Cee Cee Ch. 4


I couldn’t figure out why my son had such a funny look on his face till it dawned on me that both his girl friend Cee Cee and I were naked and she was asleep next to me with my cock was still firmly planted in her ass…

“Pop, what the hell are you doing?” my son asked in a rather matter-of-fact way. He didn’t seem angry or ready to cut my balls off. He just seemed to be a little confused as to why his old man was naked in bed with his girl friend with his dick in her ass.

I came real close to saying isn’t it obvious what I’m doing? But, I thought better of it. Jerry is a couple inches taller than I am and his job working construction has left him with one of those physiques where you figure there’s no place you can hit him without hurting your hand.

Before I could say anything Cee Cee rolled away from me, which dislodged my cock from her ass, sat up and said, “Hi sweetie! You get everything moved?” I was amazed and so apparently was Jerry at how she could be so nonchalant about the situation.. He still had the same confused look and finally said” Uh, yeah, we got it all taken care of Cee.”

Cee Cee popped out of bed in front of Jerry wrapped her arms around him and began kissing him while rubbing her naked body against him. From where I was I could see my semen dribbling out of her pussy and ass down the inside of her thighs. Jerry began to respond to her grinding her cunt against his quickly hardening cock. Then it hit him again and he pushed her away from him. “Have you been fuckin my father?” he asked. I couldn’t remember the last time he referred to me as “father”.

Without missing a beat Cee Cee said, “That’s izmit escort bayan a dumb question since your dads big fat cock was still in my ass when you woke us up and I’ve got a river of his cum running down my legs. Hell yes, your dad and I spent the afternoon fucking each other silly.” And with that she smiled and just stared into Jerry’s eyes, waiting for him to say something.

“Damn Cee, why did you do a thing like that?”

“Because I was horny, you weren’t around to take care of me, your dad’s cock is as big as yours and maybe even a little fatter, he is a fantastic lover and YOU were the one that told ME no commitments, just a little fun, and that if I wanted to fuck your father it was OK with you – – REMEMBER!”

Jerry’s mouth opened – – and then closed. He was speechless, so was I. Cee Cee was the only one who seemed to be in full control of herself. She continued to look at Jerry for a few seconds, then shrugged, said “I’m cold”, and crawled over me and under the bed covers. She looked at me and said “Aren’t you getting under the covers? I need somebody to warm me up.” It took me about a second to figure that Jerry wasn’t going to do anything and maybe Cee Cee WAS, so under the covers I went. She moved next to me and proceeded to do her best to rub as much of her body against mine as she could. My hands got busy rubbing and pinching every part of her I could get my hands on.

Jerry finally snapped out of it. “Cee!!” was all he got out before she shot him one of those ‘don’t fuck with me’ looks. He stopped short again.

Cee Cee grinned at my son, then said, “Jerry, shut up, get out of your clothes and izmit eve gelen escort into bed with us. I want you both to fuck me. I’ve been thinking about this for almost a week and it’s making me so horny I cant see straight.” Jerry may be a little slow, but he’s not stupid. Off came the clothes in less than a minute. As his pants came off it became obvious that he was as excited as I was about the idea of us both sharing Cee Cee, his cock was standing straight up against his belly. Cee Cee was right, it looked about the same length as mine but not quite as fat.

“Oh yes!” squealed Cee Cee as she wrapped one hand around my rock hard cock and the other around my son’s and started rubbing them up and down. Not to be out-done Jerry and I each sucked a tit into our mouths and began chewing on her nipples.. Jerry’s hands went immediately to her cunt, working her clit while shoving one, two and then three fingers into her. “This is better than I imagined it would ever be. Two big cocks, all mine. OK boys who do I get to suck and who do I get to fuck?”

Jerry answered that question immediately. He rose to his knees, straddled Cee Cee’s chest and shoved his cock down her throat. She let go of my cock so she could play with Jerry’s balls. This gave me time to sit back and watch as my son began to piston his cock into Cee Cee’s waiting mouth. After a few minutes he slowed down and Cee Cee pulled his cock out of her mouth to say “God dam it, get that fat cock of yours into my pussy. I have been fantasizing about this and I can’t wait any longer!” She immediately put my son’s cock back into her mouth and buried izmit otele gelen escort her nose into his pubic hair.

I moved between her legs positioning them on my shoulders and pushed my cock to the entrance to her cunt. I waited for a second and shoved my cock into her cunt just as Jerry was shoving his cock down her throat. Even with a mouth full of hot cock I could hear her scream. It took Cee Cee a couple strokes to get the timing right but within seconds her pelvis was coming up to meet my cock as I drove into her tight hole.

Having already cum several times already I had better staying power than my son. Within a few minutes he howled at the top of his lungs “HERE IT COMES CEE, SUCK IT BITCH.” And with one final lunge Jerry shot a hot load of semen down Cee Cee’s throat. This excited both her and I even more. As Jerry fell onto the bed I had more move and the speed of my fucking increased.

“SHIT, SHIT, SHIT.” fell out of Cee Cee’s mouth every time my cock hit her womb. She screamed, “FUCK ME HARDER. I WANT TO COME.” In my sex fogged brain it dawned on me that I couldn’t fuck her cunt any harder as I was banging against her womb now. So on the next up stroke I pulled my cock out of her cunt and shoved it balls deep into her ass.

Cee Cee went rigid screaming, “AAAAAAHHHHHHH YES!!!!!! I’M CUMMING.” This set me off and I pumped load after load of hot cum into her gyrating ass. When I finished I fell onto the bed on the other side of Cee Cee. She was in another world, crying and talking to herself about how good she felt and how she never wanted it to end.

As we all recovered my son propped himself up on one elbow and looking over Cee Cee’s mauled tits said, “I guess you figured out for yourself that Cee Cee loves to fuck. We sorta talked about you two getting together on the drive down from school.”

“That’s OK son, she and I talked about including you in a threesome” was my reply.

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