Craig’s First Time

Big Tits

My first time was really wild. I had it off with six young studs, five of whom were straight. It was the summer after I finished high school and the seven of use went on a camping trip to celebrate our last few weeks of freedom before going off to university. We hiked way off into the countryside and found a stream with a sandy bank. As the weather was so mild we didn’t even bother to pitch our tents. All we needed to do was spread our sleeping bags on the sand. After fixing a meal we all decided to have a swim. Everyone stripped off and my eyes were out on stalks. Right in front of me were six gorgeous cocks, swinging free in the breeze. And all were so different. Greg was a great big quarter back with legs like tree trunks and an ass as big and firm as a watermelon cut in two. His cock was thin and cut and his balls were small and covered in ginger, peachy fuzz. Tom had a big, thick cut cock and two real low hanging balls. He was the smallest guy in the group but he definitely had the biggest package. Tony had a beautiful uncut cock that revealed only the tip of his delicate pink head. His balls were full and smooth and sat up close to his body. He had only the lightest dusting of dark hair around the base of his cock. We all frolicked around in the water, having a good time while we waited for the beers to cool off. Then we sat out in the warm sun and enjoyed the refreshing drinks. We all chatted happily, Anadolu Yakası Escort joking and teasing each other. Then suddenly Greg said, ‘Hey, Craig, why don’t you and Nick give us a show?’ ‘What are you talking about?’ I asked. ‘Come on, we all know that you and Nick are crazy about each other. Why don’t you guys give us a little cocksucking show.’ I blushed. I noticed that Nick too was blushing and had covered his nakedness with his hands. This could get awkward. Suddenly Nick removed his hands and I saw that he had a raging hard on. I can’t remember ever being so turned on. Nick and I had been special friends for some while now; but we had never managed to negotiate turning that friendship into a relationship, or even just a fuck, come to that. I had sometimes felt a sexual energy emanating off of him but didn’t know what to do with it. I looked at his beautiful cock now, towering above his soft blonde pubes, and fat balls. The shaft was very straight and a pale color, while the head was a deep pink with a pronounced ridge. Light blonde hairs dusted Nick’s solid thighs and drew my attention to that very erect, very juicy cock. ‘Let’s give them a show,’ Nick suddenly said to me. I wasn’t sure if it was the beer talking, but suddenly I felt like playing along. I went over to him and knelt over him and took that hard cock into my mouth. I heard a few guys express Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan shocked surprise. I felt really turned on by having sex in front of all my straight buddies. And Nick apparently did too because he pulled me into place for a good mutual sucking session. Nick’s warm mouth was working its magic on my cock and I greedily slurped on his tasty fuck pole. I looked up and saw that Greg and Tony were showing the first signs of erection. I decided to give them something to really get them going. I started licking Nick’s plump balls and then I licked into his hairy asscrack. I held his butt cheeks apart as I rimmed him out. When I looked up again all five of them were hard and stroking their cocks. I sat down on Nick’s face and pulled Greg towards me. His small, thin prick was soon in my mouth as I stroked the back of his shapely, muscular legs. I felt a cock being forced between ass and Nick’s face so I got up, the better to concentrate on Greg. I now cupped his big, smooth butt in my hands as I greedily feasted on his thin cock. It stabbed into the sides of the mouth as he humped my face. And then I turned him around and pushed him against a tree. I hefted his big butt cheeks apart and plunged my tongue into that spicy hole. He whimpered and fisted his cock as I ate him out. When he was all wet I eased my thumb into his ass and played with Escort Anadolu Yakası his balls. A few moments later he groaned and I felt him clamping down on my thumb. I quickly pulled it out as he creamed off against the tree. I turned around to see Nick sucking on Tony’s cock. I licked my lips and looked around for the next hot stud that needed servicing. He found me. It was Tom and when I saw that ten inch monster bobbing about in front of my face I got a little afraid. He pushed it in the direction of my mouth, so I took hold of it. I wrapped my fist firmly around the base and started licking on the fat mushroom head. It was a deep red color now. Tom kept trying to thrust into my mouth but I was having none of that. I firmly controlled how much I took into my mouth. If I had let him have a free reign I think I would have choked to death. He cupped my head in his hands, perhaps hoping to encourage me to take it down my throat. But as this was my first time having sex I just didn’t have the skills to do that. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Jack tugging on his cock. It was about as thick as Tom’s cock but nowhere as long. Jack was the most handsome of the group and also the one who had taken the longest to warm to this crazy sex orgy. I desperately wanted to claim him before Nick got to him. I needed to hurry Tom along. I gently stroked his soft, inner thighs and worked a little more of his thick cock into my mouth. He kept on sighing and groaning but he didn’t seem to be getting any further. So I stuck my finger in my mouth, alongside his cock, and lubed it up good. And then I rammed it home, deep into his tight virginal ass. He cursed and grunted and flooded my mouth with his tangy jism. I pulled off him and hurried over to Jack.

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