Forever Yours Ch. 11


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“Man, I can’t believe you are about to leave the life of bachelorhood.” Marcos jested, Anthony giving him a shy smile. “I don’t know if we’ll get to hang like the way we have been.”

Anthony chuckled at the funny comment of his friend. “You are crazy. It’s not like Madison will have a restraining order on you or me. I am just getting married nothing is really changing.

Besides, tomorrow is the engagement party and the wedding is only two weeks away. The wedding cards were distributed today and the magazine was published yesterday. We still have two more weeks to enjoy bachelorhood.”

Marcos and Anthony both laughed. They were on Anthony’s big house on the balcony and Marcos really loved that his friend wouldn’t get to live alone. He’d soon have a companion, his twin sister.

It’s been two week since they came back from the resort and everything is kinda of back to normal. Dan had apologized to him after four days of acting like strangers. Marcos had decided to take control of the relationship and be the man.

Marcos had wondered why he had not been seeing Ramon at the office or the hotel but it was discovered that he has a tour which just went viral on TV, magazines and social media. He has been secretly following Ramillio’s fan page with a different name. To be honest, Marcos has missed seeing him and has been having dreams about the photo shoot.

He always wake up horny but ends up giving Dan a mind blowing fuck which he doesn’t enjoy for some reason. The only time his sex drive seems to come back is when he has a dream about Ramon. The rest of the days, he is as soft as rubber.

“By the way,” Anthony chuckled, patting on Marcos’ back with a glass of champagne in his hand. “When do you plan on dropping the big question?”

“Which question?” Marcos was rather surprised. He had no idea what Anthony was trying to say.

“Come on, I’m talking about asking Dan to marry you,” Anthony chuckled nervously. “You two have been dating for four years and…” Anthony trailed off as soon as he saw the grimace on his friend’s face.

“I am really sorry, I forgot that you…” Anthony pointed to Marcos sheepishly. “…yeah,”

“No it’s okay.” Marcos sighed. “Who would have known that a once famous playboy like me would ever have to experience something like this? I am not able to satisfy my boyfriend sexually but he still sticks with me. I don’t know, dude if I will ever be able to marry anyone. Not like this.”

Anthony sighed, feeling the pain in the voice of his best friend. “It has really puzzled me as well. Everything seems to be normal. Has it been like this? No hard-ons?”

“Actually I have been trying to tell you something but I didn’t know how.” Marcos sighed. “You know that my sex drive drastically dropped years ago when Ramon left me, right?” Anthony nodded at Marcos’ question.

“Yeah, I also told you that it might have been because of what you were going through emotionally.” Anthony said, feeling bad for bringing the topic.

Why did he have to bring that topic when he very well knew that sex was a very sensitive topic for his friend? Stupid, stupid, Anthony cursed.

“Well now that he is back…” Marcos sighed. “…so is the sex drive I lost.”

Anthony gushed at his friend’s statement. “Oh my God, that’s great.”

“No,” Marcos exclaimed. “You don’t understand. It’s back but…only for him.”

“You mean…”

“Yes,” Marcos nodded slowly. “He gets me so horny it hurts so badly.”

“I…can’t believe this.” Anthony stammered. “Let me get this straight, the sex drive is back but only for him?” Marcos nodded feeling sad. “But how is that possible, unless…”

“Unless what?” Marcos gasped.

“Unless you still have strong feelings for him.” Anthony gasped. “I believe you were so drawn to him that when he left, he took a part of you that your sex drive drastically reduced. Now that he’s back, he has brought with him that part.” Anthony sighed deeply. “Tell me the truth, do you still…”

“Love him?” Marcos chuckled, feeling like an idiot for disclosing this to his friend. “I don’t know Tony, I still have the connection I had with him five years ago but somehow it has grown stronger.”

“Hmmmm, I think that you are still in love with him.”

“He had hurt me, man and I want to get angry at him for that.” Marcos said, putting the glass on the hard concrete. “But the pain is gone. Sometimes I feel angry at him but that anger is neutralized as soon as I look in his eyes and his handsome face.”

“Yes, but the truth is that you love him.” Anthony chuckled. “You want to be angry but your love for him gets in the way.”

“I know that but I have a boyfriend now and I want to make him happy.” Marcos said, remembering how horny he had been at the photo shoot.

Of course, Ankara escort he wouldn’t dare open his mouth to tell about that incident. He didn’t even know how he would act around Ramon after being hard on his ass like that.

“Yeah, I agree. Dan has sacrificed so much for you.” Anthony smiled. “That guy loves you so much despite…” Anthony swiped his hands in the air. “…Ramon had hurt you so I think it will be better if you make things work with Dan. With your strong emotions towards Ramon though, I doubt you will ever get your sex drive. Unless you try and forget about him, it will remain like that. You two had something beautiful going on until…”

“Until he betrayed me,” Marcos said softly.

“Anyway, let’s forget about this.” Anthony cheered. “I really need your help with a gift for Madison. Can you help me out here?”

Marcos chuckled teasingly. “With Madison jewelry, beautiful dress, and car or…”


The hotel was fully decorated beautifully. It sparkled with the elegant decorations which were almost in every part of the hotel. The chandelier was well decorated with bright colored lights, moving around it in circles, giving it that attractiveness. It was Madison’s engagement party and therefore it had to sparkle so that she would always remember it for as long as she lived. Beautiful flowers everywhere, different colors, aromas and charm.

It was packed with some of the famous, rich and powerful people who were chatting as they enjoyed a glass of champagne. Fashion photographers, editors, media people and reporters were all around the house about to give one of the most successful engagement parties in the country.

Marcos was dressed elegantly in a white tight jacket, sparkling blue shirt with a black designer’s trouser and brown shoes specifically made for this function. He was glowing with excitement and had a hair makeover to something that was totally mind blowing and ready to be published in a magazine. With a green bow tie on his neck, he was super hot, sexy and attractive.

He was holding Dan who like him was dressed elegantly in something sexy, a black suit, black shoes and his hair scattered all over his face. They were hot together but Marcos couldn’t help but wish Ramon was by his side. He hadn’t seen the guy for over two weeks and he was kinda missing him.

Marcos left Dan talking with some of the business men he had been chatting with and went to the sexy looking groom, Anthony. He was looking the best he had seen him before in a black tight suit that suited his physique, a gold ring on his finger, smile on his face and he was blushing so badly while some ladies teased him.

Marcos first stood and enjoyed the scene of his friend being teased. He was enjoying seeing him blush like a bride. He was the groom for fuck’s sake. If Anthony blushed like that, Marcos wondered deeply how his beautiful twin would blush. They would be like two blushing bride and groom, funny.

The blush reminded him of Ramon and how he had been blushing when Marcos introduced him to his family and also the time Marcos’ father had introduced him to some of his friends. If he could turn back time, he would go back and make everything right.

Funny, he used to think that if he could go back in time, he would make sure that he never met Ramon but now he was wishing he could set things right.

It was getting too much, as much as he was enjoying every bit of it; Marcos needed to save his friend from the lovely ladies. They were laughing with Anthony but the way he was blushing made Marcos to know that he needed to be saved.

“Excuse me ladies,” Marcos smiled, giving Anthony a wink. “May I borrow the groom? He is needed.”

“Oh!” The ladies cried out and then laughed.

“Thanks for saving my arse back there.” Anthony breathed, feeling relieved.

“What was I to do?” Marcos chuckled. “You were blushing like a teenager, blushy.” Marcos jested, drawing a laugh from Anthony.

The both of them chatted for some minutes over champagne while the hotel got fully packed. It was getting to the point where the guests were eager to see the bride who had not come out yet. The music was slowly playing and the mood was cozy and to die for. Marcos chatted with almost every guest in the house. His jaw was getting to hurt a little from putting up a smile.

They were later joined by Barry and his sweet wife, Jessie who on their own part looked so sexy. Jessie’s pregnancy was growing but it made her look even hotter in her red designer’s gown that fitted her perfectly showing her growing tummy.

Then finally at 8.pm the brightness of the light reduced and Olivia and James made a grand entrance walking like she was on the run way. She was putting on an expensive blue dress that made her look younger. The makeup on her face was super sexy and every angle of her body was magnificent as she came near the crowd to the front which was well decorated by famous decorators. Her hair was tied backwards and she was wearing really expensive jewelry on her hands. She was breathtaking.

James Ankara escort bayan on the other was looking really hot for a man his age. He was dressed in a brown designer’s suit which made him look hotter. They were like a celebrity couple holding each drawing pictures from the photographers and media.

“May I have your attention ladies and gentlemen?” She announced in the microphone. “Well we are all here for the engagement party of my wonderful daughter and her handsome fiancé, Anthony.”

Immediately she said that, she called Anthony to the front and he walked with grace as the guests clapped. Olivia had her hand on her future son in law and she was really happy.

“My son in law is a very good man and I know that my daughter will be happy with him.” Olivia gushed. “Without wasting any time, let the engagement begin. But first let’s welcome my daughter, the bride.”

Olivia pointed to the entrance and there she stood Marcos’ twin and the spotlight shone on her. She sparkled as she came inside in a bright white dress with edges like a queen. It reached all the way to the floor and it had a tail which made her look like an angel. Her hair was curled with a golden crown placed on her head, she was magnificent.

She slowly walked in while everyone cheered for her. She was the queen of the night and after this Marcos’ twin would no longer be his sister but someone’s wife and later a mother. She went to the front and blushed just like Marcos had expected. It was nice to see the both of them standing by each other blushing while Olivia brightened the mood of every one.

“We will not waste any more time because you have waited for so long.” Olivia laughed. “Get ready to come for another engagement because my youngest son will soon be engaged to his long time boyfriend, Dan” The spotlight was now on the both of them and Marcos was caught by surprise.

He had no idea his mother would announce something like that but Dan was blushing and buried his head in his chest while all the guests cheered for the both of them. Marcos smiled sheepishly at them but he was glad it was now over as the all attention was now directed at his best friend and sister.

The engagement continued, Anthony and Madison exchanged rings and kissed making the guests clap even more, cameras shuttering and people videotaping them. It was really nice to see and Marcos got emotional seeing how happy they all were. Many people congratulated them. The party had barely started as Olivia called it as there was food to be served and gift giving.

But the bride and groom would first have to give a dance followed by the guests. The slow love song began playing and Anthony knelt in front of Madison asking for her hand. As Madison placed her hand in Anthony’s, the guests went crazier. They came to the dance floor and the spotlight shown on them. Madison placed her hands on Anthony’s shoulder, Anthony doing the same with his hands on her waist and they slowly danced to the romantic song.

Everyone was quiet as they danced. It was emotional to watch and Dan had his hand on Marcos’ shoulder watching. Marcos was happy but as Anthony and Madison changed their dancing positions, Madison putting her hand on Anthony’s and raising it while she placed her head on his chest the mood changed and Marcos felt he was about to go crazy. Instead of Madison and Anthony, he saw Ramon and himself slowly dancing to the song while everyone watched.

Ramon had his hand on Marcos’ shoulder and they smiled at each other while they slowly danced to the song kissing at every moment they got. They seemed so happy and kissed from now and then. Ramon’s long hair was tied by a band and it looked so damn sexy. Marcos had his hand on Ramon’s waist slowly massaging it while Ramon licked his lips.

Marcos shook his head to get rid of the thoughts but nothing changed, he could still see himself dancing with Ramon on that dance floor as the spotlight shone on them brightly. Marcos only came to his mind while he heard Olivia calling everyone to the dance floor to join the happy couple.

“Shall we?” Dan said holding Marcos’ arm but he still had a question mark on his forehead.

“Err…give me a minute.” Marcos rushed out of the engagement and went outside the hotel to get some air.

He stood outside and he was able to breathe again. What was really happening to him? It was like he was going insane with all these memories haunting him. It felt so real while he was in the engagement party. Was he missing Ramon that much?

Marcos felt a hand on his shoulder and he almost jumped in fear.

“You startled me.” He exclaimed, reaching his chest.

“Are you okay?” Dan asked, worry written on his face. “You seem worried.”

Marcos smiled. “I am now.” He kissed Dan. “I just felt so suffocated in there but let’s go in…to dance.”

Dan smiled and Marcos turned to go inside when a security guard stopped him. He had no idea what the security guard wanted but he turned to see him hurrying.

“I am sorry sir.” Escort Ankara He apologized. “But I need to go inside if you don’t mind.”

“What is it?” Marcos asked, wondering why the guard wanted to go in.

“This just came in.” The guard raised a parcel which looked like a small wrapped box.

“Where did it come from?” Dan who had been quiet asked.

“There was a man at the gate and he begged me to come in but I couldn’t allow him.” The guard said. “He gave it to me instead after crying saying it was a matter of life and death. I brought it in instead because the man said it was urgent, something that the doctor has to look at so that he can save a life quickly.”

Marcos got worried as soon as the guard had said that. He got touched. It was a happy occasion for his friend but what if someone was at the verge of death and maybe only his friend was the only one who could save that person? As much as he didn’t want his friend to be disturbed, they had shared rings and therefore everything that remained was not that important. Even Madison would understand.

“Give it to me I’ll make sure he gets it.” Marcos smiled.

The guard handed him the package and he was later rushing inside with Dan holding on to him. Those words saving a life kept ringing through him but when he saw how Anthony was holding on to Madison while they danced, he simply forgot about everything and just watched them looking so happy and at peace. At least someone was with the love of his life, Marcos thought as he smiled to the wonderful sight of Anthony dancing. Anthony had his arms on Madison’s hips as she twisted them from side to side. Anthony’s face was buried deep in Madison’s neck as they danced to, ‘kiss me deadly.”

Marcos nodded his head and turned to leave before he stopped in his tracks.

“…It’s a matter of life and death.” The words hit him so bad. He would be the cause if someone died. He stared at the little package and decided then and there of what must be done. Rushing in his steps, moving closer to the dance, his heart racing and feeling guilty to ruin such a wonderful moment for his friend and sister, he reached the dance floor and Anthony’s face was now onto him, smiling.

“Wanna dance with me, pretty boy?” Anthony jested making Madison chuckle sweetly.

Anthony let go of Madison and took Marcos’ hand, spinning him round like he was his boyfriend, embarrassing.’

“I wish I was.” Marcos said, his eyes fixed on his twin sister. “You really look beautiful.” He said as he gave her a peck.

“You too bro,” Madison said. “You look more handsome than ever…for my engagement.”

“May you always be this happy?” Marcos said receiving a smile and then directed his attention to Anthony who was winning his waist to the song, funny. “Can I see you for a second?” Marcos whispered to Anthony.

“Oh man,” Anthony groaned. “Don’t be a killjoy. I can’t leave my woman all alone.”

Marcos smiled brightly. “It will only take a minute. It’s kinda important.”

“I don’t know if I…”

“Please,” Marcos pleaded. He needed to give that parcel to Anthony because he didn’t want to cause anyone’s death. If Anthony chose to stay after that, then he would have done his job.

“Okay,” Anthony sighed, giving Madison a hot kiss.

They went about a distance where there no people so that he could give it him without the people’s eyes.

“If it is a kiss you want, I will give it to you but I gotta go back,” Anthony said, leaning down to Marcos’ lips.

“No,” Marcos exclaimed, handing the parcel to him.

“What’s this?” Anthony asked looking at the parcel without any knowledge of what was inside.

“It just came for you and it’s kinda of urgent…a matter of life and death, I think.”

“Really?” Anthony gushed. “Then I guess it’s better to open this.” He jested, removing the wrap from the parcel as fast his hands could do it.

“Coming?” Marcos raised his hand to Dan who was calling him.

Marcos quickly went to Dan who was dying for a dance but he saw his sister looking lonely so he decided to cheer her up but apologized to Dan who completely understood.

“Wanna dance with your brother?”

“I am dying to.” Madison chuckled.

Marcos wrapped his hands on his sister’s waist while she put her hands on his neck. They slowly danced to the mood of the music slowly, smiling while they did it. It was just the engagement party but Marcos was getting emotional. What of the wedding? If he could have it his way, he would have gladly let Madison and Anthony in their house so that they could live happily. He would do anything but he just has to accept it.

They danced for about five minutes before Marcos saw Anthony slowly coming to the dance floor. Marcos stopped dancing and he signaled his sister that her future husband was coming. She stared at him and blushed. Anthony finally came near and Marcos didn’t know why he was looking so depressed. His eyes were watering, blood red.

His tie was half way done and his hair was a mess and if Marcos was not mistaken, he was looking extremely angry his mouth shook. Marcos felt bad for giving that parcel to him. He knew that it had caused him whatever grief he was feeling and Marcos blamed himself for it. Marcos quickly went to him.

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