’s girlfriend too while you stood there all naked!”All poor Becky could do was nod while she sucked on his cock and Tim was fucking her harder while fingering her ass. This was such a massive turn on for her, Being naked in her garden and fucked by two hot denizli rus escort bayan strangers and maybe perhaps hopefully someone else was watching. “Mmmmm yeah Tim’s girlfriend is hot but she doesn’t like anal, do you like anal Becky? Do you love thick big cock deep in your ass!?” Asked a very horny Tim.Again all she could do was nod to say yes, she was enjoying his cock in her mouth too much to speak. “Mmmmm thats hot Im glad cos I want to fuck your ass While Tim Fucks your cunt some more! Double penetration in your garden wont that be hot?” Becky was moaning in pleasure and maybe in agreement to, to have DP in her garden would be such a massive turn on for her. Joe pulled out of her mouth with his cock al wet from her mouth she has done a great job in getting it wet for her ass! “OOOOOHHHH FUCK TIM! FUCK ME HARDER! OH SHHHHITTTTT!’ Screamed Becky as he fucked her wet cunt hard and faster making her shake with pleasure. While he was fucking her hard and fast Joe spanked her ass and spread her ass cheeks wide exposing her sexy ass hole where he stroked his wet cock while looking at her. Tim pulled her into him and kissed her hard and she responded with the kiss while Joe slammed his 9 inch cock deep in her asshole.“OOOOOOO OUCH JOE FUCK THATS TOO BIG! OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH SLOWLY PLEASE YOU BASTARD!” she screamed with moved pain and pleasure but she had never had a cock that big in her ass before. “Sorry Becky but its so hot! Mmmmmm move yourself down on my cock, Tim wont fuck you yet just feel my cock in your ass, get use to my hard cock getting deeper in your ass!” She did as she was told pushing herself slowly down on his cock while feeling Tims cock stretching her wet cunt! “OOOOOOOOOOHHHHH FUCK! YOUR ASS IS AMAZING BECKY!” Moaned Joe as she took the whole of his cock in her asshole. “MMMMMMM I LOVE BOTH YOUR COCKS! FUCK ME BOTH PLESE!’ Both men enjoyed her moaning plea and slowly started to fuck her at tje same time. Tim pushed his whole length in her cunt while Joe was deep in her ass fucking her slow too. Tim sucked on her nipples while Joe kissed her back and spanked her ass. All three where moaning and building up to there climax both men fucked her faster kowing that Becky was really getting into it, it turned Tim even more feeling Beckys cum running down his cock. Joe was enjoying her ass he felt her getting tight around his big cock but he wasn’t ready to cum yet. “Your such a slut Becky do you know that! Perving on me, Tim and his hot girlfriend you deserve this is your punishment!” “OOOOOOOO YES! YES I AM SUCH A SLUT! I LOVE IT NOW! OOOOOOOOO FUUUUUCK MY HOLES BOYS!!!” The carried on for a little longer knowing that they were not going to last long so they both pulled out of her and stood up in front of her stroking their still very hard cocks at Becky. “Now its my turn to fuck your ass!” Said Tim Joe laid down on the ground and Becky instantly sat down on his big hard cock, he was so bigger then Tim which made her moan out laud as she sat on his whole 9 inch cock and Joe rubbed her clit a little. “Mmmmmmm no wonder Tim loves your cunt Becky your so wet and tight! but i can do things to you that he can’t!?”“OOOOOOOOO FUCK! WHATS THAT!?: screamed Becky as his cock filled her up.“I can make you squirt! Do you want that Becky!?”“Agggghhhh yessss!” Moaned Becky“Yes what?”“MAKE ME SQUIRT PLEASE!” Screamed Becky “Oh I will baby but I need to push on your G Spot first!” He pulled her slightly towards her and held her in that position she felt his thick cock rub on he G Spot “OOOOOOH THATS SOOOO FUCKING GOOD!” She screamed while trying to hold her position on Joe. Then Tim kneeled behind her stroking his cock ready for her asshole!“ Are you ready for my cock in your ass now Becky?” “Mmmmmm yes oh please Tim fuck my ass baby.”Tim didn’t hesitate and pushed his hard wet cock deep in her ass, for Becky he was more gentle than Joe was but still it felt good to have both hard cocks in her, Tim thrusted slow and hard in her ass making her moan while Joe was slow and making each of his thrusts rub across her G Spot. However Joe was enjoying taking advantage on both of Becky’s amazing big sexy tits taking each nipple rus escort denizli at a time in his hungry mouth but sometimes taking both at the same time and biting them too. Both men fucked her hard now thrusting at the same time making her moan and scream with unbelievable pleasure of these two hard cocks! “FUUUUUUUCCCCKKKK YEAH YOUR ASS IS SO HOT! I LOVE YUR ASS! Mmmmmmmmm my girlfriend will never let me do this to her!” Tim moaned in pleasure as he fucked her ass geep and hard! While Joe was fucking her wet cunt deep and hard making her scream as he touched her G Spot and kissing her passionatley and pulling on her sensitive nipples. Both men fucked her harder and faster this time their hard cocks making her scream with each thrust she was close to cumming again! “OOOOOOOOOH YES! OHHHHH YES! FUCK ME BOYS FUCK MY CUNT AND ASS HARD! GETTING CLOSE NOW! AAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHH YES!!!” The boys did as they where told only Tim fucked her ass harder and faster and started to spank her hard too! Tim slammed his cock deeper in her soaking wet cunt biting her nipples knowing too he was close to cum deep in her cunt! “OH! FUCK ME BECKY YOUR SO TIGHT AROUND MY COCK RIGHT NOW! IM GOING TO COME!” moaned Joe “Oh yesssssssssss mmmmmmmm cum in me! Please both of you!” She begged as she too was getting close!Tim felt his cock getting too tight in her ass and he couldn’t hold on much longer! “AAAAGGGGHHHH BECKY! IM GONNA CUM HARD IN YOUR ASS! HERE IT COMES BABY! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHH! OH FUCK! OHHHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEEEAAAAAHHHH!”He came hard and deep in her ass pushing her forward onto joe’s cock that made her screm in pleasure as her orgasm was about to erupt she started to spasm slightly in pleasure as Joe pulled out of her ass and he watched in amazement. “OH MY GOG! OH MY GOD! OOOOOOH WHATS HAPPENING! ITS SO FUCKING GOOD! AGGGGGHHHHHH SO SO CLOSE OOOOOHHHHH FUCK ME JOE!!!!” Becky arched her back in pleasure pulling and sucking her nipples which made Joe even more close to filling her sext tight cunt! She was spasming even more losing control as her orgasm grew and grew Joe held her ass as he was about to cum! “AAAAAGGGGGHHHHH BECKY IM GONNA CUM! GONNA CUM! AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH YES YES YES! FUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK MMMMMMMMMMM!!!!” he screamed s he filled her cunt with his cum but that just took her ofer the edge and she erupted into her own amazing orgasm!“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOH FUCK ME! FUCK ME! AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH CUMMING AAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH! AGHHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!! OH FUCK! MMMMMMMM YES OH FUCK!!!Becky orgasm made her squirt hard all over Joe’s cock and was flowing out on to his stomach and the lawn! Never had she had an orgasm so explosive so amazing as that she was still shaking from it as she fell limp on Joe as he kissed her head. For a while all three laid naked and the men kissed her and touched her sensitive body the slightest touch made her moan her whole body glistened in the late afternoon sun from sweat and her massive orgasm she felt the boys cum in her ass and cunt it made her feel erotic and slutty! She loved it. A while later the two men got up and slipped on their shorts raising that there party would be here soon. “That was amazing!” said Tim as he kneeled by Becky who was stretched out all naked still and he gave her a long kiss. “Thank you.” he said then got up to climb over the fence. Joe walked over to her and also kissed her hard on the mouth to.“You are one amazing sexy girl! Would love to do this again sometime.” “Me too you two are hot!” she said as she kissed him back. he got up and was about to climb over her fence till he spotted her micro bikini.“Mmmm but I’m gonna have to take this…. You know as a momentum of an amazing time!”He picked it up and put the bikini in his back pocket.“Oh and what am I saps to wear now?” She said standing naked in front of him.He came back and kissed her hard and rubbed her clit as he did which made her moan in the kiss.“Mmmmmm nothing you look hot like that!” He pulled way from her and smiled as he climbed the fence. and she walked over to him.“If we do it again will you make me squirt again?” she said still slightly turned on with the whole experience.“Absolutely yes!” He walked away leaving her standing naked in her garden with a big smile on her face. She turned around to walk back inside only to look up to see her other neighbours looking through their windows amazed at what they had seen! She didn’t cover up just walked back inside knowing that she had the best orgasm of her life!…….. Well so far anyway.

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